Guide to the Papers of Ichabod Bartlett, 1806 - 1844Manuscript MS-908

Introduction to the Collection

The Papers of Ichabod Bartlett (IB) contain one essay, nineteen letters, and one typed transcript of a letter. They document his personal and professional relationships with his nephew Amos Pettengill Bartlett, brothers James (DC Class of 1812) and Levi Bartlett, (future New Hampshire Governor) Benjamin Pierce, and New Hampshire Governor William Plumer, from his college days through his tenure in the New Hampshire state legislature.

The 24-page essay in Folder 1, probably from 1827, about the people's responsibility to the nation, is unsigned and handwritten by IB. The author asserts that it is the individuals of a nation who make the government what it is, who determine that nation's progress and the happiness of its people. The original handwritten letters are from IB to relatives and professional colleagues. Their content covers topics including personal, professional, and political matters. Most of the letters contain information about IB's law cases. The typed transcript of a letter from IB to Governor William Plumer is an acceptance of an offered position as agent to collect information on the roads and canals of New Hampshire.

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