Roswell Bogue letters, 1897-1899Rauner Manuscript MS-863

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Roswell Bogue letters

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Rauner Manuscript MS-863

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.25 linear ft., 1 box


Roswell C. Bogue (1878-1952), businessman. The collection consists of 117 letters written to his parents and sister while attending Dartmouth College from 1897-1899.

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Introduction to the Collection

The Roswell Bogue letters contain letters to his parents, Oswell Amos Bogue and Grace Cutler Bogue, and to his sister Grace, written during the time he attended Dartmouth College from 1897 to 1899. Topics covered in the letters include the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, the Chicago Club, Dartmouth's track team, the Spanish American War and reaction to the acceptance of Jewish students to a fraternity at Dartmouth.


Roswell Cutler Bogue was born in Chicago, Illinois, on May 18, 1878. After graduating from Hyde Park High School, Bogue enrolled in Dartmouth College with the Class of 1901, but did not complete his college degree. While at Dartmouth, Bogue was on the track team and a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. After leaving Dartmouth, Bogue was in business for several years in Chicago. In 1925, he moved to Lansing, Michigan where he started an investment firm. Bogue was a member of the Christian Science Church and was also active in various Masonic bodies. He died at his home in Lansing on December 21, 1952.

Box & Folder List

Box: 1, 1897-09-1899-06

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Bogue's letters to his parents from Hanover, NH, 1897-09

    Contains 6 letters on the following topics: Arriving in Hanover; looking for a room; first impression of Hanover; estimated boarding fee; meeting President Tucker for a short speech; sophomores hazing freshmen at the initiation event; chapel; mathematics class; drawing class; recitation; French class; football team try-out; furnishing the room; subscription of “White and Blue”; freshman ban on wearing silk hats or carry a cane; making friends; dining options at Dartmouth; using gym; watching football team practice; meeting new roommates; meeting sophomores; class election; church sermon; description of the chapel building; freshman and sophomore ball game; daily routine; physical examination.

  • Folder: 2, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1897-10

    Contains 10 letters on the following topics: Furniture and clothing; Dartmouth sports games; hanging out with Chicago boys; going to church; Chicago club photo; reading Voltaire for French class; drawing of his room; wearing Dartmouth sweater with his class year on, being more approached by sophomores; Dartmouth-Harvard game loss; taking a walk and playing cards; Latin class and exam; growing tiresome of eastern dialect; sports game loss against UPenn; President’s talks on "Secret Service"; “Chinning” days; boating; rushing Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; cold weather; fraternity brothers; cross country run; death of a German professor; expense; "The Dartmouth"; compulsory lecture and sermon.

  • Folder: 3, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1897-11

    Contains 9 letters on the following topics: Attending the German prof’s funeral; going to church; French exam; small fire incidence; sending a jersey to parents; drawing; describing Thayer as one of the best civil engineering schools in the country, comparing it with Boson tech school; Sophomore-freshmen football game; description of his room; plans to dine with his friends from DKE; taking a walk; receiving Thanksgiving dinner invite; President’s speech; receiving boxes of goodies; Dartmouth-Amherst football game; dance parties; Dartmouth library; Ban on fraternity initiation; first home game of the year with Amherst, festive atmosphere and bonfire; missing being around girls; Christmas plans; exam schedules; rainy weather; cold weather; banquet; discussion on honor system, comparings with other institutions on regarding honor system; purchasing dress suits; physical examination; initiation banquet; DKE brothers; Dartmouth-Williams football game; first sermon at church; budgeting; first fraternity meeting; Latin exam; Prof. Lord’s Thanksgiving dinner; staying at DKE (Deke) house; required gym works; snowing and everything froze; studying mathematics; French exam; expenditures.

  • Folder: 4, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1897-12

    Contains 6 letters on the following topics: French Class; class football team sweater; exercise and practicing for the track team; discussion on the honor system; fraternity meeting; sending delegates to the national convention of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity; his opinion on the importance of athletic teams in college; President’s talk; discussions on winter break plan; rainy weather; dining and snacking; annoying roommate; Aegis publication; term exams; dance party; talking with VanderHoof about train rides to Chicago; drawing class; mathematics class; travel plan to home; travel cost; French exam; class elections.

