Levi Frisbie, Pittsburgh [PA] to Mr. [Samuel] Kirkland, May 20, 1773, LetterManuscript Mss 773320.3

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Levi Frisbie, Pittsburgh [PA] to Mr. [Samuel] Kirkland, May 20, 1773, Letter

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Manuscript Mss 773320.3

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May 20, 1773

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4 pgs; 32 x 20 cm.


In 1772 Levi Frisbie and David McClure were selected by Dartmouth's founder, Eleazor Wheelock, to travel to Fort Pitt (present day Pittsburgh) and further west into Ohio and the Delaware Indian's territory to proselytize. Before departing they had hoped to be joined by Samson Occum, Wheelock's student and graduate of the Indian Charity School. However, Occum declined, citing broken promises and poor treatment, apparently by Wheelock. The two missionaries were seeking approval from the Delaware to live among them in an attempt to convert them to christianity. They were denied after a lengthy deliberation by the chiefs. This letter chronicles Frisbie and McClure's failed mission with the Delaware.

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