Vincent O'Sullivan collection, 1901-1994Rauner Manuscript MS-798


Vincent O'Sullivan was born in New York City on November 28, 1868. The family moved to London and O'Sullivan became desitute when the family lost all their money gambling on futures at the New York Coffee Exchange. He is the author of many books with macabre and morbid themes including "A Book of Bargains," in 1896, which contained the pact-with the devil stories "The Bargain of Rupert Orange", "The Business of Madame Jahn," and "My Enemy and Myself", which feature reanimated corpses. "When I Was Dead" (1905), "Verschoyle's House" (1915) and "The Burned House" (1916) are ghost stories, while "Will" is a tale of psychic vampirism. O'Sullivan died on July 18, 1940.

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