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The Robert Averill Collection of Research Materials on Mount Moosilauke in the Dartmouth College LibraryWMAN MS-818

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Averill, Robert
Title Remainder: Collection of Research Materials on Mount Moosilauke. 1863-
Dates: 1863-
Identification: MS-818


Robert Averill, Dartmouth College Class of 1972, became fascinated with Mount Moosilauke and the environs of this mountain when he was a member of the Dartmouth Outing Club. This fascination has continued with not only avid field activity but also serious collecting of historical materials and an important series of contemporary photographs of current events.

The collection consists of photocopies of historical materials, both printed and in holograph, from the Dartmouth College Library and New Hampshire Historical Society collections; copies of printed brochures and genealogies; and historical and contemporary photographs. The material relates primarily to Mount Moosilauke, with some photographs of Warren, New Hampshire, and the Appalachian Trail in both New Hampshire and Vermont.

The collection is the gift of Robert Averill and is expected to continue to grow.


1. Moosilauke Chrono-log

2. Moosilauke and Warren genealogies

3. Great Bear Cabin III—Dedication, 1990

4. Beardsley, Hartness, The Moosilauke Summit House

5. Clement, Daniel Q., Moosilauke Journal (1879)

6. Clough, Amos, Journal of Events Whilst on the Mountain

7. Drake, Samuel A., Moosilauke Carriage Road (1882)

8. Little, William, A Brief History of Early Warren (1863)

9. Little, William, The Warren -Woodstock Road 9 1893)

10. Morse, William S., The Tip Top Years: Life at the Moosilauke Tip Top House, 1915-1917

11. Ramsey, Floyd, The Night the Bomber Crashed

12. Sargent, J. E., Baker's River (1879)

13. Seabury, J. B. Mountain Sketches—Moosilauke (1881)

14. Tip Top News (1881-1917), vol. 1

15. Tip Top News (1881-1917), vol. 2


16. Moosilauke—Carriage Road

17. Moosilauke—Hurricane Trail

18. Moosilauke—Glencliff Trail and Cabin

19. Moosilauke—Summit

20. Moosilauke—Summit, 1990

21. Moosilauke—Great Bear III

22. Moosilauke—Prospect House

23. Moosilauke—Moosilauke Falls, 1990

24. Moosilauke—Higginson Falls, 1880

25. Moosilauke—B. Lincoln Wales photographs

26. Moosilauke—Ravine Lodge

27. Moosilauke—B-18 Bomber Crash Site

28. Moosilauke—MRL Access Road

29. Moosilauke—Acid Rain Tower

30. Moosilauke—Rand Cabin

31. Moosilauke—Beaver Brook Trail

32. Moosilauke—Gorge Brook Trail

33. Moosilauke—Miscellaneous

34. Benton, NH

35. Appalachian Trail—Lyme, NH

36. Appalachian Trail—Vermont, New Trail

37. Warren, NH


1-24. Copies of raw footage tapes for Light on the Mountain

25. Light on the Mountain—finished tape

26-28. Merrill's Mountain House—Master tapes


Copy of Tip Top News, A. E. Morse scrapbook

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