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The Papers of Charles D. Hamel in the Dartmouth College LibraryWMST Mss-110

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hamel, Charles D.
Title Remainder: Papers. 1929-1960
Dates: 1929-1960
Identification: Mss-110


.5 linear foot


Covers the years 1929-1960

Approximately 438 pieces: 50 percent original; 50 per cent carbon copy Predominantly correspondence with Stefansson. Other correspondents include D. M. LeBourdais, Arthur E. Morgan, John C. West

Hamel, a classmate and room-mate of Stefansson at the University of North Dakota, was a lawyer in Washington, D. C. He served as advisor and confidente to Stefansson on financial and legal matters. Many of the letters concern the securing of financial loans to Stefansson to cover work done under contract with the U. S. government. Additional items cover the transfer of the Stefansson Library and a variety of personal matters.



















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Hamel-Stefansson Correspondence

Gift of Charles Hamel, Jr.

1929-Stefansson asks Hamel to write reminiscences of their youth at UND. Encloses 15p. manuscript by Mary Brennen Clapp. To be used by D.M. Le Bourdais in his biography Stefansson. Also included chapter IV- College Days of Le Bourdais' biography of Stefansson.

(5 pieces)

1933-Information on how to regain Stefansson's American Citizenship.

(2 pieces)

1935-Letters From Stefansson about meetings with various friends and business associates, about Jan Welzl, arranged to borrow money on his government contract from C. D. Hamel.

(25 pieces)

1936-Letters mostly concern several loans from the Riggs National Bank signed for Stefansson by C. Hamel. Plans for weekend visits to Washington.

(40 pieces)

1937/38-Letters all concern Stefansson's loan from the Riggs National Bank, Washington D. C.

(32 pieces)

1939-Letters in regard to Stefansson's writings and a long letter from Hamel to President John C. West of University of North Dakota suggesting that the university make an effort to acquire Stefansson's library. Letters recalling Stefansson's candidacy for North Dakota State Secretary of Education in 1902.

(14 pieces)

1940-Arrangements for loans. Letter of introduction for A. J. T. Taylor to Charles Hamel. Reminiscences of college days.

(42 pieces)

1941-Mostly arrangements for loans. Letter of March 17 to Stefansson mentions that some of his lectures give the impression that he is a communist. May 9 letter informs Stefansson of death of Sidney Wardwell and George Jennings. July 5 letter from Evelyn Baird to Hamel mentions that Stefansson did not like the Irwin book, Mountain of Jade. August 12 letter from Stefansson to Hamel suggests getting a wealthy donor to give the Stefansson library to an institution and then give Stefansson an annual salary for running it. Asks Hamel's opinion of this scheme.

(46 pieces)

1942- In regard to autographed copies of Stefansson's books and loans for Stefansson.

(27 pieces)

1943-Stefansson asks Hamel for more loans to tide him over until the Navy pays him for his work. Copy of Navy contract is enclosed. Letter of Dec 6 and accompanying clippings discuss Stefansson's connection with the Canol Pepeline.

1944-During first quarter of 1944 there are many letters concerned with the future of the Stefansson library-Yale, Harvard and the Dept. of Army and the library of Congress were interested. Later on, Dartmouth and a proposed Arctic Institute are mentioned as interested. There are letters dealing with his Navy contract and with loans arranged by Hamel.

(44 pieces)

1945-A series of letters written in May and June regarding an article, “Plagiarism in Utopia” by Arthur E. Morgan. Letter's regarding loans.

(28 pieces)

1946-A series of letters from May to Dec. 1946 concerning additional payment for work on the Navy's coastal pilot books.

(21 pieces)

1947-Concern an article on the Pinchot-Ballinger case to be written by C. D. Hamel for the Encyclopedia Artica.

(2 pieces)

1948-Two letters, Mar 16 and 19, asking Harold L. Ickes to write Pinchot-Ballinger article. Letter, Mar 3 concerning the placement of the Stefansson library. McGill University is most interested. Other universities interested are Columbia, Minnesota and Virginia. Stefansson included in the terms a professorship or consultantship for him for ten years and a lifetime librarianship for Evelyn.

(5 pieces)

1950-1954- Nov. 24, 1950 letter asks Hamel for his recollections of college days. Stefansson is preparing to work on his autobiography. 1951 letters discuss negotiations with Dartmouth for the purchase of Stefansson's library. At this time the government of Iceland and the University of Alaska were also interested. Sept. 27, 1951- agreement signed by Mr. Morin and Stefansson to take the library deposit pending sale of. Dec. 10, 1951- Dartmouth College News Service release announces the deposit on the library. Oct. 7, 1952-signed agreement to buy library. Sept. 29 1952- letter discusses method of payment. Feb. 15, 1954- News of sale of Stefansson's and Evelyn's books.

(26 pieces)

1955-1960-March 21, 1955-3 page typescript on the Encyclopedia Artica and the reasons for the Navy's final lack of financial support. Also March 24, 1955. Copy of letter to Mary Brennen Clapp about an experiment conducted at the Texas State College-eating fat as a means of dieting. Letters about college friends and the early days of Stefansson and Hamel.

(22 pieces)

1939 (Folder labeled Professor Macnie.)- Most of the correspondence concerned with the alleged plagiarism by edward Bellamy for his book, Looking Backward, of the book Diothias by John Macnie. An Arthur E. Morgan is writing a life of Bellamy.

(13 pieces)

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