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Series 1, Vertical Files, 1701-2004

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Box: 1, Dates: 1825-1924

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Abisko Symposium 1960, 1960

    Excursion Guides: K.G. Holdar, A. Rapp, S. Rudberg "Excursion to Luopakte and Kaisepakte," A. Rapp, S. Rudberg "Excursion to Narvik," A. Rapp, "Excursion to Kärkevagge," S. Rudberg "Excursion to Låktavagge, Låktatjåkko and Rakkaslako" (Include maps); V. Schytt "Some comments to the Kebnekajse excursion 1960;" S. Rudberg "Geology and morphology of the 'fjells;'" Abstracts of papers; List of participants, Map of "Glaciers and large moraine ridges in the Kebnekajse Region;" Unidentified Photo, possibly of same

  • Folder: 2, Ackerknecht, E. H. , 1948

    "The Eskimo" CIBA Symposia Vol. 10 No. 1 July-Aug. 1948

  • Folder: 3, Activadad Antárctica Argentina, 1959

    Vol. 1 No 1-4, July - Sept. 1959

  • Folder: 4, Adler, Hazel , 1944

    With Kathryn Sollars "Bogoslof, the Mystery of the Aleutians" Everybody's Digest Feb. 1944

  • Folder: 5, Adshead, H. B., 1929

    "Pioneer Tales and Other Human Stories" 1929

  • Folder: 6, Aëroarctic, 1931

    "Internationale Gesellschaft sur Erforschung der Arktis mit Luftfahrzeugen" May 1931; "Statutes of the Aeroarctic" 1931

  • Folder: 7, Ahlmann, Hans W., 1937-1943

    "Ice and Sea in the Arctic" 1943; Chapter I "Object, resources, and general progress of the Swedish-Icelandic Investigations" in "Scientific Results of the Swedish-Icelandic Investigations 1936-37" Geografiska Annaler No. 39, 1937

  • Folder: 8, Aikin, Arthur, 1825

    "On Furs and the Fur Trade" 1825

  • Folder: 9, Akkuratov, Valentin Ivanovich, 1951

    "Aeronavigation methods in high latitude flying" 1951

  • Folder: 10, Alaska - Agriculture 1 of 2 , 1898-1961

    General: Elizabeth H. Langldale "List and analytical index of publications of the Alaska Agricultural Experiment Stations: Jan. 1898 to July 1931" 1932; "Report of the Icelandic Committee from Wisconsin on the character and resources of Alaska" 1875 (Copy); "Farm and consumer research in Alaska" 1959; "Agriculture in Alaska" U.S. Depart. of Agriculture report to Congress in 1897, published 1898; F. L. Higgins "Field crops for interior Alaska" Dept. of Agriculture 1933; "The Tanana Valley" U.S. Depart. of Agriculture 1949; Richard E. McCurdy "Agricultural possibilities of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula" 1951; Herbert C. Hanson "Agriculture in the Matanuska Valley" U.S. Dept of the Interior; "Raising of cattle pushed in Alaska" New York Times Oct. 4, 1953 Forestry: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture: P. D. Hanson "National forests in the economy of Southeast Alaska" 1959; "Timber resources in Alaska National Forests" 1961; Pamphlet on Sitka spruce; Pamphlet on Sitka Spruce Lumber; Lists of loggers and manufacturing plants on or near National Forest areas, Region 10, 1960

  • Folder: 11, Alaska - Agriculture 2 of 2, 1933-1961

    Instructional Pamphlets: "A bunker silo of farm treated native posts and rough cut lumber for Alaska dairy farms" 1961; Potato storage in Alaska's Matanuska Valley" 1948; "Feeding dairy cows in the Matanuska Region, Alaska" 1933 Settlement: "Information for prospective settlers in Alaska" 1941 (Includes map); "Alaska: The newest home land" (Includes information on homestead laws, regional descriptions and maps); "Information for prospective settlers concerning agriculture in Alaska" Late 1950s

  • Folder: 12, Alaska - Anchorage, 1956, 1960

    "The Economic base of the Greater Anchorage Area" City Planning Commission: 1956; Eben Hopsen Senatorial campaign letter 1960; "Winter in Anchorage Alaska"

  • Folder: 13, Alaska - Art, 1966

    Katharine Kuh "Alaska's vanishing art" Sunday Review Oct. 22, 1966; Information on baleen baskets; Description of "Aboriginal art;" "Descriptive booklet on the Alaska Historical Museum;" Blurb on Fred Machetanz's appointment to the University of Alaska

  • Folder: 14, Alaska - Bibliography , circa 1940-1958

    Julius Epstein, on security problems in Alaska c. 1940; "By personnel associated with Alaska Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit;" the Alaska Agricultural Experiment Stations; Various government departments and agencies (Including: Informational publications surrounding Alaska's Statehood 1958; Dept. of Agriculture); Available from the "Alaska Sportsman;" General publications relating to Alaska

  • Folder: 15, Alaska Commercial Co., 1897-1898

    Pamphlet with history of the company and map; "Reply of the Alaska Commercial Company to the charges of Governor Alfred P. Swineford of Alaska against the company in his Annual Report for the year 1887;" "The Klondike Gold Fields and other points of interest in Alaska" 1898; "Resolutions of the Anti-Monopoly Association of the Pacific Coast"

  • Folder: 16, Alaska - Conservation and Natural Resources, 1937-1978

    "An act proposed as a solution of the conservation problem in Alaska;" "The situation as to Glacier Bay" (Glacier Bay National Monument) National Parks Bulletin Vol. 13 No. 62, Feb. 1937; "Alaska: Where 40 Yellowstones are threatened' Wilderness Report Vol. 10 No. 2, May 1973; "Birds of the Aleutian Islands National Wildlife Refuge" 1969; Gladwin Hill "Alaskan cape holds a natural archive" New York Times Nov. 25, 1978 (Cape Krusenstern); 2 articles on "Alaska Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit Program;" U.S. Northern Forest Experiment Station, Juneau, Alaska, List of Publications 1949-1960; "Yukon explorer says vast mother lode is yet to be found" (Gold); Blurb on tin mines 1959

  • Folder: 17, Alaska - Economy and Industry, 1942-1959

    "Post war economic development of Alaska" Regional Development plan report for 1942; "Alaska - Frontier of promise" The Labor Market July 1947; "Alaska: Northern outpost rides a boom" Life Oct. 2, 1950; Alaska: Frontier for Industry April 1954 (Includes supplement: statistical index), February 1959; Robert Graham "Income in Alaska 1959"

  • Folder: 18, Alaska - Education, 1957

    "The school and family Russo-American primer" The Alaska Commercial Co. 1871 (Cover only); "Teaching in Alaska" Informational pamphlet, 1957

  • Folder: 19, Alaska - Egan, William (Governor), 1963

    Message to joint assembly of the third state legislature Feb. 4, 1963; Address "Recommending appropriations for fiscal year 1964" Feb. 5, 1963

  • Folder: 20, Alaska - Fish and Game, 1897-1961

    Howard M. Kutchin "Report on the salmon fisheries of Alaska" 1897 and 1898; "Alaska Fisheries" 1947; "Alaska fisheries briefs" Fish and Wildlife Circular 1959; "Fur seal catch season of 1897" 1898; "The northern fur seal" U.S. Dept. of the Interior Circular 336, National Wilderlands News "A national policy for the establishment and protection of National Parks and Monuments" Vol. 2 No. 2, April 1961 and "House and Senate refuse money for 2 Alaska ranges" Vol. 2 No. 10, Nov. 1961; Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game application for employment

  • Folder: 21, Alaska - Geophysical Institute, 1960-1961

    Contributions of the Geophysical Institute University of Alaska: W. P. Hessler "Telluric current micropulsations Arctic Drifting Station Charlie" Nature Nov 12, 1960, Howard F. Bates "The slant Es echo - a high-frequency auroral echo" Journal of Geophysical Research Feb. 1961, M. H. Rees "The aurorally associated lyman-alpha radiation" Extrait des Memoires Société Royale des Sciences de Liege 1961

  • Folder: 22, Alaska - Governor's Reports, 1893-1948

    "Report of the Alaska Seal and Fur Company" Governor Swineford Dec. 10, 1888 (Presented to the Senate Jan. 17, 1889); "Thanksgiving proclamation" 1893; Report to the Secretary of the Interior 1907 (Includes maps); Report providing general information 1948

  • Folder: 23, Alaska - Guides - 1883-1905, 1883-1905

    "Alaska: A sketch of the country and its people" 1883 (Includes map); Raymond's vacation excursions 1890; Pacific Steam Whaling Co. to Copper River 1897 (Map); "Cape Nome" First National Bank c. 1899; Cape Nome gold fields 1900; "Seattle to the Nome gold coast" Pacific Clipper Line 1900; "Alaska and the Klondike" 1905; "The key to Klondike" Northern Pacific Railway; Advertisements for the Mongollon Exploration Company and Cape Nome (Copy); "Cape Nome, Southeastern Alaska, China and Japan" Dodwell and Co.; Nome-Los Angeles Mining Company Prospectus

  • Folder: 24, Alaska - Guides and Maps - By Location , undated

    Guides: Anchorage; Fairbanks, "Guide to Fairbanks 'Hub of Alaska'" (Reference to Eric Horter, Dartmouth Alumni); Kotzebue; Mt. McKinley National Park; Nome; Seward; Sitka; Tongass National Forest (Includes map) Maps: Matanuska-Susitna Valleys; Pribilof Islands (St. George and St. Paul Island)

  • Folder: 25, Alaska - Guides and Maps - General 1 of 3, 1931-1969

    Misc. Historical and factual pamphlets (general) 1931-62; "Alaska: a pictoral geography" 1969

  • Folder: 26, Alaska - Guides and Maps - General 2 of 3, 1930-1960

    "A pocket guide to Alaska" 1943, 1956 and undated; "Alaska" The British Survey Popular Series 1959; "Helpful hints for personnel ordered to U.S. Army, Alaska" 1960; The Alaska Highway Project 1949-1950; Guides by the Alaska Railroad 1930, 1939; "Camping under the midnight sun;" "Sport fishing in Alaska" 1932; information on available maps of Alaska;

  • Folder: 27, Alaska - Guides and Maps - General 3 of 3, 1939-1941

    Maps 1939, 1941; "Alaska, our northern rampart" (Map of Defense locations and oil wells) Los Angeles Examiner Feb. 23, 1941 (Color Newsprint)

  • Folder: 28, Alaska - Guides and Maps - "Library Summaries" , undated

    Robert E. Frenkel and Richard I. Gates, of: Adak, Anchorage, Attu, Dutch Harbor, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Nome, Sitka

  • Folder: 29, Alaska - Health, 1950-1960

    "Indians suffered from syphilis" (Inuit) Fairbanks News-Miner June 23, 1954; "Alaska's Health" Indian Truth Winter 1954, "Alaska: Frontier for health services" Public Health Reports Oct. 1960; "Five Year Report 1945-1950" Alaska Board of Health 1950; "Ninth Biennial Report 1954-1956" Alaska Department of Health 1957; Pamphlet on medical facilities in Alaska; List of Medical associations, officials, hospitals and related institutions 1956; List of Arctic Health Research Center publications, Jan 1950- Jan 1960

  • Folder: 30, Alaska Highway - Construction and Upkeep, 1930-1994

    Announcement of decision to consider the Alaska Highway Project, Depart. of the Interior Nov. 17, 1930; "Proposed arterial highway system for Alaska" 1940; "Minneapolis likely gateway to Alaska on new routes" Minneapolis Star Journal July 1941; Senate hearing June 1, 1941; "Fiasco to Alaska: Mysterious selection of the worst possible route for the military highway to Alaska" Pic Aug. 18, 1942; "U.S. built highway to Alaska ready for use about Dec. 1" Monitor Sept. 24, 1942; "The Alaskan Highway" Maclean's Magazine Nov. 15, 1942; "The Alaska Highway : A saga of the North" 1943; "Men at work on the Alcan Highway" Engineering News Record Jan. 21, 1943; "Alaska Highway construction" Science Feb. 26, 1943; "Clearing February snow from the Alaska Highway" Science News Letter Feb. 10, 1945; Dewey Bullock "A new Alaska Highway proposal" Mining World Nov. 1947?; "Condition of Alaskan Highways quarterly report: April 1- June 1" Dept. of the Interior 1955; "Transportation problems of Alaska and the Pacific Coast states" Senate report July 1956; Proposal for "The Prairie Route" The Nor'West Miner; "Army Engineers punch it through the wilderness;" "Building the Alcan" New York Times; Flyer for Heath Twitchell, Northwest Epic : The Building of the Alaska Highway; U.S. Postage Stamp 1994

  • Folder: 31, Alaska Highway - Maps and Guides, 1940-1976

    1940-1949; David Remley "Proposed routes of Alaska Highway" (Including V.S. proposal) Crooked Road 1976; Map with sketched road proposals; Guides and factual pamphlets 1949-1953; Misc. guides

  • Folder: 32, Alaska Highway - W. A. Fallow (Minister of Public Works, Canada), 1945

    Letters and maps regarding Alaska Highway Project 1939-45 (Copies) See also : Oversize Maps (Original Maps)

  • Folder: 33, Alaska Highway - The Milepost , 1969

    21st edition, 1969

  • Folder: 34, Alaska - History, 1944

    Louis R. Huber "100 Events that built Alaska" 1944; "That great land.... Alaska" Protestant Episcopal Church

  • Folder: 35, Alaska - In Alaska , 1897

    The Companion Library No. 10, 1897 (Includes articles on Sitka, Inuit, Reindeer, Seal, misc.) Marked "Thomas M. Hatcher," authorship improbable

  • Folder: 36, Alaska - Juneau , 1957

    R.N. DeArmond "Some Names Around Juneau" 1957 (Geographic and place names)

  • Folder: 37, Alaska - Maps - 1900-1917, 1900-1917

    Alaska, Atlin and the Yukon 1917; Bluestone Mining District 1900 (hand-drawn), undated; Iditarod Placer Fields 1910; Nome Gold Belt 1900; Yukon and Klondike Rivers; Unlabelled (hand-drawn)

  • Folder: 38, Alaska Methodist University, 1952-1960

    "Alaska Mission Conference minutes" Sept. 1952; Peter G. Gould "Alaska: A frontier for Christian action" 1958; Pamphlets See oversize: Anchorage Daily Times Special AMU Edition, March 1, 1960

  • Folder: 39, Alaska - Military , 1942-1963

    "Northern Frontier" Think Vol. 8 No. 4, April 1942; Office of Information publications: "A history of the Alaskan sea frontier and Seventeenth Naval District, 1946 through 1958" 1959, "Building Alaska with the U.S. Army, 1867-1962" 1962, "Highlights of history; Alaskan air command and its predecessors" 1963; Naval Petroleum Reserve “Work Feasibility Chart” for Point Barrow

Box: 2, Dates: 1867-1989

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Alaska - Military - The Aleutians , 1942-1968

    "Emergency foods in the Aleutians" (Color newsprint); "Alaskan offensive" Air Force Dec. 1942; "Airmen in the Aleutians: war artist paints bleak everyday life at western tip of island chain" Life 1943 on Ogden Pleissner; "The Aleutians: they are barren links between two worlds" Life (Photo-essay by Dmitri Kessel); Dashiell Hammett "The battle of the Aleutians" 1944; C.V. Glines "The forgotten war in the Aleutians" Air Force Magazine March 1968; Lieutenant Mel Crain "When the Navy ruled Alaska"

  • Folder: 2, Alaska - Misc. 1 of 3, 1885-1910

    "Alaska: past, present and future" Frank Leslie's Sunday Magazine (T. de Witt Talmage, ed.) March 1885, p 237-247; "Report of a Committee of the Honourable the Executive Council of British Columbia on the question of the boundary between Canada and Alaska" 1885; "Klondike Suggestions" advertisement and schedule for Dyea-Klondike Transportation Co. and Portland, Late 1890s; Letter and map discussing location of a quartz load in Northwestern Alaska 1900; Bottle Paper U.S. Hydrographic Office 1900; Jury Summons 1900; "The Craine Alaskan Collection and White Pass and Yukon exhibits a the International Forest, Fish and Game Association Exhibits" Bulletin of the Alaska Geographical Society Vol. 1 No. 5 Feb. 1901; Two lists of claims and one hand-drawn map, early 1900s; The Totem (Juneau High School Annual) 1906; "Six lessons on Missions in Alaska" The Interdiocesan Study Course, May 1907; Advertisements for Alaska Hampton's Magazine May, July, August 1910; Article on governmental control of Alaska Hampton's Magazine Nov. 1910

  • Folder: 3, Alaska - Misc. 2 of 3, 1935-1967

    Alaska Federation of Women's Clubs Department of Legislation Bulletin No. 4, Feb. 26, 1935; "Planned Development of Alaska" Oct. 1939; Brian Meredith "Alaska" (Inuit, Native American) Picture Post Nov. 18, 1939; Polaris Palmer High School Yearbook 1940; "Alaskan expedition of the American Museum of Natural History" Science Oct. 17, 1941; "New type drilling may cut costs here" Fairbanks Daily News-Miner July 29, 1954; "The Chopper Saved a Ship" Naval Aviation News March 1954; Articles from The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner on: Parking in Fairbanks, High tuberculosis death rate, sinking of tugboat Chelan, Greenland-Alaska similarities and differences, Europe-Tokyo flight via the North Pole, James Brooks, Jan. - Aug. 1954; "Summary of Alaska's food prices 1951 to 1956;" "Alaska building codes register" 1960; "Alaska finds going tough as state problems mount" N.Y. Herald Tribune Oct. 2, 1962; Booklet about the Alaska-Canada Centennial "Dollar" Medal 1967; "Meteorology and climatology" (For Alaska)

  • Folder: 4, Alaska - Misc. 3 of 3, circa 1938

    "'Whiskers' from walrus" June 10; Dried Eidelweiss; Martin Itjen "The story of the tour on the Skagway, Alaska street car" 1938; Peter Hayes "Alaska radio station to offset red blasts"

  • Folder: 5, Alaska Native Medical Center, 1972-1975

    Annual Report 1972; Article discussing the problems of intoxication and alcoholism treatment, Anchorage Daily Times April 21, 1973; "U.S. Attorney rebuts claim of criminal negligence [in the death of Mrs. Violet Arrow]" Anchorage Daily Times April 27, 1973; Annual Reports 1973 - 1975

  • Folder: 6, Alaska Native Service, 1957

    Julius M. Harkey 'Savoonga - the place and the people" Report to the People Bureau of Indian Affairs 1957

  • Folder: 7, Alaska - Nome , 1925-1960

    Appeal for a "Resurvey and Extension of the jetties of the Nome Harbor Project" Sept. 1925; "Nome Dog Derby 1960: Official souvenir history;" Business card for Chicago Café, Nome, Alaska

  • Folder: 8, Alaska - Oil, 1944-1989

    "Power to Strike from Alaska" Imperial Oil Review Winter 1943-44; Map of oil in Alaska World Oil July, 1948; Kay Kennedy "Oil drilling going forward in 3 areas" June 1954; G. Watson, R. Rowley, and W. Slusarchuk "Performance of a warm-oil pipeline buried in permafrost" 1973; Concerned Alaskans for Rational Development letter and pamphlet 1973; "Trans-Alaska Report" Oil Gas Journal March 18, 1974; Gladwin Hill "Waiting for the Pipeline" National Wildlife Vol. 12 No. 4, June-July 1974; Booklet, brochures, and map of proposed trans-Alaska pipeline route, Alyeska pipeline service company 1974; "Alaska oil spans world's highest pay" Boston Herald Nov. 30, 1975; Donella Meadows “Another Battle is Heating Up Over Alaska’s North Slope Oil” Valley News, May 21, 1988; Douglas Scott “Drawing the Line in the Arctic” (President Bush) New York Times, Feb. 14, 1989

  • Folder: 9, "The Alaska Pioneer", 1913

    Vol. 1 No. 3, Feb. 1913, Vol. 1 No. 4, June 1913

  • Folder: 10, Alaska - Population, 1880-1958

    Charts 1880-1957; Population maps 1940-1950; Population profile 1958; "Alaska: its population, industries, and resources" (Description of Inuit)

  • Folder: 11, Alaska - Power , 1949-1953

    "Alaska needs waterpower" Science News Letter Vol. 55 No. 6, Feb. 1949; "Power contest straddles Canada-Alaska border" The Denver Post July 29, 1953; Pamphlet on Rampart Canyon hydroelectric proposal

  • Folder: 12, Alaska - Pribilof Fur Seals, circa 1910

    Article on Japanese hunting in protected zone, May 1910; U.S. Dept. of Commerce "The harvest of the Pribilov fur seal," "Sealskin cutting plant operations of St. Paul Island," "Byproducts plant operations of St. Paul Island," abstract of Marine mammal Biological Laboratory research; Reeve Aleutian Airways "Your Pribilof tour guide" and "Romance of the Pribilof fur seals"

  • Folder: 13, Alaska - Railroad, 1901-1942

    Northern Pacific Railway "The Sands of Nome" Gold, Schedule and rates, 1901; "Alaska's new railway" National Geographic Magazine Dec. 1915; Informational Booklet of the Mt. McKinley Park Route 1924; "Big game hunting along the Alaska railroad" 1932; Booklets describing different tours 1938, 1940; Collection of articles "Holing through the Whittier Tunnel" Anchorage Daily Times Nov. 20, 1942; Pamphlet of itineraries and prices 1939; Milepost description of the Mt. McKinley Park Route; Travelogue of the Mt. McKinley Park Route; "Handbook of vacation trips in Alaska, Atlin and the Yukon;" "History of the Alaska Railroad"; Photo of “Motor Car No. 2” taken c. 1908 from unidentified publication

  • Folder: 14, Alaska - Resource Development Board , 1946-1957

    "Trade and Industry now in Alaska" July 1946; "Possibility of commercial development of Gubik Gas Field and use of natural gas as a source of heat and power in the Railbelt Area of Alaska" 1954; Biennial Report 1953-55; "Information relating to the industrial development of Alaska" 1955; Biennial Report 1955-57

  • Folder: 15, Alaska Resources Committee, circa 1937

    Report on planned development, early 1900s; Report on resources and development, Dec. 1937

  • Folder: 16, Alaska - Rural Development Board 1 of 2, 1955-1958

    Economic survey of Dillingham and the Bristol Bay Region 1955; Economic study of the Bristol Bay Region 1958

  • Folder: 17, Alaska - Rural Development Board 2 of 2, 1958-1959

    The Alaska Village Census 1959; 1959 Reports on villages of: Angoon, Gambell, Kaltag, Kivalina, Mountain Village, Noatak, Tenakee, Venetie 1958; "The Beaver Report: A community housing project at Beaver, Alaska"

  • Folder: 18, Alaska - Sitka and Vicinity, 1957-1961

    General information, Chamber of Commerce; "New light and power for historic Sitka" Congressional Record - Senate Aug. 29, 1961; "Alaska Day Festival" brochure Oct. 1958; Sitka National Monument brochure 1957; Recruitment pamphlet Alaska Native Hospital

  • Folder: 19, Alaska - Statehood 1 of 5, 1949-1957

    Factual pamphlet 1949; "Alaska Statehood Bill" (Paper on Native land rights); Alaska Statehood Committee Biennial Report 1951; "The Tennessee plan" 1956; Vital Issues Vol. 4 No. 6 Feb. 1957 Alaska Statehood question issue; Testimony of Ernest Gruening to U.S. House march 13 and 20, 1957 See oversize: The Huronite and the Daily Plainsman March 5, 1950 Alaska Statehood question issue (Includes "House passes statehood measure")

  • Folder: 20, Alaska - Statehood 2 of 5, 1958

    "Alaska, 49th U.S. State" Life Aug. 4, 1958; Constitution of the State of Alaska See oversize: Alaska Statehood issue Daily News-Miner June 30, 1958; Statehood issue Anchorage Daily News Sept 13, 1958

  • Folder: 21, Alaska - Statehood 3 of 5, 1949-1957

    Hearings before the Subcommittee on Territorial and Insular Possessions of the Committee on Public Lands, House of Representatives Committee Hearings Serial 1949 and 1957

  • Folder: 22, Alaska - Statehood 4 of 5, 1957-1958

    Senate Statehood debates Congressional Record Jan. 14, 1957; U.S. House and Senate Statehood Debates Congressional Record 1958

  • Folder: 23, Alaska - Statehood 5 of 5, 1958

    Congressional Record 1958 (Cont.)

