Guide to the Papers of Helen Martin, 1919 - 1997Manuscript MS-948

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Box: 1, Dates: 1919-1997, undated

Binder of letters to Miss Martin, 5 February 1944-2 May 1975 Letters from such politicians as Sherman Adams (DC Class of 1920), former NH Governor and Chief of Staff for President Dwight D. Eisenhower; Charles A. Plumley, U.S. Representative- VT; Norris Cotton, U.S. Senator- NH; NH Governor Wesley Powell; U.S. Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford, Binder of photographs and small keepsake cards, 1950-17 November 1960 Contains assorted cards and signed photographs from Sherman Adams, Norris Cotton, Jim Cleveland, U.S. Representative- NH, 4 Stenography notebooks, undated, Memorial book from The First Congregational Church of Lebanon, New Hampshire, 1989 A service of worship and thanksgiving for the life of Norris Cotton, House of Representatives Employee's Earnings Statements, 30 April 1970-31 January 1975, Letter to Martin from Beverly Woodward, 17 January 1994 Contains information about Wesley Powell, Bundle of letters, 12 July 1919-21 March 1997 Largely personally letters and cards from Willis A. Martin (father), Wesley Powell (and wife), Sherman Adams (and wife), and Louis C. Wyman, U.S. Senator/U.S. Representative- NH, Box of business cards (personal and other), undated Includes personal cards as secretary to Congressman Louis Wyman, Governor Wesley Powell, and the Honorable Norris Cotton (U.S. Senator- NH), Engraved gavel to Martin from NH Governor Wesley Powell, undated, Large photograph of Governor Wesley Powell with President Eisenhower given to H. Martin, undated, Folder of photographs, undated, 30 September 1960 Unidentified; Charles A. Plumley; one small and one larger of H. Martin; Charles Stafford, NH Governor's Council

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