Guide to the Papers of William Allen, 1800 - 1856Manuscript MS-916

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Series 1, Writings, 1800-1853

This series consists of writings by William Allen (WA) from his days as a college undergraduate to his retirement. These include books, accounts, a memorandum, notes, a sermon, an oration, and a manuscript memoir. The earlier book was written while WA was an undergraduate at Harvard University in Massachusetts. The other book appears to have been a preliminary for his later, larger works of historical and biographical sketches of American personages, of which three editions were published. The accounts include deeds of land, financial records and receipts for food, land, and various other items. The memorandum is a listing of the curricula of studies at Columbia University, Union College, and Harvard University. Since its date is circa 1818, it was probably written by WA for use in his role as President of Dartmouth University. The sermon and oration both are on the topic of patriotism.

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Series 2, Personal Correspondence, 1810-1838

This series consists of letters to and from family and personal acquaintances of William Allen. Writers include John Wheelock (DC Class of 1771), WA's father-in-law; Mrs. Maria Malleville (Wheelock) Allen, WA's wife and daughter of John Wheelock; and Dartmouth College alumni.

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Series 3, Correspondence and documents related to Dartmouth College, the Dartmouth College Case, and Dartmouth University, 1815-1856

This series consists of letters and documents relating to WA's involvement with Dartmouth College, Dartmouth University, and the Dartmouth College Case. This includes correspondence with Dartmouth College administration, papers, letters, and reports written by WA as President of Dartmouth University. Also found within this series is correspondence with Dartmouth College alumni, administrators of Dartmouth College and Dartmouth University, and the then current governor of New Hampshire, William Plumer, regarding the Dartmouth College Case.

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Series 4, Correspondence and documents related to the Wheelock estate, 1810-1836

This series contains letters to and from William Allen and documents written by WA as executor of the Wheelock estate. WA married the only child of John Wheelock, and so became the executor of John Wheelock's estate. After his wife died in 1828, he became the legal guardian of his children, and thus, the executor of his children's Wheelock estate. The papers in this series relate to WA's function as executor of the Wheelock estate.

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