  • Folder: 5, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-01

    Contains 9 letters, one of which is written in French, on the following topics: Meeting a Dartmouth alumnus on the way back to school; church sermon; furnishing and fixing room; moving to a new room; what the winter break has been like in Hanover; Banquet committee’s decision on date; team bill; English class; fraternity meeting; Hanover winter weather; feast; Glee club concert; taking a walk; freshman banquet; training; sending photos of his exercise and meal; speech made by an alumnus, Class of 1861; relay race in Boston; expenses.

  • Folder: 6, Bogue's letters to his mother from Boston, MA and Hanover, NH , 1898-02

    Contains 8 letters: Snow; new eating place in town; President’s talk; French riddle for his sister; financial request for trip to Boston; meeting with the Dean and checking his grades; friends visiting and playing Banjo; hope that the honor system will be adopted; French play in class; trip plan to Boston; financial status; snowstorm; reading; drawing class; feast; Chicago club meeting; the news of Battleship Maine's sinking by the Spaniards; possibility of starting a war; a professor’s house on fire; banquet committee making a mistake; conversation with Professor Lord; trip to Boston; traveling around the city; meeting a Chicago guy at Boston Tech school; visiting Mrs. Scott; hanging out with friends in Boston; fraternity meeting; having a dinner with a Delta Kappa Epsilon brother; English class; French class; expenditures.

  • Folder: 7, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-03

    Contains 9 letters on the following topics: Math class; Chicago Club meeting; mock trial at a fraternity meeting; French class play; drawing class; skiing; party plans; drowning incident on campus; church; cards from the J.U.M; President’s talk; team training; political and economic discussions with friends; election day; spring break trip to Boston plan; next year’s expense prediction; prize speaking event; Princeton Dean’s visit and speech; English class; boarding plan for next year; paper supply; baking.

  • Folder: 8, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-04

    Contains 9 letters on the following topics: Fraternity meeting and election; performance by a dramatic club from D. C.; male actors having to dress up as females for their characters; annual indoor meet at the gym; breakfast and walk; attempts to sell his bike; hanging out in a hotel; his friends and their girls; drawing a horse; French exam; snow; first day of vacation but some students are still taking the Latin exam; chapel; professor Lords’ invitation to dinner; Easter at Dartmouth; playing baseball and checkers; warm weather and taking photos; cooking dinner with friends; dance party; track practice; his friend Dan falling behind in school; press coverage of the Spanish-American war; spring vacation coming to an end; class schedule for the next term; changing the captain of the track team; enlistment schedule; starting a new term; ball game; President Tucker’s speech; buying monograms to send home; track meeting; friends’ next year rooming plan; parents potential travel to Hanover in June; summer job; lecture on Roberts Harper’s letter; recitation; president’s address on the state of the country; last night’s spontaneous parade of waking up professors and asking them for speeches; minstrel show in the baseball cage; news of Alfonso XIII’s capture; JUM; military enlistment; desire to be enlisted as bad words about him will spread if he doesn’t.

  • Folder: 9, Bogue's letters to his parents from Worcester, MA and Hanover, NH, 1898-05

    Contains 11 letters on the following topics: Expenses; many Dartmouth students enlisting for the Spanish-American War before Commencement, not recommending his mom to come this year; Trustee meeting; track team season begins; anticipated visit of Chiclsering[?] of Boston; refusing to apply for discharge; his desire to participate in the Spanish-American War; his opinions and outlook of the War; President Tucker’s advice to students to stay; President Tucker’s speech for those who are going to war; students’ departures to join the war effort; track team training; fraternity meeting; football game with Yale; watching band practice; church sermon; criticism of Norton’s remark published in the Boston Herald on the war; football game with Brown, Princeton and Williams; purchasing house shoes; reading; rumor about the Spanish American war; mom’s travel plan to the east coast; celebrating birthday with classmates; trip to Worcester, MA for a track meet and football game; Amherst and Brown football game; freshman year coming to an end; taking a walk around the campus; Dartmouth Chicago Club annual banquet; a dance.

