Charles B. Sylvester student letters, 1901-09-1904-09 Rauner Manuscript MS-853

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Box: 1,

Box: 1

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  • Folder: 1, Letters to his mother, sisters, and unknown man, 1901-09-14-1901-09-27

    09/14-To Mother about becoming acquainted to peers and financial struggles; 09/17-To Mother about financial struggles , classes, weather, and death of Miss Thayer's mother; 09/20-To sisters about loss of job, classes, C.P. Chase; 09/23-To Mother about Winter Carnival, son of Daniel Webster will lay the cornerstone of Webster Memorial, description of dining hall; 09/26-To mother about the Centennial, College Church, financial struggles; 09/27-To an unnamed "misguided man," hazing of freshman, being wrongly accused

  • Folder: 2, Letters to mother and sister, 1901-10-01-1901-10-29

    10/01-To Edith about her conversion to Christianity and joining the Y.M.C.A.; 10/11-To Edith about weather, classes, the Dartmouth football team, rush season; 10/17-To mother about financial troubles, new job at Thayer, Butterfield brothers in TriKap; 10/19-To Mother about missing the football game; 10/22-To Mother about Chase, Butterfield, his dormitory, Alice Paine. Mr. Foster's death; 10/29- To sisters about thanksgiving and the holiday

  • Folder: 3, Letters to Mother and sister, 1901-11-01-1901-11-25

    11/01-To mother about financial troubles, classes, Dartmouth pins for sale; 11/04-To mother about teaching and applying for a scholarship; 11/10-To Edith about grades and looking for a holiday job; 11/19-To mother about trying to work for Bren Harriman and football; 11/25-To mother about faculty meeting addressing his petition

  • Folder: 4, Letters to mother and father, 1902-12-18-1903-01-08

    12/18-To father about exams; 01/08-To mother about Mr. and Mrs. Butterfield and asking Anderson and Price for job

  • Folder: 5, Letter to Mother, 1903-01-25

    01/25-To mother about seeing the play "Everyman", basketball Dart vs. Wesleyan, scholarship, M.A. degree

  • Folder: 6, Letters to Mother and Lucy, 1903-02-07-1903-02-22

    02/07-To mother about exams, Prof. Hitchcock, death of Pattee '06, Report of Sophomore year signed by Charles F. Emerson; 02/13-To Lucy about her marriage, his class schedule; 02/22-To mother about financial struggles, bad weather

  • Folder: 7, Letters to mother, 1903-03-06-1903-03-27

    03/06-To mother about working at the hotel, friends dropping out of school, excited to be a junior; 03/12-To mother about good weather, entering a writing contest; 03/22-To Mother about joining the Hanover Country Club, Prom week; 03/27-Not legible

  • Folder: 8, Letters to mother, 1903-05-10-1903-06-02

    05/09-To Mother about football, Winston Churchill talk in College Hall; 06/05-To mother about baseball win, fire in Whitefield; 06/02-To Mother about recitations and close of the year

  • Folder: 9, Letters to mother and from Mrs. Edward, 1903-07-14-1903-07-23

    07/14-To mother about work and buying photographic film; 07/15-To mother asking for a package and about work; 07/23-From Mrs. Edward about staying with Dr. Hitchcock

  • Folder: 10, Letters to mother, 1903-08-04-1903-08-26

    08/04-To mother about work, family of E.S. Hobart stopped by, selling some of his photos; 08/13-To mother about work, playing in a ball game; 08/19-To mother about being sick, wants fruit; 08/26-To mother about work and bad weather

  • Folder: 11, Letters to Edith and Mother, 1903-09-04-1903-09-24

    09/04-To Edith about financial struggles and bad weather; 09/14-To mother about trip to the summit; 09/24-To mother about new semester, football, Richard has been unreachable

  • Folder: 12, Letters to mother, 1903-10-02-1903-10-25

    10/02-To mother about settling in, Sidstone has died unexpectedly; Undated-To Mother asking for furniture, still no Richard; 10/13-To Mother about Chase and photography with Sid George

  • Folder: 13, Letters to mother, 1903-11-02-1903-11-23

    11/02-To mother about Charley D. getting him a teaching job at Hanover High after graduation; 11/13-To mother about seeing the Harvard-Dartmouth game; 11/23-To mother about coming home for Christmas, beginning to snow in Hanover

  • Folder: 14, Letters to mother, 1903-12-04-1903-12-19

    12/04-To mother abot buying a new camera; 12/13-To mother about good weather; 12/19-To mother about classes, the Aegis book, bad weather

  • Folder: 15, Letters to mother, 1904-01-11-1904-01-25

    01/11-To mother about Prof. Sanders, lecture by U.S. Panama Commission; 01/25-To mother about getting a $300 scholarship, William Jennings Bryan coming to Hanover, Prof. Sanders

  • Folder: 16, Letters to Mother, 1904-02-09-1904-02-19

    02/09-To mother about exams, donation of chapel bells by Stevens '77, recieved letter from Ada Boynton; 02/19-To mother about new semester, C.D. Adams asking for him to do grad work, Dr. Tucker; 02/19-To mother about destruction of Dartmouth Hall, watching it fall, history of the structure

  • Folder: 17, Letters to mother, 1904-03-04-1904-03-21

    03/04-To mother about money raised by alumni for Dartmouth Hall reconstruction; 03/14-To mother abot applying to Anderson and Price, something is wrong with the water on campus; 03/21-To mother about coming home, job, Joe Kingsbury is coming

  • Folder: 18, Letters to mother, 1904-01-01-1904-01-23

    01/01-To mother about hiring a typewriter to write thesis, learning how to typewrite; 01/15-To mother about rooming with Hodgman and summer jobs; 01/23-To mother about snow storms and dorm room

  • Folder: 19, Letters to mother and letter from Mary A. Hollis, 1904-05-12-1904-05-22

    05/12-To mother about boarding at commons, annual convention of teachers of secondary school studies, Junior week; Undated-Letter from Mary A. Hollis sending Charles $20; 05/22-To mother about bad weather, Prom week, wins for Baseball and track teams

  • Folder: 20, Letters to mother and undisclosed "Sir", 1904-07-22-1904-09-13

    07/22-To mother about work and selling photos; 08/01-To mother about work; 08/11-To Sir about work and Jesse Harding's family as well as Arthur Sides entering Dartmouth this fall; 09/04-To mother about work; 09/13-To mother about hiking, photography, Lord Dartmouth has landed in America to lay cornerstone of new Dartmouth Hall

  • Folder: 21, Letters to Mother and Letter from Charlotte M.B. Hitchcock to Mrs. Sylvester, Undated

    1-To mother about being out of work and going to Lebanon; 2-From Charlotte M.B. Hitchcock to Mrs. Sylvester about being remorseful towards the accident; 3-To mother about the hotel and talks about the Mercedes that drove to the top of Mt. Washington in 24 minutes; 4-To mother about not hearing from Richard and getting furniture; 5-To mother about the hotel and rainy weather

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