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Series 1, Vertical Files, 1701-2004

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Box: 21, Dates: 1823-2004

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Russell-Jeaffreson, J., 1899

    "A summer visit to Nova Zembla" The Windsor Magazine 1899

  • Folder: 2, Russia, 1949-1956

    "Russian medical experience in the Arctic" U.S. Office of Strategic Services, 1949; G. D. Rikhter, ed. "Forested and open steppes of the Russian Plain" 1956 (Extracts, trans.)

  • Folder: 3, Ruth, Marguerite, 1940

    "Admiral Byrd heads south again" Sperryscope Jan. 1940

  • Folder: 4, Rutherford, Adam, circa 1937

    "Iceland's great inheritance" 1937?

  • Folder: 5, Ruzin, M. I., 1959-1960

    "The wind drift of ice in a heterogeneous pressure field" 1959 (Trans. 1960)

  • Folder: 6, Ryabukhin, G. E., undated

    "Bituminous horizons of the eastern slope of Ural and west Siberian plain"

  • Folder: 7, Ryan, Irice, undated

    "What! No igloos? The diary of a Fairbanks housewife"

  • Folder: 8, Ryan, W. Carson, Jr., undasted

    "The literature of Native Administration: an analysis of books and articles dealing with the education, health, and other activities of Native Peoples" (Inuit, Native American)

  • Folder: 9, Sabiston, Campbell , 1959

    "Low-fat diets and the farm producer: a review of the literature in the 'fat' controversy" 1959

  • Folder: 10, Sackville, Peter, 1938

    "Radium in Canada" Overseas Feb. 1938

  • Folder: 11, Sæmundsson, Nina, undated

    Bjarna M. Brekkmann "Kvædi ort til hennar;" "Gledileg jól" (Photo of flag)

  • Folder: 12, Sage, Walter N., undated

    "Sir Alexander Mackenzie and his influence on the history of the North West"

  • Folder: 13, Sainsbury, C. L., undated

    "A new occurrence of Beryllium minerals on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska"

  • Folder: 14, Sainthill, R., 1856

    "Suggestions for a medal to record the discovery of the passage by the North Pole" Numismatic Crumbs 1855 (Reprint 1856)

  • Folder: 15, Sala, I., undasted

    "Experimental studies on the stress concentration index of sea-ice" I.A.S.H. Snow and Ice Commission Publication No. 54

  • Folder: 16, Sale, Charles V., 1929

    "A winter road" (Early history of the Hudson's Bay Company" 1929

  • Folder: 17, Salén Lindblad Cruising , undated

    G. Rowley "Notes on the exploration of Greenland and the Eastern Canadian Arctic," "A condensed history of the Canadian Arctic;" D. Puleston "Fauna and flora of the high Arctic;" "Expeditions to the Arctic;" "Preparing for the Northwest Passage aboard the M.S. Lindblad Explorer;" "Final itinerary and instructions;" "The log of Northwest Passage cruise LE6050 August - September, 1984" (Reproduction); Route map

  • Folder: 18, Salisbury, Eunice, 1963

    "Libraries and literature of cold: Part I. CRREL" Geography and Map Division Bulletin Special Libraries Assoc. No. 52, June 1963

  • Folder: 19, Salischev, K. A., 1935-1939

    With S. V. Obruchev "The mountain systems of Northeastern Asia" The Geographical Review Vol. 25 No. 4, Oct. 1935; "Concerning the cold pole of the earth;" "Uber den Kältepol der Erde;" Correspondence Dec. 4, 1939

  • Folder: 20, Samborskiy, V., undated

    "Winter exploitation of Soviet civil aviation equipment"

  • Folder: 21, Samoilovich, R, undated

    “Outline of Professor R. Samoilovich’s First ‘Krassin’ Expedition” (Nobile Rescue)

  • Folder: 22, Sanford, F. Bruce, 1957

    "A picture study of an American whaling operation" U.S. Dept. of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service Vol. 19 No. 5 May 1957

  • Folder: 23, Sanford, Robert, 1946

    With H. Pierce "Exploration of coal deposits of the Point Barrow and Wainwright areas, Northern Alaska" U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Nov. 1946

  • Folder: 24, San Ta, Chien, 1959-1961

    "Fa hsien famoso bonzo chino descubrio el continente Americano" 1959 (Trans 1961)

  • Folder: 25, Saur, J. F. T., 1949-1952

    Et al. "Oceanographic cruise to the Bering and Chukchi seas, summer 1949: Part III: Physical observations and sound velocity in the deep Bering Sea" 1949

  • Folder: 26, Savarenski, Y. F., 1956

    "Research on seismicity of inaccessible regions" (IGY) 1956 (E. R. Hope trans.)

  • Folder: 27, Savarenskii, F. P., 1950-1960

    "Dams in permafrost regions" 1950 (Trans 1960)

  • Folder: 28, Savich-Lyubitskaya, L. I., 1956

    "The biological activity of mosses under snow" Botanicheskii Zhurnal 1956 (Trans.)

  • Folder: 29, Savitt, Ronald, 2004

    “Antarctic Sledging Preparations and Tacit Knowledge” Polar Record Vol. 40 No. 213, 2004

  • Folder: 30, Savours, Ann, 1958-1963

    "The manuscript collection of the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge" 1958, Archives Vol. 4 No. 22, 1959; "Whaling log books and other manuscript material of polar interest in the Maritime Museum, Hull" 1958; "Early Eskimo visitors to Britain" (Inuit) The Geographical Magazine Vol. 36 No. 6, Oct. 1963

  • Folder: 31, Scandinavian Airlines System, 1956-1957

    K. Hagerup-Svendsen "Civil air traffic in the Arctic;" "The west coast and the 'world next door;'" "Opening tomorrow's airways: Danish aviation from Ellehammer to SAS" 1956; SAS Global News April 1957 (Includes "Breaking the polar barrier") News releases, 1950s; Schedule April-Oct. 1956; Polar system route map, includes information about polar explorations

  • Folder: 32, Schaefer, Vincent J., 1957-1958

    "Cloud forms of the jet stream;" Obituary, biographical articles on Irving Langmuir 1957-58

  • Folder: 33, Schaefers, Edward A., 1953-1954

    U.S. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife "Shellfish explorations in certain southeastern Alaskan waters by the John N. Cobb, Spring 1952" Vol. 15 No. 3 March 1953, with F. M. Fukuhara "Offshore salmon explorations adjacent to the Aleutian Islands, June-July 1953" Vol. 16 No. 5 May 1954; With K. A. Smith, M. R. Greenwood "Bottom fish and shellfish explorations in the Prince William Sound area, Alaska, 1954" Vol. 17 No. 4,

  • Folder: 34, Scheele, William E., circa 1959

    "Arctic graphic arts: a lively new field of Eskimo art" (Inuit art) 1959?

  • Folder: 35, Schledermann, Peter , 1981

    "Eskimo and Viking Finds in the High Arctic" (Inuit, Ellesmere Island) National Geographic May 1981

  • Folder: 36, Schmidt, Karl, 1948

    "Whaling and whale conservation" Think Jan. 1948 (Includes Reuben B. Oldfield "The Iroquois - 'Romans of the West'" (Native Americans))

  • Folder: 37, Schmidt, Otto , circa 1936-1939

    "The conquest of the Arctic" 1939; "L'Arctique et son avenir," R. Samoilovitch "Le pays du collectivisme heureux" (With translation: "The country of happy collectivism"), C. Radvillovitch "La science au service de l'Arctique" Le Journal de Moscou Dec. 29, 1936?; Soviet Union Review May-June 1934 "The voyage of the 'Cheliuskin,'" "Last days in Camp Schmidt," "Schmidt greets Admiral Byrd," (Includes A. Troyanovdky "The waterways of the Soviet Union"); Misc. articles on Schmidt Science Service, Moscow DN, New York Herald Tribune, New York Times Jan-Nov. 1937, undated; Program "Heroes of the Arctic"

  • Folder: 38, Schmitt, Martin F., 1944

    "Pemmican" The Cattleman Vol. 30 No. 12 May 1944

  • Folder: 39, Schoff, Wilfred H., 1913

    "The periplus of Hanno: a voyage of discovery down the West African coast, by a Carthaginian Admiral of the fifth century BC" 1913

  • Folder: 40, Scholander, P. F. , undated

    Publications list 1932-1959

  • Folder: 41, Schreiber, Alexander, circa 1939

    "The snow cruiser" (U. S. Antarctic Service Expedition, 1939-41) Research Foundation of Armour Institute of Technology, c. 1939

  • Folder: 42, Schultz, C. F., undated

    "Tractor requirements essential for cold weather operation in Northern Canada or elsewhere"

  • Folder: 43, Schultz, John, circa 1894

    "A Forgotten fortress," "The Old Crow Wing Trail," "Some very old inhabitants," "The King's Highway" 1894?

  • Folder: 44, Schwatka, Frederick, 1881-1990

    Good Company "Ireland and Irishmen" Part II Feb. 1881 (Copy), "In the land of the midnight sun" Part II, March-April 1881 (Copy), Part IV, May 1881 (Copy), Part VI June 1881; Outing Magazine "Hunting the Arctic grizzly" March 1888, "Nature's North Point" May 1888; "Some tight pinches in the Arctic" Youth's Companion Dec. 12, 1889; "Oregon man led 1878's invasion of the Arctic" Sunday Journal Magazine Sept. 21, 1952; J. M. Ananguaq, Guy Mary-Rousselière "The Schwaka expedition as seen by the Inuit" Eskimo Fall 1989-Summer 1990; Notes from The Children of the Cold (Inuit); Name, place and subject list from the Schwatka papers in the Library of Mystic Seaport See Oversize: "The Franklin Search Expedition" supplement to The Illustrated London News Jan. 1, 1881

  • Folder: 45, Schwoerke, John , 1984

    "Whoever Finds this Paper..." (De Long - Jeannette manuscript) Dartmouth College Library Bulletin Nov. 1984

  • Folder: 46, Sciaroni, Bretton G., 1976

    "The U.S. Claim to Wrangel Island" 1976

  • Folder: 47, Scidmore, Eliza Ruhamah, 1891

    "The disputed boundary between Alaska and British Columbia" Century Magazine 1891

  • Folder: 48, Sclater, P. L., 1878

    With Osbert Salvin "Reports on the collections of birds made during the voyage of the H.M.S. 'Challenger' - No. IX. On the birds of Antarctic America" April 16, 1878

  • Folder: 49, Scolvus, John, 1962

    Biography 1962; bibliography

  • Folder: 50, Scoresby, William, Jr., circa 1888-1889

    Charles Nisbet "William Scoresby: whaler and parson" A. Annual? 1888-9; Portrait

  • Folder: 51, Scoresby, William, Sr., 1977

    Biography 1977, Scoresby family papers box and folder breakdown; Portraits of Scoresby

  • Folder: 52, Scott, Melville, 1931

    "With 'Discovery II.' in the Antarctic" Overseas Sept. 1931

  • Folder: 53, Scott Polar Research Institute, 1934-1985

    Descriptive pamphlet; A. Savours "The manuscript collection of the Scott Polar Research Institute, 1919 to 1957;" "59th Annual Report" 1985; Seating chart, luncheon on the opening of the institute, Nov. 16, 1934

  • Folder: 54, Scott, Robert Falcon, 1913-1999

    "'The Uttermost South' the undying story of Captain Scott" (British Antarctic Expedition 1910-1913) Everybody's Magazine Aug. 1913; Herbert G. Ponting, George King-Hall letters to the editor on Amundsen Times 1927; Michael Stroud "Scott: 75 years on" British Medical Journal Dec 1986; New York Times 1996 Malcom Browne "Polar exploration's golden age is still a maker and breaker of reputations" May 10, "Polar heroes in history's cold eye" May 12; Review of Roland Huntford The Last Place on Earth: Scott and Amundsen's Race to the South Pole in The Boston Globe Aug. 17, 1999; "Fermentation of beer" Corrosion Reporter Vol. 9 No. 4, May 1963

  • Folder: 55, Scott, Thomas G., undated

    "History of the Esquimau race" (Inuit)

  • Folder: 56, Scott, W. J. Edmonston, 1935

    "History in a snort! The Loch Ness monster" Celtic Forum Vol. 1 No. 3, June 1935 (Includes "The Celtic discovery of North America")

  • Folder: 57, Scullin, George, 1948

    "Explorers Club" Science Illustrated Vol. 3 No. 2, May 1948

  • Folder: 58, Scurvy, 1862-1953

    "Report of a committee of the Associate medical Members of the Sanitary Commission on the subject of scurvy" Washington, 1862; C. P. Howard, T. Ingvaldsen "The mineral metabolism of experimental scurvy of the monkey" Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin July 1917; Maurice Givens "A consideration of some dried vegetables with special reference to their nitrogen and calcium content" Journal of the American Medical Association June 1918; "A. Hess, Mildred Weinstock "The catalytic action of minute amounts of copper in the destruction of anitscorbutic vitamin in milk" Journal of the American Medical Association March 1924; Karl Vogel "Scurvy - 'The plague of the sea and the spoyle of mariners'" Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medecine Aug. 1933; C. Pederson, Margaret Albury "Sauerkraut through the ages - and now" Farm Research Oct. 1953; Notes on scurvy from various sources

  • Folder: 59, Seals and Sea Otters, 1890-1975

    "The Seal and his Jacket" Leisure Hour 1890; "Treaty between the United States and Great Britain providing for the preservation and protection of fur seals" 1911; "Canadian sealing commission closed yesterday - judge and council exchange felicitations" colonist Feb. 1915? (Copy); Herbert Hoover "Laws and regulations for the protection of fur seals and sea otters" Alaska Bureau of Fisheries 1921; Executive orders providing for protection of fur seals and sea otters, Warren G. Harding, April 1923, Calvin Coolidge, April 1924; Regulation prohibiting killing of sea otters, 1925 (Copy); "Convention between the United States and other powers providing for the preservation and protection of fur seals" 1928; Articles on protection of fur seals, Feb. 1929; "Population dynamics of the ringed seal in the Canadian eastern Arctic" Fisheries Research Board of Canada Bulletin No. 181, 1973; G. Geiger "The saga of the Alaskan fur seals" The Explorer Summer 1975; Illustration

  • Folder: 60, Seidenberg, Mark , 1977-1987

    Article on Wrangel Island in HaAretz Oct. 28, 1977 (In Hebrew); Misc. articles on USSR on Wrangel Island, Trunk Line, The Seattle Times, American Opinion, News World, Musk-Ox, Valley News, Wall Street Journal Jan. 1978-Dec. 1987 (Misc. authors)

  • Folder: 61, Seliakov, N. Ia., 1950-1951

    "Some observations on processes connected with the formation of ice" 1950 (Trans, 1951)

  • Folder: 62, Seltzer, Carl C. , 1933

    "The Anthropometry of the Western and Copper Eskimos, based on data of Vilhjalmur Stefansson" Human Biology Sept. 1933

  • Folder: 63, Semko, R. S., 1954

    "West Kamchatka salmon, their commercial exploitation and reproduction" 1954 (Trans)

