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Series 1, Vertical Files, 1701-2004

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Box: 11, Dates: 1820-1997

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  • Folder: 1, Haight, Sherman P. , circa 1962

    "Material Culture of the Eskimo Exhibition - Trinity College, 1962" (Inuit)

  • Folder: 2, Hall, Charles Francis , 1866-1973

    "Very far north" St. James' Magazine 1866; "Instructions to Captain Hall, by Hon. G. M. Robeson, Secretary of the Navy" 1871; "Die Amerikanische Nordpolar-Expedition unter C. F. Hall, 1871/3" Geographie und erforschung der Polar-Regionen 1873?; Biography The Buckeye bulletin March-April 1943; Articles on Hall's murder and Chauncey C. Loomis: Aftenposten March 29, 1968; The Dartmouth Nov. 5, 1968, Dartmouth College Information Services Dec. 31, 1968; Malden Evening News Jan. 29, 1969, Valley News March 1, 1969, Life April 25, 1969, CBC Television Network(Program description) March 29, 1972, Dartmouth Alumni Magazine July 1973; Bibliography: Smithsonian, Library of Cincinnati

  • Folder: 3, Hall, Luke, 1875

    "How Hans Egede got to Greenland" The Illustrated Journal of Sunday Reading April 24, 1875

  • Folder: 4, Halldorsson, Albert L., 1948

    "Wings of the Wind: a collection of poems and essays in continuous form" 1948

  • Folder: 5, Hamby, Evert T., 1927

    "With Byrd, The Brilliant Bird-man at the Botom of the World", Flying Stories, 1927

  • Folder: 6, Hamelin, Louis-Edmond, 1957-1962

    "Les tourbiers reticulées du Quebec-Labrador subarctique: interpretation morpho-climaique" Cahiers de géographie de Québec No. 3, 1957; "Classification générale des glaces flottantes" Naturaliste Canadien Vol. 87 No. 10, 1960; "Représentation graphique des phénomènes périglaciaires" Jan. 1961; "Vocabulaire périglacial bilingue" (Bilingual periglacial vocabulary) Cahiers de géographie de Québec Vol. 6 No. 12, April-Sept. 1962; Polar regions bibliography (In French)

  • Folder: 7, Hamer, Thomas L., 1836

    "Speech of Mr. Hamer, of Ohio, on The bill authorizing appropriations for a survey and exploring expedition to the south sea" (Wilkes Expedition) Congressional Record House of Representatives May 1836

  • Folder: 8, Hamilton, Alvin, undated

    Minister of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources, Canada

  • Folder: 9, Hamilton, C. F., 1930

    "Royal Canadian Mounted Police" Ryerson Canadian History Readers 1930

  • Folder: 10, Hamilton, Earl C. , 1948

    "Norwegian Revival of Arctic Explorations in the Twentieth Century" 1948?; Correspondence 1948

  • Folder: 11, Hamilton, J. Taylor, Bishop, 1906

    "Report of the Official Visit of Bishop J. Taylor Hamilton to the Missions in Southern California and Alaska, 1905" 1906

  • Folder: 12, Hamilton, R. A., 1958-1959

    "Measurements of radiation inside a Stevenson screen above a snow surface" Meteorological Magazine Vol. 87, 1958; "The temperature gradient in the air above an ice sheet" Meteorological Magazine Vol. 88, 1959

  • Folder: 13, Hampton, Benjamin B., circa 1910

    Hampton's Magazine 1910 "The vast riches of Alaska: will the Morgan-Guggenheim combination acquire them, or will they benefit the whole people" Hampton's Magazine Vol. 14 No. 4, April, "Shall Alaska become a "Morganheim" barony?" May, (Both include Editorials on Alaska)

  • Folder: 14, Handcrafts, 1961

    Vol. 17 No. 1, Jan. 1961 (Includes Inuit Art article)

  • Folder: 15, Hanessian, John, 1960

    "Der Antarktis-Vertrag vom Dezember 1959: Ein mögliches Vorblid zur Regelung anstehender internationaler Fragen" Europa Archiv 1960; Polar Regions Bibliography

  • Folder: 16, Hansen, C. C., 1926

    "Degeneration og undergang af nordboerne i det gamle Grønland" Naturens Verden 1926

  • Folder: 17, Hansen, Harald, 1954

    "Greenland" (Hansen Paintings) The Lamp June 1954

  • Folder: 18, Hansen, Paul M., 1954-1961

    Conseil Permanent International Pour L'Exploration de la Mer Rapports et Procès-Verbaux "The stock of cod in Greenland waters during the years 1924-52" Vol. 136, 1954, "Studies on the growth of the redfish (Sebastes marinus) in Gothåb Fjord, Greenland" Vol. 150, 1961

  • Folder: 19, Hansen, W. J., 1949

    "Imports via Hudson Bay Route, 1948" 1949; "Hull insurance rates on the Hudson Bay Route" 1949

  • Folder: 20, Hanson, Earl Parker, 1943

    “Study Report on Pemmican as an Emergency Ration” War Department Office of the Quartermaster General,1943.

