Wendell Triller papers, 1937-1949 Rauner Manuscript MS-779


Wendell Triller was born on June 2, 1912. He received a BA from Williams College in 1933 and a BS from Columbia University School of Optometry in 1936. After graduation he joined his father's optometry practice in Poughkeepsie. In 1940, Triller was appointed to the clinical staff of the Dartmouth Eye Institute (DEI) at the Dartmouth Medical School. As a member of the DEI clinical staff, he was responsible for detecting, measuring and correcting eye defects in patients seen at the clinic. Some of his other responsibilities included assistant head of a newly established aniseikonia department in 1942 and participation in research conducted for the United States Office of Scientific Research and Development. In 1947, shortly after closing of the DEI, Triller joined Ranald C. Hill in his newly opened optician's office in Hanover. NH. In 1949, he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Optometry from Philadelphia Optical College. Triller died in 1993.

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