  • Folder: 64, Semuskin, T., 1931

    "A school in the Arctic" (Chuktsky Peninsula) Soviet Union Review Nov. 1931

  • Folder: 65, Sen'ko, P. K., 1958-1959

    "Unusual localized character of magnetic variation in the Mirny Region" 1958 (E. R. Hope Trans, 1959)

  • Folder: 66, Sergeyev, A. A., 1954-1955

    "Carotene in certain wild plants" 1954 (E. R. Hope Trans. 1955)

  • Folder: 67, Seton, Ernest Thompson , 1925-1961

    Biographical and Bibliographical sketch 1925; Mrs. Seaton correspondence 1960 (Seaton Village, Library); Flyer for Seaton Castle; Ernest and Julia Seaton publications price list; Advertisement for Seaton calendar, 1961

  • Folder: 68, Seton-Karr, H. W., 1890

    "Ten years travel and sport in foreign lands" 1890

  • Folder: 69, Seward, William H., circa 1852-1910

    "Commerce in the Pacific Ocean" (Whales) Speech in the senate of the United States, July 26, 1852; "Seward's address on Alaska at Sitka, August 12, 1869" Old South Leaflets; E. Duyckink Biography, National Portrait Gallery of Eminent Americans 1862; Review of E. E. Hale William H. Seward 1910 in American Historical Review Vol. 16 See Oversize: "Seward's address on Alaska at Sitka, August 12, 1869" The Daily British Colonist and Victoria Chronicle Aug. 28, 1869

  • Folder: 70, Shackleton, Ernest Henry, Sir, 1903-1999

    "The polar quest" Leisure Hour 1903-4; "Life in the Antarctic" with introduction Pearson's Magazine; "Lieutenant Shackleton's own story. Nearest the South Pole" Pearson's Magazine Sept. 1909; Shackleton motion picture announcement c. 1920; Articles on relief expedition, death, and burial of Shackleton (Shackleton-Rowett Antarctic Expedition 1921-22) c. 1916-1922; C. Dean "Where heroes camped, ancient cornmeal and penguins" New York Times Jan. 27, 1998; Review of Roland Huntford Shacklelton in Newsweek Jan. 13, 1986, The New Yorker March 24, 1986; Anthony Lake "Breaking the waves: into the frozen unknown with Sir Ernest Shackleton" (The James Caird) The New Yorker April 12, 1999; Pamphlet of excerpts from Shackleton's obituaries; Flyer, "Shackleton the Antarctic and endurance" exhibition, Old Library, Dulwich College; Jan Piggott, Keeper of Archives Dulwich College, business card

  • Folder: 71, Shadrina, Z. F., 1951

    "The soils of Novosibirsk Oblast" 1951 (Trans.)

  • Folder: 72, Shalimar, 1946

    "The Bay of God's mercy" Blackwood's Magazine March 1946

  • Folder: 73, Shapiro, Daniel , 1957-1995

    Icebreaker Bibliography 1960, Correspondence 1960

  • Folder: 74, Sharp, D. H., 1955-1957

    Engineering Journal "Ore handling facilities at Seven Islands, Quebec" Jan. 1955, "Ore transfer facilities at Contrecoeur, Quebec" Jan. 1957

  • Folder: 75, Sharples, Ada, 1941

    "Seeds of native Alaska plants" catalog 1941

  • Folder: 76, Shawvan, John K. , 1959

    "The fountain of youth, a food program for good health and longevity" 1959

  • Folder: 77, Shchedrina, Z. G., 1953-1960

    "New data on foraminifera from the Okhotsk sea and its distribution" 1953 (Trans 1960)

  • Folder: 78, Shcherbakov, D. I., 1954-1955

    "Across the central Arctic: travel impressions" Izvestiia July 1954; "Central arctic" Science and Life 1954 (Trans. 1955); "First results of the high-latitude Arctic expedition of 1954" 1954 (Trans 1955); "Die sowjetische Antarktisexpedition" Urania

  • Folder: 79, Shea, John Gilmary, undated

    "Columbus and the men of Palos"

  • Folder: 80, Sheehan, Brian T. , 1960

    "The Air Force's Polar Push" The Airman May 1960

  • Folder: 81, Shelesnyak, M. C., 1947-1950

    "The story of Elisha Kent Kane, Surgeon, U.S. Navy" United States Naval Medical Bulletin Sept.-Oct. 1947; "Some problems in human ecology in polar regions" Science; "The Navy explores its northern frontiers" Journal of the American Society of Naval Engineers Nov. 1947; "The place of the aviation physiologist in the aeronautical sciences" Aeronautical Engineering Review 1948; "The Point Barrow story" Office of Naval Research Monthly Research Report Oct. 1, 1948; "The Arctic as a strategic scientific area" Problems of the Arctic seminar, May 25, 1950; "Description of the proposed Encyclopedia Arctica; Question and answer series for proposed book on Arctic, biographical information and list of published works

  • Folder: 82, Shepheard, John F., undated

    "How world air routes are built" Flying Aces Dec.

  • Folder: 83, Shepstone, H. J., circa 1900-1928

    "To Klondike by rail" Cassell's Magazine c. 1900; "Report of Proceedings" White Pass and Yukon Railway Co. Ltd. Annual meeting of shareholders, Dec. 19, 1928

  • Folder: 84, Sherwood, Angus, 1952-1954

    With K. M. Mackenzie "Permafrost study in connection with the new boilerhouse, Norman Wells" Feb. 1952; J. R. Mathieson comments, May 3, 1952; Correspondence on structures in Aklavik, May 1952; "Tabulation of well history to Jan. 1st 1954, Norman Wells field and vicinity" with correspondence, April 1954; Weather recordings, June 21-Sept 27, 1953

  • Folder: 85, Sherwood, John C., 1958

    "Norris and the Jeannette" Philological Quarterly April 1958

  • Folder: 86, Shetelig, Haakon, 1949

    "Roman coins found in Iceland" Antiquity Sept. 1949

  • Folder: 87, Ships and Submarines, 1937-1986

    Bear ("The old explorer" (Richard Black poem) National Geographic School Bulletin May 6, 1963); Ernestina ("Historic Ernestina to Join Ship Fest" Boston Globe, June 9, 1992); U.S.S. Glacier (Program, Commissioning Ceremony, May 27, 1955); HMCS Labrador ("Officers of HMCS Labrador are entertained at club" The Maple Leaf Spring 1956); McLellan ("The last Voyage of the McLellan" the Beaver 1986); Nonsuch Ketch (The Beaver, 1968); Submarine U.S.S. Perch (Illustrations); Radium King, Radium Queen ("The 'King' and 'Queen' go North" Northern Transportation Co. Imperial Oil Review June-July 1937); RCMP St. Roch (E. Glenn "Park visitors can go Arctic: St. Roch is relic of life in North" The Vancouver Sun Magazine Supplement Feb. 5, 1955; "Historic RCMP schooner St. Roch will be restored" May 13, 1971; J. B. Thompson "Going back a long way for small things..." Conservation Canada Vol. 1 No. 2, 1974; "St. Roch - restored to 1974 - to open October 16" Sept. 16, 1974)

  • Folder: 88, Ships and Submarines - Misc., 1823-2002

    "Narrative of the shipwreck of certain Dutch Vessels in the year 1797, in the seas east of Greenland; from a late number of the "Annales Maritimes"" Museum Magazine June 1823; "A brief description of the ancient vessel found near Sandefjord in Norway, to accompany the a model of the ship sent to the International Ship-Model Exhibition in London 1882" Christiania, 1886, Photos; "In an Open Boat" The World of Adventure 1890; Gustorm Gjessing, A.W. Brøgger "Vikingeskibs funnene" Universitetets Oldsaksamling 1936 (Previously filed under: "Oslo. Universitet. Samling av nordiske oldsaker"); "Canadians Complete Plans for New Hydrographic Ship" NYT April 25, 1954; C.S. Mackinnon "The Wintering-over of Royal Navy Ships in the Canadian Arctic, 1819-1876" The Beaver 1984; "Navy Frontier: Submarines Rendezvous at North Pole" New York Times Dec. 16, 1986) "Explorer of arctic depths plans another trip north" (Alfred McLaren) New York Times Oct. 29, 2002; "Yachting Adventures beyond the Arctic Circle" (Lapland) Sharpe's London Magazine Vol. 7

  • Folder: 89, Shirley, James Malcolm, 1987

    “Artist lives in Far North: Painter Found Community Among Inuit Eskimos” Valley News June 4, 1987

  • Folder: 90, Shishmaref Day School , 1952

    "Eskimo cook book" (Inuit) 1952

  • Folder: 91, Shklovski, I. S., 1951-1958

    "The excitation mechanism of the aurora" 1951 (E. R. Hope Trans 1953); With P. V. Shcheglov "Optical observations of artificial earth-satellites" 1958 (E. R. Hope Trans)

  • Folder: 92, Shlyakov, R. N. , 1956

    "The Polar and Alpine botanical garden" 1956 (Trans)

  • Folder: 93, Shotridge, Louis, 1917

    "My northland revisited" The Museum Journal University of Pennsylvania, June 1917 (Includes discussion of Alaskan expeditions, 100-102)

  • Folder: 94, Shtaude, N. M., 1950-1954

    "The attempt to determine the temperature of the upper layers of the terrestrial atmosphere from observations of the brightness of the twilight arc" 1950 (E. R. Hope Trans 1954)

  • Folder: 95, Shteinberg, D. M., 1955-1957

    "Some aspects of the problem of adaptation of entomophagous and phytophagous insects to their nutrition" 1955 (E. R. Hope Trans 1957)

  • Folder: 96, Shtokman, V. B., 1940-1957

    "The horizontal expansion of temperature anomalies in the ocean" 1940 (Trans 1956); "The water masses of the central part of the Arctic Ocean" 1943 (Trans 1954);"Characteristics of the spreading of Atlantic water into the polar basin" 1945; "Effect of bottom topography on the direction of currents in the sea" 1947, "Effect of bottom topography on the direction of the transport of water set up by the wind or the mass-field in a non-homogeneous ocean" 1948 (E. R. Hope Trans. 1952); "Influence of wind on currents in Bering Strait, the causes of their high speeds and predominantly northerly direction" 1957 (Trans)

  • Folder: 97, Shuleikin, V. V., 1950-1959

    "The present status of the theory of ice field drift" 1950 (Trans 1954); "Separation of the monsoon component from the general atmospheric currents" 1950 (E. R. Hope Trans 1957); "Fluctuations in the heat balance of the Atlantic Ocean" 1958 (1959)

  • Folder: 98, Shumway, George, 1958-1959

    With J. A. Beagles "Arctic scuba diving, 1958. I: observations on the Alaskan Arctic Shelf and under ice in the Polar Sea; II: notes on the Arctic diving operation" U.S. Navy, Aug. 1959

  • Folder: 99, Shutova-Korzh, I. V. , 1959-1960

    "Investigations of herring migrations in the Barents and Norwegian Seas" 1959 (Trans 1960)

  • Folder: 100, Shvetsov, P. F. , 1938-1959

    "Content and object of Soviet geocryology" 1958 (Trans 1959); "The role of permafrost and subpermafrost waters in the hydrology of the basins of the Rivers Indigirka and Yana" 1946 (Abstracted 1947); "Permafrost and the engineering and geological conditions of the Anadyr Region" 1938 (Abstracted 1947)

  • Folder: 101, Sigfússon, Björn, 1937

    "Um Ljósvetninga Sögu" (English abstract "The Ljósvetninga Saga") 1937

  • Folder: 102, Sikorsky, Igor I., 1935

    "The development and characteristics of a long-range flying boat (The S-42)" The Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society April 1935 (Includes Riabouchinsky "Thirty years of theoretical and experimental research in fluid mechanics")

  • Folder: 103, Silsbee, N. F., 1947

    With R. E. Saunders "Cold weather war" (USAF) Aero Digest Dec. 1947

Box: 22, Dates: 1852-1998

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Simmons, H. G., 1896-1903

    "Några bidrag till Färöarnes flora" Feb. 1896; "Preliminary report on the botanical work of the second Norwegian polar expedition 1898-1902)" Nyt Magazin f. Naturvidenskab Band 41 Heft 3, 1903

  • Folder: 2, Simpson, George Gaylord, 1933

    "A Nevada fauna of Pleistocene type and its probable association with man" American Museum Novitates Oct. 23, 1933

  • Folder: 3, Simpson, George, Sir, 1928

    Program "Sir George Simpson centennial celebration, Fort St. James, 17th September, 1928, Unveiling of tablet, Simpson pass on the high road from Banff to Windermere, B.C. 20th September, 1928"

  • Folder: 4, Simpson, Margarita, 1958

    "Notes from a Greenland diary" Fulbright Monitor Denmark Vol. 6 No. 2, Oct. 1958

  • Folder: 5, Sinclair, H. M., 1953

    "The diet of Canadian Indians and Eskimos"(Native Americans, Inuit) Proceedings of the Nutrition Society Vol. 12 No. 1, 1953

  • Folder: 6, Sinding, Paul C., 1865

    "The ancient Scandinavians, - their maritime expeditions, their discoveries, and their religion" Quebec Lit. and Historical Society 1865

  • Folder: 7, Singer, Daniel J., 1922

    "The giant bears of the north" The Winged Foot March 1922

  • Folder: 8, Siple, Paul A., 1942-1956

    "General principles governing selection of clothing for cold climates" 1942; Edwin Rees "Exploration: compelling continent" (Antarctic exploration) Time Dec. 31, 1956

  • Folder: 9, Sissenwine, Norman, 1951

    With A. Court "Climatic extremes for military equipment" (U.S. Army) Environmental Protection Branch Nov. 1951

  • Folder: 10, Sivertz, B. G., 1956

    Report on "Visit to Scandinavian Countries and Greenland" June-July 1956; "A summer visit to Greenland" Dec. 1956

  • Folder: 11, Skaperdas, G. T., 1951

    With J. F. Skelly "Athabaska oil sands conference" Sept. 10-15, 1951 The Kellogg Co.