  • Folder: 24, Alaska Steamship Co., circa 1897-1902

    Brochures and schedules 1897-1939; "Brief for defendant in error" U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, Alaska Steamship Co. vs. John F. Collins, c. 1902

  • Folder: 25, Alaska Survey Team Report, 1954

    "The organization and operations of the Department of Alaska" U.S. Department of the Interior, July 1954

  • Folder: 26, Alaska - Tourism , 1952-1962

    "This is Alaska" The Seattle Times Aug. 3, 1952 (Color newsprint); Alaska 1962 calendar of events; Alaska Division of Tourism news releases, misc.

  • Folder: 27, Alaska - Transportation, circa 1898-1963

    "Klondike Suggestions" advertisement and schedule for Dyea-Klondike Transportation Co. and Portland, late 1890s; "Alaskan Aeronautical Operations Summary Year Ending June 30, 1940;" "Aircraft operations for the year ending June 30, 1940;" "Aviation fields in the territory of Alaska" Jan. 1940; Pamphlet Yukon Southern Air Transport 1940; Pamphlet Pan American Airways; Article on commencement of ferry service; Ferry schedule 1963; Alaska Steamship Company routes and fares 1939

  • Folder: 28, Alaska - U.S. Congress, 40th, 1867-1869

    Congressional Report Documents of the 40th Congress relating to Alaska, 1867 - 1869

  • Folder: 29, Alaska-U.S. Congress 41st, 1869-1871

    Reports of Captain Charles Bryant, 1869; Report of late Special Agent of the Treasury Department of Alaska, 1869; Report of Actin Inspector of Customs [Raymond] concerning the Yukon River and the islands of St. Paul and St. George, 1870; Letter from Secretary of Treasury in answer to a Resolution of the House in relation to fur-seal fisheries in Alaska, 1870; Report of Special Agent of Alaska upon the fur-seal fisheries of that Territory, 1869-1870; Revenue and Customs receipts in Alaska, 1870; Fur-seal fisheries in Alaska, 1870; Report Vincent Colyer, special Indian Commissioner, 1870; "Survey of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, 1870; St. Paul Island, Alaska, 1871

  • Folder: 30, Alaska - U.S. Department of the Interior 1 of 2, 1898-1966

    Documents discussing development of Alaska Sept. 1939- Feb. 1940; King Havenner Bill for the settlement and development of Alaska March 13, 1940; Summaries, Letters and Statements discussing Havenner Bill May 13- April 25, 1940; Maps 1898, 1950; Brochures: Aleutian Islands Wildlife Refuge 1966, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park 1978; Goldthwaite's Geographical Magazine Vol. 2 No. 12, Dec 1891 (Copy) "The Earth is not getting crowded," "The Alaskan Boundary Survey"

  • Folder: 31, Alaska - U.S. Department of the Interior 2 of 2, 1945-1957

    Booklets on Alaskan opportunities and information 1945, 1957

  • Folder: 32, Alaska, University of 1 of 3, 1950-1957

    Informational Pamphlets (Including Map, Graduate Admissions); The Farthest North Collegian Summer 1950, Jan. 1952, June 1957, Dec. 1957; Elmer E. Rasmuson Library (Pamphlets, Access guide, Project Jukebox); Keith B. Mather Library (Polar climate resources); International Arctic Research Center brochure; The Good Old Summer Times Vol. 1 No. 1, July 1951

  • Folder: 33, Alaska, University of 2 of 3 , 1952-1958

    Theses 1952; Research projects in Alaska 1954; University of Alaska Scientific Activities 1958

  • Folder: 34, Alaska, University of 3 of 3, 1950-1961

    Agricultural Extension Service: Pamphlets on vegetables, trees, fruits, berries, publications list 1950-1959; Agricultural Experiment Station: Research on Musk Oxen 1958, "Farm Facts" 1961; Cooperative Extension Service: Pamphlets on fruits, shrubs, vegetables, home repair, misc., early 1960s

  • Folder: 35, Alaska Visitors Association , 1956-1957

    News Releases April 1956- July 1957

Box: 3, Dates: 1833-1999

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Alaska - Wild Life Reservation , 1909-1932

    Executive Orders: Theodore Roosevelt, Pribilof Reservation, Tuxedni Reservation Feb. 27, 1909; William H. Taft, Hazy Islands Reservation, Forrester Island Reservation Jan. 11, 1912, Chamisso Island Reservation Dec. 7, 1912; Herbert Hoover Nunivak Island Reservation Oct. 22, 1930, Semidi Islands Wild Life Refuge June 17, 1932

  • Folder: 2, Alaska Yearbook , 1928

    The Alaska Weekly

  • Folder: 3, Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, 1 of 2, 1909

    Guides and souvenir books

  • Folder: 4, Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, 2 of 2, 1909

    Photo album

  • Folder: 5, Albright, W. D., 1933-1940

    Superintendent, Beaverlodge Experimental Farm "Climate of the Mackenzie Basin in relation to agriculture" read at the World's Grain Conference 1933; "The third column on the busy, gay McKenzie" Edmonton Journal Aug. 6, 1940

  • Folder: 6, Albrite, Amelia M., undated

    Eskimo Health and Medicine with Emphasis on Home Remedies and Treatments (Inuit)

  • Folder: 7, Alderman, T., 1964

    "Way out of town" Imperial Oil Review October 1964 (Norman Wells)

  • Folder: 8, Aleksandrova, V. D., circa 1937

    "Winter forage of reindeer on Novaya Zemlya" 1937?

  • Folder: 9, Alexander, Gordon, 1947

    "Animal size in relation to altitude" May 1947

  • Folder: 10, Alexander, Scott E., 1958-1961

    Of the Royal Canadian Air Force "A report on new cold weather footgear" June 1961 (Photo, letter to V.S.); "The northwest passage" May 1958; "Navigation in the Western Arctic" May 1958; Letter and "Report on Cairns - King William Island" Dec. 16, 1958 (Photos); "Fundamental concepts in RCAF arctic survival training" May 1959; "Problems of existence under northern conditions" Nov. 20, 1959; "A significant development in light weight arctic and wet weather clothing" April 1961 (Cites V.S.); Correspondence of L. A. Learmonth discussing King William Island cairns claimed by Alexander and James Nichols to have been built by the Franklin Party Nov. 10-23, 1958 (Includes photo of cairns (copy) and political cartoon); James Nichols "Who built these arctic mystery cairns?" The Star Weekly Magazine Nov. 15, 1958 (King William Island cairns)

  • Folder: 11, "All Hands" , undated

    "Operation skijump - men against ice" (U.S. Navy)

  • Folder: 12, Allan, John A., 1940

    "Mineral development north of 54°" The Engineering Journal June 1940

  • Folder: 13, Allen, Edward W., 1944

    "North Pacific Fisheries," " Alaska Property, Safety and Fish" The Argus Dec. 16, 1944

  • Folder: 14, Allen, M., 1876

    Voyages Polaires: Annales Hydrographiques 1876

  • Folder: 15, Allen, Ralph, 1956

    "Will Dewline cost Canada its northland?" Maclean's Magazine May 26, 1956

  • Folder: 16, Ambach, Walter, 1957-1976

    "Sitzung der mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen klasse vom 10. Oktober 1957" 1957; Die Pyramide 1963: "Istopenforschung in der glaziologie," "Mechanik des gletschervorstoßes;" "In der grönländischen Eiswüste" Jahrbuch des österreichischen alpenvereins 1963; "The altitude effect on the isotopic composition of precipitation and glacier ice in the alps" 1967; Comission of Snow and Ice General Assembly Sept.-Oct. 1967: "Investigations on fission products in the accumulation area of an alpine glacier," "Tritium content in the firn layers of an alpine glacier;" "The formation of crevasses in relation to the measured distribution of strain-rates and stresses" 1968; Acta Physica Austriaca 1968: "Vertikalverteilung radioaktiver spaltprodukte in akkumulationsgebiet eines alpinen gletschers (Kesselwandferner, Ötztaler alpen)," "Pb-210-methode zur datierung von eis eines alpinen gletschers;" "Ein beitrag zur kenntnis des wärmehaushaltes des grönländischen inlandeises" Polarforschung 1968; "Studies on vertical total-beta-activity profiles of fission products in the accumulation area of the Stubacher Sonnblickkees (Hohe Tauern, Salzburg, Austria)" Pure and Applied Geophysics Vol. 74, 1969; "Tritium profiles in two firn cores from alpine glaciers and tritium content in precipitation in the alpine area" Arch. Met. Geoph. Biokl. 1969; "Untersuchung von charakteristischen pollenspektren im akkumulationsgebiet eines alpengletschers" Pollen et Spores 1969; "Fallout and climate studies on firn cores from Carrefour, Greenland" Earth and Planetary Science Letters 1970; "Bestimmung von firnrücklagen am eisschild jungfraujoch durch messung der gesamt-betaaktivität von firnproben" Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie 1971; "Zum abbau radioaktiver spaltprodukte im firn eines alpengletschers" Arch. Met. Geoph. Biokl. 1971; "Zur schätzung der eis-nettoablaion im randgebiet des Grönländischen Inlandeises" Polarforschung 1972; Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie 1972: "Studies on the dielectric properties of snow," "Messungen des deuterium- und tritiumgehaltes von schnee-, eis- und schwelzwasserproben des hintereisferners," "Markierungsversuche am inneren abfluss-system des hintereisferners (Ötztaler alpen)," "Isopopic oxygen composition of firn, old snow and precipitation in alpine regions;" "Floods caused by the melting of snow and ice" Atti del convegno internazionale Nov. 1969 Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei 1972; "Seasonal variations in the tritium activity of run-off from an alpine glacier (Kesselwandferner, Oetztal Alps, Austria)" International Association of Scientific Hydrology Publication No. 95, 1973; "Zur dispersion im offenen gerinne: einfluss von randzonen bei gletscherbächen" Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie 1973; "Internationale glaziologische Grönland-expedition (EGIG)" Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie Vol. 12 No. 1, 1976; "Zum wärmenhaushalt im akkumulationsgebiet des Grönländischen Inlandeises: interpretation der thermischen stabilität von kalten schneeschichten" Polarforschung 1976; "The energy balance during a 10 day ablation period on the Greenland ice cap" I.A.S.H. Publication No. 54; "Si32 dating of an alpine glacier;" "Modellmässige bestimmung von hydrologischen ver weilzeiten in einem vergletscherten einzugsgebiet mit hilfe von messungen des deuteriumund tritiumgehaltes" Zeitschrift für Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie

  • Folder: 17, American Child Health Association, 1933

    Spyglass Sept. 1933 (Includes polar and aviation articles on various subjects)

  • Folder: 18, American Museum of Natural History, 1995

    Chambers Polar Research Collection 1995 (Description and information)

  • Folder: 19, American Painters in the Arctic, 1975

    Art exhibit catalog Feb. - April 1975

  • Folder: 20, American Society of Polar Philatelists, 1974

    Philatelic Literature Review Vol. 23 No. 1, March 31, 1974

  • Folder: 21, Americanists, International Congress of, undated

    Abstract of Procedings

  • Folder: 22, Amundsen, Roald , 1974-1999

    "Close Calls in My Life as an Explorer" The World's Work 1927, To the North Magnetic Pole and Through the Northwest Passage 1906 (reproduction 1974); Harald Sverdrup "Roald Amundsen" Arctic Vol. 12 No. 4; Misc. articles 1906 (Copy) - 1996; Book reviews of books about Amundsen 1999 and undated

  • Folder: 23, Andersen, Magnus , undated

    "Vikingefærden; en illustreret beskrivelse af "Vikings" reise i 1893" 1895 (Copy)

  • Folder: 24, Anderson, Anton A., undated

    "Railroad engineering under sub-arctic conditions"

  • Folder: 25, Anderson, C. L., 1955

    "Role of the salmon hatchery in Alaska" Alaska Department of Fisheries 1955

  • Folder: 26, Anderson, Don L., 1958

    "Preliminary results and review of sea ice elasticity and related studies" Transactions Vol. 2 No. 3, Sept. 1958

  • Folder: 27, Anderson, Douglas D., 1970

    "Athapaskans in the Kobuc Arctic Woodlands, Alaska?" (Inuit) Canadian Archaeological Association Bulletin No. 2, 1970

  • Folder: 28, Anderson, E. M., 1914

    "Report of E.M. Anderson on Atlin Expedition, 1914" Provincial Museum Report

  • Folder: 29, Anderson, James, 1940

    "Back River Journal of 1855" The Canadian Field-Naturalist May 1940

  • Folder: 30, Anderson, Rudolf Martin (1876-1961), undated

    "Writes of his travels in the Arctic Regions" The Independent Sept. 10, 1908 (Copy); Bibliography

  • Folder: 31, Anderson, William , 1957-1959, 2007

    The Saturday Evening Post With Clay Blair, Jr. "We made history in the Nautilus (Second of three articles)" Oct. 4, 1958, "We took the Nautilus under the ice" Dec. 28, 1957; William J. Lalor "Submarine Through the North Pole" The National Geographic Magazine Jan. 1959

  • Folder: 32, Andersson, Gunnar, 1898

    With Henrik Hesselman "Verzeichnis der in König Karls Land während der schwedischen Polarexpedition 1898 gefundenen Phanerogamen" 1898

  • Folder: 33, Andersson, Malte, undated

    "Birds of Nuvagapak Point, northeast Alaska"

  • Folder: 34, Andersson, N. J., 1866

    "Bidrag till den nordiska Floran. I. Ett hittills obeskrifvet gräs från Spetsbergen" 1866

  • Folder: 35, Andrée, S.A., 1895-1992

    "Förslag till Polarfärd med Luftballong" 1895; "Letters from the Andrée party" The Smithsonian Report 1897 (Includes slides of illustrations); "Rapport angående 1896 års Svenska Polarexpedition" 1896; Photos of Andrée, balloon, and camp from E.A. Tryde De Döda pa Vitön 1952; Dr. George Woodbury "The strange fate of the Andree Polar Expedition" Manchester 1972; Peter Cowie "Intrepid filmmakers re-create an arctic tragedy" New York Times 1981; Kenneth P. Czech "Arctic tragedy revealed" Aviation Heritage 1992 See Also Oversized Box 27: Flyer of balloon (Includes copies on slides)

  • Folder: 36, Andrews, Roy Chapman, 1953

    "I shall find a way or make one" True Magazine Jan. 1953

  • Folder: 37, Anerca, undated

    Publicity Packet for Performance by John Farrell, Carol Llewellyn, Karen E. Nelson, Presented by Figures of Speech Theatre Includes: Program, Press release, Newspaper clipping, Review, Flyer, Photos of performance, Posters Themes: Inuit, Knud Rasmussen

  • Folder: 38, "Animals of the Polar Regions", 1962

    Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum 1962

  • Folder: 39, Anker, Ella, 1931

    "The right of Norway to Eirik Raude's land" Norges Kvinder Nov. 1931

  • Folder: 40, Antarctic Animals, circa 1907

    "Life in the Antarctic: photographs by the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition" (1902-04) c. 1907?

  • Folder: 41, Antarctic Exploration and Expeditions, 1904-1989

    "South Polar exploration: the German expedition" (German South Polar Expedition 1901-03) The Review of Reviews 1904; E. O. Hovey, ed. "A brief history of Antarctic Exploration" American Museum of Natural History Guide Leaflet No. 31, 1910; "L'Expédition Charcot" L'Illustration Feb. 19, 1910; Kosack, Dr. Hans-Peter "Die Antarktis eine länderkunde;" "Antarctic Explorations" Chambers's Papers for the People; "Expeditions" U.S. Board on Geographic Names Gazetteer No. 14, 1956; Pamphlet on the Recluse Hut (Used by the British Antarctic Survey); "Report on the Victoria University of Wellington Antarctic Expedition 1960-61;" "South Pole expedition loses ship to pack ice" New York Times Jan. 14, 1986; "Trek turns back 256 miles from South Pole" on Monica Kristensen New York Times Feb. 3, 1987; "Trying to cap Antarctic daredevilry" on Monica Kristensen U.S. News and World Report Feb. 19, 1987; "Adrift on the bottom of the world" New York Times; Victoria Murden "Ski Antarctica: two miles of base, one-half inch of powder : The International South Pole Overland Expedition Nov. 1988 - Jan. 1989" Smith Alumnae Quarterly Fall 1989

  • Folder: 42, Antarctic Research Program, The New Zealand, 1964-1966

    Informational booklet 1964-65, 1965-66

  • Folder: 43, "Antarctic Voyages", 1869

    Leisure Hour 1869

  • Folder: 44, Antarctica - Conservation, 1983-1989

    "14 Antarctic Treaty nations agree on mining and drilling" Jan. 29, 1983; "Delegates debate Antarctica's future" New York Times Jan. 22, 1985; "Chlorine found at high level over Antarctica" New York Times March 10, 1987; "Low ozone levels in Antarctica may be endangering researchers" Washington Post Oct. 29, 1987; Political cartoon on hole in ozone layer 1987; "In Antarctica, new threats to the fragile web of life" New York Times Feb. 14, 1989; "France and Australia kill pact on limited Antarctic mining and oil drilling" New York Times Sept. 25, 1989; Pamphlet of "The Antarctica Project" asking for donations

  • Folder: 45, Antarctica - CRREL Expedition , 1992

    Nancy Serrell, "Expedition on an ice floe" Valley News May 11, 1992 (Color newsprint)

  • Folder: 46, Antarctica - Ice and Glaciers , 1962-1988

    "Antarctica spawns immense iceberg" Antarctica Valley News Nov. 6, 1987; "A huge chunk of Antarctica is heading out to sea, at a glacial pace" New York Times Feb. 9, 1988; "Antarctic meltdown" Discover Sept. 1989; "Antarctic Glaciology" The University of Michigan Research News May 1, 1962; Henry Gannett “The Great Ice Barrier” The National Geographic Magazine

  • Folder: 47, Antarctica - Maps, 1952-1984

    1952; "U.S. Antarctic activities 1960-61;" Year-round scientific stations 1984 Antarctica

  • Folder: 48, Antarctica - Misc. , 1913-1998

    "Introduction to Antarctica" U.S. Antarctic Projects Officer, Jan. 1961; "Land near the South Pole" Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 1839 (Copy); List of first sightings of the Antarctic continent;" Index to contemporary events in the Antarctic, Jan. - March 1913 New York Times; "Foreign Antarctic Publications" National Academy of Sciences; "He followed the footsteps of Admiral Byrd: Capt. Roger G. Witherell" Grand Lodge of Massachusetts Trowel Fall 1986; Earl Parker Hanson review of Antarctic Conquest: The Story of the Ronne Expedition 1946-1948 in New York Herald-Tribune Dec. 25, 1949; "Survival in Antarctica" 1979 edition," Michael Parfit "A new ship testes the rigor of winter in the Antarctic" Smithsonian Nov. 1986; "At South Pole, sick bay is a one-man operation" New York Times April 18, 1988; Ned Gillette “Rowing Antarctica’s ‘Most Mad Seas’” National Geographic Jan. 1989; Sally Poncet “Wildlife Quest to the Icy Seas of South Georgia” National Geographic March 1989; "New projects making Antarctica a center for astronomy" New York Times Dec. 12, 1989; Walter Sullivan "Russians in Antarctica stage protest over pay" New York Times June 23, 1992; "Soviet Antarctic research station is lost in the ice" New York Times; "Next Stop: the South Pole" New York Times Dec. 22, 1987; Pamphlet "Venturetreks Antarctic Cruise December 1992;" Obituaries : Dr. Vincent E. McKelvey New York Times Jan. 26, 1987, Albert Crary Oct. 31, 1987, John Bechervaise The Weekly Telegraph Aug. 25-31, 1998; V.S. "Remarks at explorers club dinner for Lincoln Elsworth" 1936; "Artist's paintings depict the Antarctic experience" on Alan Campbell New York Times Feb. 15, 1988; Clipping with photo of 2 Antarctic explorers; Program for premiere of "Antarctic Crossing;" "'Antarctica' ices BU symphony" Boston Globe

  • Folder: 49, Apollonio, Spencer, 1956-1961

    "The preliminary results of marine biological work at Devon Island, 1961;" "Plankton productivity studies in Allen Bay, Cornwallis Island, N.W.T, 1956"

  • Folder: 50, Applegate, Joseph, 1931

    "Explorer reveals secret discovery of cradle of human life in hot pit at North Pole" New York Evening Graphic Magazine Section May 2, 1931

  • Folder: 51, "Arctic Ballooning" , undated

    The Illustrated London News, 6 March 1880 (Copy)

  • Folder: 52, Arctic Bibliography , undated

    Instructions for setting up an arctic bibliography, with examples

  • Folder: 53, Arctic Blue Books, 1845-1855, 1959

    (Copies) and Transcript, 1959

  • Folder: 54, The Arctic Club , 1924-1934

    Table plan 1924, Menu 1934

  • Folder: 55, Arctic Club of America, 1909

    List of Members 1909; Announcement for "Ladies' night and Dinner" April 15, 1909

  • Folder: 56, "Arctic Contributions to Science", 1852

    Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 1852

  • Folder: 57, Arctic Council, undated

    General information; Iqaluit Declaration

  • Folder: 58, Arctic Exploration, 1833-1987

    Edinburgh Review April 1875, C...? March 1882?; "Voyages of discovery in the North Polar Regions" (Ross, Parry) Pinnock's Guide to Knowledge Nov. 9, 16, 1833; "Arctic explorations" Chamber's Papers for the People 1868; "A decade of Arctic Exploration" Cassell's Family Magazine 1875; House Committee On Naval Affairs, B. A. Willis "Expedition to the Arctic Seas" Congressional Record 1878 (Copy, with Ginsberg Catalog No. 88 Entry); Frank Lewis Ford "The heroes of the icy North" Munsey Magazine Dec. 1895; Articles on Plaisted Expedition, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 1968; “Was a Russian First to the Pole?” Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Feb. 8, 1982; “A Thirst for Firsts sends Adventurers to the Polar Regions” Wall Street Journal, March 12, 1987; "Région Arctique," "Les études et les éxpeditions polaires" Année Géographique

