Papers of Levi Woodbury, 1811 - 1851Manuscript MS-986

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Series 1, Correspondence, circa 1815-1841

Contains personal letters from Woodbury to his brother documenting planned real estate purchases, financial dealings, offers of financial assistance and travel plans. Personal news includes the correspondents' relationship to parents, marriages, deaths, and illnesses in the family. They also document the writer's political ambitions and ideology. Of note is an 1837 letter detailing writer's estrangement from an acquaintance due to his abolitionism.

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Series 2, Senate business, 1st term, 1825-1830

Documents include letters to New Hampshire constituents responding to queries and requests about pending legislation and administrative protocol. Letters also document writer's legislative positions and hopes for the Democratic Party.

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Series 3, Secretary of the Navy business, 1831-1834

Contents are primarily letters documenting naval officer appointments and orders issued. Other letters document naval budget decisions, military deployment and supply. Several letters document the Jackson administration's opposition to the Second U.S. Bank. Of note is an 1833 letter to the Commander of the Philadelphia Naval Yard approving the hiring of "colored persons" as seamen and a portion of an 1831 document signed by Woodbury and Andrew Jackson.

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Series 4, Secretary of the Treasury Business, 1834-1840

Included in the documents are letters authorizing funding and implementation of policy, including monetary policy, budget decisions and military funding. Other letters respond to administrative requests and announce official appointments. Of note is an 1834 specification for the design and bidding process of a bridge over the Potomac River.

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Series 5, Senate business, 2nd term, 1841-1845

Documents consist primarily of letters to constituents responding to personal requests. Letters also document writer's feelings on current policy issues and political events, including the probable annexation of Texas by the United States.

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Series 6, Correspondence about Dartmouth College, circa 1811-1839

Documents include a letter from Woodbury seeking an M.A. degree from the college, a letter from Woodbury in support of New Hampshire's case against the college, a list of college oratory prize recipients and an 1839 letter from John Wingate Weeks documenting a controversy involving the college (possibly related to student voting laws).

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Series 7, Private business correspondence, 1824-1845

Documents consist of letters providing instructions to proxies for purchase and sale of stocks and other properties.

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Series 8, Speaking engagements, 1841-1850

Documents include correspondence about speaking engagement invitations and requests for printed copies of addresses.

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Series 9, Letters of reference and introduction, 1830-1848

Documents include letters of professional recommendation and character testimonials as well as letters of introduction. Of note are two letters to President James Polk recommending particular appointments.

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Series 10, Party correspondence, 1849-1851

Included in these documents are two letters documenting writer's hopes for the Democratic Party and opinions on political strategy.

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