Edwin Grover papers, 1897-1948 Rauner Manuscript MS-859


Edwin Osgood Grover was born on June 4, 1870 in Minnesota. He graduated form Dartmouth College in 1894. During that time he wrote articles for the "Boston Globe" and edited the Dartmouth literary magazine. He also edited Hovey's "Dartmouth Lyrics" and later edited the popular favorite, "The Dartmouth Song Book." After graduation he worked as a salesman for Ginn and Company and Rand McNally before opening his own own company, Prang Co., which specialized in painting materials and books. In 1926, Grover joined the faculty of Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, as professor of books. During his time at Rollins he taught courses on recreational reading, the history of the book, and literary personalities. He also established the first bookstore in Winter Park and began a publishing venture, The Angel Alley Press. His first publication was "Psyche's Lamp," a collection of poems by Rose Mills Power. The following year, he published a collection of works by 22 Rollins poets and began a series of pamphlets which he called "Vest Pocket Poems." He retired from Rollins in 1947. Grover died on November 8, 1965.

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