  • Folder: 59, "Arctic Exploration, 1818-1954", undated

    Photocopy from scrapbook of clippings

  • Folder: 60, Arctic Films, 1991

    “LC, Bowdoin Save Films of Early Arctic” Library of Congress Informatin Bulletin, Vol. 50, No. 1, 1991

  • Folder: 61, Arctic Health Research Center, Alaska 1 of 2 , 1958

    List of personnel and Health Agencies; General information; Bibliography of reports on diseases in Alaska 1958; List of publications 1950-58

  • Folder: 62, Arctic Health Research Center, Alaska 2 of 2, 1951

    Activity Report April 1951

  • Folder: 63, Arctic Institute of North America 1 of 4, 1946-1950

    Constitution 1946; Bulletin March 1946; Informational booklet 1946, 1947, 1950

  • Folder: 64, Arctic Institute of North America 2 of 4, 1949-1987

    Annual Report 1959,1963, 1964, 1970, 1986, 1987; Arctic Newsletter Feb. 1949 (List of Charter Associates), July 1956, Dec. 1958, June 1959

  • Folder: 65, Arctic Institute of North America 3 of 4, 1966-1986

    Arctic March 1966; Information North Fall 1986; The Canadian Arctic Symposium of September 1963 Brochure and Program; Arctic Research: A Study prepared for the Chief of Naval Research 1967

  • Folder: 66, Arctic Institute of North America 4 of 4, 1948-1986

    "Man in the North Project Report" Nov. 1970, "Man in the North Progress Report" Jan. 1970 - March 1971; "Pressing Scientific Problems of the North; Minutes of Meeting Oct. 15, 1948; General Information and Lists of Field Research and Library Projects 1946-56; Misc. Letters 1962-1986; List of Available Publications 1986

  • Folder: 67, Arctic Terrain Research, 1959-1960

    U.S. Air Force Cambridge Research Center, Air Research and Development Command, General Information 1959; "Fletcher's Ice Island Progress Report" 1960

  • Folder: 68, Arctic, University of the, 1998-2000

    General Information including: "A Preliminary Plan for a Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies" 1999, "Circumpolar Networks: Organizations with relevance for Arctic education and research" 1999, Lists of activities and interim council members; Shared Voices Nos. 1, 2, 1999, No. 5, 2000; "An Integrated Plan for the Implementation of Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies, Arctic Learning Environment, and the Circumpolar Mobility Program;" "The Feasibility Study: Document 2" (Minutes of the Working Group meeting in Rovaniemi, Finland, Jan. 1998); "The Feasibility Study: Final Report: With Shared Voices: Launching the University of the Arctic" 1998

Box: 4, Dates: 1793-2003

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Armstrong, E. R., 1927-1930

    "Seadrome Ocean Airways: Report Covering the Development Program" 1930; "America-Europe via North Atlantic Airways over the Armstrong Seadrome System of Commercial Ocean Transit by airplane" 1927; Photos of test models

  • Folder: 2, Armstrong, John, 1909

    "Report of the Hudson's Bay Railway Surveys" Department of Railways and Canals 1909

  • Folder: 3, Armstrong, Terence , 1970-1984

    "Soviet northern development, with some Alaskan parallels and contrasts" 1970; "In search of a sea route to Siberia, 1553-1619" Arctic Vol. 37 No. 4, Dec. 1984

  • Folder: 4, Arnold, Bridgewater Jr. , 1927

    With Horace J. McMullen "The order of the Pinnipedia: The hair and fur seals of the world" The Fur Journal 1927 (Includes "Seals: their habitat and description")

  • Folder: 5, Arnórsson, Einar, 1951

    "Handritamàlid" 1951

  • Folder: 6, Aronson, Joseph D., 1940

    "The history of disease among the Natives of Alaska" Transactions and Studies of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia April 1940

  • Folder: 7, Aschlund, Arent, 1832-1833

    "Iver Beres Gronlands Beskrivelse med et Kort og Forerindring" 1832; "Iber Bere's Befckreibung von Grönland mit einer karte end borrede" 1833

  • Folder: 8, Astor, John Jacob, 1937-1938

    His correspondence "Fur trade with Lower Canada 1790-1817" The Moorsfield Antiquarian Vol. 1 No. 1 May 1937, Vol. 1 No. 2 Aug. 1937, Vol. 1 No. 3 Nov. 1937, Vol. 1 No. 4 Feb. 1938 (Includes letters from Pliny Moore)

  • Folder: 9, Astrup, Eivind, 1896

    First "In the land of the northernmost Eskimo" Eclectic Magazine 1896

  • Folder: 10, "Atlantis" (Berlin/Zurich publication); no. 8, August 1930, 1930

    Photographs from a German exploration of glaciers in Spitzbergen, Norway and of Eskimos of western Greenland, pp. 471–476

  • Folder: 11, "Au Pilori", 1874

    "La trahison des chefs Conservateurs démontrée par les témoinages recueillis devant le Comité du Nord-Ouest" Excerpts from L'Evénement 1874

  • Folder: 12, Aurora borealis, 1961-1973

    "Visual observations of the aurora borealis in Sweden" (Trans from Russian 1957); C. W. Gartlein, Miscellaneous papers on Aurora Borealis, National Geographic Society and Cornell University Research Program c. 1961; Deckle McLean, "Chasing the northern lights" Boston Globe Nov. 18, 1973 (Color newsprint)

  • Folder: 13, "Australians in the Antarctic", undated

    The Antarctic Division of the Department of External Affairs by the Australian News and Information Bureau

  • Folder: 14, Aviation , 1929-1997

    James Montagnes "Canadian explorers travel by air" The Toronto Star Weekly Sept. 21, 1929; "Arctic air service will start today" March 29, 1932; "Pioneering by air: The air age, which focussed [sic.] world attention on the Pacific Northwest, is also opening this rich frontier" The Imperial Oil Review Vol. 30, No. 2 April, 1946; "Packets in Alaska" The Pegasus Jan. 1949; Asra Q. Nomani "Siberians look for pie in the sky by marketing new, shorter air routes over the North Pole" Wall Street Journal 1997; List and description of North Pole Crossings 1929-37; Sperryscope Vol. 7 No. 2, Oct. 1933 (Misc. aeronautical articles)

  • Folder: 15, Axtill, John, undated

    Verses "Illustrating the loss of Sir John Franklin and his ship's company"

  • Folder: 16, Ayac, Gregory, 1978

    “One Survived” by Ed Fortier, reprinted from Alaska Magazine 1978.

  • Folder: 17, Baashuus-Jessen, J., 1935

    Arctic Nervous Diseases. Reprinted from Skandinavisk Veterinär-Tidskrift, no.6, 1935

  • Folder: 18, Back, Capt. - Sir George Back, 1796-1878, 1833-1838

    Review of Capt. Black Journal of the Arctic Land Expedition to the Mouth of the Great Fish River, and along the shores of the Arctic Ocean, in the years 1833, 1834, and 1835 in Quarterly Review 1836; "Back's Arctic Land Expedition" (Includes "Wellsted's travels in Oman"); Card of George Chambers Painting "The 'Terror' iced in off Cape Comfort, 1836," 1838, Card of Owen Stanley Drawing "Sunset, September 10, 1836"

  • Folder: 19, Bacqueville de La Potherie, Claude-Charles Le Roy de , circa 1950

    Bernard Amtmann Old and Rare Books - Livres anciens et rares No. 1-4: "Notes bibliographiques sur l'oeuvre de Claude-Charles Le Roy de Bacqueville de La Potherie" No. 2-4; Letter to M. Bégon on the expedition "De la fluste La Seine" March 22, 1702 (Copy, In French); Letter to the Conte de Maurepas (Jean-Frederic Pheliipeaux), Minister of the Marine and Colonies Aug. 27, 1725

  • Folder: 20, Bahr, Andrew, 1932

    Hans J. Adamson "Andy Bahr - The Arctic Moses" Liberty Magazine Nov. 5, 1932; Herbert C. Freeman "Five Years across the Arctic"

  • Folder: 21, Bailey, J. C., 1898

    "A Synopsis on the Hudson Bay Railways and the Capabilities and Possibilities of the Country Traversed by the Same" March 7, 1898

  • Folder: 22, Baines, R. H., 1938-1940

    International Power "TracTracTor Logging in Alberta" Vol. 9 No. 3, Aug. 1938, "TracTracTor sleigh trains conquer frozen wastes" Vol. 9 No. 3, Dec. 1938, "North overland to Yellowknife - in winter" Vol. 11 No. 4, Dec. 1940

  • Folder: 23, Baird, P. D., 1945-1949

    "Expeditions to the Canadian Arctic" The Beaver March, June, Sept. 1949; With J. L. Robinson "A brief history of exploration and research in the Canadian Eastern Arctic" Canadian Geographical Journal March 1945

  • Folder: 24, Baird, Patrick D. , 1952

    "La Terra di Baffin" La Vie Del Mondo Anno XIV No. 11, Nov. 1952

  • Folder: 25, Bajkov, A. D., undated

    "The ice conditions on Hudson Bay"

  • Folder: 26, Baker, David, 1943

    "Air transport builds a dam" The Pegasus July 1943

  • Folder: 27, Baker, Edna , 1928

    "Prairie Place Names" The Ryerson Press, 1928

  • Folder: 28, Baker, John R., 1938

    "Latitude and egg-seasons in Old-World birds" Tabulae Biologicae Vol. 15 Pars 4, 1938

  • Folder: 29, Baker, Ralph C. , 1957

    "Fur seals of the Pribilof Islands" Conservation in Action No. 12, 1957

  • Folder: 30, Balch, Emily Green, 1948

    "The polar regions as part of one world" 1948

  • Folder: 31, Balchen, Bernt, 1935-1953

    Francis and Katherine Drake "Bernt Balchen - Viking of the Air" Reader's Digest Jan. 1953; E. V. Rickenbacker "Hall of fame of the air" N.Y. Amirieau July 7, 1935

  • Folder: 32, Baldwin, Evelyn Briggs, undated

    "How I hope to reach the North Pole" The Windsor Magazine 1901 (The Baldwin-Ziegler Polar Expedition); "Messengers from the Polar Sea" Cleveland Leader Sept. 1, 1901 (Copy); "Starting for the north Pole" Collier's Weekly Sept. 28, 1901 (Copy); "Off for the North Pole" McClure Syndicate Sept. 29, 1901; "Baldwin off for the Pole" Sept. 29, 1901 (Copy); "On the way to the North Pole" Collier's Weekly Oct. 19, 1901 (Copy); "Settling an arctic camp" Cleveland Leader Oct. 20, 1901 (Copy); "Explorer Baldwin in Camp" Sun Oct. 27, 1901 (Copy); "Settling an arctic camp" McClure Syndicate Oct. 27, 1901 (Copy); "Arctic tidings by balloon" 1901 (Copy); "Feeding an arctic expedition" McClure Syndicate Dec. 29, 1901 (Copy); "Why I am certain of reaching the North Pole" Success Vol. 5 No. 92, Jan. 1902 (Copy); "Baldwin's dash for the Pole" Sun April 6, 1902 (Copy); "Last word from Baldwin before the arctic night" Pittsburgh Leader April 6, 1902 (Copy); "Last words from Baldiwn before the long arctic night" McClure Syndicate April 6, 1902 (Copy); "Feeding an arctic expedition" (Copy)

  • Folder: 33, Balikci, Asen , 1966

    With Quentin Brown "Ethnographic filming and the Netsilk Eskimo" (Inuit) ESI Quarterly Report Spring/Summer 1966

  • Folder: 34, Ballou, W. Hosea, 1903

    "Sport in the Arctic Circle" Munsey's Magazine 1903

  • Folder: 35, Bank, Theodore Paul , 1952-1963

    "A preliminary account of the University of Michigan Aleutian Expeditions, 1950-51" (Inuit) The Asa Gray Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 3, July, 1952; "Archaeology at Unalaska, Aleutians During 1954" Sept. 6, 1954; "A permanent scientific research center for Southwestern Alaska" 1954; "Aluet-Koniag voyages to Kamchatka and the Kuriles in historical times" Sept. 1956; "Cultural exchanges between Asia and Alaska as viewed from Northern Japan" Sept. 5, 1956; "The Southern Eskimos" Michigan Alumnus Quarterly Review Dec. 6, 1958; "How man came to the New World" Jan. 27, 1963; "The Aleutians have a friend" review by E.S. of Birthplace of the Winds in N.Y. Herald Tribune April 29, 1956

  • Folder: 36, Barghoorn, Elso S. , 1957

    "Palynological Studies of organic sediments from Ice Island T-3 and of coated slides exposed on T-3 and Ellesmere Island" June 30, 1957

  • Folder: 37, "Baroid News Bulletin", 1961

    Vol. 13 No. 3, July-Aug.-Sept. 1961 "Four Giant Steps" (Photo story of oil expedition in Canada), 'Klondike - The great gold rush of '98'"

  • Folder: 38, Barr, William, 1972-1992

    "The voyages of Taymyr and Vaygach to Ostrov Vrangelya, 1910-15" The Polar Record Vol. 16 No. 101, 1972; "Sedov's expedition to the North Pole, 1912-1914" Canadian Slavonic Papers 1973; "Otto Sverdru to the rescue of the Russian Imperial Navy" Arctic Vol. 27, No. 1, March 1974; "The role of Canadian and Newfoundland ships in the development of the Soviet Arctic" The Newfoundland Quarterly Vol. 9 No. 1, July 1977; "The role of Canadian and Newfoundland ships in the development of the Soviet Arctic Part II (Conclusion)" The Newfoundland Quarterly Vol. 9 No. 2, Nov. 1977; "The Soviet contribution the Italia search and rescue, 1928" Polar Review Vol. 18 No. 117, 1977; "S.S. Nascopie: Newfoundland Sealing Steamer" The Newfoundland Quarterly Vol. 10 No. 1, Fall, 1978; "The drift and rescue of Solovei Budimirovich in the Kara Sea, January-June 1920" Canadian Slavonic Papers Vol. 20 No. 4, 1978; Review of Richard J. Diubaldo Stefansson and the Canadian Arctic 1978 in Musk-Ox 1979; "To the North Pole from York Factory" The Beaver Vol. 68 No. 2; March 1988, "The Helgoland expedition to Svalbard: Die Deutsch Expedition in das Nördliche Eismeer, 1898" Arctic Vol. 41 No. 3, Sept. 1988; "Franklin in Siberia? - Lieutenant Bedford Pim's proposal to search the Arctic Coast of Siberia, 1851-52" Arctic Vol. 45 No. 1, March 1992

  • Folder: 39, Barr, William (Translator), 1983

    S. N. Laptev "Materials on the history of Captain de Long's American Polar Expedition aboard Jeannette" Poal Geography and Geology Vol. 7 No. 4, Oct.-Dec. 1983

  • Folder: 40, Barratt, Glynn, 1984

    “Alexander Mackenzie and the Empress” (Empress Catherine II of Russia) The Beaver, 1984

  • Folder: 41, Barrow, John, 1835

    Review of A Visit to Iceland in the Summer of 1834 in The Mirror 1835

  • Folder: 42, Bartels, Max, 1903

    "Die sogenannten Mongolen-Flecke der Eskimo-Kinder" Berlin Museum? 1903

  • Folder: 43, Bartlett, Robert, 1929-1946

    Radio Talks from the files of the Pond Lecture Bureau, "The kind Eskimo," "The Story of Maureen and Shannon," "My experiences on my trip to Bahia, South America," c. 1931; Hazel Canning "Flappers of North Pole "Haven't got the stuff' their mothers had, claims famous Boston Explorer: Capt. Bob Bartlett, Member of Peary Expedition, and confirmed bachelor, just back from the Arctic, finds women alike the world over - modern fads have reached land of the midnight sun" Boston Sunday Post Nov. 10, 1929; Bartlett's Obituary Hydrographic Bulletin No. 2956, May 4, 1946; Sep 1996 letter and accompanying packet from Janice Udell, artist, RE: commissioned commemorative print of Robert Abraham Bartlett, “Bartlett’s World”, coinciding with restoration of Bartlett’s home, Hawthorne Cottage, into a museum;

  • Folder: 44, Bas, F. de, 1877

    "Het doopregister van Spitsbergen" 1877

  • Folder: 45, Bates, Emily Katharine, undated

    "A trip to Alaska" (From: Kaleidoscope: Shifting Scenes from East to West. London: Ward and Downey, 1889. Chapter VII)

  • Folder: 46, Bauer, L. A., 1907

    "Hunting the Magnetic Pole" Van Norden Magazine (Van Norden: The World Mirror) Vol. 2, Nov. 1907

  • Folder: 47, Beach, Rex E., 1906

    Appleton's Booklovers Magazine "The looting of Alaska: Part I" Jan. 1906, "Part II" Feb. 1906, "Part III" March 1906, " Part IV" April, 1906

  • Folder: 48, Beadle, P. R. , 1961

    "A wind powered generator supply for the DRNL - McGill Ice Program" Department of National Defense, Canada May 1961

  • Folder: 49, Beall, G. H., 1960

    "Preliminary report on Laflamme Lake area: New Quebec" Department of Mines, Geological Surveys Branch 1960 (Includes map)

  • Folder: 50, Beardslee, Commander L. A. , 1880

    "Affairs in Alaska" Reports of Beardslee June 15, 1879-Jan. 22, 1880, presented to Senate March 3. 1880, 46th Congress 2nd Session, Executive Document No. 105

  • Folder: 51, Beasley, W. L., undated

    "Nomads of the North" The Illustrated Outdoor World May 1918 (Copy)

  • Folder: 52, Beechey, Frederick W. , 1980

    Sonia S. Bershad "The drawings and water-colours by Rear-Admiral Frederick William Beechey, F.R.S., P.R.G.S. (1796-1856)" Arctic Vol. 33 No. 2, June 1980

  • Folder: 53, Beilschmied, Dr. C. T., 1842

    "Flora von Spitzbergen" Flora No. 31, Aug. 21 1842

  • Folder: 54, Belcher, Edward, undated

    Review of The Last of the Arctic Voyages; being a narrative of the expedition in H.M.S. Assistance, under the command of Captain Sir Edward Belcher, C.B., in search of John Franklin, during the years 1852-3-4 1855 in Chambers's Journal 1857; "On the manufacture of works of art by the Esquimaux" (Inuit)

  • Folder: 55, Belding, Harwood S. , 1949

    "Protection against dry cold" Environmental Protection Section Report No. 155 Quartermaster Climatic Research Laboratory, Aug. 2, 1949

  • Folder: 56, Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1960-61, 1961

    "Expedition Antarctique Belge 1960 / Campagne d'été 1960-1961 Rapport Succinct au SCAR" June 1961 (Includes Map)

  • Folder: 57, Bell, John , 1793

    "Harpoon-gun" Transaction of the Royal Society of Arts 1793

  • Folder: 58, Belousov, M. P., 1947

    "Tactical principles of navigation in ice" U.S. Hydrographic Office Jan. 17, 1947 (Includes "Pilot Chart of the South Atlantic Ocean")

  • Folder: 59, Belov, Mikhail Ivanovich, 1960

    "Novye russkıe svedenııâ o plavanıı vokrug Evropy i Azıı shkuny "vega'." Izvestııâ vsesoıûznogo geograficheskogo obshchestva t. 92, 1960 (In Russian)

  • Folder: 60, Belyi, Ya, 1925

    Isaac Don Levine, Trans. "Three years in Verkhoyansk" (Jeannette) Katorga i Ssilka 1925

  • Folder: 61, Ben-My-Chree, undated

    "The story of Ben-My-Chree" (Otto Partridge) White Pass and Yukon Route; Frederick Niven "A lady in the wilderness" (Ben-My-Chree, Mrs. Partridge, Includes poem by Kathleen Keats White)

  • Folder: 62, Bergeron, Robert , 1954

    "Preliminary Report on Gérido Lake area: New Quebec" Department of Mines Geological Surveys Branch 1954. Includes map.