  • Folder: 10, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-06

    Contains 6 letters on the following topics: Walk to Wilder; track captain election; what to do in Hanover during mother’s visit; conversation with the Dean about his grade for the winter term; visit to Amherst, playing tennis and meeting girls there; East coast travel plan with mom; playing tennis; Chicago club and track team photo; upcoming recitations and exams; interest in engineering studies; budget planning with next year’s roommate; financial request; elective course options for next year; last football games; conversation with Professor Hazen; class event of watching Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

  • Folder: 11, Bogue's letters to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1898-09

    Contains 3 letters on the following topics: One of his friends transferring to University of Chicago; football rush begins; history and mathematics recitations; President Tucker’s speech on the result of the Spanish American War; fire at a place across his house; President Tucker’s talk; visit to hospital; Mr. John Redington’s vacation; writing a paper on Marblehead; boxing; football games between upperclassmen; fraternity meeting.

  • Folder: 12, Bogue's letters to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1898-10

    Contains 7 letters on the following topics: First football game; recruiting freshmen for fraternity; church sermon and chapel; elected as the secretary of the Chicago Club; football game with Harvard and Amherst; annual athletic meet; furnishing new room; upperclassmen frustrating freshmen’s attempts to have bonfire; receiving handkerchief, table cloth and more from home to decorate new room; history examination; visit to the Cliff house; football game with Bowdoin; shopping for clothes; Chicago club meeting; English course and reading; visit to Amherst; President Tucker’s six months vacation; letter to Mrs. Scott; division exam in history and getting placed into the second division; German and Physics exams.

  • Folder: 13, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-11

    Contains 7 letters on the following topics: Trip to Amherst, going to a football game and meeting girls there; football game with Williams; Vespers service at Smith; election day; Thanksgiving football game; sermon at church; fraternity initiation; banquet; an alumnus’s visit Chicago club meeting; death of Bartlett; football team away game at Brown; President Tucker’s sermon; Thanksgiving dinner invitation from the Lords; dance; students going home for break; Christmas break plan; German division exam and getting placed in to the second division; asking mother to answer questions he writes in his letter; desire to go to Boston for winter break; disappointment that he has to stay in Hanover for Christmas; explanation on why staying in Hanover for Christmas would be dreadful; why going to Boston for Christmas would be an economic option; students going skiing.

  • Folder: 14, Bogue's letters to his family from Hanover, NH, 1898-12

    Contains 6 letters on the following topics: Asking for answers about Christmas break; sermon; sister’s custom-made Dartmouth souvenirs; refusing to accept a guy to Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity because the guy is Jewish, saying that Dartmouth is not a place for Jews; returning home for Christmas; sending petition to the faculty so he can go home for vacation; need for a dress suit; writing a story in class; dance; alumni banquet for Christmas; dean did not give him the petition to leave early for Christmas break; finding student discount deal for coach back to Chicago; skating; extremely cold weather; travel plan; professors and President on vacation; President’s sermon; athletics meeting.

  • Folder: 15, Bogue's letters to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-01

    Contains 3 letters on the following topics: Trip back to school; making up for classes he missed; mid-year exam; fraternity meeting; history professor’s lecture; playing music with friends; professors’ talks.

  • Folder: 16, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-02

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Break out of Scarlet Fever and quarantine; end of the mid-year exam; next semester schedule; dramatic Club’s performance “Twelfth’s Night.”

  • Folder: 17, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-03

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Trip to Boston; final exam schedule; visit to Somerville; spring break schedule; indoor athletic meet; conversation with a professor from Michigan.

  • Folder: 18, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-04

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Easter Sunday in Hanover; dance; asking girls out; renting dress suit; hypnotic exhibition; Chicago Club banquet.

  • Folder: 19, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-05

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Twenty first birthday; preference to spend summer on the East Coast than Chicago; family looking for a place to move.

  • Folder: 20, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, 1899-06

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Preparing for examination; playing golf; plan to send the mattress back home; packing; family looking for a place to move; summer vacation plan; taking exams; playing tennis; swimming.

  • Folder: 21, Bogue's letter to his mother from Hanover, NH, undated

    Contains 1 letter on the following topics: Trip to Amherst; hanging out with friends, reading and playing cards; German exam; words from Dan who transferred to University of Chicago and that he doesn’t like the place.

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