John Wheelock papers, 1772-1827 Rauner Manuscript MS-934


John Wheelock was born 28 January 1754, the son of Dartmouth College founder and first president Eleazar Wheelock and his second wife Mary Brinsmaid. Leavng Yale to attend his father's new college, John was one of the four members of Dartmouth first graduating class in 1771. He remained at Dartmouth as a tutor, 1772 - 1774, and as a member of the NH state legislature from Hanover in 1775. John Wheelock joined the Continental Army in 1777. Upon the death of Eleazar Wheelock in 1779, John Wheelock became Dartmouth's second president, a position he held until removed from office by the Board of Trustees in 1815. He then assumed the presidency of Dartmouth University during the State of New Hampshire's attempt to take control of Dartmouth College following years of conflict between Wheelock and the Trustees. On 29 November 1786, John Wheelock married Maria Suhm, the daughter of Gov. Christian Suhm of St. Thomas, V.I., and Maria Malleville, and stepdaughter of M. Lucus von Beverhout. John and Maria Wheelock's only child, Maria, married William Allen, president of Dartmouth University after the death of John Wheelock, and later president of Bowdoin College. John Wheelock died in Hanover, New Hampshire, 4 April 1817.

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