The Papers of Walter W. Wright in the Dartmouth College LibraryWMAN MS-821

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Wright, Walter W.
Title Remainder: Papers. 1934-1994
Dates: 1934-1994
Identification: MS-821


In 1934, Walter W. Wright, then a student at Harvard, began his lifelong interest in the White Mountains and his collection of materials on the history of that mountain range. This interest and collection grew as Wright became a librarian and worked at various institutions, including Harvard College, the University of Pennsylvania, New York Public Library, the Ohio University Library, and Dartmouth College Library.

It was at the latter institution that Wright was able to develop one of the premier collections of books, manuscripts, photographs, and ephemera relating to the history of the region. As a part of his effort to establish this important collection, Wright carefully acquired a wide range of materials, keeping in constant touch with a variety of individuals and institutions that created, curated, or maintained collections. One early result of his work was the publication, in 1948, of an important bibliography on the White Mountains. Wright also maintained a personal collection of White Mountains materials that he donated to the Mount Washington Observatory Library in 1990.

This collection consists of correspondence, research notes, bibliographical notes, and printed materials that reflect Wright's interest in the history and bibliography of the White Mountains. In three containers or 2.0 linear feet, the collection was a gift to Dartmouth College Library by the estate of Walter Wright in 1997.


1. Adirondack Mountain Club

2. Appalachian Mountain Club--Correspondence, 1934-1972

3. Appalachian Mountain Club--Correspondence, 1973-1990

4. Appalachian Trail Conference, 1972-1994

5. Chocorua Mountain Club

6. Crawford House and Notch

7. Maine--Forest Service

8. New England Trail Conference

9. New Hampshire--State

10. White Mountains--Exhibitions and Talks, 1949-1980

11. White Mountains--Bibliography--Among The Clouds

12. White Mountains--Bibliography--Booksellers' Lists

13. White Mountains--Bibliography--Booksellers' Lists and Quotations

14. White Mountains--Bibliography--Citations

15. White Mountains--Bibliography--Compilation, 1941-1948

16. White Mountains--Bibliography--Correspondence and Distribution, 1948-1977

17. White Mountains--Bibliography--Correspondence, 1972-1986

18. White Mountains--Bibliography--Dartmouth College Library

19. White Mountains--Bibliography--Leavitt Maps

20. White Mountains--Bibliography--Library of Congress cards

21. White Mountains--Bibliography--Notes

22. White Mountains--Bibliography--Publishers' Lists

23. White Mountains--Bibliography--Purchases, 1941-1974

24. White Mountains--Bibliography--Purchases, 1975-1987

25. Mount Washington Cog Railway

26. Mount Washington Observatory, 1937-1982

27. Mount Washington Observatory, 1983-1985

28. Mount Washington Observatory, 1986-1994

29. Mount Washington Observatory--Library--Gift

30. Mount Washington Observatory--Library--Appraisal

31. Mount Washington Observatory--Library--Bookplate


1. Mount Washington--Summit

2. Mount Washington--Summit Road

3. Mount Washington--Tip-Top House Advisory Committee

4. White Mountains--Correspondence, 1934-1972

5. White Mountains--Correspondence, 1973-1978

6. White Mountains--Correspondence, 1979-1981

7. White Mountains--Correspondence, 1982-1983

8. White Mountains--Correspondence, 1984-1994

9. White Mountains--Correspondence--Campbell, Kay, 1975-1989

10. White Mountains--Correspondence--Evans, Raymond, 1980-1990

11. White Mountains--Correspondence--Fobes, Charles, 1952-1990

12. White Mountains--Correspondence--Lankes, J. B., 1979-1988


1. White Mountains--Correspondence--Philbrick, Douglas, 1970-1991

2. White Mountains--Correspondence--Sherman, David, 1983-1991

3. White Mountains--Correspondence--Tatham, David, 1975-1987

4. White Mountains--Correspondence--Tolles, Bryant, 1975-1989

5. White Mountains--Correspondence--Waterman, Laura and Guy, 1979-1991

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