Roswell Bogue letters, 1897-1899 Rauner Manuscript MS-863

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Box: 1, 1897-09-1899-06

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Bogue's letters to his parents from Hanover, NH, 1897-09

    Contains 6 letters on the following topics: Arriving in Hanover; looking for a room; first impression of Hanover; estimated boarding fee; meeting President Tucker for a short speech; sophomores hazing freshmen at the initiation event; chapel; mathematics class; drawing class; recitation; French class; football team try-out; furnishing the room; subscription of “White and Blue”; freshman ban on wearing silk hats or carry a cane; making friends; dining options at Dartmouth; using gym; watching football team practice; meeting new roommates; meeting sophomores; class election; church sermon; description of the chapel building; freshman and sophomore ball game; daily routine; physical examination.

  • Folder: 2, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1897-10

    Contains 10 letters on the following topics: Furniture and clothing; Dartmouth sports games; hanging out with Chicago boys; going to church; Chicago club photo; reading Voltaire for French class; drawing of his room; wearing Dartmouth sweater with his class year on, being more approached by sophomores; Dartmouth-Harvard game loss; taking a walk and playing cards; Latin class and exam; growing tiresome of eastern dialect; sports game loss against UPenn; President’s talks on "Secret Service"; “Chinning” days; boating; rushing Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; cold weather; fraternity brothers; cross country run; death of a German professor; expense; "The Dartmouth"; compulsory lecture and sermon.

  • Folder: 3, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1897-11

    Contains 9 letters on the following topics: Attending the German prof’s funeral; going to church; French exam; small fire incidence; sending a jersey to parents; drawing; describing Thayer as one of the best civil engineering schools in the country, comparing it with Boson tech school; Sophomore-freshmen football game; description of his room; plans to dine with his friends from DKE; taking a walk; receiving Thanksgiving dinner invite; President’s speech; receiving boxes of goodies; Dartmouth-Amherst football game; dance parties; Dartmouth library; Ban on fraternity initiation; first home game of the year with Amherst, festive atmosphere and bonfire; missing being around girls; Christmas plans; exam schedules; rainy weather; cold weather; banquet; discussion on honor system, comparings with other institutions on regarding honor system; purchasing dress suits; physical examination; initiation banquet; DKE brothers; Dartmouth-Williams football game; first sermon at church; budgeting; first fraternity meeting; Latin exam; Prof. Lord’s Thanksgiving dinner; staying at DKE (Deke) house; required gym works; snowing and everything froze; studying mathematics; French exam; expenditures.

  • Folder: 4, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1897-12

    Contains 6 letters on the following topics: French Class; class football team sweater; exercise and practicing for the track team; discussion on the honor system; fraternity meeting; sending delegates to the national convention of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; his opinion on the importance of athletic teams in college; President’s talk; discussions on winter break plan; rainy weather; dining and snacking; annoying roommate; Aegis publication; term exams; dance party; talking with VanderHoof about train rides to Chicago; drawing class; mathematics class; travel plan to home; travel cost; French exam; class elections.

  • Folder: 5, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-01

    Contains 9 letters, one of which is written in French, on the following topics: Meeting a Dartmouth alumnus on the way back to school; church sermon; furnishing and fixing room; moving to a new room; what the winter break has been like in Hanover; Banquet committee’s decision on date; team bill; English class; fraternity meeting; Hanover winter weather; feast; Glee club concert; taking a walk; freshman banquet; training; sending photos of his exercise and meal; speech made by an alumnus, Class of 1861; relay race in Boston; expenses.

  • Folder: 6, Bogue's letters to his mother from Boston, MA and Hanover, NH , 1898-02

    Contains 8 letters: Snow; new eating place in town; President’s talk; French riddle for his sister; financial request for trip to Boston; meeting with the Dean and checking his grades; friends visiting and playing Banjo; hope that the honor system will be adopted; French play in class; trip plan to Boston; financial status; snowstorm; reading; drawing class; feast; Chicago club meeting; the news of Battleship Maine's sinking by the Spaniards; possibility of starting a war; a professor’s house on fire; banquet committee making a mistake; conversation with Professor Lord; trip to Boston; traveling around the city; meeting a Chicago guy at Boston Tech school; visiting Mrs. Scott; hanging out with friends in Boston; fraternity meeting; having a dinner with a Delta Kappa Epsilon brother; English class; French class; expenditures.

  • Folder: 7, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-03

    Contains 9 letters on the following topics: Math class; Chicago Club meeting; mock trial at a fraternity meeting; French class play; drawing class; skiing; party plans; drowning incident on campus; church; cards from the J.U.M; President’s talk; team training; political and economic discussions with friends; election day; spring break trip to Boston plan; next year’s expense prediction; prize speaking event; Princeton Dean’s visit and speech; English class; boarding plan for next year; paper supply; baking.

  • Folder: 8, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-04

    Contains 9 letters on the following topics: Fraternity meeting and election; performance by a dramatic club from D. C.; male actors having to dress up as females for their characters; annual indoor meet at the gym; breakfast and walk; attempts to sell his bike; hanging out in a hotel; his friends and their girls; drawing a horse; French exam; snow; first day of vacation but some students are still taking the Latin exam; chapel; professor Lords’ invitation to dinner; Easter at Dartmouth; playing baseball and checkers; warm weather and taking photos; cooking dinner with friends; dance party; track practice; his friend Dan falling behind in school; press coverage of the Spanish-American war; spring vacation coming to an end; class schedule for the next term; changing the captain of the track team; enlistment schedule; starting a new term; ball game; President Tucker’s speech; buying monograms to send home; track meeting; friends’ next year rooming plan; parents potential travel to Hanover in June; summer job; lecture on Roberts Harper’s letter; recitation; president’s address on the state of the country; last night’s spontaneous parade of waking up professors and asking them for speeches; minstrel show in the baseball cage; news of Alfonso XIII’s capture; JUM; military enlistment; desire to be enlisted as bad words about him will spread if he doesn’t.

