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Charles B. Sylvester student letters, 1901-09-1904-09Rauner Manuscript MS-853

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Charles B. Sylvester student letters

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Rauner Manuscript MS-853

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.25 linear ft., 1 box


Charles B. Sylvester (1882-1969), teacher. Dartmouth College Class of 1905. The collection contains letters written to his parents and siblings while at Dartmouth College.

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Rauner Special Collections Library is open to the public and in most cases no appointment is necessary. The exception is in the case of materials stored off site for which there may be a delay of up to 48 hours in retrieval. Please consult the Access to Collection statement below or contact Rauner Reference.

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Conditions Governing Use

Permission from Dartmouth College required for publication or reproduction.

Introduction to the Collection

The letters of Charles B. Sylvester consist of correspondence with his mother and sisters about daily life at Dartmouth College, including undergraduate jobs, financial struggles, classes, and friendships. Of note are several letters in 1904, describing the fire of Dartmouth Hall and its reconstruction. The collection also includes letters from Charlotte M.B. Hitchcock, Mary A. Hollis, and a Mrs. Edwards.


Charles Bradford Sylvester was born May 18, 1882 and attended Dartmouth College, graduating with the Class of 1905. During his college years he had an interest in photography and aspired to become a teacher. After graduating in 1905, Sylvester remained in Hanover and received his M.A. while teaching part-time at Hanover High School. From 1906 to 1956, he taught at various schools as a teacher of mathematics and classics, as well as serving as principal for a number of years. In 1915, Sylvester became ill with polio but continued teaching despite his illness. He died on April 4, 1969. 

Box & Folder List

Box: 1,

Box: 1

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Letters to his mother, sisters, and unknown man, 1901-09-14-1901-09-27

    09/14-To Mother about becoming acquainted to peers and financial struggles; 09/17-To Mother about financial struggles , classes, weather, and death of Miss Thayer's mother; 09/20-To sisters about loss of job, classes, C.P. Chase; 09/23-To Mother about Winter Carnival, son of Daniel Webster will lay the cornerstone of Webster Memorial, description of dining hall; 09/26-To mother about the Centennial, College Church, financial struggles; 09/27-To an unnamed "misguided man," hazing of freshman, being wrongly accused

  • Folder: 2, Letters to mother and sister, 1901-10-01-1901-10-29

    10/01-To Edith about her conversion to Christianity and joining the Y.M.C.A.; 10/11-To Edith about weather, classes, the Dartmouth football team, rush season; 10/17-To mother about financial troubles, new job at Thayer, Butterfield brothers in TriKap; 10/19-To Mother about missing the football game; 10/22-To Mother about Chase, Butterfield, his dormitory, Alice Paine. Mr. Foster's death; 10/29- To sisters about thanksgiving and the holiday

  • Folder: 3, Letters to Mother and sister, 1901-11-01-1901-11-25

    11/01-To mother about financial troubles, classes, Dartmouth pins for sale; 11/04-To mother about teaching and applying for a scholarship; 11/10-To Edith about grades and looking for a holiday job; 11/19-To mother about trying to work for Bren Harriman and football; 11/25-To mother about faculty meeting addressing his petition

  • Folder: 4, Letters to mother and father, 1902-12-18-1903-01-08

    12/18-To father about exams; 01/08-To mother about Mr. and Mrs. Butterfield and asking Anderson and Price for job

  • Folder: 5, Letter to Mother, 1903-01-25

    01/25-To mother about seeing the play "Everyman", basketball Dart vs. Wesleyan, scholarship, M.A. degree

  • Folder: 6, Letters to Mother and Lucy, 1903-02-07-1903-02-22

    02/07-To mother about exams, Prof. Hitchcock, death of Pattee '06, Report of Sophomore year signed by Charles F. Emerson; 02/13-To Lucy about her marriage, his class schedule; 02/22-To mother about financial struggles, bad weather

  • Folder: 7, Letters to mother, 1903-03-06-1903-03-27

    03/06-To mother about working at the hotel, friends dropping out of school, excited to be a junior; 03/12-To mother about good weather, entering a writing contest; 03/22-To Mother about joining the Hanover Country Club, Prom week; 03/27-Not legible

