The Papers of “Northward Ho!” in the Dartmouth College LibraryWMST Mss-203

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Creator: Dartmouth College, History 11, "Northward Ho!"
Title Remainder: Records. 1986-1989
Dates: 1986-1989
Identification: Mss-203


“Northward Ho! Arctic Exploration from 1820 to 1930” (History 11, section 2, Dartmouth College, fall, 1986) was a freshman seminar conceived and taught by Professor Richard Kremer. The students were assigned extensive readings in the history of Arctic exploration, which were the basis of class discussions and four short essays. This work was largely in preparation for research using the manuscripts of the Stefansson Collection and writing term essays based on that research. An opportunity to work with such an important collection of primary materials is seldom offered to freshmen, and the students, in their very positive evaluation of the course, recognized the value of their experience. Professor Kremer further enriched the course in 1986 by arranging a visit and lecture by Ann Bancroft, a member of the successful Steger International Expedition to the North Pole.

The seminar was repeated in 1989 (History 11, Dartmouth College, Winter, 1989) by Professor Kremer and was completed by five students, whose term essays, along with other course papers, have been added to this collection.

These papers were given to the Library by Professor Kremer and include his proposal, syllabi, assignments, etc. for the course and the eighteen term essays written by his students. Student use of the papers may be restricted if this seminar is offered again.

FALL 1986


Course proposal, syllabus, description, and requirements and class assignments.


Students' evaluation of course.

Students' Term Essays


Bookbinder, Adam.

“The Story behind the Stories: The North Pole Newspaper War.”


“The Story behind the Stories: The North Pole Newspaper War,” in Gnosis: The Undergraduate Academic Journal of Dartmouth College, Fall, 1987. This essay was awarded the Albert I. Dickerson 1930 Prize for the outstanding Freshman Seminar paper of the academic year 1986-87.


Fanning, Eric.

“The Misadventure of Wrangel Island.”


Hancock, Ken.

“The Lady Franklin Bay Expeditions: The Leadership of A. W. Greely.”


Hayes, Brian F.

“The Responsibility for the Failure of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition.”


Hill, Emily.

“The Wrangel Island Controversy: Noice versus Stefansson.”


Jasinski, Robert.

“The `Heroine of the Arctic'?”


Milligan, Katy.

“Melville and the Jeannette Disaster.”

FOLDER : 10.

O'Donoghue, Ted.

“The Leadership of Vilhjalmur Stefansson.”

FOLDER : 11.

Reynolds, Michael.

“An Arctic Incongruity: George W. Delong as Commander of the Jeannette.”

FOLDER : 12.

Smith, Allison

“The Arctic Newspapers: Parents in the North.”

FOLDER : 13.

Sommerness, Peter.

“Stefansson and the Blond Eskimos.”

FOLDER : 14.

Stephan, Martin D.

“The Karluk Disaster: The Role of Vilhjalmur Stefansson.”

FOLDER : 15.

Thompson, Thomas.

“The Downfall of Harold Noice.”


FOLDER : 16.

Syllabus, reading and writing assignments, and list of possible research topics.

Students' Term Essays

FOLDER : 17.

Brown, Nick.

“Stefansson and the Canadian Arctic Expedition.”

FOLDER : 18.

Gardner, Scott A.

“The Symmes Theory of Concentric Spheres in the Progress of American Geology.”

FOLDER : 19.

Hommeyer, Mike.

“Peary and the North Pole; Questions and Answers.”

FOLDER : 20.

Lane, Steven L.

“The Causes of the Jennette Disaster, 1879-1882.”

FOLDER : 21.

Tolson, Andrew.

“Stefansson Sees in the Arctic Air the Long Sought Northwest Passage.”

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