George Ticknor Papers, 1773 - 1870Manuscript MS-983

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Series 4, Notes and translations, 1817-1839

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Box: 4, Dates: 1815-1819

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Winkelmann's Thoughts on the Imitation of the Greeks in Painting and Statuary, circa 1816
  • Folder: 2, Eight Chapters of Lessing's Laocoon, circa 1817
  • Folder: 3, Italy, circa 1817

    Notes on Ticknor's tour of Italy and Italian schools of artistry.

  • Folder: 4, Weckler Roma Antigua et Mora, 1816

    Notes from 1816 at Göttingen.

  • Folder: 5, Italian Exercises: April 21 - May 24, circa 1817

    Book of Italian exercises

  • Folder: 6, L'Homme de Sensibilite - Mackensie, circa 1816
  • Folder: 7, The Oedipus Tyrannus of Sophocles, translated into English. Vol. I, circa 1816
  • Folder: 8, The Oedipus Tyrannus of Sophocles, translated into English. Vol. II, circa 1816
  • Folder: 9, Poets and their Poems, circa 1817

    Notebook containing information about well-known poets and their poems and persons of historical significance, including Euripides, Voltaire, Shakespeare. Written while Ticknor was attended Göttingen.

  • Folder: 10, Miscellaneous translations from English into German, circa 1816
  • Folder: 11, Metrik, circa 1816

    Notes in German.

  • Folder: 12, Deities and Art, 1817

    Notes on deities and art in a book labeled "Archaeology." The notes on the right hand pages are from a series of lectures delivered to Ticknor while he was in Göttingen during the spring and summer of 1816. In this book, George Ticknor provides notes and detailed descriptions of deities such as Apollo, Bacchus, Zeus, Hercules, and Flora. A section of the book is devoted to Roman iconography.

  • Folder: 13, Florence and Naples, 1815-1816

    Notes made briefly in Germany in 1815 and 1816 to prepare him for traveling.

  • Folder: 14, Statisticks, circa 1816

    Ticknor's notes on a general statistics course. The notes are broken up into "general statistics" and "special statistics."

Box: 5, Dates: 1815-1819

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, History of Belles Lettres, circa 1816

    Notes on lectures at Göttingen in 1817. This volume contains notes on the history of poetry.

  • Folder: 2, Madrid, May 30, 1818
  • Folder: 3, Greek Diction, circa 1816

    A list of Greek words and their definitions.

  • Folder: 4, Spirit of the Times, circa 1816

    Defined as "a general contempt for all that is old and memorable and sacred." Ticknor writes about the spirit of the times in which we live and its characterizations.

  • Folder: 5, Homer, 1815-1816

    "De Hymno Homerico…" works of ancient art historically arranged.

  • Folder: 6, Progress of Politicks or History of the Theory of Constitutions, circa 1816
  • Folder: 7, Storia Romana Goldsmith, circa 1817
  • Folder: 8, Iliad, circa 1817

    Notes on the Iliad.

  • Folder: 9, Spanish Epoch II - 1 Division, circa 1816

    Notes in Spanish. Mentions of Juan de la Cueva, a poet.

  • Folder: 10, Rome - Nibby, 1817-1818

    Notes Ticknor took of the conversations and explanations of "Nibby," the archaeologist who traveled around Rome with him from 1817-1818. The notes contain corrections in Nibby's handwriting.

  • Folder: 11, Scotch, circa 1816

    Various notes on poetry and historical figures.

  • Folder: 12, Portuguese Books Relating to the Language, circa 1816

    List of Portuguese books with notes by Ticknor.

  • Folder: 13, Excerpta Graeca et Latina, 1810
  • Folder: 14, Buttman's Greek Language, February 1, 1816

    Ticknor documents the Greek letters and alphabet interspersed with personal remarks on Greek grammatical structure, dialect, and format. The book covers Greek adjectives, conjugation, and pronunciation.

  • Folder: 15, Extract Book, 1844-1849

    Contains poetry and prose by various authors. The final pages of the book features a table of contents with the name of each poem, its author, and page number. Two sketches of a conductor are inserted in the book.

  • Folder: 16, Milton's Paradise Lost Memoranda, 1839

    Ticknor's outline of and notes on Paradise Lost.

Box: 6, Dates: circa 1815

Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Shakespeare, circa 1815

    Contains notes on early English dramas and poetry.

  • Folder: 2, Blackstone Law, circa 1815

    Commentary on the study of the law, parliament, the King's title, King's council, natives vs. citizens, magistrates, marriage law, as well as its faults.

  • Folder: 3, Shakespeare - Jonson Chapman, Heywood Beaum and Fletcher, circa 1815

    Scenes from Shakespeare. Extensive quotations and extracts.

  • Folder: 4, Ancestral Tablets, undated

    "Ancestral Tablets – A Collection of Diagrams for Pedigrees" –a book for recording family genealogy filled in by George Ticknor. Ticknor family genealogy.

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