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Creator: Stefansson Library Translations
Title Remainder: Records. 1930-1960
Dates: 1930-1960
Identification: Mss-171


The Stefansson Library undertook the translation of many foreign publications. Much of this work was done as research for their own projects. Much was done under contract to U. S. government agencies, particularly the U. S. Corps of Engineers.

The majority of the translations boxed in this collection are in manuscript form with revisions. Translators include William Mandel, Eugenie Olkhine, I. A. Lagnas, Aaron Pressman, and Eugene A. Golomshtok.



Full bibliographic listing of translations and abstracts


Andrianov, P. I. “Bound water of soils and ground”


Artamonov, M. I. “Frozen graves in the Altai Mountains”


Arabadzhi, V. I. “Contact potential difference between water and ice”


Auer, Vaina “The role of Finnish scientists in the scientific investigation of Kola, Eastern Karelian and Ingria”


Averbukh, R. E. and Kosman, M. S. “Dielectric properties of barium titanate”


Averbukh, R. I. and Kosman, M. S. “The polarization of ice”


Bachtold, Armin and Gerber, Ernst “Dust avalanches”


Baroni E. and Fink A. “Investigations of the concentration of deuterium oxide, D2o, in natural ice”

FOLDER : 10.

Bilibin, Iu. A. “Active and passive permafrost”

FOLDER : 11.

Bogoslovskii, N. N. “Shallow laying of foundations of low buildings”

FOLDER : 12.

Boorke, A. “Sea ice”

FOLDER : 13.

Borisov, A. A. “Climate of the U.S.S.R”

“To what extent has the climate of the Arctic been studied?”

FOLDER : 14.

Butler, Max “Air pressure in dust avalanches”

FOLDER : 15.

Datskii, N. G. “Ground swelling under railway beds under permafrost conditions”

FOLDER : 16.

Drogaitsev, D. A. “On the possibility of long-term forecast of water temperature on the section along the Kola Meridian in the Barents Sea”

FOLDER : 17.

Elvin, I. “Review of Stefansson's Unsolved Mysteries of the Arctic”

FOLDER : 18.

Eriksen, Arne “Effective prevention of ground expansion due to frost”

FOLDER : 19.

Ermilov, I. Y. “Permafrost ground in the Bogoslovsk Region of the central Ural”


Akkuratov, V. I. “To the shores of Greenland”

“To the North Pole in October 1945”

FOLDER : 20.

Fedosov, A. E. “Prognosis of the settling of buildings caused by thawing of the ground under their foundations”

FOLDER : 21.

Fiveiskii, D. A. “Shaft sinking in permanently frozen grounds in the North European U.S.S.R.”

FOLDER : 22.

Frey, H. “Concerning the creation of hail”

FOLDER : 23.

Grigoriev, A. A. “Permafrost and ancient glaciation”

FOLDER : 24.

Haefeli, R. “Development and problems of the study of snow and glaciers in Switzerland”

FOLDER : 25.

Hees, E. “Wild snow avalanches”

FOLDER : 26.

Hell, J. “Snow crystals: solved and unsolved riddles”

FOLDER : 27.

Hess, Hans “On the elastic constants of ice”

FOLDER : 28.

Holl, A. “The Alps”

“The earth's heat and glacier temperature”

FOLDER : 29.

Holmsen, G. “Underground ice in Spitsbergen and its contribution to an understanding of permanent ice layers in Arctic ground”

FOLDER : 30-31.

Ianovskii, V. K. “A contribution to the methodology of permafrost research for the purpose of engineering design”

FOLDER : 32.

Ianovskii, V. K. “Expedition to the River Pechora to determine the southern border of permafrost distribution”

FOLDER : 33.

Kachurin, S. P. “Abrasion and permafrost in the Anadir Region”

FOLDER : 34.

Jansson, Wald “The freezing problem on railroads”

FOLDER : 35.

Kaitera, Pentti “Melting the ice cover by the use of compressed air and the heat stored in the water”

FOLDER : 36.