  • Folder: 12, Skelton, Raleigh A. , undated

    "The Map of Greenland in the Middle Ages and Renaissance"

  • Folder: 13, Skerrett, Robert G., 1921

    "Across the Arctic under ice" Illustrated World, Chicago Feb. 1921

  • Folder: 14, Skinner, Charles M., undated

    "Observations on Greenland"

  • Folder: 15, Skis and Skiing (Scandinavian), 1922-1937

    "Skansen, a short guide for the visitor" 1934"; Pamphlets and books on skis and skiing, 1922-1937 and undated (In Swedish, Norwegian); Illustration

  • Folder: 16, Skjøt-Pedersen, A. E., 1973

    "Climatic change and polar navigation" JL News Sept. 1973

  • Folder: 17, Skoog, Hilmer, 1917

    "Båtfärder, Strövtåg och Skytte i Västgrönland" Svenska Setterklubben för E.S. Tidskrifts Decemberhäfte 1917

  • Folder: 18, Skriptunova, L. I., 1957-1959

    "The role of the surface heat balance in the water temperature regime of the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean" 1957 (Trans 1959)

  • Folder: 19, Slean, W. J., 1906

    Letter from Arctic Red River, MacKenzie, NWT, (Inuit) The Enterprise-Messenger , Jan. 1, 1906

  • Folder: 20, Slevin, T. E., 1881

    "The magnetic pole" Transactions and Proceedings of Geographical Society of the Pacific 1881

  • Folder: 21, Sloane, Eric, 1948

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  • Folder: 27, Smith, E. N., 1960

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  • Folder: 28, Smith, Edward (Ted) A., Dr., Senior Biologist, British Antarctic Survey (BAS), 1966-1967

    Letters written in 1966-1967 by Dr. Ted Smith to author, scientist, and official in the International Biological Programme (IBP), London, England, Dr. E. Barton Worthington. RE: studies of marine mammals on BAS bases in cooperation with the IBP

  • Folder: 29, Smith, Edward H., 1939

    "The international ice patrol" March 1939

  • Folder: 30, Smith, Gordon, 1931

    "The 'mystery' north of fifty-nine" Canadian National Railways Magazine Oct. 1931

  • Folder: 31, Smith, Harold L., undated

    "A study of the climatic and aeronautical conditions of Alaska"

  • Folder: 32, Smith, I. Norman, 1957

    "A stranger in the Arctic" Collection of articles reprinted from the Ottawa Journal, 1957

  • Folder: 33, Smith, Lawrence, 1879

    "Mémoire sur le fer natif du Groenland et sur la dolérite qui le renferme" 1879

  • Folder: 34, Smith, Lynn, undated

    Extracts of letters to family during Nome Gold Rush, 1899-1900 (Copies)

  • Folder: 35, Sniffen, Matthew K., 1914

    With T. S. Carrington "The Indians of the Yukon and Tanana Valleys, Alaska" (Native Americans) 1914

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  • Folder: 37, Snow 2 of 2, undated

    Articles abstracted from Russian by E. A. Golomshtok, 1945-1950

  • Folder: 38, Snow, W. Parker, 1889

    "The Franklin Expedition: a revelation" Letter to the editor Liverpool Mercury, May 23, 1889 (Copy); Photograph, March. 25, 1889

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  • Folder: 41, Soil, 1955

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  • Folder: 47, "S. O. S.- Iceberg", undated

    Motion picture program

  • Folder: 48, Spangenberg, E. P., 1940

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  • Folder: 50, Spencer, David L., undated

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  • Folder: 52, Sperry, Lawrence B., undated

    "The Lawrence B. Sperry fund of the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences"

  • Folder: 53, Spiegel, Peter K., 1959

    "Micro-organisms of polar climates" 1959

  • Folder: 54, Spitsbergen-Svalbard , 1871-1872

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  • Folder: 55, Spollon, John, 1913

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  • Folder: 56, Spörer, J., undated

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  • Folder: 57, Stacey, Robert , 1988

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  • Folder: 58, Staiger, F., 1961

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  • Folder: 59, Stallworthy, H. W., 1937

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  • Folder: 63, Starks, Edwin C., 1922

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  • Folder: 64, State Department Watch , 1881-1984

    Articles on Wrangel, Bennett, Henrietta, Jeannette and Herald Islands, and the possibility of their becoming Russian 1881-1984 See also: Hooper, Samuel L.

  • Folder: 65, Stead, W. T., 1909

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  • Folder: 66, Stearns, S. Russell, 1956-1957

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  • Folder: 67, Steenhoven, Gert van den, undated

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  • Folder: 68, Steenstrup, J. S., 1872

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  • Folder: 70, Steese, J. G., 1934

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  • Folder: 71, Stefansson, Alex, 1998

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  • Folder: 72, Stefansson Arctic Institute, 1998

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  • Folder: 73, Stefansson Island, 1952

    Notification and press release on naming of Stefansson Island, Feb., March 1952

  • Folder: 74, Stefansson, Johannes J. , 1943

    Obituary 1943 (Stefansson's brother, Joe)

  • Folder: 75, Stefansson, Jon, circa 1906

    "Iceland: its history and inhabitants" Journal of Transactions of the Victoria Institute 1902 (1906?)

  • Folder: 76, Steger International Polar Expedition, 1986, 1986-1987

    "The plan for reaching the pole;" Invitation to sendoff supper, Jan. 5, 1986; Articles Boston Globe Feb. 21, 1986, Wall Street Journal March 9, 1986, Valley News April 5, May 9, 1989, New York Times, Feb. 25, May 6, 20, 1986, Newsweek May 19, 1986; "North to the pole," Jean-Louis Etienne "Skiing alone to the pole" National Geographic Sept. 1986; Flyer for Ann Bancroft talk, Nov. 1986; Articles about Bancroft talk at Dartmouth The Dartmouth Nov. 11, 1986, Vox Nov. 8-16, 1986; "Polar explorers announce new expeditions" New York Times Dec. 8, 1987; Flyer for TV program "North to the Pole"

  • Folder: 77, Steger International Trans-Antarctica Expedition, 1989-1990, 1990

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  • Folder: 78, Steiman, Iser, 1946

    Frostbite biography 1946

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  • Folder: 86, Stewart, Elihu, 1907

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  • Folder: 87, Stirling, Matthew, 1959

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  • Folder: 89, Stokes, Frank Wilbert, 1895

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  • Folder: 90, Stone, I. T., 1960

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  • Folder: 91, Storm, Gustav, 1893-1899

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  • Folder: 92, Stout, Arthur B., 1881

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  • Folder: 93, Strahlenberg, Philip John von, undated

    Misc. notes on pagans in Russia

  • Folder: 94, Streeter, Thomas W. , 1957

    Lists of "Alaska items to be given as a group to an institution" 1957

  • Folder: 95, Stresemann, Erwin, 1940

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  • Folder: 98, Strong, Charles S., 1931

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  • Folder: 99, Strong, Richard, undated

    "Bibliography on lake ice"

  • Folder: 100, Struve, Marie M., undated

    "Story-letters" on Alaska (Inuit)

  • Folder: 101, Stubbins, John B., 1960-1961

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  • Folder: 102, Suga, Taro, 1941-1953

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  • Folder: 103, Suk, V., circa 1927

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  • Folder: 104, Sukharevski, Yu. M., 1948-1951

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  • Folder: 105, Sullivan, Alan, 1921

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  • Folder: 106, Supplee, S. Harold, undated

    "Dental and prosthetic comparison of rural and urban;" "Denure combinations and types with relation to geographic location;" "Proposed analysis of dental prosthetic material;" "Required denture combinations with relation to age of naval personnel;" Misc. tables

  • Folder: 107, Sutherland, J. C., 1926

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  • Folder: 108, Sutherland, Peter C., 1852

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  • Folder: 109, Sutton, George Miksch, 1932-1954

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  • Folder: 110, Suziumov, E. M., 1961

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  • Folder: 111, Swadesh, Morris, 1948-1950

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  • Folder: 112, Swanson, L. M., 1961

    "Ice conditions in the Churchill area for the winter of 1960-61" Oct. 1961; "Snow loads on roofs, Fort Churchill" Oct. 1961

Box: 23, Dates: 1869-1993

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Swinton, George, 1966-1967

    "Artists from the Keewatin" (Inuit art) Canadian Art April 1966; "Our 'underdeveloped' Canadians" The Alumni Journal University of Manitoba, Spring 1966; With W. Taylor "Prehistoric Dorset art" The Beaver Fall 1967; "Canada's Eskimos and their art" International Nickel Jan.? 1969; "New traditions in Eskimo art;" Biography, Bibliography

  • Folder: 2, Swithinbank, Charles, 1957-1972

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  • Folder: 3, Sychev, K. A., 1958-1960

    "The drifting ice island of station North Pole-6" Problemy Arktiki 1958 (Trans 1960); "Three years of drift of the floating ice island North Pole-6" Morskoi Flot 1959 (Trans); "The heat content of Atlantic waters and the expenditure of heat in the Arctic basin" Problemy Arktiki 1960 (Trans)

  • Folder: 4, Sylar, Roy M. , 1987

    "Reminiscences of Four Years in Arctic Alaska" 1987

  • Folder: 5, Symmes, Americus , 1885

    "The Symmes Theory of concentric spheres" (Interior habitability of the Earth) from the writings of John Cleves Symmes, 1885

  • Folder: 6, Symmes, J. C., 1935-1984

    "Polar concavities" New England Galaxy May 21, 1821 (Copy); "Find old Symmes document: paper, yellow with age, dated 1822, was sent to congress urging expedition thru North Pole hole to explore Earth's inside" March 20, 1935; Midland Rare Book Co. catalog entry on Symmes 1958; W. Hunt "The hole in the pole" Alaska Journal Winter 1984, correspondence requesting use of Stefansson Collection photograph; Lillian Becker letter to Fannie Hurst of Oct. 18, 1935, Includes list of Symmes references; "Hamilton rich in pioneer tradition" (Article on monuments in city" Enquirer Sunday Magazine Jan. 26, 1930; Symmes Hole Bibliography; Illustration of Symmes; Photo, Negative of Symmes' grave

  • Folder: 7, Tabata, Tadashi, 1959-1961

    Low Temperature Science "Studies of the mechanical properties of sea ice IV" 1959 (Trans 1961), "Studies of the mechanical properties of sea ice V" 1960 (1961), "On the formation and growth of sea ice in the southern part of the Okhotsk Sea" 1960 (1961)

  • Folder: 8, Taber, Stephen, 1943

    "Some problems of road construction and maintenance in Alaska" Public Roads July-Sept. 1943

  • Folder: 9, Talcott, Dudley Vail, 1930

    "Owners and operators of the ice sea vessel Norkap II annual report" Isak Isaksen Aktiesellskap of Tromsø, 1930

  • Folder: 10, Tanchou, Stanislas, 1843

    "Studies on the frequency and on the causes of cancer" 1843 (Copy, Trans), "Recherches sur la fréquence et sur les causes du Cancer" 1843, discussion of manuscript in French and English; Misc. notes

  • Folder: 11, Tåning, A. Vedel, 1947

    "Fluctuations in fish populations owing to climatic changes;" "Monthly anomalies of the surface temperature in the sea round South Greenland during the years 1876-1939" Conseil Permanent International Pour l'Exploration de la Mer, Annales Biologiques Vol. 2, 1947

  • Folder: 12, Tanner, V., 1953

    "The ruins on Sculpin Island in Nain's Archipelago, Newfoundland, Labrador," Illustration captions Geografisk Tidsskrift 1941-1942 (Trans, 1953); Bibliography on Labrador, Inuit; List of Tanner items in the Stefansson Collection

  • Folder: 13, Tate, Marguerite Gaylor, 1949

    "Snow eating beliefs and practices" discussion of Twelve Walked Away 1948, 1949

  • Folder: 14, Tauber, G. M., 1957-1959

    "Aerometeorological investigations in Antarctica by the First Soviet Antarctic Expedition, 1955-1957" Meteorologiia i Gidrologiia 1957 (Trans 1959)

  • Folder: 15, Taverner, Percy A., 1934

    With G. M. Sutton "The birds of Churchill, Manitoba" Annals of the Carnegie Museum Vol. 23, 1934

  • Folder: 16, Taylor, Andrew , 1959-1993

    "Arctic blue books: British Parliamentary papers on exploration in the Canadian North" (Guide) Arctic Bibliography Vol. 8, 1959; Guides to the blue books; Bibliographical information 1991; Obituary Winnipeg Free Press Oct. 10, 1993, The Globe and Mail Oct. 12, 1993

  • Folder: 17, Taylor, Bayard, 1869

    "Franklin's overland journey to the Polar Sea" Cyclopedia of Travel ? 1869

  • Folder: 18, Taylor, E. F., 1943

    Authorship unverified: War Dept. Training Circular, March 19, 1943 "Mountain and could weather equipment," "Cold weather clothing"; "Search and rescue section ground unit information pamphlet" Dec. 1943

  • Folder: 19, Taylor, Griffith, 1930

    "Antarctica: some political and scientific aspects" from "Food and population problems of the Pacific Basin" Proceedings of the Institute of International Relations, Berkely, CA, 1930; Bibliography, 1049

  • Folder: 20, Taylor, L. D., 1959

    With J. B. Lyons "Ice structures, Angiussaq Lake, Northwest Greenland" Sept. 1959

  • Folder: 21, Tedjuk, Joe, 1986

    “Times of Sorrow, Times of Joy” (Alaska, Copper Eskimo) The Beaver 1986

  • Folder: 22, Tegetmeier, W. B., 1882

    "The beaked whale" The Field, the Country Gentleman's Newspaper Jan. 21, 1882

  • Folder: 23, Tener, J. S., 1954

    "Facts about Canadian Musk-Oxen" Dept. of Northern Affairs, March 1954

  • Folder: 24, "Terres Polaires" , 1949

    "La documentation photographique" La documentation française, Series 3, 1949

  • Folder: 25, Thalbitzer, William, 1930-1951

    "The absolutive an the relative in Eskimo" (Inuit language) A Grammatical Miscellany offered to Otto Jespersen on his Seventieth Birthday 1930; "To Fjærne runestene fra Grønland og Amerika" Danske Studier 1946-47; "The voyage of Powell Knutsson: A lost voyage to Greenland - and further to Vinland?" "Jahrbuch des Museums für Länder- u. Völkerkunde / Linden-Museum 1951; Illustration of Inuit hunter from Ammassalik

  • Folder: 26, Thayer, John, 1914

    With O. Bangs, G. M. Allen "Notes on the birds and mammals of the Arctic coast of East Siberia" Proceedings of the New England Zoölogical Club Vol. 5, April 2, 1914

  • Folder: 27, Therkilsen, Kjeld Rask, 1956-1960

    "Danish achievements in Greenland" Progress Autumn. 1956; "Greenlanders watch while Danes work" Berlingske Tiende Oct. 9, 1960 (Trans.)

