Jewelry Design Books of Jaques and Marcus, 1890-1926 Rauner Manuscript MS-674

Corporate History

Jaques and Marcus was founded when Herman Marcus, an immigrant from Germany, partnered first with Theodore B. Starr (in 1864) and later with George Jaques (in 1884) to open a jewelry shop on 857 Broadway in New York City. In 1882, Jaques and William Marcus, Herman's son, published a book about neglected gemstones, thereby setting themselves apart from the all white diamond look popular at the time. In 1892, Jaques retired and the company became Marcus & Co.. Herman Marcus died in 1899, and his sons took over the business. During the first decade of the twentieth century the firm offered a variety of Revivalist style jewelry, including Egyptian, Renaissance and Mughal inspired pieces. The company stayed within the Marcus family until 1941, when it was sold to Gimbel Brothers department store. In 1962 the company merged with Black, Star and Frost.

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