  • Folder: 63, Bering Sea, 1892-1991

    "Behring Sea: Supplement to Sessional Papers, 1888, relating to the seizure of British vessels engaged in seal fishing" Feb. 17, 1892; "Bering Straits' namesake found" (Discovery of Vitus Bering) Boston Globe Aug. 22, 1991

  • Folder: 64, Bermingham, M. F., 1904

    "The menace of the iceberg" Leslie's Monthly Magazine July 1904

  • Folder: 65, Bernacchi, Lt. Comdr. L. C. , 1930-1942

    Obituary Times April 24, 1942; Order form for Saga of the 'Discovery;'" "Official Catalogue: British Polar Exhibition (Under the auspices of the Royal Geographical Society)" July 1930 (Organized by Bernacchi, Includes letter)

  • Folder: 66, Bernard, Jospeh F., 1972

    Madge MacBeth "Intrepid Adventurer is this Canadian sea captain" The Charlestown Guardian; Obituary by A. Bernard Perry 1972

  • Folder: 67, Bertelsen, A., 1908-1911

    "Historien Om Jakobs Familie: En Lille Lærebog I Sundhedspleje For Gronlændere" 1908; "Animalske antiscrbutica I Gronland" Saertrik at "Hospitalstidende" No. 20, 1911 (Includes V.S. note: "Meat as an antiscorbutic")

  • Folder: 68, Bertholf, Ellsworth , 1899

    "The rescue of the whalers. A sled journey of 1600 miles in the Arctic Regions" Harper's New Monthly Magazine No. 589, June 1899

  • Folder: 69, Bessels, Emil, 1874

    Letter to the Secretary General of the Geographic Society of Paris about the U.S. North Polar Expedition (1871-71), July 19, 1874 (In French)

  • Folder: 70, Biggar, Henry Percival, 1913

    "An English expedition to America in 1527" Paris: F. Alcan, 1913

  • Folder: 71, Binney, George, undated

    "Ancient Maps" Exhibition of Ancient Maps and Charts Hudson's Bay Company

  • Folder: 72, Biographical Reference List, 1982-1987

    Arctic profiles from Arctic, Baker/Berry G-600-.A695, v. 35–40, 1982-1987

  • Folder: 73, Birds, 1832-1959

    "The Birds of the Polar Region," Chambers's Journal 1875; "Rare Arctic Birds" The Mirror No. 550, June 2, 1832; "New bird sanctuaries in the Arctic" Dept. of Northern Affairs and National Resources, Canada, June 20, 1959

  • Folder: 74, Birger, Selim, 1906

    "Die Vegetation bei Port Stanley auf den Falklandsinseln" Sonderabdruck aus Engler's Botanischen Jahrbüchern 1906

  • Folder: 75, Birket-Smith, Kaj, 1932-1956

    "Gronland under dansk Styre" ("Greenland under Danish rule") Danmarks Posten No. 9, Sept. 1932; "Danish activities in Eskimo research since 1940" Actes du XXVIII Congrès International des Américanistes, Paris 1947 1948; "The significance of Eskimology" (Inuit) 32nd International Congress of Americanists 1956

  • Folder: 76, Black, Robson, 1914

    "Privateering in the Arctic Seas" Field and Stream March 1914

  • Folder: 77, Blackjack, Ada, 1999

    H. G. Jones "Ada Blackjack and the Wrangel Island Tragedy, 1921-1923" Terrae Incognitae Vol. 31, 1999; letter from the author

  • Folder: 78, Blake, Weston Jr. , undated

    "Russian Settlement and Land Rise in Nordaustlandet, Spitsbergen" Arctic Vol. 1 No. 2

  • Folder: 79, Bland, Schuyler Otis, 1943

    "Giving effect to the provisional fur-seal agreement of 1942 between the United States and Canada" House of Representatives 78th Congress 1st Session Report No. 746, Oct. 1943

  • Folder: 80, Blarez, M., 1873

    "Voyage d'exploration du Polaris" Notes et Observations Scientifiques 1873

  • Folder: 81, Bloch, Ivan, 1960

    "Alaska: The economic outlook" The Financial Analysts Journal Vol. 16 No. 1, Jan-Feb 1960

  • Folder: 82, Blumberg, B. S., undated

    With Kurt J. Bloch, Roger L. Black, and Charles Dotter "A study of the prevalence of arthritis in Alaskan Eskimos" (Includes map and photos)

  • Folder: 83, Blytt, Axel, 1893

    "Om de fytogeografiske og fytopalæontologiske grunde: forat antage klimatvexlinger under kvartærtiden" Christiania Videnskabs-Selskabs Forhandlinger for 1893

  • Folder: 84, Boag, T. J. , undated

    "The White man in the Arctic: A preliminary study of problems of adjustment"

  • Folder: 85, Boas, Franz, 1900-1986

    Douglas Cole "Franz Boas in Baffin-Land" The Beaver Vol. 66 No. 4, Aug.-Sept. 1986; Correspondence with Charles Walcott 1909; Bibliography 1881-1900

  • Folder: 86, Böcher, Tyge, 1957

    "Hieracium acranthophorum var. isortoqense var. nov. with remarks on the section Foliosa in Greenland" Særtryk Af Botanisk Tidsskrift 1957

  • Folder: 87, Bockstoce, John, 1975-1983

    "Contacts between American whalemen and the Copper Eskimos" (Inuit) Arctic Vol. 28 No. 4 Dec. 1975; "On the development of whaling in the Western Thule Culture" Folk Vol. 18, 1976; "A preliminary estimate of the reduction of the Western Arctic Bowhead Whale (Balaena mysticetus) population by the pelagic whaling industry: 1848-1915" Report to U.S. Marine Mammal Commission Oct. 1978; With Charles F. Batchelder "A chronological list of commercial wintering voyages to the Bering Strait Region and Western Arctic of North America: 1850-1910" The American Neptune Vol. 38 No. 2, 1978; "Arctic Castaway: The stormy history of the Point Barrow Refuge Station" Prologue Fall 1979; "Arctic Odyssey" National Geographic 1983

  • Folder: 88, Boers, Hedda , 1937

    "De Arktiske Landes Svobe: Spredte Træk Fra Skorbugens Historie" Maanedlige Meddelelser 1937

  • Folder: 89, Bonar, James Charles , 1936

    "British Columbia and the Imperial Highway to the Far East" Municipal Review of Canada 1936

  • Folder: 90, Bond, F., 1926

    "Brief account of the Lewis and Clark Expedition" Exhibit of the Department of the Interior General Land Office 1905 (Reprint 1926)

  • Folder: 91, Bond, Jameson, 1956

    "Selected bibliography on Eskimo ethnology with special emphasis on acculturation" compiled in the Stefansson Collection June 1956

  • Folder: 92, Borden, C. Barry, circa 1942

    "An East Greenland Trapping Record" for 1922-1942 Includes: "Notes on foxes in N.E. Greenland" and "Theory on cyclic influences on N.E. Greenland manual populations"

  • Folder: 93, Borden, Gail , 1867

    "Gail Borden- Pemmican" Chicago Historical Society Reference Report; "Gail Borden" History of the City of Elgin 1867

  • Folder: 94, Borden, L. E. , 1961

    "Medical report on the Eskimo," correspondence

  • Folder: 95, Boreal Institute for Northern Studies. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 1984

    Proceedings of the 1st Northern Workshop, Boreal Institute for Northern Studies, University of Alberta November 22-24, 1984. Editors: A. S. A. Mohsen, Ph.D., W. C. MacKay, Ph. D. Published July 1986, University of Alberta Printing Services

  • Folder: 96, Børgesen, F., 1908

    "Gardening and tree-planting in the Færöes" Botany of the Færöes 1908

  • Folder: 97, Boston Public Library , 1894

    Bulletin April 1894 containing polar bibliography, correspondence

  • Folder: 98, Boville, B. W., 1962

    "What are the causes of the Aleutian Anticyclone?" Proceedings of the International Symposium on Stratospheric and Mesospheric Circulation Aug. 1962

  • Folder: 99, Boyle, Robert, undated

    "New experiments and observations touching cold, or, An experimental history of cold" 1683 (Copy)

  • Folder: 100, Bradford, Miles, 1901

    "A great international race for the North Pole" Metropolitan Magazine Vol. 13, No. 4, April 1901

  • Folder: 101, Bradford, William , circa 2003

    Exhibition catalog of DeCordova Museum and Whaling Museum of New Bedford 1969-70; Biographical information; Invitation to "Photographic Illustrations of the Arctic Regions" 1870 (Copy); Exhibition brochure of New Bedford Whaling Museum, May 24–Oct 26, 2003 Exhibition of William Bradford: Sailing Ships and Arctic Seas- The first major exhibition of the acclaimed 19th-century marine and Arctic painter.

  • Folder: 102, Bramley, Eric, 1944

    "Army cites Northeast crew for perilous northern trip" American Aviation May 15, 1944

  • Folder: 103, Brandes, C., 1856

    Dr. K. Neumann Zeitschrift für Allegmeine Erdkunde Chapter XXII C. Brandes "Die Smith - Sund - Expedition unter Dr. Kane" Berlin: Verlag Von Dietrich Reimer, 1856 pp. 491-531

  • Folder: 104, Breitfuss, Leonid, 1929-1938

    "Territorial divisions of the Arctic" Dalhousie Review 1929; "Um die Erschliessung der Inneren Arktis" Ost-Europa? 1938

  • Folder: 105, Breuck, W. De, 1961

    "Glaciology in Eastern Queen Maude Land: Preliminary report Third Belgian Antarctic Expedition 1960" 1961

  • Folder: 106, Brewer, Griffith, 1921

    "Aviation's Greatest Controversy: Langley Machine and the Hammondsport Trials" U.S. Air Service Vol. 6 No. 3, Oct. 1921; "Proceedings 2nd Meeting 57th Session: "The Langley machine and the Hammondsport Trials" Aëronautical Journal Vol. 15 No. 132, Dec. 1921

  • Folder: 107, Brill, A. A., 1913

    "Piblokto or Hysteria among Peary's Eskimos" Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease Vol. 40 No. 8, Aug. 1913

  • Folder: 108, British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-9, undated

    Guide to an exhibition

  • Folder: 109, British Arctic Air-Route Expedition 1930-1931, undated

    Advertisement and order form for: F. Spencer Chapman "Northern Lights: The official account of the British Arctic Air-Route Expedition 1930-1931"

  • Folder: 110, British Arctic Expedition 1875-1876 and British Supplementary Scientific Expedition, undated

    Photo "Crew of H.M.S. Alert;" "The Arctic Expedition" Daily Telegraph 1875 (Copy); "The Arctic Expedition The Academy 1876 See also: George Nares, A. H. Markham

  • Folder: 111, British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1891

    "Seventh report on the North-Western Tribes of Canada" Cardiff Meeting, 1891

  • Folder: 112, British Naval Expedition 1839-43, 1843

    "Antarctic Expedition" Evening Mail Sept. 1843

  • Folder: 113, British Naval Exploring Expedition 1836-37, 1857

    "Dangers of the Polar Seas" The Boston Miscellanies 1857

  • Folder: 114, British Naval Franklin Search Expedition 1850-54 , 1861

    J. A. Miertsching "Notes from an Arctic Diary" The Sunday at Home Jan. 31, 1861

  • Folder: 115, British Naval Northwest Passage Expedition 1824-25, 1847

    "Dangers of the Arctic seas - Loss of H.M.S. Fury in 1825" Sharpe's London Magazine 1847

  • Folder: 116, British North Greenland Expedition 1952-1954 , 1955-1958

    H.E. Lewis and J.P. Masterson "Medical and physiological aspects" The Lancet Sept. 1955; C.B.B. Bull "Values of gravity on the inland ice in North Greenland" Meddelelser om Gronland 1955; W.S.B. Paterson "Altitudes on the inland ice in North Greenland" Meddelelser om Gronland 1955; R.A. Hamilton "Scientific results" The Geographical Journal June 1956 (Includes map); C. Bull "The use of the Rammsonde as an instrument for determining the density of firn" Journal of Glaciology Vol. 2 No. 20 Oct. 1956; W.S.B. Paterson and C.G.M. Slesser "Trigonometrical leveling across the inland ice in North Greenland" Empire Survey Review Vol. 13 No. 100, 1956; H.E. Lewis and P.F. Taylor "The British North Greenland Expedition 1952-1954" The Photographic Journal Sept. 1957, R.A. Hamilton "Scientific results" Nature Vol. 181 April 1958 See also : Oversize

  • Folder: 117, "The British Pacific", 1902

    Vol. 1 No. 1, June 1902, Includes "British Columbia as a home for the immigrant," "The Indians of the Pacific Coast"

  • Folder: 118, Broadus, Eleanor H., 1929

    "John Jewitt the Captive of Nootka" The Ryerson Press: 1929

Box: 5, Dates: 1878-2001

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Brochu, Michel 1 of 2, 1969-1975

    "Pourcentage du matériel de nature cristalline et cristallophyllienne sur le littoral Gaspésien de l'estuaire maritime du Saint-Laurent, de la Baie de Gaspé et de la Baie des Chaleurs" Bulletin de L'Association Française Pour L'Étude du Quaternaire C. 1969; "Dossier chronologique commenté des faits relatifs à la chasse (ornithologie) au Nouveau-Québec Indien et au Sud-Ouest du Territoire de Mistassini" Revue d'Histoire de l'Amérique française Vol. 13 No. 1, June 1969; "Indice de gélivation de la roche en place et des formations meubles" Bulletin de L'Association des Geographes Français Juin-Sept. 1969; "Dossiers socio-économiques sur le Nouveau-Québec" Revue d'histoire de l'Amérique française Vol. 13 No. 3, Dec. 1969; "Une force économique en puissance" L'Ovale CIL Vol. 38 No. 4, Winter 1969; "Evénements marquants de l'histoire de Maricourt" and "Question politique: 10 ans de présence Québécoise au Nouveau-Québec : de 1961 à 1970" Maintenant No. 98, Aug.-Sept. 1970; "Commentaires sur l'article du Dr. G. Gardner intitulé 'Morphologie et Géologie des îles Grady'" Annals of Geomorphology 1970; "Premières observations de dépôts de solifluxion fossiles en Gaspésie" Biuletyn Peryglacjalny No. 21, 1972; "La possibile presenza di ghiacci galleggianti nel Mediterraneo durante le glaciazioni quaternaire e il loro ruolo geologico" Il Polo Oct.-Dec. 1973; "Les recherches en glaciologie marine pour la période 1970-1973 et rétrospective des XIXe et XXe siècles" Inter-Nord No. 13-14 Dec. 1974; "Les trous à cryoconite du Glacier Gilmad (Nord de l'Ile d'Ellesmère)" Polarforschung 1975; "Présentation commentée d'un formulaire d'observation pétrographique de terrain"

  • Folder: 2, Brochu, Michel 2 of 2, 1969-1970

    L'Actualité Économique "Conditions de rentabilité de l'utilisation commerciale du passage du Nord-Ouest, de la mer de Beaufort et de l'océan Glacial Arctique" Oct.-Dec. 1969, "Le 4e Congrès International de la Fondation Française d'Etudes Nordiques" Jan.-March 1970, "Le nouvel axe économique routier de La Sarre-Villebois (Abitibi) à la baie James" Jan.-March 1970, "Perspectives de dévelopement de courants commerciaux maritimes dans l'océan Glacial Arctique" July-Sept. 1970, "Etude préliminaire sur l'√tablissement d'un prix de péréquation des peaux d'animaux à fourrure au nouveau-Québec" July-Sept. 1970; "Les expéditions motorisées au Nouveau-Quebéc: une ouverture d'avenir pour la science et l'économie" Forces No. 10, 1970

  • Folder: 3, Brooks, Charles W. , 1880

    Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences "A paper read before the Academy Dec. 6, 1880, on the Jeannette Arctic Expedition and the Missing Whalers" 1880, "Report of Japanese vessels wrecked in the North Pacific Ocean, from the earliest records to the present time" Vol. 6 No. 5, 1875 (Copy)

  • Folder: 4, Brooks, Stanley, 1936-1940

    Annals of the Carnegie Museum "The land and freshwater mollusca of Newfoundland" Vol. 15, 1936, With Betty Watt Brooks "Geographical distribution of the recent mollusca of Newfoundland" Vol. 28, 1940

  • Folder: 5, Brown, A. R., 1948

    "Horticultural and agricultural possibilities of the southern portion of the Churchill River Basin" Survey Dec. 1948

  • Folder: 6, Brown, D. E., 1961

    "A sun position diagram for Pt. Barrow, Alaska" U.S. Navy Electronics Laboratory Report, April 19, 1961

  • Folder: 7, Brown, Emily Ivanoff, 1956

    "Eskimo legend of Kotzebue" 1959; "Inupiut (Eskimo) homes" (Inuit) 1956

  • Folder: 8, Brown, Hugh A., 1941

    Open letter about Antarctic ice caps research Sept. 1956; "The great deluges of the earth" 1941

  • Folder: 9, Brown, J. K., 1915

    "Lonely Guardians of the North" Technical World Magazine Feb. 1915 (Fragment)

  • Folder: 10, Brown, Robert , 1879

    "A new North-East voyage" Cassell's Family Magazine March 1879

  • Folder: 11, Brown, Sanford , 1981

    "Ice Engineering in the arctic" The Lamp Fall 1981

  • Folder: 12, Browne, Irene, 1954

    With A. P. Crary "Probable ice island locations in the Arctic Basin, January 1954" Air Force Surveys in Geophysics May 1954

  • Folder: 13, Brownell, Henry Howard, 1853

    "The discoverers, pioneers, and settlers of North and South America" Chapter of The New World? 1853

  • Folder: 14, Bruce, William S., 1894-2001

    Knowledge "Antarctic seals" Dec. 1, 1893, "Antarctic birds" Sept. 1, 1894, "Antarctic exploration" Feb. 1896; "Arctic and Antarctic" Philosophical Society of Glasgow, 1900-1901; "Report on the work of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition [1902-04]" Aug. 1904; "Some results of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition" Scottish Geographical Magazine Aug. 1905 (Includes maps); G. W. Swinney "Some new perspectives on the life of William Speirs Bruce (1867-1921), with a preliminary catalogue of the Bruce collection of manuscripts in the University of Edinburgh" Archives of National History 2001

  • Folder: 15, Bruemmer, Fred, 1969

    “Marble Island” The Bever Autumn 1969

  • Folder: 16, Bruggemann, Paul F., 1958

    "Insects and Environments of the High Arctic" Proceedings 10th International Congress of Entomology Vol. 1, 1956 (1958)

  • Folder: 17, Bruun, Daniel, 1908-1910

    "Godthaabsegnen og den gamle vesterbygd i tilknytning til et ved samarbejde med Grønlænderne tilvejebragt kort over nævnte egn" April 13, 1908; With Finnur Jónsson "Om hove og hovudgravninger på island" 1910

  • Folder: 18, Bryan, Kirk, 1948

    "The study of permanently frozen ground and intensive frost action" The Military Engineer Vol. 11 No. 273, July 1948

  • Folder: 19, Bryant, H. G., 1899-1902

    "Drift casks in the Arctic Ocean" Proceedings American Philosophical Society Vol. 41 No. 169, April 3, 1902; "Drift casks to determine arctic currents" VII International Geographical Congress Berlin 1899 See also : V.S. Correspondence

  • Folder: 20, Bryophyte, 1955

    Elizabeth M. Sherrard "Bryophytes of Alaska - I. Some Mosses from the Southern Slopes of the Brooks Range" The Bryologist Vol. 58 No. 3, Sept. 1955

  • Folder: 21, Bucksar, Richard G., 1961

    "Creation and expansion, godchildren of necessity: Transportation and the Canadian Northwest" April 1961; "Elliot Lake, Ontario: Problems of a modern "boom-town"

  • Folder: 22, Budd, G. M., 1961

    The Emu Vol. 61 Dec. 1961 "The biotopes of Emperor Penguin rookeries," "A dwarf egg of the Emperor Penguin"

  • Folder: 23, Bullock, Dewey , undated

    "A new Alaska Highway proposal" Mining World

  • Folder: 24, Bunnell, Charles E., 1948

    With S. L. Seaton "The geophysical observatory, University of Alaska" Terrestrial Magnetism and Atmospheric Electricity Dec. 1948

  • Folder: 25, Bunt, J. S., 1954

    The Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales Vol. 79, 1954 "A comparative account of the terrestrial diatoms of Macquarie Island," "Notes on the bacteria belonging to the Rhodobacteriinae breed, Murray and Hitchens, and the Chlamydobacteriales Buchanan occurring at Macquarie Island;" "The soil-inhabiting nematodes of Macquarie Island" Australian Journal of Zoology Vol. 2 No. 2, 1954

  • Folder: 26, Burkhanov, Vasily, 1956

    "New Soviet discoveries in the Arctic" 1956

  • Folder: 27, Burkholder, Mabel, 1929

    "Captain Cook" Ryerson Canadian History Readers 1929

  • Folder: 28, Burn-Murdoch, W. G., 1929

    "Some notes about Polar bears" Chambers's Journal 1929

  • Folder: 29, Burnett, Edward , undated

    "The Northeast Passage"

  • Folder: 30, Burpee, Lawrence J., 1929-1930

    Ryerson Canadian History Readers "Hudson Bay to the Blackfoot Country: Journals of Hendry and Cocking" 1929, "Henry Hudson" 1930, "Sir Sandford Fleming" 1930

  • Folder: 31, Burr, Frank A., undated

    Excerpt about Fort Vancouver from A New, Original And Authentic Record Of The Life And Deeds Of General U.S. Grant 1885 (Copy)

  • Folder: 32, Burton, E. S., 1909

    "My first whale" Outdoor Life 1909

  • Folder: 33, Bushaw, Donald , 1958

    "The Chinook Jargon" The Record Friends of the Library State College of Washington 1958

  • Folder: 34, Butler, Raymond A., 1957

    "The Bellingshausen Sea - Antarctica" 1957

  • Folder: 35, Byrd, Richard E., 1988-1996

    Articles on reputations of polar explorers 1996, "Did Byrd reach Pole? His diary hints 'no'" New York Times May 1996; Articles on the death of Richard Byrd Jr. (Byrd’s son) New York Times, Valley News, October 1988

  • Folder: 36, Byrnes, Harold "Slim", undated

    "Pioneer days at Cecil Lake" (Local history)

  • Folder: 37, Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar Núnez, undated

    Biography with advertisement for commemorative medal

  • Folder: 38, Cagni, Umberto, 1901

    Note that the Italian North Polar expedition (1899-1900) had to date come the closest to the north pole The Week 1900; "Nearest the pole: Commander Cagni's own account of his hazardous journey" The Pall Mall Magazine 1901

  • Folder: 39, California Academy of Sciences, 1881

    Reception of Lieut. Robert M. Berry, U.S.N. commanding U.S. Steamer Rodgers of the Jeannette Search Expedition Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences June 1881

  • Folder: 40, Cameron, Bleasdell , undated

    "The Romance of Pemmican" The Canadian Magazine Vol. 18 No. 5, March 1902 (Copy)

  • Folder: 41, Campbell, William Joseph, 1958

    "The Arctic Jet Stream" Dept. of Meteorology and Climatology, University of Washington 1958; Obituary NYT

  • Folder: 42, Camsell, Charles, 1907-1938

    "Preliminary report on a part of the Similkameen District, British Columbia" 1907 (Includes Map); "The changing aspect of the Northwest Territories" Transactions Vol. 41, 1938

  • Folder: 43, Canada , 1888-1993

    "The Canadian dominion bubble" (Canadian Pacific Railway) London Truth Sept. 1881 (Copy); "Recent explorations in Canada 1890-1896" (Labrador, Northern Canada) Ottawa Naturalist Vol. 10 No. 11, March 1897; Response to this article Saskatoon Star-Phoenix May 1929; "Every-day questions answered in regard to the Canadian West and its opportunities and rewards for farmers" Canadian Pacific Railway Bulletin 1888 (Includes Map); Resource map New York Times July 1952; General information on the Canadian Coast Guard (Includes List of Ships; Canada Today/d'aujourd'hui Issue on "Canada's Aboriginal Peoples" Vol. 23 No. 1, 1993; Guide to national historic sites

  • Folder: 44, Canada - Alberta , 1924-1974

    The Imperial Oil Review Alberta Number Vol. 8 No. 4, April 1924; G. Fred McNally "The province of Alberta: Geographical Aspects" Canadian Geographical Society; "Edmonton - the gateway to the north" Imperial Oil Review April-May 1936; K. A. Clark "Athabasca oil sands: Historical review and summary of technical data" Dec. 1957; Robert Collins "Unlocking the treasure of the sands" (the Athabasca tar sands) The Lamp Fall 1974

  • Folder: 45, Canada - Art, Historical and Scientific Association, undated

    Session 1907-1908 Historical Papers F. C. Wade "Early navigators of the Pacific," Judge Howay "The search for the Fraser by sea and land," Walter Moberly "History of the Cariboo Wagon Road"

  • Folder: 46, Canada - British Columbia, 1901-1935

    John Gough "Province of British Columbia: Geographical Aspects" Canadian Geographical Society; "Orders of the day" and "Votes and Proceedings" Legislative Assembly of British Columbia (Discussions on the Canada-Alaskan Highway) Feb. 28, March 14, 23, 1935; Archer Martin "Porcupine-Chilkat Districts Report under the Porcupine district commission act, 1900" 1901 (Includes map); "Peace River land recording division" (William R. Ross) 1914

