Juliet Rublee papers, 1915-1992 Rauner Manuscript MS-731


Juliet Barrett Rublee was born on March 2, 1875, in Chicago. Rublee was an heiress of the vast Barrett Roofing Company fortune. She received her formal education at the Farmington Boarding School and supplemented her studies with extensive reading. She also studied dance. In 1899, Barrett married George Rublee and they moved to Cornish, New Hampshire in 1907. Rublee was in the forefront of the suffrage and birth control movements. With her close friend Margaret Sanger, she helped organize the American Birth Control League in 1916, eventually becoming a member of its board and later its vice president. During World War I Rublee protested at an army training camp to allow women to be trained and become officers. In 1921, she was arrested for disseminating birth control information. Over the years Rublee's interest broadened to include spirituality, free love, mysticism, world peace and religion. She died on May 17, 1966.

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