  • Folder: 28, Thibert, Arthur, undated

    "Le journal quotidien d'un Esquimau de l'Ile de Southampton 1926-1927"

  • Folder: 29, Thomas, D. E., 1933

    "Administration of the affairs of the natives of Alaska" Dept. of the Interior, Feb. 1933

  • Folder: 30, Thomas, Henry F., 1948

    "A report on an expedition to the far north to locate rumored seeps and secure samples" The Oil Weekly Feb. 4, 1948

  • Folder: 31, Thomas, Lowell, 1938

    "Confessions of a softball manager" (V. Stefansson, Wilkins) Softballers Magazine March 1938

  • Folder: 32, Thomas, W. A., 1923

    "Our Point Hope Mission" The Spirit of Missions Jan. 1923

  • Folder: 33, Thompson, G. A., 1815

    "A new theory of the two hemispheres: whereby it is attempted to explain, on geographical and historical facts, the time and manner in which America was peopled" 1815

  • Folder: 34, Thompson, H. R., 1952-1953

    "One square mile of ice: an experiment in geographical analysis" Illinois Academy of Science Transactions Vol. 45, 1952; "Geology and geomorphology in Southern Nordaustlandet (North-East Land), Spitsbergen" Proceedings of the Geologists' Association Vol. 64 Part 1, 1953

  • Folder: 35, Thompson, Henry Paget, 1938

    "A flight to the arctic" (Inuit) Soc. for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts 1938

  • Folder: 36, Thompson, I. M. C., Mrs., 1919-1928

    Letter to "Cox" Jan. 1829 (Copy); Churchill bibliography; K. F. M. Cusker "Back and beyond the Peace" Leader Regina May 12, 1928; "Vermillion and its climate," "The Great Peace River country," "Vermillion District" The Morning Bulletin Aug. 26, 1919

  • Folder: 37, Thompson, T. G., 1936

    With L. D. Phifer "The plankton and the properties of the surface waters of the Puget Sound Region" University of Washington Publications in Oceanography Vol. 1 No. 5, March 1936

  • Folder: 38, Thompson, William, 1920

    "The blond Eskimos" The Southern Workman Jan. 1920

  • Folder: 39, Thomsen, Helge, 1934

    "Danish hydrographical investigations in the Denmark Strait and the Irminger Sea during the years 1931, 1932 and 1933" Rapports et Procès-Verbaux Conseil Permanent Internatinal Pour l'exploration de la Mer" Vol. 86, 1934

  • Folder: 40, Thomsen, Thomas, undated

    "Grønlands beboere levevis og fremtidsmuligheder" Nær og Fjærn

  • Folder: 41, Thomson, C. Wyville, 1875

    "The Antarctic: a letter from H.M.S. Challenger" Good Words July 1875

  • Folder: 42, Thórdarson, Matthías, undated

    "Fundnar norrænar fornleitar í Vesturheimi" Lesbok Morhunbladsins April 6, 1939; "Vinland voyages" (Trans)

  • Folder: 43, Thoren, Ragner, undated

    "Photographic reconnaissance and interpretation of sea ice in the Arctic"

  • Folder: 44, Thorhallason, Egill, undated

    "About the ruins of the buildings of the old Norwegians and Icelanders in Bals Revier" Rudera 1776 (Copy); "A short supplement about the destruction of the old Norwegians and Icelanders in the western settlement" Rudera 1776 (Copy); Discussion of Rudera from unidentified book (Greenland, Inuit)

  • Folder: 45, Thoroddsen, T. , 1944-1950

    "A visit to Grimsey" Geografisk Tidsskrift 1901-1902 (V. Stefansson Trans 1944); V. Stefansson notes on Polar Bears in Iceland 1909, 1950

  • Folder: 46, Thorson, J. T., 1925

    "Icelandic pioneers in North America" The Quarterly Journal of the University of North Dakota Jan. 1925

  • Folder: 47, Thorsteinsson, Björn, 1951

    "Siglingar til Islands frá Biskups Lynn" A Godu Dægri Sept. 14, 1951; "Sendiferdir og hirdstjórn Hannesar Pálssonar og skyrsla hands 1425"

  • Folder: 48, Thorsteinsson, Raymond, 1961

    "The history and geology of Meighen Island, Arctic Archipelago" Geological Survey of Canada 1961

  • Folder: 49, Thorsteinsson, Thorsteinn, 1913

    "Jan Mayen" Skirni 1913, pp. 166–175

  • Folder: 50, Tiffany, Warren I., 1959-1960

    Bureau of Indian Affairs "Stories in string" (Cat's cradles, Inuit), Feb. 1959, "This land: an adult education booklet" 1960

  • Folder: 51, Tikhomirov, B. A., 1958

    "Data on the economic plants of the Eskimoes of the south-eastern Chukotka coast" (Inuit) Botanicheskii Zhurnal 1958

  • Folder: 52, Tikhonov, A. N., 1950-1951

    "Determination of the electrical characteristics of the deep strata of the earth's crust" 1950 (E. R. Hope Trans 1951)

  • Folder: 53, Timofeev, V. T. (Timofeyev), 1956-1960

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  • Folder: 54, Todd, Alden L., 1961

    "Edward Israel: Michigan's Arctic pioneer" The Michigan Alumnus Quarterly Review May 20, 1961; "Ordeal in the Arctic" (Greely rescue mission) Oakland Tribune Feb. 26, 1961; "Abandoned! Greely's ordeal in the Arctic" True Magazine March 1961

  • Folder: 55, Todd, W. E. Clyde, 1928-1945

    Carnegie Magazine "The John B. Semple expedition" Vol. 2 No. 7, Dec. 1928, "A new expedition to Hudson Bay" Vol. 3 No. 9, Feb. 1930, "More about Labrador" Vol. 13 No. 7, Dec. 1939, "Fruitful years: W. E. Clyde Todd celebrates his forty-fifth anniversary at the Carnegie Museum" Vol. 18 No. 2, May 1944, "Ungava and the barren grounds" Vol. 19 No. 6, Dec. 1945; "The 1930 expedition to Hudson Bay" The Cardinal Jan. 1931; Bibliography The Cardinal Vol. 5 No. 4, July 1940; Pamphlet for lecture "Ungava and the barren grounds"

  • Folder: 56, Tokarev, V. A. , 1946-1957

    "On the geological study of sea and the seismicity of the Arctic" Priroda 1946; "The seismicity of the Arctic" 1956 (E. R. Hope Trans 1957)

  • Folder: 57, Tolstikov, Yevgeny I., 1959-1987

    "By radio from the Antarctic" 1959; "Work in the Antarctic" 1963; Obituary New York Times Dec. 7, 1987

  • Folder: 58, Tomilin, A. G., 1955-1960

    "On the behavior and sound communication of cetaceans" Trudy Instituta Okeanologii 1955 (Trans 1960)

  • Folder: 59, Tompkins, John B., 1938

    "Seeking peace - in a concrete way: the story of a dream highway - Alaska to the Argentine" The Rotarian Jan. 1938

  • Folder: 60, Tongiorgi, E., 1961

    Et al. "Deep drilling at King Baudouin Station, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica" European Atomic Energy Community - Euratom, Oct. 1961

  • Folder: 61, Totems, 1940

    "How the Nan-yan-yi obtained the bear as their totemic emblem," "The story of Na-chee-su-na totem at Shakes Island Community House Potlach Edition, The Wrangell Sentinel May 31, 1940; "Much about totems" Pacific Northern Airlines

  • Folder: 62, Townsend, C. H., undated

    "Recent legislation affecting the fur seal" (66th Congress)

  • Folder: 63, Tractors, 1923-1941

    A/S Vintertrafik letter and photos of "motor-sleigh" Aug. 8, 1923; "Tractors trek through trackless sub-Arctic wilds in epic exploit" "Caterpillar" ad, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Nov. 26, 1941; "TracTracTor sleigh trains conquer frozen wastes" International Power Dec. 1938

  • Folder: 64, Transehe, Nicholas A. de, undated

    Biography; factually incorrect biographical letter

  • Folder: 65, Transglobe Expedition (Trans-Globe Expedition 1980-81), 1982

    Bryn Campbell "A suitable mad and British adventure" (Ranulph Fiennes) Smithsonian Dec. 1982

  • Folder: 66, Transoceanic Aviators, International Congress of, 1932

    "Scheme of an Italy-South America air-line" 22-26 May, 1932

  • Folder: 67, Transportation, 1947

    "Urges northern railroad" (V. Stefansson) Imperial Oil Review June 1947 (Also includes "What of the North?"); Pamphlet "The post-war Arctic trade route to Asia and Europe"

  • Folder: 68, Trans-Siberian Railway, 1949

    Letter from Herma Briffault, RE: encloseing notes on the Trans-Bering Strait railway project. Includes a bibliograpgy and table of contents and articles from Letopis Serva (Chronicle of the North), vol. 1, 1949, pertaining to the French Engineer Loicq de Lobel’s attempts to win approval of a linking Trans-Siberian railway line from the Czar of Russia

  • Folder: 69, Tremaine, Marie, 1957

    "Polar research in government libraries" 1957

  • Folder: 70, Trenchard, John C., 1939

    "The cliff dwellers of King Island" Pacific Horizons March 1939

  • Folder: 71, Treshnikov, A. F., 1959-1961

    "Surface waters in the Arctic Basin" Problemy Arktiki 1959 (Trans 1960); "At the two poles" (USSR) Pravda 1961 (Trans)

  • Folder: 72, Tressler, W. L., 1962

    "The hydrographic office in the Antarctic" Feb. 1962; "Marine bottom productivity at McMurdo Sound Antarctica"

  • Folder: 73, Troelson, J. C., 1952

    "An experiment on the nature of wind erosion, conducted in Peary Land, North Greenland," "Notes on the Pleistocene geology of Peary Land, North Greenland" Meddelelser fra Dansk Geologisk Forening 1952

  • Folder: 74, Trouessart, E. , 1895

    "Révision des Acariens des Régions Arctiques et description d'espèces nouvelles" 1895

  • Folder: 75, True, David O., 1956-1961

    "Cabot explorations in North America" Imago Mvndi 1956; "New light on voyages of John Cabot" The Carrell University of Miami Library, June 1960 (Includes "Note on David O. True); "John Cabot's maps and voyages" Congresso Internacional de Historia dos Descombrimentos 1961

  • Folder: 76, Trupak, N. G., 1939-1960

    "Accumulation of natural cold for ground freezing" 1939 (Trans 1960)

  • Folder: 77, Trushin, V., 1957-1959

    "The snowmelt regime and the rate of spring water runoff when the snow is covered with a continuous layer of black powder" Meterologiia i Gidrologiia 1957 (Trans 1959)

  • Folder: 78, Tsesevych, Vladimir, 1959-1960

    "Results of the International Geophysical Year" 1959 (Trans 1960)

  • Folder: 79, Tsytovich, N. A., 1940-1958

    Abstract "Some peculiarities of construction in the permafrost in the region of the city of Yakutsk" 1940; "Data on laboratory studies of frozen soils" 1957 (Trans 1958)

  • Folder: 80, Tuck, John , 1958

    The Dartmouth articles on Tuck lecture of Jan. 14, 1958; Announcement of "Jack Tuck" lecture; "We wintered at the South Pole" Think April 1958; Biography of "Jack Tuck"

  • Folder: 81, Tuck, Leslie M., 1959

    With L. Lemieux "The avifauna of Bylot Island" Dansk Ornithologisk Forenings Tidsskrift 1959

  • Folder: 82, Tucker Sno-Cat, 1956

    "Snow belt success story" Rohm and Haas Reporter Jan.-Feb. 1956

  • Folder: 83, T'ung-pao, K'o-hsueh, 1959

    With Pai Li-Sheng? "Exert our utmost for the fulfillment of research tasks in oceanography" 1959

  • Folder: 84, Tunzelmann, George W. von, circa 1890

    "A piece of Icelandic spar" Science for All c. 1890

  • Folder: 85, Turner, Christy G., circa 1963-1974

    "1962 University of Wisconsin Aleutian Expedition Umnak and Anangula Islands Preliminary Report;" "Preliminary report of archaeological survey and test excavations in the Eastern Aleutian Islands, Alaska" c. 1970; With J. A. Turner "Akun" (Alaska) c. 1971; With L. Richards, J. A. Turner "The relation of Aleut population size to seasonality of marine fauna" (Inuit) XLI International congress of Americanists, Sept. 207, 1974; Abstract "Two carbon 14 dates circa 8000 B.C. and associated core and flake industry from Anangula, Aleutian Islands" 1963

  • Folder: 86, Tverskoi, P. N., 1947-1956

    "Space and time variations of the atmospheric-electric field" Vestnik Leningradskogo universiteta 1947 (Trans 1956)

  • Folder: 87, Tyrell, Joseph Burr, 1899-1922

    "Glacial phenomena in the Canadian Yukon District" Bulletin of the Geological Society of America April 1899; "Cobalt and northern Ontario" Transactions of the Institution of Mining Engineers 1908; "Letter of Roseman and Perch, July 10th, 1807;" "Vein formation at Cobalt, Ontario" Canadian Mining Journal Aug. 1907; "Minerals and ores of Northern Canada" Journal of the Canadian Mining Institute March 1908; "The occurrence of gold in Ontario" Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy 1913-1914; "Hudson Bay exploring expedition 1912" 22nd Report of the Ontario Bureau of Mines 1913 (Includes map); "Gold on the North Saskatchewan River" Canadian Mining Institution Annual Meeting, March 1915; "David Thompson, Canada's greatest geographer: an appreciation" Opening of the David Thompson Memorial Fort at Lake Windermere, BC, Aug. 30, 1922

  • Folder: 88, Tyrrell, J. W., 1909

    "Hunting the musk-ox" Outdoor Canada Jan. 1909

  • Folder: 89, Tyson, J. R., 1856-1873

    "Report and remarks on Dr. Kane's search after Sir John Franklin, in the Arctic Regions" 1856; "Die Trift der Hall'schen Nordolar-Expedition, 16. August bis 15. Oktober 1872, und die Schollenfahrt der Zwanzig bis zum 30. April 1873" Geographie Und Erforschung der Polar-Regionen No. 82

  • Folder: 90, Uemura, Naomi , 1984

    "Solo to the Pole" (North Pole) National Geographic Sept. 1978; "Fears for an intrepid explorer: a conqueror of the elements is missing" Time March 5, 1984; Obituary Time March 12, 1984

  • Folder: 91, Ufimtseva, K. A., 1951

    "The soil cover of the steppe on the right bank of the River Selenga within the border of the Buryat-Mongolian ASSR" Voprosy Genezisa i Geografii Pochv 1951 (Trans)

Box: 24, Dates: 1895-1991

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Ulmer, Joseph, 1942

    "Discovery of Kasaan: a sidelight of early history;" "Log of rescue" Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Oct. 15, 1942

  • Folder: 2, Union Diesel Engine Co., 1945

    "Twice through the Northwest Passage" Bulletin No. 75, 1945

  • Folder: 3, U.S.S.R., 1895-1988

    "Treasure islands in the Polar Sea" (Siberia) Chambers's Journal Jan. 5, 1895, Unidentified publication, April 1895; Soviet Union Review "'Malygin' and 'Graf Zeppelin' meet in the Arctic" Sept.-Oct. 1931, "Russian settlers on the Indigirka," "Polar expedition of the steamer 'Lenin"," "Weather forecasting in the Soviet Union," T. Semuskin "A school in the Arctic" Nov. 1931; Soviet Travel Arctic Number, March 1939; "Thawing frozen ground by means of water-heated metal stakes" Ministry of Construction, 1948 (Trans 1951); "Sovetskaya antarkticheskaya ekspeditsiya" information on the Fist Soviet Continental Expedition to the Antarctic, 1955-57; Abstract "Transport in the extreme north" Soviet Aviation March 25, 1959; Bibliography "USSR literature on meteorology, hydrology and oceanography published in 1959" (Trans 1960); "USSR oceanographic research" 1959 (Trans 1960); Carol Williams “Europe’s Lonely Gate to Pacific” (Dickson, most northern city) Valley News, Feb. 15, 1988; “Tobolsk” (Tourist guide to the Siberian City, In Russian), [198-?]; Bibliography of Arctic Russian Periodicals in the Stefansson Collection"; Brochure "A cruise to the Arctic on the Soviet Ice-Breaker S. S. Malygin;" Brochure "To the arctic on S. S. Maligin" 1931; Program "Heroes of the Arctic" (Documentary on the Chelyuskin Expedition" July 1933-April 1944

  • Folder: 4, U.S.S.R. - Academy of Sciences, 1961-1963

    News of the Siberian Department of the Academy of Sciences USSR No. 1, 1961 (Trans); "Siberian Department of the Academy of Sciences USSR on the eve of the 22nd CPSU Congress" Proceedings of the Siberian Department of the Academy of Sciences 1961 (Trans 1963)

  • Folder: 5, Unitarian Universalist News, 1979

    "A religious liberal sailed oceans, scaled mountains" (Stefansson) Nov. 15, 1979

  • Folder: 6, "United Aircraft Quarterly Bee-hive" , 1964

    Paul Fisher "The Barrens' Boffa" Fall 1964

  • Folder: 7, U.S. Antarctic Research 1 of 2, 1960-1961

    "Nature in the Antarctic: Antarctic V. Arctic: some contrasts" U.S. Antarctic Projects Officer, 1961; "Final report: Antarctic Task Force 43, 1960-1961" U.S. Army Transportation Board; U.S. Antarctic Research Program 1961, National Science Foundation: Booklet, Personnel Manual 1960-61," Misc. fact sheets on research topics

  • Folder: 8, U.S. Antarctic Research 2 of 2, 1962-1989

    Information kit, U.S. Antarctic Research Program 1962-63: Fact sheets, informational sheets, maps, personnel list, James Eights biography, National Science Foundation booklet, Photos of meteorological rockets?, misc.; Peter Wilkniss news letter on National Science Foundation Division of Polar Programs, July 5, 1989

  • Folder: 9, U.S. Archives, undated

    "Third annual report of Archivist of the United States" Fragment on the Russian-American Co.