  • Folder: 8, Letters to mother, 1903-05-10-1903-06-02

    05/09-To Mother about football, Winston Churchill talk in College Hall; 06/05-To mother about baseball win, fire in Whitefield; 06/02-To Mother about recitations and close of the year

  • Folder: 9, Letters to mother and from Mrs. Edward, 1903-07-14-1903-07-23

    07/14-To mother about work and buying photographic film; 07/15-To mother asking for a package and about work; 07/23-From Mrs. Edward about staying with Dr. Hitchcock

  • Folder: 10, Letters to mother, 1903-08-04-1903-08-26

    08/04-To mother about work, family of E.S. Hobart stopped by, selling some of his photos; 08/13-To mother about work, playing in a ball game; 08/19-To mother about being sick, wants fruit; 08/26-To mother about work and bad weather

  • Folder: 11, Letters to Edith and Mother, 1903-09-04-1903-09-24

    09/04-To Edith about financial struggles and bad weather; 09/14-To mother about trip to the summit; 09/24-To mother about new semester, football, Richard has been unreachable

  • Folder: 12, Letters to mother, 1903-10-02-1903-10-25

    10/02-To mother about settling in, Sidstone has died unexpectedly; Undated-To Mother asking for furniture, still no Richard; 10/13-To Mother about Chase and photography with Sid George

  • Folder: 13, Letters to mother, 1903-11-02-1903-11-23

    11/02-To mother about Charley D. getting him a teaching job at Hanover High after graduation; 11/13-To mother about seeing the Harvard-Dartmouth game; 11/23-To mother about coming home for Christmas, beginning to snow in Hanover

  • Folder: 14, Letters to mother, 1903-12-04-1903-12-19

    12/04-To mother abot buying a new camera; 12/13-To mother about good weather; 12/19-To mother about classes, the Aegis book, bad weather

  • Folder: 15, Letters to mother, 1904-01-11-1904-01-25

    01/11-To mother about Prof. Sanders, lecture by U.S. Panama Commission; 01/25-To mother about getting a $300 scholarship, William Jennings Bryan coming to Hanover, Prof. Sanders

  • Folder: 16, Letters to Mother, 1904-02-09-1904-02-19

    02/09-To mother about exams, donation of chapel bells by Stevens '77, recieved letter from Ada Boynton; 02/19-To mother about new semester, C.D. Adams asking for him to do grad work, Dr. Tucker; 02/19-To mother about destruction of Dartmouth Hall, watching it fall, history of the structure

  • Folder: 17, Letters to mother, 1904-03-04-1904-03-21

    03/04-To mother about money raised by alumni for Dartmouth Hall reconstruction; 03/14-To mother abot applying to Anderson and Price, something is wrong with the water on campus; 03/21-To mother about coming home, job, Joe Kingsbury is coming

  • Folder: 18, Letters to mother, 1904-01-01-1904-01-23

    01/01-To mother about hiring a typewriter to write thesis, learning how to typewrite; 01/15-To mother about rooming with Hodgman and summer jobs; 01/23-To mother about snow storms and dorm room

  • Folder: 19, Letters to mother and letter from Mary A. Hollis, 1904-05-12-1904-05-22

    05/12-To mother about boarding at commons, annual convention of teachers of secondary school studies, Junior week; Undated-Letter from Mary A. Hollis sending Charles $20; 05/22-To mother about bad weather, Prom week, wins for Baseball and track teams

  • Folder: 20, Letters to mother and undisclosed "Sir", 1904-07-22-1904-09-13

    07/22-To mother about work and selling photos; 08/01-To mother about work; 08/11-To Sir about work and Jesse Harding's family as well as Arthur Sides entering Dartmouth this fall; 09/04-To mother about work; 09/13-To mother about hiking, photography, Lord Dartmouth has landed in America to lay cornerstone of new Dartmouth Hall

  • Folder: 21, Letters to Mother and Letter from Charlotte M.B. Hitchcock to Mrs. Sylvester, Undated

    1-To mother about being out of work and going to Lebanon; 2-From Charlotte M.B. Hitchcock to Mrs. Sylvester about being remorseful towards the accident; 3-To mother about the hotel and talks about the Mercedes that drove to the top of Mt. Washington in 24 minutes; 4-To mother about not hearing from Richard and getting furniture; 5-To mother about the hotel and rainy weather

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