Operation Deepfreeze in the Dartmouth College LibraryWMST Mss-224

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Operation Deep Freeze
Title Remainder: Records. 1955-1956
Dates: 1955-1956
Identification: Mss-224

Inventory-Operation Deepfreeze

Kodak stereo transparencies, 1955-1956

Taken by John Tuck, Jr., Class of 1954

Gift of Edward Tuck, Class of 1950

(a) 1. Jack: start digging, VIII-56

(b) 2. Groundhog? (dog in snow), VIII-56

(c) 3. [Dogs in snow], VIII-56

(d) 4. [Antarctic landscape], VIII-56

(e) 5. Royd's, VIII-56, [shelter with pipe]

(f) 6. Royd's, VIII-56, [shelter with man in background]

(g) 7. Cape Royd's from ice cliff - Cape Barne rear right

(h) 8. Box 12 #1 & 5 (aboard plane) poor/ #2 & 4 (Fair: save)/ #3 (good: duplicate) Best: Very good (1 not exposed) [shoot inside plane--marginal]

(i) 9. Cargo drop to South Polarites, 11/1956

(j) 10. Two pieces of scientific equipment on the snow

(k) 11. Aerial view; snow and coast

(l) 12. Marked grave -cross. [dupe 88]

(m) 13. Bird's eye view of landscape

(n) 14. Landscape with corner of wood building in frame's edge

(o) 15. “And the green grass grows all around, all around... VIII '56” [tent in antarctic landscape.]

(p) 16. “curious?” [Antarctic landscape with sled tracks and tent.]

(q) 17. “There's no place like home. VIII '56” [tent, sled and two individuals.]

(r) 18. “VIII '56” Individual on skis. Duplicate of 105.

(s) 19. Interior view of individuals lying down

(t) 20. “South pole dog team, XII 11/56”

(u) 21. '56 XIII, [Antarctic Landscape.]

(v) 22. XI Nov. '56 [Antarctic Landscape.]

(w) 23. XI Nov. '56 [Flight to Pole; shoot over airplane wing.]

(x) 24. XI Nov. '56 [Flight to Pole; aerial shoot of antarctic landscape.]

(y) 25. XI Nov. '56 [Flight to Pole; aerial shoot of antarctic landscape.]

(z) 26. XI Nov. '56 [Flight to Pole; aerial shoot of antarctic landscape.]

(aa) 27. XI Nov. '56 [Flight to Pole; aerial shoot of antarctic landscape.]

(ab) 28. XI Nov. '56 [Flight to Pole; aerial shoot of antarctic landscape.]

(ac) 29. XI Nov. '56 [Flight to Pole; aerial shoot of antarctic landscape.]

(ad) 30. XI Nov. '56 [camp with tent, sled, and dogs.]

(ae) 31. XI Nov. '56 [Flight to Pole; aerial shoot of antarctic landscape.]

(af) 32. XI Nov. '56 Flight to Pole [aerial shoot of antarctic landscape.]

(ag) 33. XI Nov. '56 [Sleds, dogs, and individuals in antarctic landscape.]

(ah) 34. XI Nov. '56 [Traveling over the antarctic landscape.]

(ai) 35. “A New Haven Railroad commuter train X-56” [Dog team and sled.]

(aj) 36. “Pals X-56” [Seals on the ice.]

(ak) 37. “X-'56” [Seals?]

(al) 38. “X-'56” Seals at pressure ridge

(am) 39. “IX-56” [interior view with sled.]

(an) 40. Evan's Trip Sept 56 Tent [with dogs]

(ao) 41. “IX-'56” [Detail of sled-interior view]

(ap) 42. “IX-'56” [Detail of sled-interior view]

(aq) 43. “IX-'56” [Detail of sled-interior view]

(ar) 44. “IX-'56” [Detail of sled-interior view]

(as) 45. “A dogheim manor creation IX-56” [Detail of sled-interior view]

(at) 46. “Toldat” [dog; underexposed]

(au) 47. “VIII-56” [Expedition building-exterior]

(av) 48. “VIII-56” [Aerial view]

(aw) 49. “Rise 'n shine VIII-56” [Dogs on the snow.]

