George Ticknor Papers, 1773 - 1870Manuscript MS-983

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Series 1, Letters, 1782-1870

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Box: 1, Dates: 1782-1870

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Letters, circa 1811-1861

    A.D. Bache; George L. Andrews; Charles Beck; Dr. Romeyn Beck; A. Bello, N. Biddle; G. Jacob Bigelow; I.N. Bischoff; Bond; L. Bradish; Gottfried August Burger; George Burgess; C. Cervantes, F. Child; J. Davis; C. Dewey; B. Figueredo; Finleo; Dom Miguel de Forjas; G.N. Frankenstein; George Gibbs; W.E. Graham; Asa Gray; Rufus Wilmot Griswold; Ralph Randolph Gurley; Charles B. Hadduck; James Hall; Horace Holley; L.G. Howe

  • Folder: 2, Letters, circa 1818-1835

    Lord King; Le Vasseur;, G. Long; Magnabal; L. Mariotti; Jeremiah Mason; Leopold de Meyer; J.H. Morison; Ted Morse; Anton des Neves; Harrison Gray Otis; John G. Playfair; Francis Parkman; Theophilus Parsons; Andrew Preston Peabody; William C. Preston; Josiah Quincy; E.A. de Salazar Christian Gotthilf Salzmann; L. Shaw; Benjamin Silliman; W.Y. Smith; Prof. Spohn; W. Sullivan; G. Le. Thrasher, G. Tucker; I. C. Upham; H.A. Upton; J. Walker; Joseph C. Warren; Lady Wenys; E. Wormeley; E. Wright

  • Folder: 3, Letters received by George Ticknor in Europe and London , 1856-1857

    Alexis de Tocqueville; Lord Acton (John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton); G. Antonetti; Pasquier; D. Jardine; M. Lemmout; Stephen Austin; Giovanni Arrivabene; Evelyn Demion; William N. Harcourt; W. Hamph; F. G. Weliver; William Rathbone Greg; R.C. Treuch; M.L. Fletcher; Louisa Dorothea Stanley; Earl Stanhope; E.Q. Visconti; W. Taylor; Mme. de Blaze de Bury; W. Frederic; Aichford; R.I. Mackintosh; Edward (unidentified); Harry (unidentified); Count Franz von Thun; Ashburton and unidentified others

  • Folder: 4, John Adams letter (May 15, 1815) copied by S. Elliot , circa 1840
  • Folder: 5, Letter from J. Russell to Samuel Elliot, March 26, 1786
  • Folder: 6, Correspondence in German to, and collected by, George Ticknor , 1782-1860

    Friedrich Schiller (1782); Julius Schnorr; Baron E. von Buelow (1836); Johann Heinrich Voss (1797); Gustave Frederic Waagen (1855); Wolfgang Satorius von Waltershausen (1843-1851); Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker (1817-1851); Louis Adolphe Pierre Wittgenstein (1828); Carl Witte; Ferdinand Wolf (1829-1860); Friederich August Wolf

  • Folder: 7, Correspondence in Italian and Spanish to, and collected by George Ticknor, 1773-1838
  • Folder: 8, Ledger, which contains an inventory of letters, signatures, papers and envelopes collected by George Ticknor, undated

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