Dartmouth World War II narratives, circa, 1939-1947 Rauner Manuscript MS-460

Introduction to the Collection

Contains letters, postcards, V-mail, newsletters, transcripts and newspapers clippings. Consists of personal narratives of Dartmouth men involved in World War II in a wide variety of capacities. The narratives, mostly in the form of letters, document the lives and activities of Dartmouth affiliated men and women in civilian life, military training and in active military duty in all theaters. Many of the narratives are short, but some provide details about life during the war. The letters were sent to various members of the Dartmouth community and collected into a group following the war, most likely by Maude French and Harold Rugg. The primary recipients are Alan Ackerman Beetle, Class of 1936; J. (James) Moreau Brown, Class of 1939; Maude French, Art Librarian; Harold Goddard Rugg, Assistant Librarian; Herbert Faulkner West, Professor of Comparative Literature and William Maynard, Professor of Romance Languages. Also included are an assortment of pamphlets, guides and ration books.

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