  • Folder: 10, U.S. Air Force, 1944-1960

    "Emergency Living in the Arctic" 1944; "What to do" (Emergency guide) Alaskan Wing Air Transport Command U.S.A.A.F.; "64th Air Division 'Eyes of the North'" History and information; "Preliminary list of reports prepared from data collected at United States Drifting Stations, 1957-1960" Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, 1960; Photo of a “Rubber Radome” (Igloo)

  • Folder: 11, U.S. Army Air Force, circa 1934-1944

    "Glossary of ice terms, with Russian equivalents" June 1943; "Permafrost studies in connection with engineering projects in Arctic and subarctic regions, Part I: instructions for measuring ground temperatures" 1944; "Handbook of Arctic Operation" 1942; "The Army Alaskan Flight" c. 1934

  • Folder: 12, U.S. Air Force Exercise "Arctic Night", circa 1956

    Final Report, U.S. Northeast Command, c. 1956 (Photographs)

  • Folder: 13, U.S. Arctic Research Laboratory, 1961-1962

    Progress reports May 1961-Aug. 1962 on Ice stations Arlis II and T-3

  • Folder: 14, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers , 1947

    "Report on frost investigation 1944-1945" April 1947, See also: "Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory"

  • Folder: 15, U.S. Army - Mountain Troops, circa 1942-1943

    Proposed manual for mountain troops: Chapter 4 "Organizational equipment," Chapter 5 "Mountain ration," Chapter 10 "Snow avalanches," Chapter 17 "Weather," Chapter 18 "Altimeter" 1943; Press releases on Mountain Troops c. 1942-3

  • Folder: 16, U.S. Army Quartermaster Research and Engineering Command, 1943-1959

    "Table of wind chill values" 1943; "A study of the natural resources in the northeastern part of the European USSR including Komi Assr and the Polar Ural" 1947 (Trans 1948); "Serial titles currently received in technical library" 1955; "Geographical and climatological publications of the Quartermaster Corps" 1959

  • Folder: 17, U.S. Coast Guard, 1914-1956

    "Annual report of the United States Revenue-Cutter Service" June 30, 1914; History of the Coast Guard, Armed Forces Talk 482; "International Ice Patrol;" "The search for bergy bits and growlers" All Hands Dec. 1956; "Ships, planes, and stations;" "Coast Guard enforcement of laws and regulations governing Alaskan Seals;" Clipping on Lighthouse Service; "Alaska" Annual Reports of the Lighthouse Board 1868 (Copy); Information on Bering Sea Patrols (Kalmath); Articles and information on Aigonquin, Bear, Eastwind, Thomas Corwin, Lincoln, Manning, McCulloch, Reliance, Shubrick, Richard Rush, Tahoma, Thetis, Unalga, Wayanda (J. White "A cruise in Alaska" Congressional Review Jan. 1869), Oliver Wolcott; Biographical information on Captain Commandane E. P. Berthelf, Nov. 1921, Captain David H. Jarvis; Bibliography on Coast Guard northern operations

  • Folder: 18, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1938-1948

    N. H. Heck "Earthquake history of the United States, Part I - Continental United States (Excluding California and Western Nevada) and Alaska" Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1938; "Utilization of Alaskan salmon cannery waste" 1948

  • Folder: 19, U.S. Department of Defense, undated

    "Northeast to the Arctic" Guide to Newfoundland, Labrador, Greenland, Iceland (Includes Icelandic phrasebook); "The Arctic: a hot spot of free world defense"

  • Folder: 20, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1940-1949

    "Strategic and critical materials in Alaska" 1940; Bureau of Land Management "Areas suitable for group agricultural settlement in Alaska" 1947, "Land settlement and resource development along the Alaska Highway" 1948; "General information regarding the Alaska Highway" Division of Territories and Island Possessions, 1949

  • Folder: 21, U.S. Department of the Interior - Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1957-1960

    "The natives of Alaska - the Eskimos, Indians and Aleuts" (Inuit, Native American) 1957; Annotated Bibliography on Alaska, 1960

  • Folder: 22, U.S. Department of the Interior - Office of Indian Affairs, 1936-1945

    Constitution and by-laws, Corporate charter: Craig Community Association, Oct. 1938, Hydaburg Cooperative Association, April 1938, Native Village of Karluk, Aug. 1939, Native Village of Nikolski, June 1939, Native Village of Shishmaref, Aug. 1939, Native Village of Wales, July 1939, Organized Village of Kasaan, Oct. 1938, Sitka Community Association, Oct. 1938; Native Village of Gambell Constitution and by-laws, Corporate charter, 1936, Organization Report, 1939; Economic survey of Hydaburg, 1938; Correspondence on Hydaburg 1940; "Indians in the war" (Native Americans) 1945; "Indian Chartered Corporation's Application for loan of revolving credit funds" 1936

  • Folder: 23, U.S. Expedition in Search of DeLong, 1881-82, 1981

    "Letter in bottle recalls lost chapter in Arctic exploration" New York Times April 6, 1981

  • Folder: 24, U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-42 , 1985

    Donald D. Jackson "Around the world in 1,392 days with the Navy's Wilkes - and his 'scientifics'" Smithsonian Nov. 1985

  • Folder: 25, U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency , 1952

    "Snow load studies" Housing Research Paper No. 19, 1952

  • Folder: 26, U.S. International Polar Year Expedition, 1881-84, undated

    Lady Franklin Bay Expedition, Enlistment papers of George W. Rice 1881 (Copy), Misc.

  • Folder: 27, U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office, 1962-1964

    "Preliminary report of Operation Deep Freeze 62 Marine Geophysical Program" 1962; "Preliminary report of Operation Deep Freeze 1963 Ross Sea Oceanographic Survey" 1963; "Preliminary report of Operation Deep Freeze 1964 Ross Sea Oceanographic Survey" 1964

  • Folder: 28, U.S. Navy, 1943-1979

    "Naval air pilot Newfoundland Labrador Weather Summary" 1943; Correspondence on "Arctic Research Laboratory" Aug 1946 - Jan. 1947; "Across the top of the world" 1947; "Arctic Research Laboratory" 1955; “Big Arctic Research Laboratory May Close to Curb Funds Drain” (Naval Arctic Research Laboratory) New York Times Dec. 9, 1979

  • Folder: 29, U.S. Navy Bureau of Yards and Docks, 1948-1949

    Cold-Weather Engineering Chapters I-V 1948-9; "This could happen: hypothetical campaign based on chapters I to V;" "Report on Arctic clothing experience" 1948; "Report on equipment and structures in the Arctic" 1948

  • Folder: 30, U.S. Navy Electronics Laboratory, San Diego, 1949-1958

    "E. Lafond et al. "Oceanographic measurements from USS Nereus on a cruise to the Bering and Chukchi Seas, 1947" 1949; E. Buffington, J. Saur et al. "Oceanographic cruise to the Bering and Chukchi Seas, summer 1949" Part 1, 4, 1950; G. L. Bloom "Current, temperature, tide, and ice growth measurements, Eastern Bering Strait - Cape Prince of Wales 1953-55" 1956; J. Brown, E. Howick "Physical measurements of sea ice" 1958

  • Folder: 31, U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, 1942-1943

    "Arctic ice and its drift in the North Atlantic Ocean" Edition 6,7, 1942, 1943; "Routes to Russia"

  • Folder: 32, U.S. War Department, 1941-1991

    "Survey of Iceland" Military Intelligence Division, June 1941; Manual "What has Alaska to offer postwar pioneers?" 1944; "Arctic Oil: first view of Army's $134,000,000 Canol project may be last as Congress ponders abandoning it" Life Vol. 15 No. 26, Dec. 27 1943; "Canol pipelines transferred to Canada" March 31, 1960; Library of Congress Special Resources for Research Catalog entries for "The Canoil Project" report, Bruce Bidwell "History of the Military intelligence division, department of the army general staff" 1991

  • Folder: 33, U.S. Weather Bureau, circa 1908-1950

    "Information concerning US Weather Bureau Arctic Service" 1950; Meterological Records: 1915-1937 Allakaket, Fort Yukon, Rampart, Tanana, Wiseman, Noorvik 1918-37, King Island, July-Aug. 1941, Misc. Arctic villages and stations, 1908-1950s?; List of "Broadcasts of weather bureau marine forecasts and warnings," "Coastal warning facilities chart" 1962; Weather maps of lowest and highest recorded U.S. temperatures, 1933; Misc. correspondence, temperature data, 1934-40 and undated

  • Folder: 34, University of Edinburgh Gazette, 1953-1954

    "Report of the expedition to Arctic Norway, 1953" Supplement, April 1954

  • Folder: 35, Urenaliev, I., 1936-1947

    "Air sleighs" Tekhnika Molodezhi (Youth Technique) No. 12, Dec. 1947 (In Russian, with English translation); "The use of Aero-Sledges in Arctic exploration" The Polar Record No. 12, 1936 (Excerpt); Bibliography on Arctic Transportation

  • Folder: 36, Vail, I. N. , 1897

    "Alaska. Land of the Nugget. Why?" 1897

  • Folder: 37, Vakar, V. A., 1934

    With R. Knipovich, I. Shafranovskii "Ludvigite from polar Yakutia" Mem. Soc. Russe Minéralogie 1934

  • Folder: 38, Valentine, V. F., undated

    "Community development research project: a general proposal for Cumberland House;" "The Fort Black Co-operative Store: a social experiment among the Ile a la Crosse Metis" (Inuit)

  • Folder: 39, Vallee, Frank G., 1964

    "Notes on the cooperative movement and community organization in the Canadian Arctic" 1964

  • Folder: 40, Van Autenboer, Tony, 1962

    "Quelques aspects Géographiques des Sör Rondane, Terre de la Reine Maude, Antarctique" La Géographie No. 3, Sept. 1962

  • Folder: 41, Van Cleef, Eugene, 1929

    "The response of Finnish life to its geographic environment" Clark University Thesis Abstracts Vol. 1, 1929

  • Folder: 42, Van Everdingen, E., 1933

    "Aerologische Beobachtungen und Terminbeobachtungen in Reykjavik wahrend des Internationalen Polarjahres 1932-1933" Ergebnisse Aerologischer Beobachtungen 1933

  • Folder: 43, Van Herwijnen, Gericke, Baron, 1873

    "Nova Zembla" 1873

  • Folder: 44, Van Patten, Nathan, circa 1942

    "An Eskimo translation of Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe." Godthaab, Greenland, 1862-1865" (Inuit) c. 1942

  • Folder: 45, Van Valkenburg, Samuel, 1959

    With Henry Warman "Atlas of mean daily minimum temperatures" May 1959

  • Folder: 46, Vanzi, Bert, 1938

    "Election day in Alaska" Globe Jan. 1938

  • Folder: 47, Vaslev, Aage Barthold, 1929

    "Aaret I Grønland 1928" 1929

  • Folder: 48, Vassiliev, V. N., 1946

    Viktor N. Vasil'ev, "The vegetation of the Kurile Islands" Priroda No. 6, 1946 (Summary)

  • Folder: 49, Vebæk, Christen Leif, 1940

    "En sommers udgravninger i Nordboernes Østerbygd i Grønland" Ledetraad ved Folkelig Universitetsundervisning 1940

  • Folder: 50, Veinberg, B. P., 1929-1958

    "The influence of temperature on the mechanical strength of river ice" Glavnaia Geofizicheskaia Observatoriia, Izvestiia No. 2, 1929 (Trans 1958); Excerpts "Ice. Properties, origin and disappearance of ice" 1940 (Trans 1958)

  • Folder: 51, Venables, George Stovin, 1952

    "The attempts made of late years to find a North-West Passage" (Poem) 1831 in Bernard Amtmann's Catalog No. 20 1952

  • Folder: 52, Veniaminov, I., undated

    "Description of Veniaminov's diary" Territorial Library and Museum, Juneau, Alaska

Box: 25, Dates: 1770-1998

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Verburgt, J. W., undated

    "Uit een oud handschrift betreffende Groenland"

  • Folder: 2, Vershinin, P. V., 1949-1960

    With B. Deriagin, N. Kirilenko "The nonfreezing water in soil" 1949 (Trans 1960)

  • Folder: 3, Vestnik Akademiia Nauk , 1958

    Table of contents 1958

  • Folder: 4, Veterans' Alaska Cooperative Company, undated

    "Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws," Pamphlet, Prospectus "A plan for the settlement and development of Alaska"

  • Folder: 5, Victor, Paul-Emile, 1950-1995

    "The French Polar Research Expeditions 1948-1951" 1950; Obituary New York Times March 9, 1995, untitled

  • Folder: 6, Viereck, Eleanor G., undated

    "Proposal to the National Science Foundation for an Alaskan Science Information Center to be established at the University of Alaska, College, Alaska"

  • Folder: 7, Vignaud, Henry, 1903

    "La route des Indes et les indications que Toscanelli aurait fournies à Collomb" 1903

  • Folder: 8, Vining, Charles, 1928

    "It might have been" (Failure of reindeer in Baffin Land) The Toronto Star Weekly Aug. 11, 1928

