Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, Inc. records, 1936-2016 Rauner Manuscript MS-840


In January, 1936, 17 charter members founded the Hanover Consumer's Club, acting on a series of discussions begun in December, 1935. The first executive committee of the Hanover Consumer's Club consisted of Roy Chamberlin (President), Helen Morse (Vice-President), Charles Bagley (Secretary), Roger Bristol (Treasurer), and Elliott White (Business Manager). Initially, the Hanover Consumer's Club functioned as a "buying club," purchasing potatoes, oranges, and maple syrup in large quantities and selling them to members at cost, as well as obtaining discounted gas, oil, and coal. The Hanover Consumer's Club was incorporated in 1937, as the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society. The first Co-op store was located in a basement on Main Street, under what is now Eastman's Drug Store. After a few years, it moved to the current site of the Dartmouth Bookstore. In 1963, in response to parking problems, it moved to its present location at the intersection of South Park and Lebanon Streets. In 1985, it bought the Mobil gas station on South Park Street and turned it into the Co-op Service Center. In 1995, it built a second Service Center on Lyme Road. In 1997, in response to overcrowding at its Hanover store, the Co-op added a second grocery store in Lebanon. In May 1999, the Co-op transformed the Lyme Road Service Center into a combination gas station / convenience store, renaming it the Co-op Community Food Market.

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