Kaitera, Pentti and Helenelund, K. V. “Ground frost depth and its influence on the depth of foundations and water and sewage pipe lines”

FOLDER : 37.

Karelin, C. B. “Air expedition to high latitudes in the Arctic in 1941”

“Icebergs in the Polar Basin”

“The nature of the Far North: Soviet Expedition to the Arctic”

FOLDER : 38.

Keranen, J. “On frozen ground in Finland”

FOLDER : 39.

Khymyznikov, P. K. “Hydrology of the Iana River Basin”

FOLDER : 40.

Khomichevskaia, L. S. “Temporary pressure resistance of permanently frozen grounds and of ice of natural structure”

FOLDER : 41.

Khomichevskaia, L. S. “The compresive strength of permafrost and ice as found in nature”

FOLDER : 42.

Kokkonen, P. “On the structure of the ground frost and factors that affect it”

FOLDER : 43.

Koloskiv, P. I. “Suggested classification on the phenomenon of the cryosphere”

FOLDER : 44.

Koridalen, E. A. “The possibility of the application of seismic investigations to the study of permafrost”

FOLDER : 45.

Kossina, Erwin “The duration of the snow cover in the Eastern Alps”

FOLDER : 46.

Lavrov, V. V. “The temperature dependence of ice viscosity”

FOLDER : 47.

Libin, Yakov Solomonovich “Expedition to the area of inaccessibility”

FOLDER : 48.

Lonroth, Arvo “Helsinki's Airport”

FOLDER : 49.

Lukashev, K. I. “Permafrost zone as a distinct region physically, geographically, and in terms of construction”

FOLDER : 50.

Lukin, G. O. “Construction and care of foundations under small buildings in the Dudinka Region”

FOLDER : 51.

Luzanski, N. “How Wegener measured the ice cap in Greenland”

FOLDER : 52.

Malchenko, E. V. “Climatic conditions in permafrost regions”

FOLDER : 53.

Meister, L. A. and Mel'nikov, P. I. “Determining the adfreezing strength of wood and concrete to ground, and the shear strength of frozen ground under field conditions”

FOLDER : 54.

Metzler, Hanns Karl “The deposition and stratification of snow in the Alps”

FOLDER : 55.

Morikofer, W. “On the possibility of forecasting the amount of snowfall”

FOLDER : 56.

Moskvitin, A. I., “Traces of permafrost and the necessity of recognizing them”

FOLDER : 57.

Obruchev, V. A. “The fifteenth anniversary of ground frost study by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR”

FOLDER : 58.

Obruchev Institute of Permafrostology “Report of scientific research performed in 1945”

FOLDER : 59.

Orvin, Anders K. “Formation of structural ground”

FOLDER : 60.

Orvin, Anders K. “Formation of underground ice”

FOLDER : 61.

Paulcke, Wilhelm “Ice formations I: snow and its metamorphosis”

FOLDER : 62.

Paulcke, Wilhalm “A practical manual of snow and avalanches”

FOLDER : 63.

Paulcke, Wilhelm “Snow - overhangings and avalanches”

FOLDER : 64.

Perevalov, V. A. “The Soviet Arctic after the War”

FOLDER : 65.

de Quervain, M. “Snow as a crystalline aggregate”

FOLDER : 66.

Rikhter, G. D. “Snow cover, its formation and properties”

FOLDER : 67.

Rokhlin, M. “Small excavations in frozen ground by means of explosives”

FOLDER : 68.

Saltykov, N. I. “Building foundations in Yakutsk”

FOLDER : 69.

Saltykov, N. I. “Sewage disposal in permafrost”

FOLDER : 70.

Schlumpf, A. “On the mechanics of dust avalanches”

FOLDER : 71.

