Lord Family papers, 1710-1967 Rauner Manuscript MS-510

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Series: Elizabeth King Lord (1791-1870), 1830-1870

Contains correspondence, notebooks, and clippings. Also included are writings penned by Dorcas Leland (sister of Elizabeth) a notebook believed to be Leland's, and unidentified Lord family correspondence.

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Series: Nathan Lord (1792-1870), 1815-1871

Includes sermons, correspondence, manuscripts, booklets, diaries, clippings, an account book, financial notes and legal papers. Of note is correspondence to and from Nathan Lord (1792-1870) about his resignation as Dartmouth College president and manuscripts and published letters on the subject of slavery. Correspondents of note include: Harriet Beecher Stowe.

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Series: John King Lord (1819-1849), 1831-1847

Includes memorandum, a license, an installation program, hymnals (manuscript and printed), poetry and a diary with entries by both Lord and his wife, Laura S. Lord.

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Series: Laura Smith Lord (1822-1868), circa 1831-1848

Includes correspondence and a manuscript on the life of her son, Frederic French Lord, who died as a child. Also includes correspondence from Laura S. to her parents Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Smith.

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Series: Samuel Augustus Lord (1822-1862), circa 1854-1878

Includes a letter from Samuel to his brother, Nathan Lord, Jr., and correspondence of his wife, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Daniels Lord.

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Series: William Hayes Lord (1824-1877), 1848-1877

Includes correspondence from family members, both manuscript and printed sermons, and clippings.

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Series: Henrietta (Hattie) Aiken Lord ( -1886), 1848-1869

Includes correspondence. Of note is a letter from Hattie's sister-in-law, Laura S. Lord regarding an uprising and the dismissal of the senior class at Dartmouth College in 1863. Correspondents: Laura S. Lord and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lord Condit.

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Series: Henry Clark Lord (1825-1889), 1850-1870

Includes general correspondence and condolence letters on the death and illness of his parents. Correspondents: John S. Lord, and Samuel Lord (Nathan Lord's (1792-1870) brothers).

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Series: Mary Lord Palmer (1827-1909), 1830-1907

Includes correspondence, a diary, recipes, and locks of hair from Mary Lord Palmer and her son, Frank Palmer. Also includes a memento mori of hair from her son, George Palmer, correspondence to Frank and a progress report on her daughter, Minnie’s music lessons. Correspondents: Elizabeth (Bessie) Fairbanks

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Series: Sarah (Sadie) Lord Moody (1835-1875), 1849-1877

Includes correspondence of both Sarah and her husband, Andrew Moody. Also included is a poem written for Andrew and his last will and testament.

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Series: Francis (Frank) Brown Lord (1836-1873), circa 1857-1876

Includes correspondence of both Frank and his wife, Catherine (Katie) Cox Lord. Correspondents: Elizabeth King Lord

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Series: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lord Condit (1846-1910), circa 1863-1864

Includes both originals and transcriptions of correspondence. Correspondents: Laura S. Lord

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Series: Emma P. Lord (1848-1931), 1871-1928

Includes correspondence, diaries, a report, an account book, her will, and financial and legal papers. Also included is correspondence addressed to both Emma and her husband, John K. Lord (1848-1926).

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Series: Elizabeth (Bessie) Fairbanks (1867-1939), 1886-1939

Includes correspondence and clippings. Correspondents: Mary Lord Palmer, Arthur Fairbanks.

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Series: Frederick P. Lord (1876- 1970), 1908-1965

Includes correspondence, a report, a booklet, an enrollment form, pamphlets and clippings. Of note are printed Christmas cards from artist, Julius Katzieff addressed to both Frederick and his wife Jeannette Mather Lord.

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Series: Jeannette Mather Lord ( circa 1877-1970), 1922-1965

Includes correspondence, typescripts, manuscripts and notes relating to her work on the Bicentennial book, "Old Houses in the Village of Hanover" and her book "Descendants of Nathan Lord President of Dartmouth College." Also includes a club yearbook, booklets, and clippings.

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Series: Laura Lord Scales (1879- 1990), 1926-1927

Includes condolence letters on the passing of her father, John K. Lord (1848-1926).

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Series: Arthur H. Lord (1889-1989), 1911-1959

Includes correspondence to Arthur as well as correspondence addressed to "Children" and Arthur, John K. Lord, Jr., and Frederick P. Lord from their father, John K. Lord (1849-1926).

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Series: Mary Lord Fairbanks (1890-1955), 1889-1955

Includes correspondence, drawings, poetry, clippings, and last will and testament.

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Series: Photographs, circa 1860-1947

Includes originals and prints of Lord family members, family homes and buildings in Hanover, NH and Amherst, NH.

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Series: Land Deeds, 1710-1806

Includes originals and photocopies of land deeds belonging to Nathan Lord (1655-1733), Nathan Lord (1724-1792), John Lord (1764-1815) and Nathan Lord (1792-1870).

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Series: Genealogical Research, circa 1822-1973

Includes correspondence, biographical information, family trees, clippings, articles, pamphlets, printed materials, photographs, scrapbooks, family histories, and research on early ancestors, descendants and affiliated families.

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