(ax) 50. “pressure” [Aerial view]

(ay) 51. “'56 VII” [Landscape]

(az) 52. “Pressure ridge-light struck. '56 VIII”

(ba) 53. “A loving family VI '56” [interior shoot of puppies.]

(bb) 54. “VI 1455” [Traveling by dog sled.]

(bc) 55. “No bottles needed '56 VI” [Dog and suckling puppies.]

(bd) 56. “Edisto [crossed out] '56 V” [Steam ship cutting through ice.]

(be) 57. “'56 V” [Antarctic landscape.]

(bf) 58. “Another coffee break '56 V” [Dog team; camera man's shadow in snow]

(bg) 59. “Wendy asleep on the job '56 V” [Dog asleep--light struck.]

(bh) 60. “Front drive way and view from bay window Box IV 55-56”

(bi) 61. “Ols Hill. Any bear in them thar hills? Box IV 55/56”

(bj) 62. “And away we go. Box IV 55/56” [Bulldozer or `cat' near crevice.]

(bk) 63. “Where are the tree decorations IV 55-56” [Sleds and individuals.]

(bl) 64. “The team IV 55/56” [Dog sled and team--dup. 80]

(bm) 65. “A cat up a tree (crossed out) in a hole Box IV 55/56”

(bn) 66. “Antarctic welcoming committee III 10/55” [Penguin]

(bo) 67. “Return to nature IV 55/56” [camp]

(bp) 68. “The boy scouts never had it as good as this.” II 10/55 [Camp and dogs.]

(bq) 69. “Equatorial escapades 12/55 from Polly Wog to Shellback I” [ship board entertainment.]

(br) 70. [Dog team.]

(bs) 71. “Note the bird. 12/55” [Camp and dog team.]

(bt) 72. “Scene plus finger in the way. McEroy REB. 12/55” [Traveling by dog sled.]

(bu) 73. “Kao's losing argument.” [Dog teams and sleds.]

(bv) 74. “Toothed sastrugus” [snow in raking light.]

(bw) 75. [Sastrugus and mitten in raking light.]

(bx) 76. “Base from grid south-snow SFC” [base camp]

(by) 77. “Sastrugus” [sastrugus and mitten.]

(bz) 78. “Anvil with hole in end.”

(ca) 79. [Sastrugus and mitten.]

(cb) 80. “Jan 1 or 2, 1956 McEroy Brown dogs face eastwind” [dog team--dup. 64.]

(cc) 81. “20 Aug 57 30 minutes @ 5.6-6.5 20 kts.” [pink light on horizon. Half-slide]

(cd) 82. “Bast at twilight-(sunrise)” [Half-slide]

(ce) 83. [Helicopter over water. Half-slide.]

(cf) 84. Edisto towing a _____ route New Zealand 12/55.” [Ship on water. Half slide.]

(cg) 85. “EQP aboard _____ Edisto - D-L-_____& Weasel” [Half-slide.]

(ch) 86. “The coast guard makes its appearance. East Wind '56 V” [Ship. Half-slide.]

(ci) 87. “Base from NW”

(cj) 88. [Cross/memorial. Duplicate 12]

(ck) 89. [Sunrise or sunset.]

(cl) 90. “sunset '56 V”

(cm) 91. “trouble in our own front yard. IV 55-56” [`Weasel' in crack.]

(cn) 92. “Weasel in crack” [Half-slide]

(co) 93. [Iceberg cliff and ocean. Half-slide]

(cp) 94. “Edisto cracking through ice. 12/55” [Half-slide]

(cq) 95. [seal on the ice. Half-slide.]

