Isaac Taylor papers, 1942-1957 Rauner Stefansson Manuscript Mss-219

Series List

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Series: Correspondence and personal papers, 1942-1958

Contains professional and personal correspondence, academic, medical and professional records, articles (photocopies), medical reports, his journal (typescript), and ephemera related to his service during "Operation Deep Freeze" as Chief Medical Officer at McMurdo base, Antarctica studying hypothermia and the human response to cold. Of note are drawings and letters from his children, including his son, musician James Taylor.

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Series: Official Navy Documents, publications and reports, 1943-1957

Contains official Navy documents, newsletters, publications and reports, including a copy of the "Final Report for Operation Deep Freeze I and II", outfitting and personnel lists, and survivival manuals related to Taylor's service at McMurdo base, Antarctica.

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Series: Antarctica: Publications, articles, news reports, 1955-1957

Contains photocopies of articles, news reports, and an Almanac on the topic of Antarctica between 1955-1957.

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Series: Media, 1955-1957

Contains black and white photographs of the McMurdo Sound region, the men of "Operation Deep Freeze" and the Taylor family, an audio recording and a binder of 550 slides taken by Taylor during his tour with the Navy. The run of 200 slides is arranged according to Taylor's labeling system, the remaining slides have been divided by subject matter and film roll. Additionally, all slides have been copied onto a VHS cassette tape that is included within the collection.

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