Dartmouth World War II narratives, circa, 1939-1947 Rauner Manuscript MS-460

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Series: Class of 1939, Letters , circa, 1939-1945

Consists of letters, postcard, notes, V-mail and newspaper clippings sent to J. (James) Moreau Brown, class secretary for the Class of 1939 by members of the Class, and their parents and spouses, engaged in various activities during World War II. The letters range from detailed descriptions of life during the war to simple notes enclosing a check for class dues.

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Series: Letters to Administrators , circa, 1941-1946

Consists of letters, newsletters, newspaper clippings, transcripts, manuscript stories, and V-Mail sent to faculty and administrators at the College by alumni engaged in various activities related to the War between about 1939 and 1947.

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Series: Letters to Maude French, circa, 1941-1847

Consists of letters, V-mail, postcards and clippings sent to Maude French, Art Librarian, between circa 1942 and 1946 by alumni engaged in activities related to World War II. Many of these files contain extended and more detailed correspondence than in other series in the collection, though these letters do not often reflect active duty military life.

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Series: Letters to Herb West, 1941-1947

Consists of letters, V-mail, postcards, and newsletters sent to Herb West (Herbert Faulkner West), Professor of Comparative Literature from Dartmouth alumni serving in the War. Many of these files contain extensive and on-going correspondence documenting a wide verity of experience.

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Series: Letters to A. A. Beetle , 1941-1946

Consists of letters, postcards, V-mail, newspaper clipping, photographs and selective service documents sent to Alan Ackerman Beetle, Class of 1936, a professor of chemistry at UC Davis, School of Agriculture by friends and classmates involved in the War effort.

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Series: Tuck School Letters, circa 1942-1944

Consists of letter and V-mail primarily sent to Herluf Vagn Olsen, Dean of the Tuck School from Tuck School Alumni describing their experiences related to the War.

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Series: Letters to Harold Goddard Rugg, circa, 1939-1945

Consists of letters written to Harold Goddard Rugg, Assistant Librarian, during the War by alumni and, noteably, a number of women stationed in England during the War. Also includes a few ephemeral itemes like flyers.

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Series: Letters to William Maynard, circa, 1943-1945

Consists of letters, V-mail and postcards written to William Maynard, Professor of Romance Languages by alumni involved in the War.

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Series: Ephemera, 1940-1951

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