Guide to the Papers of William Allen, 1800 - 1856Manuscript MS-916

Introduction to the Collection

The Papers of William Allen (WA) contain correspondence to and from WA, letters and documents related to Dartmouth University and the Dartmouth College Case, two unpublished books, a manuscript memoir, seven writings, leases and financial records, and miscellaneous notes and accounts. The papers document his tenure as minister in Massachusetts, through his presidencies, and his retirement to Northampton, MA. The correspondence includes letters to and from John Wheelock (DC Class of 1771), Dartmouth College President and Trustee, 1779-1815; William Plumer, Governor of New Hampshire; Francis Brown (DC Class of 1805), Dartmouth College President and Trustee, 1815-1820; Daniel Dana (DC Class of 1788), Dartmouth College President and Trustee, 1820-1821; and Nathan Lord (DC Honorary 1821), Dartmouth College President and Trustee, 1828-1863. Of note in the collection is WA's manuscript memoir on Samson Occom, the Mohegan Indian missionary, and the correspondence related to the Dartmouth College Case. The writings include an oration and a sermon on patriotism.

Finding Aids