  • Folder: 47, Canada - Dept. of Transport , 1960

    "Airport and aerodrome directory" March 1960

  • Folder: 48, Canada - Geographic Board, 1910-1911

    "Ninth Report of the Geographic Board of Canada, for the Year Ending June 30, 1910. Supplement to the Annual Report of the Department of Marine and Fisheries." Sessional Paper No. 21a, 1911. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Folder: 49, Canada - Hudson Bay, 1920-1928

    "Report of the special committee appointed to report on the navigability and fishery resources of Hudson Bay and Strait" Senate of Canada 1920; "Report of the Hudson Strait Expedition to Dec. 31, 1927" 1928

  • Folder: 50, Canada - Labrador , 1891-1968

    "Labrador Conference" Gov. Of Newfoundland Feb. 13-16, 1956; "The Grand Falls of Labrador" Goldthwaite's Geographical Magazine Vol. 2 No. 12, 1891; L. A. Carey "Menihek Power Development" The Engineering Journal May 1954; "British Newfoundland Corporation Ltd. Annual Report 1965; D. J. Mcparland "Churchill Falls power development" March 24, 1966 (Photo); "The bottle of Churchill Falls" 1968; Mrs. George D. Fraser "The Labrador coast from Hopedale to Nain;" J. A. Retty "The New Quebec and Labrador iron ore project"

  • Folder: 51, Canada - Manitoba , 1878-1960

    Province of Manitoba and North-West Territory of the Dominion of Canada: Information for emigrants" Dept of Agriculture 1878 (Includes map 1874); "Dominion of Canada the Province of Manitoba and North-West Territory: Information for intending immigrants" Dept of Agriculture 1881; C.M. Campbell "Resources and characteristics of Northern Manitoba" 1919; J. D. B. Harrison "The forests of Manitoba" Dept. of the Interior 1934; Rev. V. J. Eylands "The Lutheran Church in Canada" Winnipeg; "The Arctic small tool tradition in Manitoba;" "Fort Churchill, Manitoba" 1960; Ford, T. J. "Canada's New Inland Seaport" (Churchill, Manitoba) Sperryscope Vol. 7 No. 3, March 1934; "Churchill on Hudson Bay" Churchill Ladies Club; O. B. Johnson "A study of Churchill, Manitoba" Dept. of Northern Affairs and National Resources, July 5, 1960; F. Johansen "Description of the country and vegetation at Port Churchill, Man. in Arctic Canada" Nyt Magazin for Naturvidenskaberne B. 73, 1933; "The Pas: the gateway to Hudson Bay" Board of Trade Booklet 1, 1914; York Factory pamphlets

  • Folder: 52, Canada - Meteorological Branch, 1951-1959

    H.P. Wison and W.E. Markham "Terminal weather conditions at Eureka, Isachsen, Mould Bay and Resolute" 1951; "Maximum winter ice thickness in rivers and lakes in Canada" May 1959; "Break-up and freeze-up dates of rivers and lakes in Canada" Jan. 1959

  • Folder: 53, Canada - Newfoundland , 1935-1949

    N. L. MacPherson "The dried codfish industry" Dept of Natural Resources 1935; W. G. Charlton "Newfoundland" The Imperial Oil Review Vol. 22 No. 2, 1939; Imperial Oil Review Vol. 33 No. 2 April-May 1949: "Oil for Newfoundland," "The sea is their highway," "Holiday Island," "Fishing - old style and new," "Trawling the Grand Banks"

  • Folder: 54, Canada, Northern, 1946-1983

    "Geological investigation of Melville, Prince Patrick, Eglinton, Brock, Bordon and Mackenzie King Islands, Canadian Arctic Archipelago, 1958" Geological Survey of Canada; Natural Resources Canada Vol. 1 No. 10 Nov. 1922 (Copy); John B. Harvey "The future of northern Canada" 1946; "The awakening north" from Annual Report of Distiller's Corporation - Seagrams Ltd. 1956; The Rotarian Magazine Nov. 1958 James Montagnes "Canada's awakening northland," "Rotary answers the call of the north;" Canadian Consulting Engineer feature issue "The Canadian north: challenge and opportunity" Jan. 1960; "Arctic proving ground" (Army Exercise Muskox) Imperial Oil Review June, 1946; "What of the North," V. Stefansson "Urges Northern Railway" Imperial Oil Review June 1947 Imperial Oil Review (Report on the North) Vol. 44 No. 5, Oct. 1960; “Guide for Expeditions to the Canadian Arctic Islands” Published by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada 1983

  • Folder: 55, Canada - Northwest Territories 1 of 3, 1941-1987

    "Background information on Northwest Territories" 1960s; "The Northwest Territories: Administration, Resources, Development" 1941, 1943, 1948; "Administration of the Northwest Territories" 1953; "Annual report of the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories" 1963-64, 1966-67; Canada Today/d'aujourd'hui Arctic issue Vol. 18 No. 1, 1987; Poster "1880/1980 from sea to sea trois océans: un pays" with information about the Arctic islands;" L.T. Fyfe "Monument allegedly Norse origin, Washington Irving Island, NWT" RCMP 1942; "The Northwest Territories Errata" for unidentified publication

  • Folder: 56, Canada - Northwest Territories 2 of 3, 1929-1991

    Ordinance "Respecting the exportation of furs from the North West Territories" North West Territories Council 1929; "Graphs showing fur take and average prices by species" April 1962; "Studies in Canada's Arctic" Fisheries Research Board 1970; "Canadian wildlife;" "Canada's Reindeer" 1940 (Includes supplement 1941); "Flora, fauna, and geology of the Northwest Territories" 1954; "Canadian Arctic plantlife;" R. G. Ray "Forest inventory of the lower Peace and Athabasca Rivers in Wood Buffalo National Park" Forest Management Paper No. 3, Dept. of Forestry, Canada, 1961; "Physical geography of the Canadian Western Arctic" The Canada Year Book 1948-49 1948 (Reprint); "The flying geologist" Imperial Oil Review Oct. 1946; L. David Mech "Ellesmere Island: Life in the high Arctic" National Geographic June 1988; Fred Bruemmer "Herschel! The big town" The Beaver Winter 1980; "The population of the Northwest Territories and the Yukon 1951-1961" 1963; "The Eskimos of Canada" 1962; "Speech by the Honorable Jean Chrétien, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to the Council of the Northwest Territories" Nov. 1969; "Speech by the Honorable Jean Chrétien, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to the Yellowknife Board of Trade" Nov. 1969; "Canada agrees to split Northwest Territories with Inuit" Boston Globe Dec. 17, 1991; "Canada offers land deal to Eskimos" Valley News Dec. 17, 1991; Tagia Times '71 (Churchill, Manitoba) Vol. 2. No. 14, May 31, 1973 with supplement; "Under Arctic ice, a 19th-Century ship tantalizes" (H.M.S. Breadalbane) New York Times March 17, 1982; "Historic names for northern schools and residences" March 2, 1961; "Parks Canada honours Albert Faille - Nahanni Pioneer" Indian and Northern Affairs Communiqué May 3, 1974

  • Folder: 57, Canada - Northwest Territories 3 of 3, 1898-1962

    "Modern refinery installed at Norman Wells" The Imperial Oil Review Vol. 14 No. 1, 1940 (Includes "Canada's Oil Industry in 1896'); John F. Burns, “Gulf Canada Taps the Beaufort” New York Times, March 9, 1987; "The Northwest Territories" Agricultural and Industrial Progress in Canada 1942; "Northwest Territories Road Construction Program 1961-62" (Project - Cost list); "Prospectors' Assistance Program" early 1960s; "Industries of the Northwest Territories" 1953; "The Northwest Territories: Its economic prospects" 1957; John Burns, New York Times “Across Ice, in a 26- Wheel Rig: Canada’s Intreid Truckers” Feb. 19, 1987, “In the Arctic Tundra, Thunder of Ottawa’s Military Buildup” July 6, 1987; Pamphlet "Taltson River hydro project;" "Our last frontier- the Canadian North" 1951; "...Rise, the true North...;" "Notes for visitors to the Northwest of Canada" 1957; Tourist pamphlets; Map 1953; Photo from unidentified publicatoin of “N.W.M.P. and Canadian Custom House, Chilkoot Summit” dated 1898

  • Folder: 58, Canada - Nova Scotia, 1959

    "Nova Scotia: Canada's ocean playground;" Tour book; "Mining in Nova Scotia: a non-technical summary" 1959

Box: 6, Dates: 1861-2002

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Canada - Nunavut Territory , 1894-1961

    E. W. Hoen, Map "Geology with special reference to anhydrite diapirs, Central Western Axel Heiberg Island" 1960; Larry F. Labow, information on Baffin Island Region, 1960; Robert Stein "Proposed exploration of Ellesmere Land" Goldthwaite's Geographical Magazine Vol. 6 No. 1, Jan. 1894 (Includes: Bessie L. Putnam "The Thling of Alaska" (Inuit)); "An introduction to Frobisher Bay;" "RCAF Unit Routine Orders" 1950; "Permanent townsite for Frobisher Bay" 1961; Welcome brief for Frobisher Bay Rehabilitation Center; "Report on the geological and mineralogical specimens collected by Mr. C.F. Hall in Frobisher Bay" (Fragment); "Resolute - Cornwallis Island" 1960; Receipts

  • Folder: 2, Canada - Ontario , circa 1912-1950

    "Report of James Bay forest survey, Moose River lower basin" Dept. of Lands and Forests, 1922; R. M. Smith "Northern Ontario: limits of land settlement for the good citizen" (Includes map); Frank Campbell "Northern Ontario Post Offices to 1895" supplement; Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway Commission "The great clay belt of Northern Ontario," "A plain tale of plain people" c. 1912?; Map of Ottawa, Hull, Glouchester, Kanata, Nepean, Alymer, Gatineau; Pamphlet Canadian museum of civilization; "List of books on Ontario boundary question in New York" 1950; Porcupine District Flyer; Timagami Flyer

  • Folder: 3, Canada - Ontario Nortland Transportation, 1952-1957

    "A few facts about the Ontario Northland Railway and the territory it serves" pamphlet 1952; A. Freeman "A brief historical sketch of the Ontario Northland Railway;" "Fifty-fifth annual report of the Ontario Northland Transport Commission, Ontario Government Railway for the year ended December 31, 1955" 1956; "The end of an era: 'last run' of the steam locomotive on Ontario Northland Railway, June 24-25, 1957" booklet; Train schedules 1954; Boat schedules 1954

  • Folder: 4, Canada - Petroleum , 1946-1970

    "Canada seeks her oil reserves" Imperial Oil Review June 1946; "Westcoast Production Co. Ltd. Annual Report for the year ended March 31, 1970"

  • Folder: 5, Canada - Prince Edward Island, circa 1941-1959

    Guide books, 1940s-1950s

  • Folder: 6, Canada - Québec , 1952-1990

    "Province of Quebec: geographical aspects" W. P. Percival "La province de Québec" 1959; "Québec la doulce province - all year round vacation land;" P. E. Imbault "New Quebec" The Educational Record Jan-March 1952; "Wilderness railroad goes 'Roller Freight' to tap fabulous ore strike" (The Québec, North Shore and Labrador Railroad) Timken Bearings Advertisement Collier's May 23, 1954; Forces: Hydro- Québec No. 19, 1972; "Hoyt, Hinchey question Québec hydro environmental damage" from "News from assemblyman William B. Hoyt" April 4, 1990; "La Gaspésie;" "Welcome to RCAF station Knob Lake" (Schefferville); "Sept-Iles" informational booklet; Postcards from Sept-Iles, 1961

  • Folder: 7, Canada - Québec - Montreal Winter Carnival, 1955-1956

    Correspondence and clippings on the Ice Castle, the Carnival, Montreal and vicinity, Nov. 1955- Jan. 10, 1956; Photos and illustrations of Ice Castles

  • Folder: 8, Canada - Religion, circa 1836

    "Missionary travels in the interior of Newfoundland" (Journal of Archdeacon Wix) The Saturday Magazine March 26, 1836; Church of England in Canada Missionary Society Popular Information Series: No. 7 "Athabasca," No. 17 "The Diocese of the Arctic," No. 8 "Keewatin and Moosonee (Hudson Bay Missions)," No. 11 "The Missionary Dioceses in Canada," No. 12 "Our Indian residential Schools" (Native American), No. 18 "With the settlers in the Diocese of Saskatchewan"

  • Folder: 9, Canada - Saint Lawrence Seaway, 1956

    G. S. Mooney "The seaway and its impact on the economic planning of the Montreal region" 1956

  • Folder: 10, Canada - Saskatchewan , 1944-1961

    Photo book of Regina; "Saskatchewan notebook: the story of a young Canadian province;" Pamphlet "Legislative and Executive Council" 1944; "Progress report from your government 1944-1947;" "The present, the potential and the planned for northern Saskatchewan" 1958; "The new north: Saskatchewan's Northern Development Program 1945-48" 1948; "Larger school units in Saskatchewan" 1944?; "Government airways now operate four scheduled flights into north" Saskatchewan News Vol. 2 No. 50, Sept. 22, 1947; Saskatchewan Fur Marketing Service pamphlet; "New deal for Saskatchewan fisheries" 1948; Des Fogg "From fission to fishing Uranium City may change tag" Saskatchewan News July 25, 1961

  • Folder: 11, Canada - Yukon , 1931-1969

    "The Yukon Territory: its history and resources" 1909; F. H. Kitto “Yukon: Land of the Klondike” 1931; Peter Stursberg "The new Yukon" The Canadian Magazine Jan. 1938; "The Yukon Territory: administration, resources, development" 1943, 1944; "The Yukon Territory: history administration, resources, development" 1950; “Yukon Territory Road COnstruction Program 1961-62” Press Release, April 6, 1961; “Speech by the Honorable Jean Chretien, P.C., M.P., Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce” Nov. 11, 1969; Tourist pamphlets, including the Alaska Highway and gold panning, 1969 and undated

  • Folder: 12, Canadian Airways Limited , 1930-1937

    Bulletin April, Dec. 1930; Aug., Dec. 1931; Jan.-Dec. 1932; Jan.-Nov. 1933; Aug. 1934; Nov. 1937

  • Folder: 13, Canoeing, 1966-1975

    George B. Rossbach "By canoe down Thelon River" The Beaver Autumn 1966; Leslie H. Neatby review of “To the Arctic By Canoe, 1819-1821” The Musk-Ox, No. 15, 1975

  • Folder: 14, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Library, 1940-1941

    M. Alice Matthews Arctic and Antarctic Regions bibliography, 1940; Helen L. Scanlon Iceland bibliography, 1941

  • Folder: 15, Carrière, Gaston, undated

    "L'oeuvre des oblats de Marie-Immaculée dans le Nord Canadien Oriental"

  • Folder: 16, Carrighar, Sally, undated

    "Nome, Alaska;" "The party is over for the Eskimos" (Barrow, Alaska); "Unalakleet, Alaska" (Color newsprint)

  • Folder: 17, Cartier, Jacques , 1861-1862

    "Documents sur les Voyages et sur la vie de Jacques Cartier" Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, Transactions Vol. 5 part 1, May 1862; "Généalogie de Jacques Cartier et de sa famille (1428-1861)" 1861

  • Folder: 18, Cary, Austin, undated

    "Exploration on Grand River, Labrador" American Geographical Society

  • Folder: 19, Caswell, John E. , 1969

    “The Sponsors of Canadian Arctic Exploration” The Beaver Part I, Spring 1969, Part III Autumn 1969

  • Folder: 20, Caterpillar Tractor Co., undated

    "Tractor type transportation units for arctic operations"

  • Folder: 21, Chance, Norman A., 1960

    "Conceptual and methodological problems in cross-cultural health survey research" 1960

  • Folder: 22, Chaney, Ralph W., 1938

    With Herbert L. Mason "A Pleistocene flora from Fairbanks, Alaska" American Museum Novitates No. 887, Oct. 1938

  • Folder: 23, Chapman, John Wight, 1909-1943

    "Alaska's Great Highway" 1909; "The medical boat on the Yukon: a modern "medicine man" visits the Alaskan natives;" Mrs. John Chapman "The ministry of the Rev. John W. Chapman, D. D. at Anvik in Alaska" 1943

  • Folder: 24, Chapskii, K. K., 1955

    "An attempt towards a revision of the systematics and diagnostic features of seals belonging to the subfamily Phocinae" Trudy Zoologicheskogo Instituta 1955

  • Folder: 25, Chard, Chester S., 1955

    "Reindeer Breeding: Types and Origins" Davidson Journal of Anthropology Vol. 1 No. 1, 1955; "The western roots of Eskimo culture" XXXIII Congreso Internacional de Americanistas 1958; "Check-stamped pottery in prehistoric Eurasia" A pedro bosch-gimpera en el septuagésimo aniversario de su nacimiento

  • Folder: 26, Chelyuskin Search, 1934-1975

    Or "Cheliuskin" "Cheliuskinites welcomed home" Soviet Union Review July, 1934; “Cheyluskin Located at Bottom of Arctic Ocean” The Musk-Ox, No. 15, 1975; Banner, Flyer and Form (In Russian)

  • Folder: 27, Chester, S. P., 1929

    "Pathfinders to America" Ryerson Canadian History Readers 1929

  • Folder: 28, Cheyne, Commander John Powles, 1932

    Cheyne's Presentation of his proposed Arctic expedition and Discussion Fifteenth Annual Report of the Aëronautical Society of Great Britain 1880; Rupert Gould "Cheyne's proposed Arctic Expedition, 1880" 1932; The Geographical Society of Philadelphia: V. Stefansson "Introduction to the Cheyne articles," Rupert Gould "Cheyne's proposed Arctic Expedition, 1880," Carolyn Ward "Early arctic ballooning and further light on Cheyne's proposal"

  • Folder: 29, Chidsey, A. D., 1941-1943

    "Charles Swaine" 1942; Correspondence on Swaine 1941-43

  • Folder: 30, Chinn, A. L., 1944

    "Baker Lake Expedition 1914-1918" Scarlet and Gold Twenty Sixth Edition 1944

  • Folder: 31, Chinook , undated

    "Chinook jargon as used by the Hudson Bay Company;" A.H. Hodgson "Chinook Dictionary" (Inuit Language)

  • Folder: 32, Chipman, Kenneth Gordon, 1975

    Obituary Polar Record Vol. 17 No. 109, 1975

  • Folder: 33, Christensen, C. L., 1937

    "Men and women in prehistory" 1937

  • Folder: 34, Christiansen, Hans C., 1960

    "Greenland: fascinating part of greater Denmark" 1960

  • Folder: 35, Church of England, 1949

    "All Saints Cathedral, Aklavik" (Canada) 1949

  • Folder: 36, Claridge, G. G. C., 1961

    "An investigation of the fine fraction of some rock and soil materials from Antarctica" New Zealand Journal of Science Vol. 4 No. 3, Sept. 1961

  • Folder: 37, Clark, Frank I. , 1906

    "The True Northwest Passage" The Pacific Monthly Thanksgiving 1906

  • Folder: 38, Clark, John N., 1960

    With J. Saphr, R. Hindle "The effect of freezing-thawing cycles on thermistor calibration" U.S. Army Corps of Engineers June 1960

  • Folder: 39, Clarke, Joseph I. C. , 1882

    "The Jeanette and her Crew" Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly Vol. 13 No. 3, March 1882

  • Folder: 40, Clavering, Douglas C., undated

    "Journal of a voyage to Spitzbergen and the East Coast of Greenland, in His Majesty's ship Griper" The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal April-June 1830 (Copy)

  • Folder: 41, Clay, Cassius Marcellus, 1896

    "Oration on annexation of Alaska Oct. 1895" 1896

  • Folder: 42, Cleveland, Benjamin D., 1909

    "Sea Elephant hunting in the wilds of the Antarctic" Hampton's Magazine Vol. 12 No. 5, May 1909

  • Folder: 43, Cohn, James E., circa 1948

    "A collection of notes for reference use in connection with Naval operations in Polar seas" 1948?

