Guide to the Papers of McQuilken DeGrange, circa 1931 - 1953Manuscript MS-937


McQuilkin DeGrange was born on June 12, 1880, in Frederick, MD. He attended John Hopkins University, graduating in 1900, and received a law degree at the Catholic University of America in 1903. He also received an A.M. degree at Columbia University in 1909. In 1923, he was awarded a signal honor when the Diplome d'Etat conferred upon him by the Universite de Clermont in France; at that time, he was the only American and one of only four foreigners to have received this recognition. In 1924, he became an Instructor of Sociology at Dartmouth College and ascended to the position of Assistant Professor in 1926, ultimately being offered a professorship in 1928. He was further made an honorary member of the Class of 1928. DeGrange would remain at Dartmouth for 19 years, retiring in 1950, the same year he was made professor-emeritus. During his career at the College, deGrange was a member of several societies, including Les Palmes Academiques and the Sociological Society of America. He also served in the American Expeditionary Forces (A.E.F.) from 1917 to 1919 as a sergeant and from 1941 to 1942, as a civilian in the Office of War information. Moreover, Professor deGrange was the author of numerous text books, one of the most important being "The Nature and Elements of Sociology" published in 1953. He died on December 28, 1953, in Boonton, NJ, at the age of 73.

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