(cr) 96. “-eep sleep of dogmeat. 12/55” [seal on ice. Half-slide.]

(cs) 97. “Adelie. Verso: Who the hell are you? 12/55” [Half-slide]

(ct) 98. “3 M.P.H. Max Speed. verso: -rip in from Edisto” [Dog team. Half-slide]

(cu) 99. “Mount Erebus.” [Half-slide]

(cv) 100. “getting aquainted.” [Dog team and sleds. Half-slide.]

(cw) 101. “Home-to-be Dec. 55.” [landscape. Half-slide]

(cx) 102. “Sunset at McMurdo” [Half-slide]

(cy) 103. “Sunset at McMurdo” [Half-slide]

(cz) 104. “USS Glacier AGB-4, V '56” [ship cutting through ice. Half-slide]

(da) 105. “VII '56” [Individual on skies. Duplicate of 18. Half-slide]

(db) 106. “Royd's trip... snowed in... sledges. Verso: oh what a beautiful morning. VIII '56. [Half-slide.]

(dc) 107. “Man from mars? VIII-56” [Half-slide]

(dd) 108. “Yog 24 X-56.” [ship in ice. Half-slide.]

(de) 109. “Embarked for South Pole 11/19/56 XIII deep. [interior shoot; Half-slide.]

(df) 110. “South Pole Trip 11/56” [Antarctic landscape/mountain. Half-slide]

(dg) 111. “South Pole Trip 11/56” [Antarctic landscape/mountain. Half-slide]

(dh) 112. “The end of the earth --D -1/19/56 XII. [Half-slide.]

(di) 113. “South polarites 11/56 XII.” [Camp at the South Pole. Half-slide]

(dj) 114. “The S.P. Group & its mechanical monster (The Weasel). XII” [Half-slide]

(dk) 115. “South Pole Base under construction 11-56” [Half-slide]

(dl) 116. “South Pole --GY Base -56 XII.” [Half-slide]

(dm) 117. [Snow cat with sign, “The William Joseph. “Half-slide.]

(dn) 118. “Sunrise and aurora tower. 20 Sept.?” [Half-slide]

(do) 119. “Mid-winter food displayed.” [Mess/Kitchen. Half-slide.]

(dp) 120. “Front of base. [g]arage ent. dug out.” [Half-slide]

(dq) 121. “Yog 70 frozen in.” [Ship in ice. Half-slide]

(dr) 122. “Garage entrance dug out.” [Half-slide]

(ds) 123. “D-8 in crack. verso: going somewhere?” [Half-slide]

(dt) 124. “[A]urora tower [g]oing up a --gen shack.” [Half-slide]

(du) 125. “[B]ase from n.” [Half-slide]

(dv) 126. “2V with Jato [plane] close up. [Half-slide]

(dw) 127. “Chess game.” [three men and chess board. Half-slide.]

(dx) 128. “Bravo and Taylor.” [Edward Canning Taylor III. Half-slide]

(dy) 129. “2V using Jato.” [plane on ice. Half-slide.]

(dz) 130. “Seals with pups.” [Half-slide]

(ea) 131. [Jato taking off. Half-slide.]

(eb) 132. “Mom gives advice. '56 VI” [Dog and pups. Half-slide.]

(ec) 133. “Welcome to Ike's Peak. World's southern most air strip.” [Half-slide]

(ed) 134. “--way ent. [t]unnel -un 21 Sept.” [Tunnel entrance. Half-slide.]

(ee) 135. “Base from s.” [Half-slide]

(ef) 136. “------ [?] full moon.” [Base camp. Half-slide.]

(eg) 137. “AS dripping [S]chlitz to Bravo.” [Interior base camp. Half-slide.]

(eh) 138. “inflation tower for Aurora.” [Half-slide]

(ei) 139. “[-]het carving turkeys.” [Half-slide]

(ej) 140. Sunrise banquet. [Interior base camp. Half-slide]

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