Guide to the Papers of Ira F. Prouty, 1837 - 1874Manuscript MS-935

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Box: 1, Dates: 1838-1874, undated

Letter from George M. Hammond regarding a pill formula, dated June 14, 1843; Business cards--Paint supply store, importers, P. Crowell & Son; Medical remedy formulae, handwritten ; News clippings on medical cures; Medical supply expense lists; Correspondence from patients, handwritten ; Notes in French, handwritten ; Recipes for making alcoholic beverages, handwritten ; 1843-1874; Journal on various medical procedures including tonsillectomies, amputations, surgeries, bleeding treatments, injections, serums, mortifications, leeches, gunshot wound treatments, diuretics, incisions, electricity, galvanism, recipes for ointments, pills for coughs, and other treatments both recommended by other doctors and experimental. The journal focuses on many specific ailments including those of the artery joints, blood vessels, veins, varicose veins, eye diseases, fractures, burns, inflamation, symptomatic fever, flesh wounds, ulcers, arteritis, poor blood circulation, bowels problems, diseases of the eye, swollen glands, inflamed tonsils, obstetric complications, venereal disease, and asthma. It also contains personal, everyday notes from January to February 1838. The final page is a reference to previous page numbers on specific diseases and treatments. No date.

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