  • Folder: 44, Cold Regions Bibliography, undated

    Pamphlet for

  • Folder: 45, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL), 1959-1993

    Army release announcing creation of CRREL Nov. 13, 1959; Cornerstone laying ceremonies program, June 15, 1960; "Snow in July" Contact Vol. 47, No. 8, Aug. 1966; "Where there's cold there's CRREL" Sept. 29, 1971; "Four CRREL staffers cited for achievement" March 15, 1974; "Now this is a snow tunnel: CRREL digs at Skiway to practice for Antarctica" Valley News Feb. 27, 1993 (Includes diagram of tunneling system); "Ancient Arctic ice shipped to state"

  • Folder: 46, Coleman, D'Alton C., 1945

    "Lord Mount Stephen (1829-1921) and the Canadian Pacific Railway" 1945

  • Folder: 47, Collins, Henry B., 1950

    "Anthropological problems in the Arctic;" "Problems in archeology of the Arctic" April 1950

  • Folder: 48, Columbus, Christopher, 1878-1951

    "Letters of Columbus and Vespuccius" Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society Introduction by George Dexter 1878; "Les sépultures de Christophe Colomb" Société de Géographie Oct. 1878, Reprint 1879; "Restos de Colon" Sociedad Literaria "Amigos del Pais" 1882; "Christophe Colomb et ses historiens espagnols" Revue Critique d'Histoire et de Littérature Oct. 1892; "Christophe Colomb et Toscanelli" Revue Critique d'Histoire et de Littérature Oct. 1893; Joaquin Miller "The journal of Columbus' first voyage" 1912; Correspondence on "America discovered by the Welsh in AD 1170" 1940; "Ausstellung Kolumbus zum 500. Geburtstag des entdeckers" Globus Museum 1951, See Oversize: "The discovery of America" Illustrated Family Paper 1857

  • Folder: 49, Coman, Dana, undated

    "Health and living conditions" (in Antarctica)

  • Folder: 50, Comer, George, 1984

    Fred Calabretta “Captain George Comer and the Arctic” The Log of Mystic Seaport Winter 1984

  • Folder: 51, Commemorative Postage Stamps, 1952-1990

    Canada "Finding Franklin's Relics," "Stefansson on polar ice," (Also first day of issue cancellation) "Matonabbee Travelling North," "Tyrrell has another find" $.38 Canada 1989, with pamphlet; "International Geophysical Year 1957-58" $.03 U.S. 1958 (first day of issue cancellation); "Arctic Explorations 1909-1959" $.04 U.S.; "Small craft - native boats" Philatelic Service Commemorative Stamp Bulletin Feb. 1 1989; B. Moss "Stamping into the Polar Regions" Weekly Philatelic Gossip Vol. 53 No. 25, Feb. 23, 1952; Ice Cap News American Society of Polar Philatelists Vol. 31 No. 1, Jan-Feb 1986; "U.S. Polar Explorers quartet" Linn's Stamp News May 26, 1986; "Unites States Postal Service to release Antarctic Explorers commemorative stamps" Linn's Stamp News Aug. 22, 1988; "Who's Who on U.S. Stamps" on V.S. Linn's Stamp News Oct. 9, 1989; Review Greenland Seen Through 50 Years of Stamps 1938-1988 from Linn's Stamp News Oct. 15, 1990

  • Folder: 52, Commission des Glaciers, 1930

    "Rapport de la Commission des glaciers" Conseil International de Recherches, Union Géodésique et Géophysique Internationale Bulletin N. 14, 1930

  • Folder: 53, Comrie, J. D., 1920

    "Scurvy in North Russia" Edinburgh Medical Journal April 1920

  • Folder: 54, Connell, Frank H., 1949

    "Trichinosis in the Arctic: A review" Arctic Vol. 2 No. 2, Sept. 1949

  • Folder: 55, Conning, undated

    "Early trade and commerce from the south to the Scandinavian countries"

  • Folder: 56, Conrad, Joseph , 1924

    "Geography and Some Explorers" National Geographic Magazine March, 1924 Includes: Photos by Herbert G. Ponting "The lure of the land of ice" (British Antarctic expedition 1910-13)

  • Folder: 57, Conway, William M., Sir, 1896

    "Castaways on East Spitzbergen" Cassell's Family Magazine 1896

  • Folder: 58, Cook, Dr. Frederick A., 1909-1997

    Menu and program "Banquet in honour of Frederic A. Cook, M.D. by the Arctic Club of America" Sept. 23, 1909; Articles and letters to the editor on Cook-Peary Controversy 1926-1996; Itek Optical Systems report on Cook photographs, 1996; "Who reached the North Pole first? A researcher lays claim to solving the mystery" (Robert Bryce) New York Times Feb. 17, 1997; Flyer: Robert Bryce Cook and Peary: the Polar controversy, resolved 1997; Flyer: Frederic Cook To the Top of the Continent 90th Anniversary Reprint Edition the 1908 Mountaineering Classic 1997 (Includes: Richard Davis ed. Lobsticks and Stone Cairns: Human Landmarks in the Arctic); "Dr cook-Mt. McKinley Controversy Closed" Dio Vol. 7 Nos. 2-3, Dec. 1997

  • Folder: 59, Cook, (Dr. Frederick A.) Society 1 of 3, 1990-1999

    Cook Reprints: "The Antarctic's challenge to the explorer" 1894, "Two thousand miles in the Antarctic ice" 1899, "Two possibilities of Antarctic Exploration" 1899, "The new Antarctic Discoveries" 1900, "The giant Indians of Tierra del Fuego" 1900, Possibilities of human life within the Antarctic" 1900, "The people of the farthest north" 1902, "America's unconquered mountain" 1904, "Round Mt. McKinley" 1904; Sheldon cook-Dorough "The first Eskimo testimony April 1909-Aug. 1909" 1990; Correspondence 1955-1997; Publications list; Pamphlets: Cook, Cook Symposium Oct. 1993, Centennial Belgica Antarctic Expedition Symposium Sept 1997 (Ohio), May 1998 (Brussels), Polar and Mountaineering Medicine Symposium Sept. 1999

  • Folder: 60, Cook, (Dr. Frederick A.) Society 2 of 4, 1990-2002

    Membership News March 1995-Dec. 2002; Polar Priorities April 1990- Oct. 1993

  • Folder: 61, Cook, (Dr. Frederick A.) Society 3 of 4, 1994-1998

    Polar Priorities Oct. 1994-Sept 2002 (Includes "The 'Fake Peak' Serials 1910-1998" Supplement to Polar Priorities 1998)

  • Folder: 62, Cook, (Dr. Frederick A.) Society 4 of 4, 1974-1989

    Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 1 Dec. 1974 - Vol. 9, April 1989

Box: 7, Dates: 1843-2002

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Cook, James, 1970

    "James Cook: The opening of the Pacific" National Maritime Museum (British) 1970

  • Folder: 2, Coones, E. S., 1956

    "Rivers of Canada" 1956

  • Folder: 3, Cooper, James Fenimore , undated

    Authorship unverified

  • Folder: 4, Cooper, Paul Fenimore, 1961

    Book Jacket Island of the Lost; Review New York Times Oct. 1, 1961; Photo of Cooper

  • Folder: 5, Copley, Frank Barkley, 1911

    "The measure of human grit: a traitor's death in the Arctic" American Magazine Jan. 1911

  • Folder: 6, Cora, Guido, 1876

    "La Spedizione Artica Inglese 1875-1876" Cosmos comunicazioni sui progressi più recenti e notevoli della geografia e delle scienze affini Vol. 3, 1876

  • Folder: 7, Cory, W. W., 1926

    "An ordinance respecting scientists and explorers passed by the North West Territories Council" 1926

  • Folder: 8, Couch, James S., 1953

    "Alaska Postal History" The American Philatelist Vol. 67 No. 1, Oct. 1953

  • Folder: 9, Court, Arnold , 1948

    "Winter temperatures at Churchill" 1948

  • Folder: 10, Cox, Mary, 1956

    "John Driggs among the Eskimos" Builders for Christ 1956

  • Folder: 11, Coxwell, Henry, 1881

    "Ballooning for Arctic objects" Temple Bar 1881

  • Folder: 12, Craigie, William A., 1949

    "Nokkrar athuganir um rímur" 1949

  • Folder: 13, Crespin, Irene, 1960

    "Some recent foraminifera from Vestfold Hills, Antarctica" Science Reports of the Tohoku University Special Vol. 4, March, 1960

  • Folder: 14, Croasdale, Hannah , 1973

    "Freshwater Algae of Ellesmere Island, NWT" National Museum of Natural Sciences Publications in Botany No. 3, 1973

  • Folder: 15, Crocker Land Expedition, 1912

    American Museum Journal Vol. 12, May 1912

  • Folder: 16, Croft, Andrew, 1940

    "Notes on the Selection and Care of Polar Footwear Parts I and II" by Andrew Croft ad Brian Roberts

  • Folder: 17, Croll, James, 1879

    "On the thickness of the Antarctic and its relations to that of the glacial epoch" Quarterly Journal of Science Jan. 1879

  • Folder: 18, Cromie, Robert , circa 1934

    "Log of a Trip to the Arctic," The Vancouver Sun, ca. 1934

  • Folder: 19, Cromwell, Archibald, undated

    "With Nansen in the North - A chat with Lt. Johansen"

  • Folder: 20, Cross, Wilbur, 1962

    With Thorleif Hellbom "Last balloon to nowhere" (Andrée, Swedish North Polar Balloon Expedition) True Magazine Aug. 1962

  • Folder: 21, Crosson, Joseph E., 1937-1940

    "The search in the snow" (Search for Eielson) The Blue Book of Fiction Vol. 64 No. 6, April 1937; "Alaska looks ahead" New Horizons Nov. 1940

  • Folder: 22, Crouch, Walter, 1899

    "The North and South Polar Record" and "Fridtjof Nansen" Morning Advertiser 1896-99

  • Folder: 23, Crozier, F. R. M., 1861

    "Men I have known: Captain Crozier" Leisure Hour 1861

  • Folder: 24, Culbertson, Ely, 1950

    "The best answer to aggression: we can really have an effective U.N. Police Force" Reader's Digest Dec. 1950

  • Folder: 25, Cundy, Robert, 1963

    "Search for Cairn Six" (British Cape Britannia Expedition) C.I.L. Oval Vol. 32 No. 1, Jan. 1963

  • Folder: 26, Cunningham, James P. , 1960

    With Warren Rohsenow "Electrical analog study of errors in ground temperature measurement" 1960

  • Folder: 27, Curry, D., Rev., undated

    Authorship unverified

  • Folder: 28, D'Aigle, R. B. , 1958

    Letter to Graham Humphrys, May 5, 1958

  • Folder: 29, D'Iberville, 1868

    Francois Daniel "D'Iberville ou le Jean-Bart Canadien et la Baie d'Hudson" 1868

  • Folder: 30, Dafoe, John Wesley, 1944

    “Dafoe of the Winnipeg Free Press, 1901-1944” Collection of Obituaries and tributes, Jan. 31, 1944

  • Folder: 31, Dahl, Knut, 1926

    "Contributions to the Biology of the Spitsbergen char" Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi I Oslo Vol. 1 No. 7 1926

  • Folder: 32, Daley, Madelyn , 1986

    "Layering for the Antarctic - 1911" 1986

  • Folder: 33, Dall, William H., 1872-1874

    "Observations on the geology of Alaska;" "Report upon the agricultural resources of Alaska" U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Annual Report 1868; "Notes on the avi-fauna of the Aleutian Islands, from Unalashka, Eastward" 1873; Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences "Notes on the avifauna of the Aleutian Islands, especially those west of Unalashka" [Unalaska] 1874, "Descriptions of three new species of crustacea, parasitic on the cetacea of the N.W. Coast of Alaska" 1872; "On new Parasitic Crustacea, from the N.W. Coast of America" 1874

  • Folder: 34, Dalrymple, A. J., 1935

    "Caches" Imperial Oil Review Jan-Feb 1935

  • Folder: 35, Dalrymple, Alexander, undated

    "Memoir of a Map of the Lands around the North-Pole" 1789 (Copy)

  • Folder: 36, Dana, Richard , 1947

    "Told at the Explorers Club" Outline for radio play about V.S. - never produced 1947 (MS1947)

  • Folder: 37, Danenhower, John Wilson, 1882

    "Lieutenant Danenhower's Narrative of the Jeanette" 1882

  • Folder: 38, Danish Polar Center, 2002

    Descriptive pamphlet; Polar fronten No. 1, March 2002 (In Danish)

  • Folder: 39, Dansereau, Pierre, 1945-1963

    "Essai de corrélation sociologique entre les plantes supérieures et les poissons de la beine du Lac Saint-Louis" Revue Canadienne de Biologie Vol. 4 No. 3, 1945; "Les conditions de l'acériculture" Bulletin du Service de Biogéographie Dec. 1945; "Rapport des travaux du service de biogeographie pour les annees 1943-49" Bulletin du Service de Biogéographie 1950; "Flora and vegetation of the Gaspe Peninsula" Wild Flower April 1950; "Le point de vue écologique" Agriculture Vol. 13 Nos. 4 and 5, 1956; "La tradition botanique à Montréal" Culture 1956; Contributions de l'Institut Botanique de l'Université de Montréal: "The grading of dispersal types in plant communities and their ecological significance" 1957, "A universal system for recording vegetation" 1958, "Phytogeographia laurentiana I. Introduction et méthodologie" 1959; "Effets des parasites sur les structures de végétation" 39eme Rapport de la Société de Québec pour la Protection des Plantes 1957; "The barefoot scientist" Colorado Quarterly Vol. 12 No. 2, 1963

  • Folder: 40, Darrell, Hubert, 1973

    Peter Neufeld "Darrell" North/Nord May-June 1973, Lists of locations of his papers

  • Folder: 41, Dartmouth College Library, 1948-1985

    Nathaniel L. Goodrich "The Bell Arctic Books" The Baker Library Dartmouth College Library Bulletin March 1948; Cleveland Museum of Natural History "Presents Ellsworth papers to Stefansson Library" (Lincoln Ellsworth) The Explorer Vol. 4 No. 2, March-April 1962; “Arctic Collection’s HottestAcquisition: Peary Photographs Show Life in a Harsh Climate” Dartmouth College Vox Sept-Oct. 1985

  • Folder: 42, Dartmouth College - Misc., 1963-1987

    “McGill, College Sponsor Arctic Program Saturday” The Dartmouth, Feb. 21, 1963; “Thayer School the First to Get a Cool Project” (Arctic Research) Vox Vol 4 No 6, 1985; “Navy Awards Dartmouth $7.2 Million for Arctic Research” press release, Aug. 8, 1986; “Arctic Policy to be Developed” (Dartmouth College, Oran Young) Valley News Dec. 5, 1987; “Analyst Team Eyes Policy for Arctic Region” Upper Valley Echoes, Dec. 22, 1987

  • Folder: 43, Dassow, John A., 1955

    "Utilisation of Sea Lions in Alaska" Commercial Fisheries Review Jan. 1955

  • Folder: 44, Daugaard-Jensen, J., 1922

    "Grønlands administration" Nordisk Administrativt [...]idsskrift 1922

  • Folder: 45, Davidson, George, 1872-1881

    "Courants de l'océan Pacifique Nord" Annales Hydrographiques 1872 (Originally from U.S. Coast Survey Report 1867); "Memorandum upon the Relation of Plover Island to Wrangel Island" Transactions and Proceedings of the Geographical Society of the Pacific 1881 (Includes map)

  • Folder: 46, Davidsson, Gudmundur, 1927

    Letter about the preservation of whales from extinction 1927; "Veidiferd nordur I Ishaf" (Sealing in the polar sea) Alpydubladid

  • Folder: 47, Davies, Arthur, 1949-1951

    "The discovery of America" 1949; "Origins of Colombian cosmography" Studi Colombiani 1951

  • Folder: 48, Davies, Frank T., 1929-1931

    "Observations of the Aurora Australis, Byrd Antarctic Expedition, 1929" Terrestrial Magnetism and Atmospheric Electricity Sept. 1931

  • Folder: 49, Davies, Raymond A., 1943

    Saturday Night: "Waterways: Inland port of the north" Nov. 13, 1943, "World's greatest tote road" Nov. 20, 1943 (Canoil Project, Canol)

  • Folder: 50, Davies, W. H. A. , 1843

    "Notes on Esquimaux Bay and the Surrounding Country" Transactions of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec Vol. 4, Feb. 1843

  • Folder: 51, Davis, E. J., circa 1903

    "Land settlement in New Ontario" 1903?

  • Folder: 52, Davis, John King, 1917-1997

    "Aurora Antarctic Relief Expedition" Report (New Zealand) 1917; Pamphlet on Trial by Ice: The Antarctic Journals of John King Davis 1997

  • Folder: 53, Davis, Patricia L. , undated

    "The Alaska Papers: 1884-1939" Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church Vol. 40 No. 2; Finding aid to "The Alaska Papers: 1884-1939" Church Historical Society, Austin, Texas

  • Folder: 54, Dawson, C. B., 1963

    "Pioneers at Pine Point" Cominco Magazine Jan. 1963

  • Folder: 55, Dawson, George M., 1887

    "Note on the occurrence of jade in British Columbia and its employment by the natives" Canadian Record of Science Vol. 2 No. 6, April 1887

  • Folder: 56, Day, J. H., 1957

    With A. Leahey "Reconnaissance soil survey of the Slave River lowland in the Northwest Territories of Canada" Dept. of Agriculture 1957

  • Folder: 57, De Laguna, Frederica , 1931-1938

    The University Museum Bulletin (The Philadelphia University Museum) "Excavations in Alaska" Dec. 1931, "An Alaskan Stone Lamp" Vol. 4 No. 1, 1932, "Ceremonial paddles from the Eyak Indians, Alaska" Vol. 5, No. 2, 1934, "Expedition to the Yukon" Dec. 1938; "Eskimo and Tena lamps and cooking pots" 1938; "Preliminary report of an archaeological and geological reconnaissance of the Middle and Lower Yukon Valley" American Philosophical Society Miscellanea Vol. 1 No. 2; "Man's sub-Arctic ally" (Reindeer) Frontiers Vol. 3 No. 2, 1938

  • Folder: 58, de Percin, Fernand, 1929

    "The summer climate of the Lake Peters area, Brooks Range, Alaska" U.S. Quartermaster Research and Engineering Center, Natick, MA

  • Folder: 59, De Staffany, Lileota , 1929

    "Down the McKenzie to the Pot o' Gold" Illustrated Canadian Forest and Outdoors Dec. 1929

  • Folder: 60, Deakin, Alan, undated

    With A.G. Smith, A.S. MacLellan "Hybridization of domestic cattle and buffalo (Bison Americanus): Progress report of the Wainwright Experiment 1935-41" Canadian Dept. of Agriculture

  • Folder: 61, Deans, J., 1872

    "Traditions of the Hydahs of Queen Charlotte Island" 1872

  • Folder: 62, Debenham, Frank, 1933

    "Names on the Antarctic Continent" Geographical Journal 1933; "Antarctic: the vast plateau of the frozen south" Countries of the World Part 2

  • Folder: 63, Decker, Laurence F., Major, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, circa 1943

    Letter to the Area Engineer , RE: Equipment Used in Recent Trip to the East Coast of Ungava Bay, May 1, 1943; reprints of extracts from the "Handbook of Arctic Operations," and the "Arctic Manual," no date.

  • Folder: 64, Dekin, Albert A., Jr. '65, 1966-1972

    "Paleo-climate and prehistoric cultural interaction in the Eastern Arctic" 1969; "Paleo-climate and paleo-ecology of the Eastern North American Arctic during its occupancy by man (2500 BC to date)" 1970; "Prehistoric climatic change and human ecology - evidence from the Eastern Arctic" 1971; "Climatic change and cultural change: a correlative study from Eastern Arctic prehistory" Polar Notes No. 12, 1972 (Includes corrections sheet); Review of Thomas E. Lee: Fort Chimo and Payne Lake, Ungava, Archaeology, 1965 1967, Archaeological Discoveries, Payne Bay Region, Ungava, 1966 1968, Archaeological findings, Gyrfalconto Eider Islands, Ungava, 1968 1969 in American Anthropologist Vol. 74, No. 6, Dec. 1972 (Includes corrections sheet); "Climate and culture in Greenlandic prehistory: an explicitly scientific approach" 1972

  • Folder: 65, Delgeur, M., Dr., circa 1884

    "Le Smith Sound et l'expédition Greeley" Bulletin de la Soc. Roy. de Géog. d'A...? 1884?

  • Folder: 66, Demorest, Max, undated

    "Plans for a proposed expedition to North Greenland" Proposed for 1939-1940

  • Folder: 67, Denmark, 1952

    "Denmark cavalcade" Tourist publication 1952; "Archaeological workshop at the Viking Ship Museum" Nationalmuseet [National Museum]

  • Folder: 68, Dennis, J. S., 1878-1929

    "Navigation of Hudson's Bay" (Discussion of the Committee of the House of Commons on immigration) 1878; "Reminiscences of the Reil Rebellion 1885" The Canadian Surveyor Vol. 3 No. 4, April 1929

  • Folder: 69, Denton, Minna C., 1920

    "The survival of vitamins in cooked and canned vegetables and fruits, a review of the literature" Dept. of Agriculture 1920

  • Folder: 70, Denton, V. L., 1929

    "Simon Fraser" Ryerson Canadian History Readers 1929

  • Folder: 71, Detroit Arctic Expedition, 1926, 1926

    [George Hubert Wilkins]

  • Folder: 72, Devine, John M., Maj. Gen., 1948

    "Field testing air transportability" The Pegasus April 1948

  • Folder: 73, Dickson, J. R., 1911

    "Report on timber conditions, etc., along the proposed route of the Hudson Bay Railway" Dept of the Interior, Canada 1911

  • Folder: 74, Dickson, James G., undated

    "Preliminary report on Alaska survey of forage plants and their diseases during summer of 1957" Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station

  • Folder: 75, Dietrich, Albert George, 1989

    Obituary, New York Times Nov. 6, 1989

  • Folder: 76, Dietz, Robert, 1950

    U.S. Navy Electronics Lab. "Final Report: Some oceanographic observations on operation Highjump" 1948; "Oceanographic field observations in the Arctic near Point Barrow, Alaska" 1950

  • Folder: 77, Dinsdale, Walter, 1961

    Minister of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources, Canada "True north strong and free" speech, Jan. 12, 1961; Alaska Highway guide

  • Folder: 78, Dirlam, Peter, 1962-1969

    "Rockwell Kent bookplate for Stefansson Collection Dirlam Fund Books" Polar Notes No. 9, May 1969; Bookplates signed by Rockwell Kent; "The Peter Dirlam Arctic and Whaling Collection at Jacob Edwards memorial Library, Southbridge, MA" Bibliography April 1966; "The Peter Dirlam Polar Collection at Tip Top Farm" Bibliography June 1966; "Adventures in Greenland" Worcester Sunday Telegram June 10, 1962

  • Folder: 79, R.R.S. Discovery, 1927-1928

    "Discovery Investigations Second Annual Report" Jan. 1927-May 1928

  • Folder: 80, Distant Early Warning System (DEW Line), 1956

    "Organization chart for Baffin Island sites" (Personnel) May 1956; "Field work feasibility chart;" Foundation Bulletin Aug. 1956 (Various DEW Line related articles); "The DEW Line story" Western Electric Company; "Manning the DEW Line;" "Alaska gets an outside line" (The White Alice Communications System) Business Week April 1958; Souvenir Book for Crew, U.S.S. Ashland Aug. 1956; Flight Coupon for Rev. G. White April 1956; DEW Line Prayer; Certificate of Baptism; "Protestant Church Service" instruction booklet; Cartoons/Spoofs

  • Folder: 81, Diubaldo, Richard J. , 1967-1979

    "Wrangling Over Wrangel Island" The Canadian Historical Review Vol. 48 No. 3, Sept. 1967; William Barr review of Stefansson and the Canadian Arctic from Musk-Ox 24, 1979

  • Folder: 82, Dixon, Arthur , 1940

    "The Alaska Highway" The Engineering Journal June, 1940 (Describes alternate routes)

  • Folder: 83, Dmitri, Ivan, 1943

    "Trip to Polaris" Plane Talk June 1943

  • Folder: 84, Dobbs, Arthur (1689-1765), circa 1929-1990

    "A short narrative and justification of the proceedings of the committee appointed by the adventurers to prosecute the discover of the passage to the western ocean of America..." 1744 (Copy); "A short state of the countries and trade of North America claimed by the Hudson's Bay Co." 1749 (Copy); Dobbs Bibliography; Arthur Doughty and Chester Martin introduction to "The Kelsey Papers" Public Archives of Canada and Public record Office of Northern Ireland 1929; Listings of Dobb's works in auction catalogs 1988-1990 and undated

  • Folder: 85, Dobrowolski, A. B., 1946-1952

    "Meczennicy polarni" 1946; "Le voyage du Belgica considéré du point de vue de l'histoire du Pôle Sud" Bulletin de la Classe des Sciences 1947; "One of the problems of ice petrography" Acta Geologica Polonica Vol. 2, 1952; Note to V.S.

