Robert Peary Collection, 1889 - 1970Stefansson Mss-198

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Series 1, Papers, 1886-1969

Contains articles, newspaper clippings, texts of speeches and forty signed letters from Peary.

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Series 2, Photographs, 1891-1985

Almost all of the photographs in this collection are working copies of pictures taken by Peary for use in his books and articles. A few were taken by other members of his parties, and where the identity of the photographer is known, his name is listed. Published photographs are arranged according to the work in which they appeared. Some appeared in more than one work but are usually listed only under the better-known work. Photographs are arranged in the sequence of page numbers. The published photographs are followed by a group of apparently unpublished ones, some intended for a specific work but not used. Next are eighteen original negatives and some copy negatives. The last group of photographs contains portraits and miscellaneous views taken by professional photographers. "Cropped" means that the published photograph is a cropped version of the print in this collection, "instructions" means a note for printing or dimensions for cropping, reducing, or enlarging is included; and "annotated" means that there is a title or description as well as printing instructions. Some drawings and maps are also included.

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