  • Folder: 9, Bogue's letters to his parents from Worcester, MA and Hanover, NH, 1898-05

    Contains 11 letters on the following topics: Expenses; many Dartmouth students enlisting for the Spanish-American War before Commencement, not recommending his mom to come this year; Trustee meeting; track team season begins; anticipated visit of Chiclsering[?] of Boston; refusing to apply for discharge; his desire to participate in the Spanish-American War; his opinions and outlook of the War; President Tucker’s advice to students to stay; President Tucker’s speech for those who are going to war; students’ departures to join the war effort; track team training; fraternity meeting; football game with Yale; watching band practice; church sermon; criticism of Norton’s remark published in the Boston Herald on the war; football game with Brown, Princeton and Williams; purchasing house shoes; reading; rumor about the Spanish American war; mom’s travel plan to the east coast; celebrating birthday with classmates; trip to Worcester, MA for a track meet and football game; Amherst and Brown football game; freshman year coming to an end; taking a walk around the campus; Dartmouth Chicago Club annual banquet; a dance.

  • Folder: 10, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-06

    Contains 6 letters on the following topics: Walk to Wilder; track captain election; what to do in Hanover during mother’s visit; conversation with the Dean about his grade for the winter term; visit to Amherst, playing tennis and meeting girls there; East coast travel plan with mom; playing tennis; Chicago club and track team photo; upcoming recitations and exams; interest in engineering studies; budget planning with next year’s roommate; financial request; elective course options for next year; last football games; conversation with Professor Hazen; class event of watching Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

  • Folder: 11, Bogue's letters to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1898-09

    Contains 3 letters on the following topics: One of his friends transferring to University of Chicago; football rush begins; history and mathematics recitations; President Tucker’s speech on the result of the Spanish American War; fire at a place across his house; President Tucker’s talk; visit to hospital; Mr. John Redington’s vacation; writing a paper on Marblehead; boxing; football games between upperclassmen; fraternity meeting.

  • Folder: 12, Bogue's letters to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1898-10

    Contains 7 letters on the following topics: First football game; recruiting freshmen for fraternity; church sermon and chapel; elected as the secretary of the Chicago Club; football game with Harvard and Amherst; annual athletic meet; furnishing new room; upperclassmen frustrating freshmen’s attempts to have bonfire; receiving handkerchief, table cloth and more from home to decorate new room; history examination; visit to the Cliff house; football game with Bowdoin; shopping for clothes; Chicago club meeting; English course and reading; visit to Amherst; President Tucker’s six months vacation; letter to Mrs. Scott; division exam in history and getting placed into the second division; German and Physics exams.

  • Folder: 13, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-11

    Contains 7 letters on the following topics: Trip to Amherst, going to a football game and meeting girls there; football game with Williams; Vespers service at Smith; election day; Thanksgiving football game; sermon at church; fraternity initiation; banquet; an alumnus’s visit Chicago club meeting; death of Bartlett; football team away game at Brown; President Tucker’s sermon; Thanksgiving dinner invitation from the Lords; dance; students going home for break; Christmas break plan; German division exam and getting placed in to the second division; asking mother to answer questions he writes in his letter; desire to go to Boston for winter break; disappointment that he has to stay in Hanover for Christmas; explanation on why staying in Hanover for Christmas would be dreadful; why going to Boston for Christmas would be an economic option; students going skiing.

  • Folder: 14, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-12

    Contains 6 letters on the following topics: Asking for answers about Christmas break; sermon; sister’s custom-made Dartmouth souvenirs; refusing to accept a guy to Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity because the guy is Jewish, saying that Dartmouth is not a place for Jews; returning home for Christmas; sending petition to the faculty so he can go home for vacation; need for a dress suit; writing a story in class; dance; alumni banquet for Christmas; dean did not give him the petition to leave early for Christmas break; finding student discount deal for coach back to Chicago; skating; extremely cold weather; travel plan; professors and President on vacation; President’s sermon; athletics meeting.

  • Folder: 15, Bogue's letters to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-01

    Contains 3 letters on the following topics: Trip back to school; making up for classes he missed; mid-year exam; fraternity meeting; history professor’s lecture; playing music with friends; professors’ talks.

  • Folder: 16, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-02

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Break out of Scarlet Fever and quarantine; end of the mid-year exam; next semester schedule; dramatic Club’s performance “Twelfth’s Night.”

  • Folder: 17, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-03

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Trip to Boston; final exam schedule; visit to Somerville; spring break schedule; indoor athletic meet; conversation with a professor from Michigan.

  • Folder: 18, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-04

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Easter Sunday in Hanover; dance; asking girls out; renting dress suit; hypnotic exhibition; Chicago Club banquet.

  • Folder: 19, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-05

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Twenty first birthday; preference to spend summer on the East Coast than Chicago; family looking for a place to move.

  • Folder: 20, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-06

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Preparing for examination; playing golf; plan to send the mattress back home; packing; family looking for a place to move; summer vacation plan; taking exams; playing tennis; swimming.

  • Folder: 21, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, undated

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Trip to Amherst; hanging out with friends, reading and playing cards; German exam; words from Dan who transferred to University of Chicago and that he doesn’t like the place.

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