  • Folder: 86, Dogs and Dog Sled Races, 1936-1987

    “Dog Carries Baby ‘Moses’ to Door of Lonely Cabin” and follo-up articles, Philadelphia Record and Bulletin, Nov. 12-13, 1936; "Not like Fido the house pet, malamute works for living" Milwaukee Journal April 19, 1953 (Improbable author: Arthur J. S. Olsen"); “Women Rule Iditarod” Valley News march 5, 1987

  • Folder: 87, Dollar, A. T. J., 1959

    "Summary report of the 1959 University of London Expedition to Jan Mayen Island, Greenland Sea" 1959

  • Folder: 88, Dollard, J. B., 1941-1942

    St. Joseph Lilies St. Joseph's College, Toronto, "The saga of Burnt Njal" (Norse Sagas) Dec. 1941, "The Battle of Clontarf" June 1942, "Signs and wonders" (Norse Sagas) Sept. 1942

  • Folder: 89, Donley, Harold L., 1957

    "Cold weather tests on pneumatic shelter raft" Alaskan Air Command 1957

  • Folder: 90, Dorsey, Herbert G., 1945

    "A trek to the North Pole of the winds" The Pegasus Sept. 1945; "Meteorological factors affecting Alaskan development" Air Force Arctic Weather Central

  • Folder: 91, Dorsey, L. Coleman , 1946-1952

    "Governor asks ovibos of U.S." (Vermont Animal Research Association, V.S.) White River Valley Herald Aug. 15, 1946; "Revival of the Muskox" 1952

  • Folder: 92, Dostovalov, B. N. , 1947-1948

    E.A. Golomshtok abstract (1948) of "Elekricheskie kharakteristiki merzlykh porod" (Electrical characteristics of frozen ground formations) 1947

  • Folder: 93, Douglas, L. A., 1960

    With J. Tedrow "Tundra soils of Arctic Alaska" Transactions Congress of Soil Science Vol. 4? 1960

  • Folder: 94, Douglas, William, circa 1945

    "'The Forks' becomes a city" Papers read before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Season 1944-45

  • Folder: 95, Doyen, Paulette, 1956-1960

    "A propos des expéditions antarctiques récentes" Bulletin de la Société Royale Belge de Géographie 1959; Ciel et Terre "Les expéditions antarctiques au cours de l'été austral 1955-1956" July-Aug. 1956, "Les expéditions antarctiques au cours de l'été austral 1956-1957" March-April 1957, "Les expéditions antarctiques au cours de l'été austral 1957-1958" 1958, "Les expéditions antarctiques au cours de l'été austral 1958-1959" May-June 1959, "Notes sur l'Antarctique" Sept.-Oct. 1959, "Les expéditions antarctiques au cours de l'été austral 1959-1960" March-April 1960

  • Folder: 96, Drage, Theodore Swaine, undated

    "Items relating to authorship of 'An account of a voyage for the discovery of a North-West Passage' (1748-1749) and 'The great probability of a North-West Passage" (1768), variously attributed to Theodore Swaine Drage, William Drage, Theodore Swindrage, and Charles Swaine"

  • Folder: 97, Drebert, Ferdinand, 1956

    "Breaking the word barrier" (Translation of Bible into Inuit dialects) Bible Society Record Vol. 101, No. 7, Sept. 1956

  • Folder: 98, Drew, Andrew A. W., Rev., 1893

    "The North Pole up to date: a sketch" English Illustrated Magazine 1892-3

  • Folder: 99, Drew, J. V., undated

    With J.C.F. Tedrow "Pedology of an Arctic brown profile near Point Barrow, Alaska"

  • Folder: 100, Driver, Peter M., undated

    "Wildfowl of the hemiarctic" The Wildfowl Trust

  • Folder: 101, Drolet, Jean-Paul, 1954

    "Mining development and engineering in Quebec" The Engineering Journal July 1954

  • Folder: 102, Drummond, Norman, 1956

    "Meteorological observations at Knob Lake" McGill Sub-Arctic research lab. 1956

  • Folder: 103, Drygalski, Erich von, undated

    (German South Polar Expedition 1901-1903)

  • Folder: 104, Dúason, Jón, 1939-1956

    "Grønlands retsstilling I middilanderen;" "Legal status of Iceland" (In Icelandic); "Pre Columbian Greenland" (In Icelandic); "Rjettarstada lordnlands, Mylandu Islands" ? (In Icelandic); "Vér Islendingar eigum Grænland!" April 1939; "Snæbjörn galti og landafundir Islendinga;" "Materialien zur jüngsten Gestaltung der Grönlandfrage" Sonderdruck 1956; "Grønlands Retsstilling I Middelalderen"

  • Folder: 105, Dubnie, Amil, 1961

    "Transportation of minerals in northern Canada" Dept of Mines and Tech. Services 1961

  • Folder: 106, Dufferin, Lord, 1857

    Review/abstract of Letters from high latitudes; being some account of a voyage in the schooner yacht "Foam," 85 o.m., to Iceland, Jan Mayen, and Spitzbergen, in 1856 in Quarterly Review 1857

  • Folder: 107, Dugal, Louis-Paul, 1943

    With Sherman Ross "Effet de l'ablation partielle du foie sur l'activité spontanée du rat blanc" 1943

  • Folder: 108, Dunbar, Maxwell J., 1946-1961

    Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada "On Themisto libellula in Baffin Island coastal waters" Vol. 6, No. 6, March 1946, "The state of the West Greenland current up to 1944" Vol. 6 No. 7, Oct. 1946; "Common cause in the North" International Journal Oct. 1946; "Report of the Committee on Fish" Province of Quebec Association for the Protection of fish and game 1951; "Says Northern workers pampered, spoiled" Ottawa Journal June 17, 1959; "The living resources of northern Canada" Canadian Population and Northern Colonization (Symposium) 1961

Box: 8, Dates: 1882-2002

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Dunbar, Moira, 1958

    "The Royal Arctic Theatre" (British Naval Franklin search expedition 1850-51) Canadian Art Spring 1958

  • Folder: 2, Dungal, Niels, 1936

    "Braxy in Iceland" Congrés International de pathologie comparée 1936; "Cancer in Iceland" Cancer Vol. 3

  • Folder: 3, Durand, Elias, 1856

    "Enumeration of plants collected by Dr. E. K. Kane, U.S.N., in his first and second expeditions to the Polar Regions, with descriptions and remarks" (U.S. Franklin search expedition (First Grinnell expedition) 1850-51) 1856

  • Folder: 4, Durdenevskaia, M. V., 1932-1950

    E.A. Golomshtok Abstracts 1948, 1950 "The ancient glaciation and contemporary permafrost in the Irkut -Baikal Depression" Trudy Vol. 3, 1934, Permafrost and fossil ice on the shores of the lakes in the valley of the Irkut River" Trudy Vol. 1, 1932

  • Folder: 5, "Dutch Whale Fishery", 1838

    The Saturday Magazine June 9, 1838

  • Folder: 6, Dutilly, Arthème, 1951-1973

    With Ernest Lepage Naturaliste Canadien "Exploration sommaire de la Rivière Harricana" 78, 1951, "Exploration botanique des Rivières Swampy bay et Caniapiscau dans le bassin de la Baie d'Ungava" 89, 1962; Obituary Notice Nécrologique 1973

  • Folder: 7, Dyche, Lewis L., 1896

    The Cosmopolitan "Walrus hunting in the arctic regions" Vol. 20 No. 4, Feb. 1896, "The curious race of Arctic Highlanders" Vol. 21, No. 3, July 1896 (Copy)

  • Folder: 8, Dykins, J. E. , 1960-1962

    With N. S. Stehle, K. O. Gray "Point Barrow trials - FY 1960; Free flooded and ice-aggregate fill" U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Lab. 1962

  • Folder: 9, Dzens-Litovsky, A. I. , 1938

    E.A. Golomshtok Abstract 1948 "Mineral lakes under permafrost conditions" 1938

  • Folder: 10, East, H. L. , 1949

    "Arctic casualty evacuation device" 1949

  • Folder: 11, Eastern Snow Conference (1 of 2), 1952-1955

    Proceedings 1952, 1953, 1955

  • Folder: 12, Eastern Snow Conference (2 of 2), 1956

    Proceedings 1956

  • Folder: 13, Eastman, Max, undated

    "Poets talking to themselves" Harper's Monthly Magazine

  • Folder: 14, Eckenfelder, G. V., 1956

    With W. P. Harland, E. N. Webb "Hamilton River Survey- Labrador" The Engineering Journal Nov. 1956

  • Folder: 15, Eclipse Sound, undated

    (Canada) Misc. research, Correspondence of John C. Weaver

  • Folder: 16, Edsman, Carl-Martin, 1956

    "The story of the bear wife in Nordic tradition" Ethnos 1956

  • Folder: 17, Education, 1960

    "Food for Thought, Education in the North" Canadian Association for adult education, March 1960

  • Folder: 18, Efimov, A. I., 1944-1950

    Aron Pressman abstract 1950 "Subpermafrost waters of the central Yakut Region" Priroda 1946; E. A. Golomshtok abstract 1947 "Deep freezing of the ground and the regime of the waters above the frozen ground under heated buildings" Trudy 1944

  • Folder: 19, Egan, Maurice Francis, undated

    "The witnesses for Dr. Cook" The Rosary Magazine Vol. 35 No. 5, Nov. 1909 (Copy)

  • Folder: 20, Egede, Hans, 1936

    "Hans Egede: der apostel der eskimp ound vater der Grönlandforschung" Geographiche Nachrichten 1936 (Includes "Vom zukünftigen erdkundeplan")

  • Folder: 21, Eickelberg, E. W., undated

    "The Bering Sea Survey"

  • Folder: 22, Eielson, Carl Benjamin, 1924-1955

    "Aeroplaning in Alaska" The Quarterly Journal University of North Dakota, June 1924; Letter to brother Oliver, March 26, 1928; "Eielson is located on Siberian river, Moscow reports" New York Times Jan. 17, 1930; "Body of Eielson found at wreck" New York Times Feb. 21, 1930; H.G. Wambheim "Ben: The life story of Col. Carl Ben Eielson" 1930; O.B. Burtness speech given at Memorial Convocation, University of North Dakota, Oct. 9, 1930 The Quarterly Journal University of North Dakota winter 1931; Eielson Friendly Times Col. Carl "Ben" Eielson Memorial Edition, Vol. 5 No. 39, Nov. 11, 1955; Misc. biographical notes; Calling cards of Commander Maurice T. Slepnev and Michael Gotsky

  • Folder: 23, Einarsson, Markús , 1972

    "Evaporation and potential evapotranspiration in Iceland" Icelandic Meteorological Office 1972

  • Folder: 24, Einarsson, Stefán, 1939-1948

    "The Freydis-Incident in Eiríkis Saga Rauda" Acta Philologica Scandainavica (In English); Various articles in Icelandic, 1939-1948 and undated, many published in Winnipeg

  • Folder: 25, Ekerold, Hagbard, 1927

    Mar 1927 letter from V. Stefansson to Ekerold, RE: annual harbor accessibility for Spitsbergen (Svalbard) Island (Norway). Includes materials related to Ekerold’s expedition to Jan Mayen Island (Norway) to build a meteorological /wireless station. Also includes biographical and historical information;

  • Folder: 26, Ekstam, Otto, 1896-1898

    "Neue Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Gefässpflanzen Novaja Semlja's" Engler's Botan. Jahrbüchern 1896; "Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Gefässpflanzen Spitzbergen's" Aftryk af Tromsø Museums Aarshefter 1898

  • Folder: 27, Eldjárn, Kristján, 1940

    "Líf og daudi Islendinga á Grænlandi" Lesbók Morgunbladsins Sept. 22, 1940

  • Folder: 28, Elliott, Henry W., 1882-2002

    "An Alaskan legend, Kaygamilyak: its mummies" Our Continent 1882; University of Alaska Museum 2002 exhibition catalog, Keeper of the Seal, The Art of Henry Wood Elliott, by Lisa M. Morris;

  • Folder: 29, Elliott, O. C., 1939

    "Comments on 'Viking weapons found near Beardmore'" June 1939; "Comments on the none affidavits in 'Here was Vinland' by J. W. Curran re the Viking relics of Beardmore" Nov. 1939; "The Viking relics of Beardmore" Nov. 1939; "The Viking relics of Beardmore, fact or hoax?"

  • Folder: 30, Elliott, T. C., 1911

    "David Thompson, Pathfinder and the Columbia River" 1911

  • Folder: 31, Ellis, Derek V., 1956

    "Observation on the migration, distribution and breeding of birds in the Canadian Arctic during 1954 and 1955" Dansk Ornithologisk Forenings Tidsskrift 1956; "Some observations on mammals in the area between Coppermine and Pond Inlet, NWT, during 1954 and 1955

  • Folder: 32, Ellis, Frank H., 1948-1958

    "Props hewn from sleigh boards epic of bush flier's ingenuity" Canadian Aviation June 1948; "They beat the bush" (Aviation in the Canadian North) Pegasus Jan. 1958

  • Folder: 33, Ells, Sidney C., 1924

    "Bituminious sands of northern Alberta" Canadian Mining Journal March 28 and April 5, 1924; "Research touches the North: Commercial potentialities of Alberta's bituminous sands - to meet Allied oil needs for times of peace and war"

  • Folder: 34, Ellson, J. G., 1952

    With Robert Livingstone Jr. "The John N. Cobb's shellfish explorations in certain southeastern Alaskan waters, spring 1951" U.S. Dept of the Interior 1952

  • Folder: 35, Ellsworth, Lincoln, 1990

    Donald Dale Jackson “Lincoln Ellsworth, the Forgotten Hero of Polar Exploration” Smithsonian Oct. 1990

  • Folder: 36, Elsner, Robert W. , circa 1953

    "Report of Field Trip to Anaktuvuk Pass, November 1953" Arctic Aeromedical Lab.

  • Folder: 37, Elver, R. B., 1961

    "Iron ore" 1961

  • Folder: 38, Emmons, George Thornton, 1925

    Unites States Exploring Expedition 1838-42 Extract on Fort Vancouver July 25, 1841 "The Emmons Journal" 1925

  • Folder: 39, Enenstein, B. S., 1947-1948

    E.A. Golomshtok abstracts 1948 "The observation under natural currents (spontaneous polarizations) in the permafrozen layers in the Imarka Region" 1947, "The results of application of electrometrical investigation by direct current in the region of permafrost" 1947

  • Folder: 40, Engler, A., 1886

    "Phanerogamenflora in Süd-Georgien" 1886

  • Folder: 41, English, T. Saunders, 1958

    Report on scuba (self-contained breathing apparatus) equipment use in the North Polar Sea, 1958

  • Folder: 42, "Eric the Red - Old Norse Sagas", 1924

    Trans. to Norwegian by Severin Eskeland, 1924

  • Folder: 43, Erichsen, Michella, 1944

    "Desinences casuelles et personnelles en Eskimo" (Inuit grammar) Acta Linguistica IV 1944

  • Folder: 44, Erickson, Albert W., 1963

    With Donald Siniff "A statistical evaluation of factors influencing aerial survey results on brown bears" Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, 1963

  • Folder: 45, "Ermack", Ice-Breaker , undated

    Earl Mayo "The Ice-Breaker Ermack a ship that may yet navigate to the pole" McClure's Magazine 1900; Arthur Gulston "Some notes on the Baltic and Arctic voyages of the Ermack in 1899" Scottish Geographical Magazine 1901 (Copy)

  • Folder: 46, Eugenics , undated

    Eugenics Pamphlet No. 35 (Iceland, Reestablishment of Republic)

  • Folder: 47, Euller, John, 1953

    "North Pole Lie" (Robert E. Peary) Bluebook Sept. 1953

  • Folder: 48, Evans, Morgan W., 1931-1939

    "Relation of latitude to time of blooming of timothy" Ecology vol. 12 No. 1, Jan. 1931 "Relation of latitude to certain phases of the growth of timothy" American Journal of Botany Vol. 26 No. 4, April 1939

  • Folder: 49, Everett, Mabel L., 1931

    "Shall we teach fables or truth?" (Fallacies in textbooks regarding Inuit and the North Pole) Educational Method Vol. 11 No. 3, Dec. 1931

  • Folder: 50, Expeditions Index , 1987

    Section of "Master Index" to the Arctic Bibliography of Fram: The Journal of Polar Studies 1987

  • Folder: 51, Exploration, undated

    "A chronological record of the more important discoveries, explorations, and settlements on the North Pacific Coast, Alaska and environs" From 1542-1867; "The Mariner's Compass. The discovery of the East and West-Indies. The revival of Sciences. Dialogue V" (Includes maps)

  • Folder: 52, Explorers Club, 1926-1939

    Menu and program "Twenty-second annual dinner" Jan. 30, 1926; Guide and membership list 1929; Program, Oct. 17, 1932 Captain Robert A. Bartlett, Guest of Honor; Menu and program "Thirty-fifth annual dinner" Jan. 7, 1939; Book of tickets to lectures

  • Folder: 53, Eythórsson, Jón, 1946

    "Um Kötlugjá og Myrdalskökul" 1946

  • Folder: 54, Fabre, Pierre , circa 1947

    "L'expédition de Paul-Emile Victor dans l'Arctique démontrera que nos arrière-petits-enfants pourront semer des petits pois au cœur du Groenland" With English summary, c. 1947

  • Folder: 55, Fagin, K. Marshall, 1947

    "Petroleum development in Alaska" The Petroleum Engineer 1947

  • Folder: 56, Fairley, T. C., 1960

    Executive Nov. 1960 "A neglected land at last has a sponsor," "The oil chasers of the far North"

  • Folder: 57, Farrar, Victor J., 1921

    "Joseph Lane McDonald and the purchase of Alaska" The Washington Historical Quarterly April 1921

  • Folder: 58, Farrelly, Theodore S., 1934

    "The Russians and pre-Bering Alaska" The Pacific Historical Review Dec. 1934

  • Folder: 59, Farris, Glenn , 1993-1994

    "The Russian Sloop Apollo in the North Pacific in 1822" Siberica Vol. 1 No. 1, 1993/94

  • Folder: 60, Fay, Joseph Story, 1973

    "The track of the Norseman" 1973

  • Folder: 61, Fedorov, E. K. , 1958-1982

    "Preliminary results of magnetic measurements at the "North Pole" station;" "Geophysical and astronomical observations" Comptes rendus (Doklady) de l'Académie des sciences de l'URSS Vol. 19 No. 8, 1958; Obituary New York Times Jan. 3, 1982

  • Folder: 62, Feilden, H. W., 1894-1920

    "Current polar research" 1894 (In Swedish); "On the zoology of Capt. Markham's voyage to Hudson's Bay in the summer of 1886 and Notes on plants collected by Capt. Markham, R.N., at Fort Churchill, Hudson's Bay, and West Digges Island, Hudson's Straits, in July and August, 1886;" "Breeding of the Knot in Grinnell Land" British Birds Vol. 13 No. 2, 1920

  • Folder: 63, Fenimore Iron Mines Limited , 1951

    "Fenimore Iron appoints staff for exploration program" Latest development on Fenimore Iron Mines April 1951; Annual Report Aug. 1951

  • Folder: 64, Fenner, Bob, 1962-1963

    "Avec l'équipe du nord" La Revue Imperial Oil Oct. 1962; "Wildcat Road" Imperial Oil Review April 1963

  • Folder: 65, Ferguson, E. G. W., undated

    "A Behring Sea walrus hunt" (Bearing Sea) Outdoor World and Recreation May 1913 (Copy)

  • Folder: 66, Fess, S. D. , 1915

    "The North Pole Aftermath" Speech in the House of Representatives, March 4, 1915

  • Folder: 67, Fibbi, Francesco, 1974

    "La penisola di Ungava (Canada)" L'Universo 1974 (Includes map)

  • Folder: 68, Field, Osgood, undated

    "The Kola Peninsula" American Russian Galley Proofs

  • Folder: 69, Field, William O., undated

    "Glaciology, glaciers, and the Arctic"

  • Folder: 70, Filippov, Stanislav , 1963

    "Soviet Fishing Fleet: New experimental methods" The New Shetlander No. 64, 1963

  • Folder: 71, Fingland, F. B., 1964

    "Recent constitutional developments in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories" University of Toronto Law Journal 1964

  • Folder: 72, Finland , 1882-1946

    "Customs of the Savages" (Finish bear hunting) Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly Vol. 13 No. 3, March 1882; "Geological Survey of Finland" 1946 (In Finnish); Havsforknings Institute's List of Publications (In Finnish); Map "Lappo-Bevegelsens Storhetsdrøm" 1932, with crest (showing Finland) and fragment of article (In Finnish); Statements made by Norwegian Minister to the U.S. and Norwegian Government on Finland's actions against Russia Nov. 1941

  • Folder: 73, Finnbogason, Gudmundur, 1943

    "The Icelanders" 1943

  • Folder: 74, Finnie, O. S., undated

    "Report of the Director of the North West Territories and Yukon Branch 1929-30"

  • Folder: 75, Finsterwalder, J., 1865

    "Verzeichniss der auf Island wachsenden Pflanzen mit ihrem volksthümlichen Namen geordnet nach dem Linnè'ischen System" Zeitschrift für die Gesammten Naturwissenchaften Oct. 1865

  • Folder: 76, Fitch, Frank John, undated

    "Glacier re-advance on Jan Mayen" Publication no. 58 of the I.A.S.H. Commission of Snow and Ice

  • Folder: 77, Fitton, Edith M., 1930

    "The climates of Alaska" Clark University Thesis Abstracts 1929 Vol. 1, 1930

  • Folder: 78, Fitzgerald, Paul A., 1936

    "Where the Earth stops turning" Sperryscope Vol. 7 No. 12, Sept. 1936

  • Folder: 79, Flat Earth, 1929

    Wilbur Glenn Voliva “Byrd’s Narrow Escape” (Byrd’s flight and the “popular theory of a globular earth”) Nov. 30, 1929

  • Folder: 80, Fleming, Archibald L., undated

    Church of England

  • Folder: 81, Fletcher, E. T. , undated

    "Notes on a Journey through the Interior of the Saguenay Country" Transactions of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec 1868

  • Folder: 82, Fletcher, Joseph O., Lt. Co., undated

    "The Arctic: Challenge to the Air Force"

  • Folder: 83, Fliflet, Thorleif, undated

    "A layman looks at Newport Tower" Nordisk Tidende

  • Folder: 84, Fohn-Hansen, 1941-1958

    U.S. War Department "Basic field manual - dog team transportation" 1941, "Dog Transportation" 1944; "A manual for sled dog owners" 1958

  • Folder: 85, Foote, Berit Arnestad, 1962-1963

    Nye Alt for Damene "Hvetebrødsdager i ødemarken" Nov. 21, 1962, "Liten kvinne på mannfolkjobb" Dec. 27, 1962, "Vi flytter ut på isen" Jan. 2, 1963, "Eskimoenes 17. Mai" Jan. 9 1963

  • Folder: 86, Forman, Harrison, 1935

    "Trippe around the world" (Juan Trippe, Pan American Airways) Today Oct. 19, 1935

  • Folder: 87, Fort, John, 1902

    "Our opening day in Iceland" The Badminton Magazine 1902

  • Folder: 88, Fortuine, Robert, M. D., 1969-1975

    "Characteristics of cancer in the Eskimos of southwestern Alaska" (Inuit) Cancer Vol. 23 No. 2 Feb. 1969; "Sir John Richardson, M.D., Arctic naturalist and explorer" The Canadian Medical Association Journal March 15, 1969; "Availability and use of medical services in an Alaskan Eskimo community" Public Health Reports Vol. 84 No. 10, Oct. 1969; "The health of the Eskimos, as portrayed in the earliest written accounts" Bulletin of the History of Medicine Vol. 45 No. 2, March-April 1971; "Health care and the Alaska Native: some historical perspectives" Polar Notes No. 14, 1975