  • Folder: 9, Vinogradov, M. E., 1957

    "Lakes of the Antarctic 'Oazis'" Priroda 1957

  • Folder: 10, V'iunov, B. F., 1945-1955

    "The role of meteor streams in the causation of magnetic storms and polar aurorae" 1945 (Trans 1955)

  • Folder: 11, Vize, V. Iu., 1944-1955

    "Drift of buoys in the Arctic seas" Problemy Arktiki 1944 (Trans 1955)

  • Folder: 12, Vodopyanov, M., 1955

    "Moscow - North Pole - Vancouver. Wash" 1939; Summary "In the heart of the Arctic" Bakinskiy Rabochiy March 20, 1955

  • Folder: 13, Vogel, Karl, 1937-1938

    "Sea surgeons in the days of oak and hemp" Proceedings of the Charaka Club 1935; "Two medical sailors" Proceedings of the Charaka Club Vol. 9, 1937; "Medicine at sea in the days of sail" Milestones in Medicine 1938

  • Folder: 14, Voitkovskii, K. F., 1957-1961

    "An experimental ice house" 1957 (Trans 1961); "The mechanical properties of ice" 1960 (Trans)

  • Folder: 15, Vorontsov, P. A., 1959-1961

    "Aerological characteristics of sea fog" 1959 (Trans 1960); "The vertical structure of summer fog in the Dickson Island region" 1959 (Trans 1961)

  • Folder: 16, Voskresenskii, A. I., 1957-1961

    With V. Morachevskii "Airplane apparatus for modifying supercooled clouds and fogs" 1959 (Trans 1961); With A. Ledokhovich "The LO-4 thermohygrometer" 1959 (Trans 1960); With K. Chukanin "The meteorological conditions of icing in St and Sc clouds" 1959 (Trans 1961); "Organization and method of investigating fog and clouds" 1959 (Trans 1960); Et al. "Use of dry ice for seed clouding in the Arctic" Problemi Arktiki 1957 (Trans 1959)

  • Folder: 17, Vreim, Halvor, 1937

    "The ancient settlements in Finnmark, Norway" Folkliv 1937; Calling card, Nils Lid

  • Folder: 18, Wade, F. C., 1902-1914

    The Canadian Club "A business talk on the Yukon" March 1902, "Treaties affecting the North Pacific Coast" Aug. 1914

  • Folder: 19, Wade, J. R., 1931

    "The conquest of the South Pole by air" Pearson's Magazine May 1931

  • Folder: 20, Wadhams, P., 1972

    "Measurement of wave attenuation in pack ice by inverted echo sounding" Sea Ice Conference Proceedings, Reykjavik 1972

  • Folder: 21, Waghorne, Arthur C., 1893

    "Report on the Church of England Schools on the Labrador" 1893

  • Folder: 22, Wagner, Henry R., 1948

    "Francisco López de Gómara and his works" Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society Oct. 1948; List of published works 1934

  • Folder: 23, Wahlgren, Erik, 1952

    "The runes of Kensington" Studies in Honor of Albert Morey Sturtevant 1952

  • Folder: 24, Wainwright, Caley, 1899

    "The first true polar voyage" (Dutch exploration) Royal Magazine 1899

  • Folder: 25, Wakeham, Glen, 1938-1939

    "A short trip to Alaska" Trail and Timberline March 1939 (Includes H. M. Walters "The Columbia Icefield Outing of the Alpine Club of Canada, 1938")

  • Folder: 26, Wales, William, 1770

    "The journal of a voyage, made by order of the Royal Society, to Churchill River, on the North-west coast of Hudson's Bay; of thirteen months residence in that country; and of the voyage back to England; in the years 1768 and 1769" March 1770

  • Folder: 27, Walett, Francis G., 1957

    "Expeditions to Northern Ellesmere Island" July 1957

  • Folder: 28, Walker, Hank, undated

    "Rugged road to iron" (Iron in Ungava)

  • Folder: 29, Wall, C. C., 1952

    "A history of Winlock, Washington" 1952

  • Folder: 30, Wallace, D. B., undated

    "Canada's northern air routes" Canadian Pacific Air Lines

  • Folder: 31, Wallace, Dillon, undated

    "The Labrador forests" Empire Forester

  • Folder: 32, Wallace, J. N., 1922

    "Early fur trading posts in Alberta" Annual Report of the Alberta Land Surveyor's Association 1922

  • Folder: 33, Wallace, W. , 1976

    "James Murray, F.R.S.E., 1865-1914 - a belated biography" Year Book R.S.E. 1976

  • Folder: 34, Wallace, W. R., 1942

    "Alaska highway" Imperial Oil Review Summer 1942

  • Folder: 35, Wallace, W. Stewart, 1937

    "A sketch of the history of the Camplain Society" 1937

  • Folder: 36, Wallingford, V. M., 1960

    "Quebec Cartier mining development" Foundation Bulletin Sept. 1960

  • Folder: 37, Walsh, Henry Collins, 1900

    "The quest of the North Pole" Munsey's Magazine 1900

  • Folder: 38, Walsh, James J., 1915

    "A young Catholic explorer" Records of the American Catholic Historical Society June 1915

  • Folder: 39, Walters, Emile , 1978

    Obituary by W. Kristjanson The Icelandic Canadian Spring 1978

  • Folder: 40, Walters, Thorstina Jackson, 1925-1928

    "The Icelandic community in North Dakota economic and social development period 1878-1925" Social Forces Vol. 4 No. 2, Dec. 1925; "The Icelandic communities in America: cultural backgrounds and early settlements" Studies and Records The Norwegian-American Historical Association Vol. 3, 1928

  • Folder: 41, Wambheim, H. G., 1930

    ""Ben" the life story of Col. Carl Ben Eielson" 1930

  • Folder: 42, Ward, Carolyn P. , 1935

    "Early Arctic Ballooning and Further Light on Cheyne's Proposal," V. Stefansson "Introduction to the Cheyne Articles," Rupert T. Gould "Cheyne's proposed Arctic expedition, 1880" The Bulletin of the Geographical Society of Philadelphia Oct. 1935

  • Folder: 43, Ward, Herbert, 1896

    "Dr. Nansen's polar expedition' English Illustrated Magazine April 1896

  • Folder: 44, Ward, Vallance, 1930

    "The Voice of the Yukon as heard by some who 'mushed' the great stampede to the river of Thron Diuck for the gathering of gold in the year 1898" 1930

  • Folder: 45, Wardell, Beatrice, 1962

    Biography of Dr. Laurence McKinley Gould" The Voice of the Carleton Alumni July 1962

  • Folder: 46, Wardle, J. M., 1942

    "The Alaska highway" The Engineering Journal March 1942

  • Folder: 47, Ware, John F. W., undated

    "A discourse delivered in the Church of the Cambridgeport Parish on Sunday, March 8, 1857" The Monthly Religious Magazine and Independent Journal April 1857, reprint

  • Folder: 48, Warfield, Robert S., 1962

    "Some nonmetallic mineral resources for Alaska's construction industry" Dept. of the Interior 1962

  • Folder: 49, Warming, Eugene, 1886-1908

    "Om nogle arktiske væxters biologi" Bihang till K. Svenska Vet.-Akad. Handlingar. 1886; "Notes biologiques sur des plantes du Groenland" summary Journal de Bot. T. 1886, unidentified journal; "Field-notes on the biology of some of the flowers of the Færös," I. C. Nielsen "The insect-fauna of the Færös" Botany of the Færös 1908; "Fra det brændte Himmelbjerg" Botanisk Tidsskrift Bind 33

  • Folder: 50, Warner, L. A., 1943-1944

    With R. Ray, G. Flint "Copper deposits at the Rush and Brown Mine and Venus prospect, Prince of Wales Island, Southeastern Alaska;" Rush and Brown Mine Isometric block diagram 1944, Geologic map 1943

  • Folder: 51, Warren, Jack, circa 1948

    Tribute to the Eielson Relief Expedition c. 1948?

  • Folder: 52, Warren, Skip, 1955

    "The Aleutian mummy hunter" (Inuit) Sea and Pacific Motor Boat June-July 1955

  • Folder: 53, Washburn, Albert Lincoln, undated

    "Geography and Arctic lands" Geography in the Twentieth Century

  • Folder: 54, Washburn, Bradford, 1947-1962

    "Operation White Tower" 1947; Maps of Mt. McKinley 1960, "Mount McKinley, Alaska, a reconnaissance topographic map background information" 1960; Speech on map, Aug. 1960; "A report and recommendations on the emergency equipment of the Army Air Corps" (Includes Washburn biographical information); Correspondence on Robert Dunn Feb. 1962

  • Folder: 55, Washington, State College of, 1959

    Howard Collection (L. O. Howard) The Record 1959

  • Folder: 56, Watrous, A. E., undated

    "The return of Peary" Harper's Weekly

  • Folder: 57, Watson, E. S., 1937

    "An old arctic hero receives a new honor" (David L. Brainard) Cook News-Herald Jan. 14, 1937

  • Folder: 58, Watson, Paul Barron, undated

    "Bibliography of the pre-Columbian discoveries of America" Doubt No. 22,

  • Folder: 59, Watson, Robert, 1929

    "The Hudson's Bay Company" Ryerson Canadian History Reader 1929

  • Folder: 60, Waugh, L. M., 1933-1935

    "The winged foot burgee in Labrador: a brief tale of the adventurous cruise of the 'Nanu', the smallest boat ever to venture to the Sub-Arctic and come back" The Winged Foot Dec. 1933, Jan. 1934; "Dr. Waugh's new craft launched" Standard-Star March 22, 1935

  • Folder: 61, Webb, E. J., 1889

    "Going to the South Pole" 1889

  • Folder: 62, Webb, Eric Norman, 1959

    Discussion on "Hamilton Falls hydro-electric scheme" Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers 1959

  • Folder: 63, Weber, J. R., 1960

    With N. Sandstrom, K. Arnold "Geophysical surveys on Gilman Glacier, Northern Illemere Island" International Association of Scientific Hydrology Publication No. 54, 1960

  • Folder: 64, Webster, J. C., 1942

    "William Francis Ganong Memorial" New Brunswick Museum, 1942

  • Folder: 65, Weems, John E., 1960

    "The 'humble' fraud who claimed the North Pole" (Frederick A. Cook) Maclean's Magazine Feb. 13, 1960

  • Folder: 66, Wees, Wilfrid R., undated

    "Arctic explorer" (Vilhjalmur Stefansson); "W.J. Gage Limited moves into the future" pamphlet

  • Folder: 67, Wehrwein, Austin, 1953

    "Canada's New Century" The Milwaukee Journal 1953

  • Folder: 68, Weigert, Hans, undated

    "Mackinder's heartland"

  • Folder: 69, Weir, Hugh C., 1909

    "The conquest of the North Pole" The World To-Day Oct. 1909

  • Folder: 70, Weir, Tom, 1961

    "Adventures in Greenland 1960" Black's Bulletin Spring 1961

  • Folder: 71, Weiss, Francis J., 1937-1941

    "Sea-weed utilization in Alaska" 1941; "References on aeronautics in Alaska, 1926-1937" Bibliography 1937

  • Folder: 72, Weissman, Bessie, undated

    Bibliographical sketches of Mikhail Mikhailovich Gromov, Ivan Dmitrievich Papanin, Otto Yulievich Schmidt, Piotr Petrovich Shirshov, Vasili Robertovich Williams

  • Folder: 73, Weitemeyer, H., 1892

    "Columbus Island - Toscanelli - Guanahani" (In Danish) 1892

  • Folder: 74, Wellman, Walter, circa 1900-1936

    “The Race for the North Pole” c. 1900; “Sledging Towards the Pole” McClure’s Magazine, March 1900; “An Arctic Day and Night” McClure’s Magazine, April 1900; “The Wellman Expedition to the North Pole” American Monthly Review of Reviews, May 1906; “An Arctic Ghost-Bird’s Nest” The Scrap Book, October, 1907; “The Thousand Mile Voyage of the Airship ‘America’” Hampton’s Magazine, Jan. 1911; Obituary [New York Times?] Feb. 1, 1934; Sutherland Denlinger, “Conquests of the Arctic: the Flight That Failed” New York World-Telegram, May 6, 1936

  • Folder: 75, Wentworth, Col. Edward N., 1946-1956

    “Meat in the Diet of Western Explorers and Emigrats” Mid-America New Series, Vol. 18, no. 2, Author’s typed copy 1946; “Dried Meat - Early Man’s Travel Ration” Agricultural History, Jan 1956, Armour’s Analysis, July 1956

  • Folder: 76, Wesbrook, Mary E., 1969

    “A venture into Ethnohistory: the Journals of Rev. V. C. Sim, Pioneer Missionnary on the Yukon” Polar Notes, No. 9 May 1969.

  • Folder: 77, Westbrook, Jane H., 1961

    “A method of Predicting the Frequency Distribution of Windchill” U.S. Army Technical Reporty EP-143, Jan. 1961

  • Folder: 78, Western Electric Co., undated

    “The DEW Line Story”, “White Alice” (Informational Booklets)

  • Folder: 79, Western Union Telegram Expedition, circa 1861-1950

    “Survey of the Northern Waters, Coasts and Islands of the Pacific Ocean, Etc.” Government Reports (Collins’ Overland telegrph; Russia-American Telegrph: Western-Union Telegraph Expedition of 1865-67) Feb. 18, 1861; George P. Oslin “Western Union Telegraph Expedition of 1865 and the Following Years” from the Encyclopedia Arctica [?]; Misc. Correspondance c. 1950s

  • Folder: 80, "The West Shore: An Illustrated Western Magazine", 1887-1889

    “Heppner and Morrow County” Nov. 1887; “The Key City of the Sound” (Port Townsend), April 1889; “The Thetis in the Arctic”; “Alaska Mining News”

  • Folder: 81, Wetherill, H. E., undated

    “List of Plants Obtained on the Peary Auxiliary Expedition of 1894” Geographical Club of Philadelphia Bulletin No. 5

  • Folder: 82, Weyprecht, Charles, 1874-1876

    “Programme des Travaux d’une Expedition Polaire Internationale” 1877; “Expedition Austro-Hongroise au Pole Nord de 1872 a 1874” Sept. 1874; “Lettre de M. le Comte Wilczek et de M. Ch. Weyprecht” May 1876; V.S. Notes

  • Folder: 83, Whales and Whaling 1 of 2, 1833-1982

    “The Whale Fishery” The Penny Magazine April-May, 1833; “The Whale Fishery” The Saturday Magazine April 1836; “Whaling Expeditions - Means for Averting Their Dangers” Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, 1839; “The Whale, and Whale Fisheries” Chambers’s Information for the People, 1842, 1860; “Aboard a Sperm-Whaler” Chambers’s Journal 1854; “Whales and Whalemen” Chambers’s Journal April 1860; “Whale” Chambers’ Encyclopedia, 1878; “‘Whaling’ in the Antarctic: G.E.C. Equipment Takes its Part” The Magnet Magazine, 1929; “Convention for the Regulation of Whaling” Geneva, Sept. 24, 1931; “Whaling off Kamchatka” (Photo Essay) Asia, April 1938; “Modern Whaling: Biggest Creature is now Hunted More Than Ever” Life, [1951?]; C. Stevenson “Whalebone: its Production and Utilization” The Bulletin from Johnny Cake Hill, Winter 1965-66; C. Pike, I. MacAskie“Marine Mammals of British Columbia” 1969; J. G. Millais “From Placentia Bay to Spitzbergen: A Naturalist Aboard a North Atlantic Whaler”, Edward D. Mitchell “The Status of the World’s Whales”, D. Sargent and W. Hoek “Whale Watching” Nature Canada, Oct./Dec. 1973; W. G. Ross “Distribution, Migration, and Depletion of Bowhead Whales in Hudson Bay, 1860 to 1915” Arctic and Alpine Research, 1974; Arthur Credland “Whales and Whaling: the Arctic Fishery” 1982; “Photographs of Whaling Vessels” Old Dartmouth Historical Sketch No. 77; “Hunting the White Whale”; Misc Clippings

  • Folder: 84, Whales and Whaling 2 of 2, 1958

    Lists of Collection Holdings for: Free Public Library, New Bedford, MA (Whaling Logss), Central Reference Library, Hull (Whaling Log Books and Other Manuscript Material of Polar Interest) 1958, Nantucket Whaling and Marine Manuscript Archives; Entry in The Month at Goodspeed’s on Starbuck’s “History of the American Whale Fishery”

  • Folder: 85, Whalley, George, 1957

    “In the Land of Feast of Famine: the Legend of John Hornby” The Cornhill, Spring 1957; “The Legend of John Hornby” The Tamarack Review, Autumn 1957

  • Folder: 86, Wheater, W., 1868

    “The Ancestry of Sir Martin Frobisher” The Gentleman’s Magazine, Nov. 1868

  • Folder: 87, Wheeler, R. H., 1961

    “The Ice-Free Areas of Western McMurdo Sound” Proceedings of the Third New Zealand Geography ConferenceAug. 1961

  • Folder: 88, Wheildon, William W., 1868

    “The New Arctic Continent, or Wrangell’s Land” Read at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Aug. 1868.

