Guide to the Papers of Benjamin Sumner, 1759 - 1809Manuscript MS-968

Series List

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Series 1, Legal Documents, ca. 1762-1815, undated

Legal documents include contracts, printed law, and census

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Series 2, Land Documents, ca. 1763-1829, undated

Land documents include land plats, descriptions of land and property limits, deeds, advertisements, and other documents relating to Claremont and surrounding New Hampshire areas and Quebec, Canada

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Series 3, Correspondence, 1783-1846, undated

Correspondence includes both the business and personal correspondence of Benjamin Sumner, his son John H. Sumner, and others unrelated to the Sumners, most letters concerning either family matters or reminders of business requests or advice

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Series 4, Accounts, 1770-1829, undated

Accounts include lists of names and money amounts, notes of payment or debt, lists of expenses, and other records relating to Benjamin Sumner, John H. Sumner, and others

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Series 5, Peters Family Documents, ca. 1772, undated

Documents relating to the Peters family with no mention of the Sumners

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Series 6, Certificates, Undated

Certificate contains two official oaths

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Series 7, Engraving, Undated

Engraving, reinforced with cloth on reverse

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