  • Folder: 89, Fotiadi, E. E., 1963

    "Geophysical research in Siberia and the Far East" 1963

  • Folder: 90, Fournelle, Harold J., 1956

    "Experience with the laboratory diagnosis of entering diseases in Alaska" American Journal of Medical Technology Dec. 1956

  • Folder: 91, Fowler, Edward D., 1959

    "Land transportation in Northern Canada" 1959

  • Folder: 92, Fox Gazette, The, 1956

    1956 Vol. 2 Nos. 3-5 (April 6 - May 4), Nos. 8-11 (June 15 - Dec. 25); Cartoon, Undated

  • Folder: 93, Fox, John P., 1941

    "Hooper Bay calling... Christmas in Alaska" Jesuit Missions Dec. 1941 (Includes: Paul C. O'Connor "Built for the Yukon")

  • Folder: 94, "Fram", 1961-1992

    "Fram" Committee for the Preservation of the Polar Ship "Fram" 1961; James Carr "Fram, the ultimate ice-ship" Wooden Boat No. 85, Nov.-Dec 1988 pp. 44-51; Postcards of Fram and Fram Museum c. 1992

  • Folder: 95, "FRAM: The Journal of Polar Studies", 1984-1986

    Pamphlet including contents: Winter 1984 (Also under the title of: FRAM: the Journal of Polar History), 1985; Letters to the reader, 1986-6 and undated

  • Folder: 96, Francis, Francis , 1884

    Sketches in "A Cruise to Alaska" The Illustrated London News Dec. 13, 1884

  • Folder: 97, Frank, George, 1948

    "Possibilities for small wood industries in Alaska" Alaska Development Board 1948

Box: 9, Dates: circa 1840-1989

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Franklin, John, Sir 1 of 3, 1850-1881

    "A visit to the arctic ships" (Resolute, Enterprise, British Naval Franklin Search Expedition) Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 1850; "Food of the Arctic Regions- Franklin's Expedition" Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 1852; Illustrated News March 5, 1853 "The exploring expedition," "New clipper ship empress of the sea" (Copy); Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper "Fate of Sir John Franklin" Nov. 25 and Dec. 2, 1854 (Copy); "The Lost Mariners in the Polar Seas" The Leisure Hour 1854; "The last traces of Sir John Franklin" The London Journal 1855; William Wallace "Song of appeal- Lady Franklin" Cincinnati Daily Enquirer Feb. 27, 1857 (Copy); New York Tribune 1859 "Fate of Sir John Franklin's expedition" Sept. 23 (Copy), "Return of Lady Franklin's Expedition," Franklin Obituary, Oct. 15 (Copy); "Birthplace of Sir John Franklin" 1859; "An incident in the Arctic Sea" (M'Clintock) Good Words 1860; Owen Vidal "A Poem upon the Life and Character of Sir John Franklin" 1860; "The fate of Franklin" Good Words 1860; Chambers's Journal "Thirty years' search for Franklin" Feb. 26, 1881, "Reminiscences of a visit to Sir John Franklin" July 22, 1882; "The work of Sir John Franklin" Leisure Hour 1895; "The American overland expedition to the Arctic regions in search of records and relics of Sir John Franklin and his brave companions, 1879-1880" Royal Geographical Society, London; "Franklin's Journey to the Polar Sea;" "Arctic Explorers" Excerpt from Franklin letter to his father describing wreck of the Cato 1803; "Message from the President of the United States transmitting copies of a correspondence with the lady of Sir John Franklin, relative to the expedition of Sir John Franklin" Jan. 1850 (Copy) Letter to C.W. from Jane Franklin, 1851 (Copy); Illustrations of the British Naval Franklin Search Expeditions of 1848-49 and 1852-54, 1848-52 and undated

  • Folder: 2, Franklin, John, Sir 2 of 3, 1937-1989

    General descriptions of Franklin explorations and searches: The Beaver 1937, Pathways: Armchair Views of Great Adventurers 1986, The Highlander Sept.-Oct. 1989; Canadian Office of Public Affairs; "The Franklin Letter" Arctic Vol. 19, No. 1, March 1966; The Beaver Spring 1969 W.G. McKenzie "A further clue on the Franklin Mystery" (Copper found on O'Reilly Island), L. A. Learmonth "A divergent opinion;" "Wreckage on Banks Island" The Beaver Autumn 1969; Articles on the discovery and exploration of the Breadalbane: New York Times Jan. 3, 1983, National Geographic July 1983; "Henry Peter Peglar, Captain of the Foretop (1811-48)" Notes and Queries 1984; "Arctic Explorers left traces of cannibalism" Boston Globe 1995; Map of "Franklin expeditions 1819-22, 1825-27 and McClintock's Search for Franklin;" "List of Franklin Search Parties" and "Chronology of Northern Expeditions;" Alan Cooke "A bibliographical introduction to Sir John Franklin's expeditions and the Franklin Search" The Franklin era in Canadian Arctic history 1845-1859 1985

  • Folder: 3, Franklin, John, Sir 3 of 3, undated

    Franklin Expedition Forensic Anthropology Project

  • Folder: 4, Fraser, Blair, 1954-1955

    Maclean's "We went La Vérendrye's way" Oct. 1, 1954, "The fairy tale romance of the Canadian Shield" Dec. 24, 1955

  • Folder: 5, Fraser, D. A., 1962

    "Growth of spruce seedlings under long photoperiods" Canadian Dept. of Forestry 1962

  • Folder: 6, Fraser, D. B., 1959

    "Unstable character of northeasterly winds at Resolute, NWT" Dept. of Transport 1959

  • Folder: 7, Frebold, Hans, 1936-1940

    "Zur stratigraphie des oberen jungpaläozoikums und der älteren eotrias spitzbergens" Stille-Festschrift 1936; Der geologische bau novaja semljas und seine beziehungen zu anderen gebieten im lichte neuerer forschungen" Geologischen Rundschau 1940

  • Folder: 8, Fredenholm, Axel, 1922

    "Nordmannaspår i amerika" 1922

  • Folder: 9, Frederiksen, Svend, 1937-1956

    "Educational literature in the Eskimo Language" (Inuit) Gads Danske Magasin 1938; "Stylistic forms in Greenland Eskimo literature" 1954; "Aspects of European influence in West-Greenlandic poetry" 1955; "Greenland" The Catholic Encyclopedia 1955; "Recent literature in Greenland" Books Abroad Fall 1956; "Some preliminaries on the soul complex in Eskimo Shamanistic Belief" Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences April 1964; Misc. articles in Greenlandic and Dutch 1937-39

  • Folder: 10, Frederiksen, V. C., 1909

    "A proposal for altering the order of the personal and possessive pronouns in case of philological research, supported by philosophical reflections and illustrated from the Esquimaux language by means of a criticism of Kleinschmidt's and Thalbitzer's Theory of Metathesis (retrogressive uvularization)" (Inuit language) 1909

  • Folder: 11, Freeman, A. , 1956

    "Report of visit to Belcher Islands August 4th, 5th, and 6th 1956" Ontario Northland Railway 1956; Calling card

  • Folder: 12, Freeman, T. N., 1950

    "Manual of Arctic survival and useful Eskimo words" (Inuit language) Canadian Dept. of Agriculture 1950

  • Folder: 13, Freuchen, Dagmar , 1961

    Translation of biography of Peter Freuchen 1961

  • Folder: 14, Freuchen, Peter 1 of 2, 1931-1962

    Danes Barrington review of “Eskimo” in The Saturday Review of Literature, April 25, 1931"Arctic Adventure" Hearst's International Cosmopolitan Nov. 1935; "Barter trade in Greenland" 1948; "News in the Arctic" The Foreign Press; Correspondence: Telegram announcing indefinite postponement of Peter Freuchen's Book of Arctic Exploration 1962; E.S.'s discovery of plagiarism in Peter Freuchen's Book of Arctic Exploration 1962; Papers marked "from Swan's copy of Peter Freuchen's Book of Arctic Exploration:" Letter to reviewers, reviews of Arctic Year, Biography 1957, Dagmar Freuchen drawing of Freuchen, misc.; Article on Freuchen Heimskringla April 4, 1945 (In Icelandic); Alice O. Howell on Reginald Orcutt and Freuchen's son Mik

  • Folder: 15, Freuchen, Peter 2 of 2, 1946-1956

    "Tamme rener til Grønland" Nordlyset April 4, 11, 1946; "Grønland, land og folk" Kultur og videnskab: edgivetaf studentersamfundets oplysningsforening 1927; "Freuchen's Greenland Articles: "Four new arctic ships ordered" J.L. News Nov. 1955, Misc. articles (On Greenland?) Dec. 29, 1954 - March 15, 1956 and undated (In Danish) See Oversize: Grønland March 13, 1956

  • Folder: 16, Fries, Th. M., 1869-1872

    "Om Beeren-Islands fanerogam-vegetation" 1869; "Die Gefässpflanzen Spitzbergens und der Bären-Insel" 1872

  • Folder: 17, Frobisher, Martin, Sir, 1864-1993

    Stefansson Collection Biography; "Martin Frobisher" Leisure Hour 1864; Drawing of Frobisher; Photograph of Frobisher letter (?); Donald Dale Jackson “Hot on the Cold Trail Left by Sir Martin Frobisher” Smithsonian Jan. 1993

  • Folder: 18, Froman, Charles A. , circa 1953

    "Septic Tanks with Subsurface Disposal Fields constructed at Fairbanks, Alaska" c. 1953

  • Folder: 19, Frost, R. L., undated

    "Meteorological summary for 1935 at Fairbanks, Alaska"

  • Folder: 20, Fry, Samuel Edwin, undated

    "The Influence of Mr. Sherlock Holmes on 20th Century Arctic

  • Folder: 21, Fuchs, Vivian, Sir. , 1959-1960

    "The Crossing of Antarctica" National Geographic 1959; "Human endurance" 1960

  • Folder: 22, Fullerton, Aubrey , 1946

    "Top of the Continent Holds Surprises" Forth June 1946

  • Folder: 23, Fulton, John F., Dr., 1939-1955

    "A trip to Bohol in quest of Tarsius" Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine Vol. 11 No. 5, May 1939; "The Scientific Writings of Joseph Priestley [1733-1804]" Atti del XIV Congresso Internazionale di Storia della Medicina 1954; "Louis H. Bauer and the rise of aviation medicine" Journal of Aviation Medicine Vol. 26, April 1955

  • Folder: 24, Fultz, Hollis B., 1956

    "Aurora Borealis - Witness" (Missing priests at Fort Norman) International Detective Cases April 1956

  • Folder: 25, Funke, Alfred, undated

    "Eindrüche von der Polarfahrt Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen"

  • Folder: 26, Fur, 1928-1948

    "The world's fur supply" Commerce Monthly Feb. 1928; "New fur conservation block aims to aid displaced Indians" (Inuit) Saskatchewan News Vol. 3 No. 16, Jan. 1948; "Marketing your furs" Saskatchewan Fur Marketing Service

  • Folder: 27, Furlong, C. W. (1 of 2), 1913-1958

    "The wild inhabitants of the land of fire" (Inuit) Radiation May 1913; "Psychoneuroses among primitive tribes" Journal of Abnormal Psychology Aug-Sept 1915; "The Alaculufs and Yahgans, the world's southernmost inhabitants" (Native peoples) 1917; The Geographical Review 1917 "Tribal distribution and settlements of the Fuegians," "Some effects of environment on the Fuegian tribes;" "Exploration in Tierra del Fuego and the Fuegian Archipelago" The Geographical Review March 1933; "Furlong Fuegian and Patagonian Expeditions 1907-8" Explorers Journal Dec. 1958; "South of South America" Junior Natural History Jan., Feb. 1958; "The uttermost part of the Earth" Stefansson Collection Polar Notes No. 3, Nov. 1961

  • Folder: 28, Furlong, C. W. (2 of 2), 1962-1966

    "Col. Furlong enriches Stefansson Collection" Explorers Journal Dec. 1962; "Brief notes on the Furlong Collections" American Anthropologist April 1965; "Obtaining dermatoglyphs of stone age man" American Anthropologist April 1966 pp. 505-506; Entry, Who's Who in America Vol. 10

  • Folder: 29, Fyfe, Hamilton, 1938

    "A shining victory for peace" (Rescue of Russian scientists) Overseas Vol. 23 No. 267, April 1938

  • Folder: 30, Fyodorov, E., 1939

    "Scientific work of our Polar expedition" (USSR Expedition of 1936-1938) 1939

  • Folder: 31, Gadow, Hans, 1910

    "The Effect of Altitude Upon the Distribution of Mexican Amphibians and Reptiles"- translated, transcribed copy of article published in Zoologische jahrbucher. Abteilung fur systematik, geographie und biologie der tiere, Band 29, 1910

  • Folder: 32, Gadsden, M., 1961

    Journal of Atmospheric and Terrestrial Physics Vol. 22, 1961 "The relative intensities of some nitrogen bands in auroral spectra," "A note on the observations of twilight lithium emission made from Hallett Station"

  • Folder: 33, Gaimard, Paul , circa 1840

    "Voyages de la Commission Scientifique du Nord pendant les années 1835, 1836, 1838, 1839 et 1840" 1840s?

  • Folder: 34, Gam, M., circa 1952

    "Grønland I dag en vurdering af nyopbygningen" 1952?

  • Folder: 35, Gammons, Tony , 1989

    "Polar Postmasters- The Arctic" British Philatelic Bulletin March-May 1989

  • Folder: 36, Gardner, Gerard 1 of 2 , 1932-1953

    L'Actualité Economique "La région de la Baie d'Hudson" May 1932, "La région de la Baie d'Hudson: perspectives agricoles" March 1933, "La région de la Baie d'Hudson" June-July 1933, "Les ressources minérales du Labrador" March 1936, "Terre-Neuve, îsle étrange" Dec. 1938, "Le sol, le sous-sol et la forêt à Terre-Neuve" May 1939, "La pêche à Terre-Neuve" Feb. 1941, "Problèmes des pêcheries à Terre-Neuve" Oct. 1942, "La région de la Baie James" July 1946, "Valeur stratégique du grand-nord Canadien" 1953

  • Folder: 37, Gardner, Gerard 2 of 2, 1935-1952

    "Au Labrador" L'Action Universitaire Nov. 1935; "A bord du Pie IX" Le Canada Français Feb. 1936; "La frontière Canada-Labrador" Revue Trimestrielle Canadienne Sept. 1938; "Algues, lichens, mousses, hépatiques récoltés au Labrador, à la Baie d'Hudson, à la Baie James et dans le Manitoba-Nord, en 1930, 1933, 1937, 1938 et 1939" 1950; "Considérations sur la valeur économique du grand-nord Canadien" 1952;

  • Folder: 38, Garner, W. W. and H. A. Allard , 1920-1931

    Journal of Agricultural Research "Effect of the relative length of day and night and other factors of the environment on growth and reproduction in plants" March 1920, "Further studies in photoperiodism: the response of the plant to relative length of day and night" March 1923, "Photoperiodism in relation to hydrogen-ion concentration of the cell sap and the carbohydrate content of the plant" Jan. 1924, "Localization of the response in plants to relative length of day and night" Sept. 1925, "Effect of abnormally long and short alternations of light and darkness on growth and development of plants" May 1931

  • Folder: 39, Geddes, M. , 1939

    "The Photographic Determination of the Height and Position of Auroræ observed in New Zealand during 1937" New Zealand Journal of Science and Technology 1939

  • Folder: 40, Geffroy, A., 1875

    "Les Sagas Islandaises: la saga de Nial" 1875

  • Folder: 41, Geiger, Rudolf, 1930

    "Mikroklima und pflanzenklima" 1930

  • Folder: 42, Geist, Otto W., circa 1940

    "Sea birds found far inland in Alaska" The Condor March-April 1939; "Hunting bones for science" (Cripple Creek, Alaska); Radio talk K7AR on fossils found while placer gold mining, c. 1940

  • Folder: 43, Gelert, O., 1898

    "Notes on Arctic plants" 1898

  • Folder: 44, Gélinas, Léopold, 1960

    "Preliminary report on the Fort Chimo Area (east part) New Quebec" Dept of Mines 1960 (Includes map)

  • Folder: 45, Gelting, Paul , 1955-1956

    "A West Greenland Dryas Intergrifolia community rich in lichens" 1955; "Parmelia subaurifera Nyl and P. fraudans (Nyl.) Nyl. in Greenland" Friesia 1956

  • Folder: 46, Geography, undated

    "Humanizing the Science of Geography" Some of the Contributions of the National Geographic Society Toward the Increase and Diffusion of Geographic Knowledge (North Pole, Peary, V.S., Alaska, Inuit)

  • Folder: 47, George Fox College , 1977

    "Alaska Quaker Documents on Microfilm collected by Arthur O. Roberts" 1977

  • Folder: 48, Georgeson, Charles C., 1898-1929

    "Agricultural experiments in Alaska" Yearbook of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture 1898; "Reindeer and Caribou" 1904; Retirement announcement Experiment Station Record Dec. 1927; "Bulb growing in Alaska" 1928; "Brief history of Cattle breeding in Alaska" 1929

  • Folder: 49, de Gerlache, Capt., circa 1899-1906

    "La banquise et la côte nord-est du Grönland au nord du 77˚ de Lat. N., en 1905" La Géographie 1906 (Includes maps); "Belgian Antarctic Expedition" (1897-1899) The Monthly Record 1899-1900?

  • Folder: 50, Gessain, Robert, 1952

    "L'Ajagaq Bilboquet Eskimo" Journal de la Société des Américanistes 1952

  • Folder: 51, Ghiglione, Angelo F., 1951-1958

    "Problems of icing on roads and airfields" 1951; "Paving the permafrost" Asphalt Institute Quarterly Oct. 1958; "Subarctic highway construction and maintenance"

  • Folder: 52, Gibbons, Russell, 1968-1974

    "Frederic Albert Cook" Dr. Frederic A. Cook Society 1965; "Did Cook beat Peary to the Pole?" Science Digest Sept. 1968; "and the fight goes on..." Yankee Dec. 1969; "Frederic Albert Cook an American Dreyfus in Polar history?" 1974; "Dr. Frederic A. Cook: American Dreyfus?" Doubt the Fortean Society Magazine Vol. 2 pp. 403-6; Gibbons Biography 1975; Reviews of Hugh Eames Winner Lose All: Dr. Cook and the Theft of the North Pole 1973; Pamphlet, Dr. Frederic Albert Cook Society

  • Folder: 53, Gibbs, H. C., 1960

    "Some Haematological values for the Barren-Ground Caribou" Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine May 1960

  • Folder: 54, Giese, W. , 1884

    "Die Erdstrom-Beobachtungen auf der Deutschen Polarstation zu Kingua-Fjord" 1884

  • Folder: 55, Gilbert, Charles H. , 1925

    With Willis H. Rich "Second experiment in tagging salmon in the Alaska peninsula fisheries reservation summer of 1923" 1925

  • Folder: 56, Gilles, R. C. , 1942

    "American-Siberian Burman Road" (Military road to Russia) 1942 (Includes map)

  • Folder: 57, Giovinetto, Mario B., 1960-1961

    "Mass accumulation in West Antarctica" 1960, IGY Bulletin Aug. 1961

  • Folder: 58, Gislason, V. Th. , 1943

    "Islandsferd Sir Joseph Banks, 1772: Um thjodhætti og thjodarhag" Lesbòk Morgunbladsins 1943

  • Folder: 59, Gitz-Johansen, 1941

    "Nalikatêk et ØstGrønlandsk Sagn" 1941 (Includes woodblock illustration)

  • Folder: 60, Glaciology , 1949-1962

    Arctic Institute of North America Conference on Glaciological Research, 1949; Report on glaciological research in Canada" 1960, 1962; "Glaciology - the flow of glaciers" The Observatory Vol. 70 No. 855; The Quarterly Review on glaciers in North America and Greenland

  • Folder: 61, Gladwin, George E. , 1888-1889

    "Prospectus of a Proposed Excursion to Hudson's Straits and Northern Labrador" 1888-9

  • Folder: 62, Gleed, Charles S. , undated

    "Romance and Reality in a Single Live: Sir Frederick Funston" Cosmopolitan Vol. 27 July 1899 (Copy)

  • Folder: 63, Glen, A. R., 1938

    "British Arctic expeditions, 1937" 1938

  • Folder: 64, Gloucester Master Mariners' Association, 1944

    Year Book 1944

  • Folder: 65, Godineau, 1936

    "Oration upon religious worship" 1936

  • Folder: 66, Godsell, Philip H. , 1931-1951

    "The Arctic goes modern" The Canadian Elk Magazine Oct. 1931; "Famous forts of Furland" Winnipeg Free Press Feb. 19, 26, 1938; "The unforgettable Mr. Hornby" Saga Oct. 1950; Letter to Edward Weyer of National History Magazine on Inuit, trading, and whaling, April 1951

  • Folder: 67, Godson, Warren L. , 1959

    "The Application of Fourier Analysis to Meteorological Data" Dept. of Transport, Canada, 1959

  • Folder: 68, Gold , 1942

    "Beginner's Luck" New Horizons Nov. 1942

  • Folder: 69, Gold, Lorne W., 1957-1963

    "Some results of the snow survey of Canada" 1957; Canadian Journal of Physics "Some observations on the dependence of strain on stress for ice" Oct. 1958, "The cracking ability in ice during creep" Sept. 1960, "Crack formation in ice plates by thermal shock" Oct. 1963; "Energy balance during the snow melt period at an Ottawa site" International Association of Scientific Hydrology Publication no. 54 1961; "Formation of cracks in ice plates by thermal shock" Nature Vol. 192 No. 4798, 1961; "An unusual ice formation on the Ottawa River" Journal of Glaciology June 1963

  • Folder: 70, "Gold Magazine", 1933-1935

    Vol. 1 No. 3, July 1933; Vol. 3 No. 1, July 1934; Vol. 3 No. 10, May 1935

Box: 10, Dates: 1701-1999

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Golder, Frank Alfred , 1968

    "Father Herman, Alaska's Saint; a preliminary account of the life and miracles of blessed Father Herman" 1968

  • Folder: 2, Goldthwait, Richard P., 1960-1973

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  • Folder: 51, "Grønland" (Magazine), 1954-1959

    May 1954; April 1956; Aug. 1956; Feb, 1957; Dec. 1959

  • Folder: 52, Grønlands teckniske Organisation, 1958

    "Byggeri I Grønland - specielt med henblik på betonarbejder" ("Building activity in Greenland - with special reference to concrete work," Includes English summary) 1958

  • Folder: 53, Grönroos, J. A., 1959

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  • Folder: 54, Gruber, Ruth, 1937-1943

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  • Folder: 55, Gruening, Ernest, 1944-1955

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  • Folder: 56, Guderian, Heinz , 1952

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  • Folder: 61, Gusinde, Martin , 1956

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  • Folder: 64, Haekel, Joseph, undated

    "Die bestattungsformen bei den stämmen Nordwestamerikas"

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  • Folder: 66, Haglund, Donn, circa 1956-1962

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  • Folder: 67, Haig-Brown, Roderick L. , 1956

    "Canada's Pacific Salmon" 1956

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