  • Folder: 89, White Alice, 1957-1958

    “The White Alice Network Acceptance Ceremony Program” U.S. Air Force, March 26, 1958; Henry Gemmill “White Alice” the Wall Street Journal April 22, 1957; O. W. Kammerer “White Alice”; Western Electric advertisement and booklet

  • Folder: 90, White, Arthur Silva, 1889

    “The Unknown Continent” Good Words 1889

  • Folder: 91, White, Philip, M.D., undated

    “Sex among te Immortals” (Description of abortive research on Tanchou and Cancer)

  • Folder: 92, White, R. M., 1955

    “The Preparation of Extended Forecasts of the Pressure Height Distribution on the Free Atmosphere Over North America by use of Empirical Influence Functions” Air Force Survey in Geophysics no. 68, May 1955

  • Folder: 93, White, Trumbull, 1911

    “The Klondike- Yesterday and To-Day” The Windsor Magazine, April 1911

  • Folder: 94, White, Walter, circa 1845

    “Erebus and Terror” (Poem) c. 1845

  • Folder: 95, Whitley, D. Gath, Reverend, 1908

    “The Mystery of the North Pole” Chambers’s Journal 1908

  • Folder: 96, Whitman, George, undated

    “Journey to the Ice Age: One man’s Initiation into Arctic Lore During the American Occupation of Greenland”

  • Folder: 97, Whitman, Walter G., 1923

    “The Elimination of Salt from Sea-water Ice” MIT Problem no. z-44, Report No. 1, Nov. 24, 1923

  • Folder: 98, Whittaker, C. E., Reverend, undated

    “The Eskimo Mission of The Mackenzie” Missionary Prayer and Study Union

  • Folder: 99, Whymper, Edward, circa 1890-1896

    “Explorations in Greenland” (incomplete) Good Words, 1884; “A Journey in Alaska, formerly Russian America” Illustrated Travels? c. 1890; “Nansen and the North Pole” Leisure Hour, 1896

  • Folder: 100, Whymper, Frederick , 1869

    "Russian America, or ‘Alaska:’ the Natives of the Yukon River and adjacent country" Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London, New Series, Vol. 7, 1869

  • Folder: 101, Wickersham, James, 1893-1908

    “Is it Mount Tacoma, or Rainier?” Proceedings fo the Tacoma Academy of Science, 1893; “Address to the Voters of Alaska” July 16, 1908; An advertisement from John Corson instructing Republican voters not to vote for Wickersham

  • Folder: 102, Wickware, Francis Sill, 1949

    “The man who found tomorrow” (Gilbert LaBine) Ture, May 1949

  • Folder: 103, Widding, Ole, 1964

    “An Icelandic Manuscript Collector” Danish Foreign Office Journal, Jan. 1964

  • Folder: 104, Wieser, Franz R., 1888

    “Der Verschollene Globus des Johannes Schoner von 1523 Wiederaufgefunden und Kritisch Gewurdigt” Sitzungsbeichte der Kais. Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien, 1888

  • Folder: 105, Wiggins, Ira L. , 1958

    With Donald G. MacVicar “Notes on the Plants in the Vicinity of Chandler Lake, Alaska” Contributions from the Dudley Herbarium, Nov. 1958

  • Folder: 106, Wilber, Charles G., 1950-1998

    With Victor Levine “Fat Metabolism in Alaskan Eskimos” Experimental Medicine and Surgery, 1950; “Fat Metabolism in Arctic as Compared with Temperate Zone Mammals” Proceedings of the Alaskan Science Conference, April 1951; “Fat Usage in Arctic as Compared with Temperate Zone Mammals” Medical Bulletin of St. Louis University, 1952; “Physiological Regulations and the Origin of Human Types” Human Biology, Dec. 1957 (Includes Letter from V.S. to the Author); Obituary, The Boston Globe, Aug. 11, 1998

  • Folder: 107, Wild, John James, 1892

    “The Proposed Antarctic Expedition” Berne Geographic Congress, 1892

  • Folder: 108, Wilkes, Charles, 1940

    Biography in National Portrait Gallery of Eminent Americans, 1862; John E. Pillsbury “Wilkes’ and D’Urville’s Discoveries in Wilkes Land” The National Geographic Magazine; Program, “Centenary Celebration: The Wilkes Exploring Expedition of the United States Navy 1838-1840 and Symposium on American Polar Exploration” Feb. 1940

  • Folder: 109, Wilkins, George Hubert , 1926-1959

    “Snow-Motors to Defy Arctic”(Wilkins’ Supply Line) Detroit News,, Jan. 5, 1926; "The Detroit Arctic Expedition of 1926" The Geographical Review, April 1926; “Sir Hubert Wilkins Unfolds Story of Adventure at Chicago” New York Evening Journal May 13, 1931; Biography by V.S. in Year Book of the American Philosophical Society, Readers Digest, 1959; Letter From Evelyn Stefansson Nef regarding Stef and Wilkins’ book The North Pole, with print out of J.J. Ahern website “The Low Road North” (1931 Arctic Expedition); Misc. Clippings

  • Folder: 110, Wilkins, John (1614-1672) , undated

    Mathematicall Magick (1648) Rare book QC-123-.W68 Photocopy and photograph of title page and page proposing submarine to the poles

  • Folder: 111, Wille, N., 1902-1905

    “Mittheilungen uber einige von C.E. Borchgrevink auf dem antarctischen Festlande gesammelte Pflanzen” Nyt Mag. F. Naturvidenskab 1902; “Om Indvandringen af det arktiske Floraelment til Norge” Nyt Mag. F. Naturvidenskab 1905

  • Folder: 112, Willey, Day Allen, 1908

    “Icebergs” June, 1908

  • Folder: 113, Williams, Ernest E., 1908

    “Via Hudson Bay” The Windsor Magazine 1908

  • Folder: 114, Williams, Glyndwr, 1970

    "The Hudson's Bay Company and Its Critics in the Eighteenth Century" (1969) Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 1970

  • Folder: 115, Williams, Helen E., 1930

    “Jean Baptiste Talon” Ryerson Canadian History Readers, 1930

  • Folder: 116, Williams, M. Y., 1943-1944

    “Stratigraphy and Structure in Mount Huscross-Commotion Creek Map-Area British Columbia” 1943; “The Fort Nelson-Watson Lake Area” Western Miner, Sept 1944; “The Geological History of Churchill, Manitoba”; “Oil in North-Eastern British Columbia”; “Roy graham - a Biographical Sketch”

  • Folder: 117, Williams, Nolan P., 1959

    “A Method of Analysis of Surface Geostrophic Winds in Mountainous Regions” 1959

  • Folder: 118, Williams, "Slim", 1934

    “Alaska: Our Last Frontier” 1934

  • Folder: 119, Williams, William F., undated

    “The Destruction of the Whaling Fleet in the Arctic Ocean in 1871” Reprint of 1902 Address in Souvenir Booklet, Old Dartmouth Historical Society

  • Folder: 120, Williamson, H. Anthony, 1962-1964

    “The Moravin Mission and Its Impact on the Labrador Eskimos” 1964; “Material available in the Public Archives of the Province of newfoundland, in St. John’s: Re Labrador” April 1962

  • Folder: 121, Williamson, O. T. G., circa 1958

    “Yesterday and Tomorrow, Ontario Northland Railway” Ontario Northland Transportation Commission, c. 1958

  • Folder: 122, Williamson, Robert J., 1959

    Copies of correspondance with V.S. concerning the Karluk, Wrangel Island, and the accounts of Captain Bartlett and Captain John Hadley, 1959

  • Folder: 123, Willoughby, Barrett, 1928

    “The Man Who Put the Midnight Sun to Work” (Dr. Georgeson) The American Magazine, Aug. 1928

Box: 26, Dates: 1833-1998

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Willow Creek Mines, 1943

    “Mining the Famouts Lucky Shot in Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains Willow Creek Mines” Mining World, May 1943

  • Folder: 2, Wills, G. E., 1906

    “The Royal Northwest Mounted Police Force of Canada” Appleton’s Booklover’s Magazine, Jan. 1906

  • Folder: 3, Willson, C. O., 1947

    “Full-Scale Exploration Under Way by Navy in Arctic Alaska” The Oil and Gas Journal, Aug. 1947

  • Folder: 4, Wilson, Dan (Prof.) , 1874

    “The Present State and Future Prospects of the Indians of British North America” Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute, 1874

  • Folder: 5, Wilson, Edward Adrian, 1872-1912, 1972-1990

    H. G. R. King “Heroic Painter of the Antarctic” The Geographical Magazine, London; “Brief Life of a Big-Hearted Naturalist: 1872-1912” (Biography by Philip Zaleski) Harvard Magazine, March- April 1990; Catalog for the Edward Adrian Wilson Centenary Exhibition in Glasgow, Sept. 1972

  • Folder: 6, Wilson, H. P. , 1957

    With W. E. Markham “A Study of Arctic Surface Winds” (Abstract) May 1957

  • Folder: 7, Wilson, James, 1912

    Secretary of Agriculture “Regulation for the Protection of Deer in Alaska” Dec. 9, 1912

  • Folder: 8, Wilson, James H., 1910

    “The Coal Resources of Alaska” The Independent Sept. 1910

  • Folder: 9, Wilson, Joseph, 1868

    “The Alaska Purchase. Letter of Hon. Joseph S. Wilson” to N.P. Banks, Chairman Committee on Foreign Relations, House of Representatives, May 12, 1868

  • Folder: 10, Wilson, Richard K., 1959

    “An Attempt to Measure the Water Vapor Divergence Over Greenland by Direct Application of Radiosonde Data” May 1959

  • Folder: 11, Wilson, Stephen O., circa 1960

    “Dartmouth Research Council Begins New Economic Study” Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, April 1956; Clipping on Wilson’s Antarctic trip; Biography, c. 1960

  • Folder: 12, Wilton, W. C., 1959

    “The Forests of the Sandwich Bay Area, Labrador” Canada Forestry Branch, Sept. 1959

  • Folder: 13, Winnipeg, 1884

    “Souvenir of Winnipeg Presented to the Members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science” Sept. 1884

  • Folder: 14, Winter, Heinrich, 1935

    “Die Gunnbjorn-Schare” Forschungen Und Fortschritte, July 1935

  • Folder: 15, Wisconsin University- Peoples of the North, 1961

    “Peoples of the North- Selected Bibliography” : “Northern North America”, “Eurasia” 1961

  • Folder: 16, Wittrock, Veit Brecher, undated

    “Om Snons Och Isens flora, Sarskildt I de Arktiska Trakterna”

  • Folder: 17, Wohlgemuth, M. de, circa 1883

    “Un an au pole” (1882-3) c. 1883

  • Folder: 18, Wolves 1 of 3, 1923-1950

    E. H. McCleery “Wolves” (Description of Lobo wolf pack) c. 1936; “The tale behind the tails” (Wolf tale craze) The Philadelphia Record, August 4, 193-?; L. David Mech, Jim Brandenburg “At Home with the Arctic Wolf” National Geographic May 1987; “As the wolf Turns: A Saga of Yellowstone” New York Times, July 1, 1997; Review of H. Mortimer Batten “Starlight”; Three typed articles on wolves, most likely by Stefansson: One general introduction, One historical overview (c. 1936), One on “wolf-children” or “animal nurses”; Notes on H. B. Tristram “Natural History of the Bible”; Misc. letters to and from Stef. 1926-1940 (7); Misc. Articles on wolves, wolf attacks and debunking stories of wolf attacks, 1923-1950 and undated

  • Folder: 19, Wolves 2 of 3, 1936-1937

    Rittmeister von Stephanitz “Die Fachschaft fur deutsche Schaferhunde, ihr Ziel und ihre Verfassung” 1936; Rudoolph Knapp “Poldi die bosnische Wolfin” 1936; 4 Misc. Letters in German (3 addressed to Richard Eckels), 1936-1937; “La chasse aux loups en Lithuanie” Nature; Advertisements for Knapp “Poldi die bosnische Wolfin” [?]