Sdobnikov, V. M. “The composition of reindeer forage in autumn”

“Relations between the reindeer and animal life of the tundra and forest”



Shumskii, P. A. “The energy of glaciation and the life of glaciers”


Simojoki, Keikki “On the temperature conditions of Finnish lakes in winter”


Sochava, V. B. “Microrelief forms in the tundras in Priamur'e”


Soloviev, S. P. “Permafrost in the Kabardino - Bakkariia Region”


Sumgin, M. I. “The fundamental problems of permafrost and the means to their solution”


Storozev, N. M. “Hydrological work on drifting ice”


Sukhodol'sky, E. I. “Building of the earth railway bed under the conditions of northern areas of the permafrost region”


Sukhodol'sky, E. I. “The construction of earth railway embankments”


Sumgin, M. I. “Ground permafrost in the USSR”

FOLDER : 10.

Suslov, S. P. “Physical geography of the USSR”

FOLDER : 11.

Tsytovich, N. A. “Study of elastic and plastic deformation of frozen ground”

FOLDER : 12.

Tsytovich, N. A. “Principles of construction and estimating the foundations of buildings erected on permafrost”

FOLDER : 13.

Tsytovich, N. A. “Problems of found freezing in the determination of the depth of foundations”

FOLDER : 14.

Tsytovich, N. A. “Unfrozen water in porous strata”

Tsytovich, N. A. and Sumgin, M. I. Principles and mechanics of frozen ground

FOLDER : 15.

Chapters 1-2

FOLDER : 16.

Chapter 3

FOLDER : 17.

Chapter 4

FOLDER : 18.

Chapter 5

FOLDER : 19.

Chapter 6

FOLDER : 20.

Chapter 7

FOLDER : 21.

Chapter 8

FOLDER : 22.

Chapter 9

FOLDER : 23.

Chapter 10

FOLDER : 24.

Tumel, V. F. “Certain geographical results of Soviet permafrostology”

“Contributions to the study of permafrost conditions in the USSR”

“Some peculiarities of foundations under occupied buildings in the northern portions of the permafrost zone”

FOLDER : 25-26.

Veinberg, B. P. “Ice: properties, formation and disappearance of ice”

FOLDER : 27.

Veinberg, B. P. “Ice”

FOLDER : 28-31.

Vize, V. Y. The Soviet Arctic

FOLDER : 32.

Vize, V. Y. Preface to the Russian Edition of The Friendly Arctic

FOLDER : 33.

Vogt, Thorolf “Theory of sliding ice and movement of the earth's surface in the Arctic in recent times”

FOLDER : 34.

Volkov, G. “Airfields on ice”

FOLDER : 35-36.

Von Klebelsberg, R. “Manual of glaciology and glacial geology”

FOLDER : 37.

Zhokov, V. F. “Typical accidents occuring in the sinking of inclined shafts in permafrost”

FOLDER : 38.

Zhokov, V. F. “The method of determining side pressure of shaft linings in the permafrost region”

FOLDER : 39.

Zimmermann, E. “On avalanches”

FOLDER : 40-41.

Zubov, N. N. Arctic ice

FOLDER : 42.

Zubov, N. N. “In the centre of the Arctic”

FOLDER : 43.

Zvolinskii, N. V. “A contribution to the problem of the deformation of the floating ice layer”

FOLDER : 44-45.

Abstracts of additional articles

FOLDER : 46.

Zykov, I. V. “Wild herbs and their use in railroad building in the North


Non-technical translations


Anatolius (Archimandrite) “Education in Alaska


Le Roy, J. B. Letter to B. Franklin


Linder, Paul “Wolves are stirring in Viitasaari”


Malye, Jean “Pytheas”


Markov, S. I. “The discovery of ancient coins in Kamchatka”


Petitot, Father Emile, O. M. I. “A short trip among the Eskimos”

“Concerning the Asiatic origin of the Indians of Arctic America”


“Some preliminary notes on Mangazeya”

FOLDER : 8-10.

Waxell, Sven “Vitus Bering's adventurous voyages of discovery”

FOLDER : 11.

Petitot, Father Emile “French-Eskimo Vocabulary: Tchliglit dialect at the mouths of the MacKenzie and Anderson Rivers, preceded by a monograph on this trip with grammatical notes.” Translated by Alan Cook.

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