Edwin Adney papers, 1897-1950 Rauner Stefansson Manuscript Mss-1


Edwin Tappan Adney was born in 1868 in Athens, Ohio. In 1897 he became a correspondent for "Harper's Weekly," who sent him to the Klondike to report on the Gold Rush. He stayed in Alaska for a year and published his account "The Klondike Stampede" in 1900. While in the Yukon, he became acquainted with a merchant and trader, John J. Healy. Later Adney represented Healy in New York in an attempt to gain financial backing for the Alaska Northern Railroad. The plan was to build a railroad across Alaska to Port Clarence; and to make connections, via tunnel and bridge, with the Trans-Siberian Railroad. The railroad venture failed, and Adney became a Canadian citizen in Montreal. After serving as a lieutenant in the Canadian Army, he became a consultant for Indian Lore at McGill University. Adney died in 1950.

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