  • Folder: 20, Wolves 3 of 3, undated

    Bibliography on “Wolf-Children”; Bibliography on “Wolves and Dogs” printed on index cards

  • Folder: 21, Wonders, William C., 1956-1976

    “The Nature and Resources of the Peace River Area” Planning in Alberta Series, 1956; “Assessment by a Geographer” The Canadian Northwest: Its Potentialities, Symposium presented to the Royal Society of Canada in 1958, 1959; “The Mackenzie Valley - Summer, 1959” 1959; “Repercussions of War and Oil on Edmonton, Alberta” Melanges geographiques canadiens offerts a Raoul Blanchard” 1959; “Postwar Settlement Trends in the Mackenzie Valley Area” Geografiska Annaler, 1960; “Our Northward Course”, “Roads and Winter Roads in the Mackenzie Valley Area” Presented at the Canadian Association of Geographers 1962; “Community and Regional Development in the North” Polar Notes, Oct 1970; “Japan’s Role in Land Resource Development in the Canadian Northwest” The Journal of Geography, April 1976

  • Folder: 22, Wood, Edward P., 1948

    “Canada’s Arctic and Sub-Arctic North of the 60th Parallel” Jan. 1948

  • Folder: 23, Wood, Walter A., 1959

    “George Hubert Wilkins” The Geographical Review, 1959

  • Folder: 24, Wood, William, 1911

    “Animal Sanctuaries in Labrador” Speech at the Commission of Conservation Meeting, 1911

  • Folder: 25, Woodhouse, Henry, 1926

    “Value of North Pole Flights” Scientific Age, Sept. 1926

  • Folder: 26, Woodruff, Hon. Roy O., 1927

    “The First Flight to the North Pole and the Crossing of the Polar Sea” Speech to the House of Representatives, Feb. 25, 1927

  • Folder: 27, Woods, K. B. , undated

    With R. Pryer, W. Eden “Soil Engineering Problems on the Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway” Roadway and Ballast

  • Folder: 28, Woods, Rex, undated

    See Oversized Box 27: Painting "Nicholas Garry at Slave Falls" with short biography

  • Folder: 29, Woodside, William, 1959

    “Water Vapor Permeability of Porous Media” Canadian Journal of Physics” April 1959

  • Folder: 30, Woodside, Willson, 1937

    “Industrial Arctic: How Sweden Has Developed Her Northland” (Lapland) Maclean’s Magazine, May 1937

  • Folder: 31, Woodward, Marcus, 1902

    “How the North Pole Will Be Reached” The Royal Magazine, 1902

  • Folder: 32, Woody, Elizabeth, 1950-1951

    “The Eat-All-You-Want Reducing Diet” (Du Point adaptation of the Donaldson diet method) Holiday, June 1950, Feb. 1951; V.S. Notes

  • Folder: 33, Woollacott, A. P., undated

    “New Land in the Arctic”

  • Folder: 34, Wordie, J. M., 1951

    International Meteorological Organization Commission for Maritime meteorology Subcommission III - Sea Ice Circular Letter ScIII/3, June 1951. (Discussion of Drafts of Ice Nomenclature, including Draft III)

  • Folder: 35, Work, John, undated

    “The Journal of John Work, January to October, 1835” Bookseller’s description, The Northwest Bookshelf

  • Folder: 36, World's Fair 1939, 1939

    “Rules and Regulations for Exhibitors and Concessionaires and Other Participants” 1939 (Revised, April 1938); Entry papers for “Vilhjalmur Thor”, Floorplan

  • Folder: 37, Worth, Dean S., 1959

    “Paleosiberian Etymologies: I” Journal of American Linguistics, Jan. 1959; “Paleosiberian Etymologies: II” Journal of American Linguistics, April 1959

  • Folder: 38, Wrangel, Baron von, 1840

    “Survey of the North-eastern Coast of Siberia, by order of the Russian Government” (Wrangel Island) April 1840; Illustration (Identification unsure)

  • Folder: 39, Wrangel Island, 1884-1998

    Captain C. L. Hooper “Report of the Cruise of the U.S. Revenue Steamer Thomas Corwin in the Arctic Ocean, 1881” 1884; Memorandum from W. L. Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada, discussing state policy towards Wrangel Island an dthe polar regions, March 1922; NYT clipping on Soviet colonists on Wrangel Island, Nov. 15, 1926; Ivan Melnyk "Arctic regions and their peoples" (Inuit, Stefansson calls this "Very important document) c. 1928; Foreign Claim Settlement Commission proposed decision against the Soviet Union in the case of Wrangel Island, (Lomen) 195-?; "U.S. and Soviet Union clams to Wrangel Island" (1981); “State Department Goes to Great Lengths to Give Away to Russians 8 Alaskan Islands and Vast Oil-Rich Seabeds” State Department Watch, Dec. 1997; Carl Olson, Mark Seidenberg, Robert Selle “U.S. Russian Maritime Boundary Giveaway” Orbis, Winter, 1998; See also: Seidenberg, Mark

  • Folder: 40, Wright, F. S., 1930

    “An Empire in the Making: The Resources adn Opportunities of the Peace and Mackenzie River Areas ’ Edmonton, ‘The Gateway’” May 1930

  • Folder: 41, Wright, J. G., undated

    “The State of Arctic Navigation with Respect to Instrumentation and Techniques”, “Navigation Instrument Development in the RCAF”, “Comments on Ground Dead Reckoning Navigation”, “A System to Rationalize Choice of Map Scales and Projections so as to Simplify Transferrence of Information Between Maps”, “Research and Development in Navigation Instruments and Techniques in the Royal Canadian Air Force”, “RCAF Great Circle Computer”, “Navigation Plotter”, “Brief on the RCAF Automatic Dead Reconing Computers For fighter Aircraft”, “Visit to RCAF Station Foymount to Test an R Theta Computer in the Interception Role”

  • Folder: 42, Wright, Orville, 1923-1953

    “How we invented the Airplane” (From January 13, 1920 Testimiony) Harper’s Magazine, 1953; Griffith Brewer “Aviation’s Greatest Controversy” U.S. Air Service, Oct. 1921; 20th Anniversary of Flight Edition of the U.S. Air Service, Dec. 1923; Charles G. Abbot “The Relations Between the Smithsonian Institution and the Wright Brothers” Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Sept. 1928; Misc. articles c. 1928 on the 25th anniversary of flight , on the first-in-flight controversy, the Wright-Smithsonian disagreement, and the display of the Kittyhawk in England From: Airway Age, U. S. Air Service, Flight, The Sun, The New York Times, Colliers, The Saturday Evening Post, etc.; “Fortieth Anniversary of the First Flights of the Wright Brothers” autographed program, including George W. Lewis paper “Contributions of Wilbur and Orville Wright to Aeronautical Science”; Advertisement for Fred C. Kelly “The Wright Brothers”; Booklet on Hawthorn Hill

  • Folder: 43, Wright, Owen D., circa 1937

    “Report on a Proposed Reconnaissance Expedition in Northwestern Alaska” c. 1937

  • Folder: 44, Wulff, Alfred (Dr.), 1916

    “Ueber das Kleinplankton der Barentssee” Deutschen wissenschaftlichen Kommission fur die internationale Meeresforschung 1916

  • Folder: 45, Wuorinen, John H., 1931

    “The Greenland Controversy” (Part of “Prohibition in Finland”) Current History, Oct. 1931

  • Folder: 46, Wynne, Cyril, 1919

    Letter to V.S. on the U.S. Cessation of Greenland to the Danish Government in 1916; “Cession of the Danish West Indies” Treaty Series No. 629, 1917 (published 1919)

  • Folder: 47, Xenophon, undated

    Excerpts on animal “snowshoes” from Xenophon’s “Anabasis”, John Williams White and Morris H. Morgan’s “An Illustrated Dictionary to Xenophon’s Anabasis”

  • Folder: 48, Yak, 1879

    "The acclimatisation of the yak" Chambers's Journal Feb. 12, 1879

  • Folder: 49, Yarham, E. R., 1933

    “Churchill, ‘The End of the Steel’” United Empire, Oct. 1931; “The Falkland Islands: Centenary of the Southern Atlantic Outpost of Empire” United Empire, Feb. 1933

  • Folder: 50, Yellowknife, N. W. T., circa 1962

    “General Information” Department of Mines and Resources, Canada 1946; “An Introduction to Yellowknife” Board of Trade B.P.O. Elks, c. 1962

  • Folder: 51, Yoder, A. H., 1929

    “Deception Island” The Quarterly Journal, April 1929

  • Folder: 52, Yoder, E. J. , 1960

    “Pavement Profile and Roughness Measuremetns (A Review of Methods)” U.S. Army Technical Report, June 1960

  • Folder: 53, Young, Eric, 1949

    “Eskimo Rescue” Canadian Aviation, June 1949

  • Folder: 54, Young, Frederick George, 1858-1929, 1898

    “Semi-Centennial History of Oregon” Bulletin of the University of Oregon, 1898

  • Folder: 55, Young, George A., 1922

    “Iron-Bearing Rocks of Belcher Islands, Hudson Bay” Geological Survey Summary Report, 1921, Part E, (Published 1922)

  • Folder: 56, Young, Isabel, 1934

    “The Story of Salmon” American Can Company, 1934

  • Folder: 57, Young, James C., 1926

    “Explorers Have Nowhere To Go” Current History, Oct. 1926

  • Folder: 58, Young, Wayland , undated

    "On the Debunking of Captain Scott"

  • Folder: 59, Zahrtmann, C. C., 1833

    “Bemaerkninger over de Venetianerne Zeni tilskrevne Reiser i Norden” 1833

  • Folder: 60, Zalogin, B. S. , 1959

    With M. S. Edel’man “Use of the bathythermograph in an arctic sea” Meteorologiia i Gidrologiia, No. 4, 1959 (Judith Danner Trans, 1959)

  • Folder: 61, Zavarina, M. V, 1957

    With M. Romasheva “Extent of Clouds Over Arctic Seas and Central Arctic” Problemy Arktiki No. 2, 1957 (Translation)

  • Folder: 62, Zavatti, S., 1957-1958

    “Chi raggiunse per primo il Polo Nord?” (Cook, Peary) L’Universo Nov.-Dec. 1957; Translated Copy “Who Reached First the North Pole?”; “Atlante Polare” 1958, “Breve Sguardo All’Esplorazione Polare”, Map (These three items were attached, provenance uncertain.)

  • Folder: 63, Zawadzki, A. R., 1944

    “Polish Greenland Expedition 1937” (In Polish and English) 1944

  • Folder: 64, Zechlin, E. (Prof), 1935

    “Regarding the Question of a German-Portuguese-Danish Pre-Discovery of America” Forschungen and Fortschritte, May 1935 (Translation), Manuscript copy

  • Folder: 65, Zemstov, A. A., 1958

    “Distribution of Perennially Frozen Rocks in Western Siberia” Nauchnyye Doklady Vysshey Shkoly, Geologo-Geograficheskiye Nauki, No. 3, 1958 (Translation)

  • Folder: 66, Zenkevich, L. A. , 1927

    “Kolichestvennyi uchet donnoi fauny Pechorskogo raiona Barentsova moria i Belogo moria.” Trudov Ploruchego Morskago, Moskva: Izd. Plovuchego Morskogo Nauchnogo Instituta, 1927

  • Folder: 67, Zeusler, F. A. (Admiral), 1954

    “Reported H-Bomb Blast on Wrangell Island Warns of Danger of Red Attack” The Marine Digest, Nov. 13, 1954

  • Folder: 68, Zhivago, A. V., 1957

    With A. P. Lisitsyn “New Data on the Bottom Relief and the Sediments of East Antarctic Seas” Izvestiya Akademii Nauk, No. 1, 1957

  • Folder: 69, Zhukov, K., 1944

    Shykov - alternate transliteration “Ledyanoi Dok” Technika Molodoshi 1944, English Translation “Ice Dock” Technics for the Young

  • Folder: 70, Zilius, V., circa 1959

    Translator of: “Arctic. Expeditions and Drifting Stations: 1956-1958” Problemy Arktiki, No. 6, 1959 B. P. Khimich, “The drift of the icebreaker Admiral Makarov convoy in Proliv Longa in 1956”; V.A. Shamont’ev “the oceanographic expedition to the Greenland Sea on the diesel-electric ship Lena in 1958”; V.M. Driatskii “The drift of station North Pole-6”; V.A. Vedernikov “The drift of station North Pole-7”; M. M. Nikitin “The 1958 High-Latitude Aerial Expedition”; Kh. G. Buniak “An expedition for setting out Alekseev beacons in spring 1958”

  • Folder: 71, Zinoveva, M. M., 1959

    “The question of the wind drift of ice” Arkticheskii i Antarkticheski Nauchno-Issledovatel ‘skii Institut, 1959 (Translation, Roy Flagg)

  • Folder: 72, Zioncheck, Marion, 1935

    John Collier “A Birdseye View of Indian Policy: Historic and Contemporary” Dec. 1935

  • Folder: 73, Zubian, G. D., 1961

    Table of Contents (In English) for “Sinoptiko-aerologicheskoe issledovanie verkhnei troposfery i nizhnei stratosfery” (Synoptic-aerological investigation of the upper troposphere and the lower stratosphere) 1961

  • Folder: 74, Zumberge, James H., 1958

    “Preliminary Report on the Ross Ice Shelf Deformation Project” May 1958

  • Folder: 75, Zykov, I. V., 1946

    Wild Herbs and Their Use in Railroad Building in the North” Priroda, No. 6, 1946

Box: 27, Dates: 1924-1946

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, "Central Australia-Report by Vilhjalmur Stefansson" Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1924
  • Folder: 2, "Arctic Blue Book," 1854-1855 (copy), undated
  • Folder: 3, "Report by the British Army Observer on Exercise 'Musk-Ox', Department of the Scietific Advisor to the Army Council, Military Operation Research Unit Report No. 35 (Croft, N.A.C), 1946
  • Folder: 4, "Scarlet and Gold", 1935-1938

    Three copies of "Scarlet and Gold". Diamond Jubilee Edition, 1933-1934; Riel Rebellion Edition, Vol. 17, 1935; 1937 Edition, Vol. 18; Jubilee Edition (65th Anniversary) Vol. 20, 1938.

Box: 28, Dates: 1845-1960

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, [untitled], 1875-1876

    Nares's Expedition, 1875-76 (Alert and Discovery); Illustrated London News, (September 11, 1875; November 4, 1876; November 11, 1876); The Graphic ("Arctic Number"), November 8. 1876; Folder of 8 clippings from London Times, Daily Telegraph, and Nature, 1876.

  • Folder: 2, Polar Expeditions, 1845-1956

    Pictures and articles from the Illustrated London News, May 24, 1845-Nov 24, 1956.

  • Folder: 3, Alaska Highway, undated

    Maps. W.A. Fallow ( Minister of Public Works, Canada)

  • Folder: 4, Alaska Methodist University , 1960

    Anchorage Daily Times special edition, March 1, 1960

  • Folder: 5, Alaska Statehood, 1950

    The Huronite and Daily Plainsman March 5, 1950.

  • Folder: 6, Alaska Statehood, 1958

    Fairbanks Daily News-Miner June 30, 1958; Anchorage Dail News, September 13, 1958.

  • Folder: 7, Christopher Columbus, 1854-1857

    Illustrated Family News, 1854-1857.

  • Folder: 8, Peter Freuchen, 1956

    Grønland Social Democrat. 1956

  • Folder: 9, The "Jeanette", 1880-1882

    Harpers Weekly articles on the "Tragedy" of The "Jeanett", 1880-1882.

  • Folder: 10, Elisha Kent Kane, 1855-1856

    Articles 1855-1856.

  • Folder: 11, Leiv Eriksson, 1935

    Leiv Eriksson review, 1935.

  • Folder: 12, Frederick Schwatka, 1881

    London Illustrated News. Jan.1, 1881.

  • Folder: 13, William H. Seward, 1869

    The Daily Brittish Colonist, August 1869.

  • Folder: 14, Rex Woods, undated

    Lithograph "Nicholas Garry at Slave Falls"

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