  • Folder: 21, Hardy, R. M., 1957

    "Engineering problems involving re-consolidated clay shales" Transactions Engineering Institute of Canada No. 1, Sept. 1957

  • Folder: 22, Hare, F. Kenneth, 1949-1959

    With Margaret R. Montgomery "Ice, open water, and winter climate in the Eastern Arctic of North America" Arctic Vol. 2 No. 2, Sept. 1949; "The circumpolar atmospheric circulation in high latitudes" Mélanges géographiques canadiens offerts à Raoul Blanchard 1959; "The summer circulation of the arctic stratosphere below 30 km" 1959?

  • Folder: 23, Härme, Maunu, 1958

    "Examples of the granitization of plutonic rocks" Comptes rendus de la Société géologique de Finland No. 30, 1958

  • Folder: 24, Harp, Elmer Jr. , 1960-1977

    "Archaeological Evidence Bearing on the Origin of the Caribou Eskimos" Actes du VIe Congrès International des Sciences Anthropologiques et Ethnologiques 1960; Clippings from The Dartmouth Feb. 21, 1963 (Includes notice of Commander George Steele's visit); Notice for "The search for an ancient arctic past" exhibition, Hopkins Center, June 1977 See also: College Affiliates Files

  • Folder: 25, Harrington, Lyn, 1942

    "Last ... of the Haida Carvers" (Inuit art, Totem poles) Forest and Outdoors Feb. 1942

  • Folder: 26, Harris, Chauncey D., 1960

    "An annotated world list of selected current geographical serials in English" (Bibliography) Nov. 1960

  • Folder: 27, Harris, Robert S., 1955

    "Facts and fallacies about food fats" June 1955

  • Folder: 28, Hart, Henry Chichester, 1880

    "Notes on the ornithology of the British Polar Expedition 1875-6" The Zoologist April-May 1880

  • Folder: 29, Hart, M. Kimball, 1957

    "The Adirondack winter mountaineering manual" 1957; V.S. comments

  • Folder: 30, Hartley, William B., 1949

    "North to mystery" (Sir John Franklin) True Vol. 24 No. 144, May 1949

  • Folder: 31, Harvey, D. C., 1949

    "Halifax 1749-1949" (Canada) The Canadian Geographical Journal 1949

  • Folder: 32, Harvey, Robert Price , 1962

    D '61 "Prospecting in the Arctic" 1962 (Includes photos)

  • Folder: 33, Harwood, Ernest M., circa 1961

    "Annotated bibliography of selected Scandinavian references" Scandinavian Symposium: Prelude to the XIXth International Geographical Congress c. 1961

  • Folder: 34, Harwood, Trevor A., 1960

    "Logistic problems in the high arctic with reference to air operations" Canadian Aeronautical Institute Meeting May 1960

  • Folder: 35, Hassell, Bert, 1935

    U.S. Air Services Vol. 10 No. 8, Aug. 1935 "Flying north to Europe," P. G. Kemp "By way of introduction - Bert Hassell as seen by one who knows him well"

  • Folder: 36, Hastings, Andrew D., 1957-1960

    U.S. Quartermaster Research and Engineering Center, Natick, MA "Climatic information sources for Greenland" 1957; "Climatic analogs of Fort Greely, Alaska and Fort Churchill, Canada in North America" 1959; "Meteorological observations during exercise Crystal Key I, Camp Fistclench, Greenland, Summer 1959" 1960

  • Folder: 37, Hatt, Gudmund, 1936-1948

    "Stillehavsproblemer" 1936; "En Boplads fra Germansk Jernalder i Oksbøl" Fra Ribe Amt 1948

  • Folder: 38, Hattersley-Smith, Geoffrey, 1960-1963

    "Ellesmere Island 1954;" "Glaciological research in Northern Ellesmere Island;" "The ablation season on Gilman Glacier, Northern Ellesmere Island" 1960; "Report on Glaciological research in Canada" Sub-Committee on Glaciology of the Associate Committee on Geodesy and Geophysics, National Research Council, Canada 1961, 1963; “Exploration and Research in Northern Ellesmere Island” undated

  • Folder: 39, Havens, Jamese, 1960-1962

    "An historical survey of the late-season snow-bed in Tuckerman Ravine, Mount Washington, U.S.A." Journal of Glaciology Vol. 3 No. 28, 1960; "Some recent developments in glacial-meteorology, with particular reference to eastern North America" 1960; "Jacobsen-McGill University Arctic Research Expedition: Summer 1960: The glacial-meteorological program: Purpose and method;" "With an academic expedition to the high arctic" Middlebury College News Letter Summer 1962

  • Folder: 40, Havens, P. V., undated

    Authorship unverified

  • Folder: 41, Hawke, E. L., undated

    "Snow survey of Great Britain: 1946-47, Preliminary report" British Glaciological Society

  • Folder: 42, Hawkesworth, Charles and Ruth, 1959

    "Experiences in Alaska" (Drafts); V.S. letter on Inuit and sugar, 1959

  • Folder: 43, Hawkins, E. J., 1961

    With P.J. Kennedy "Upper atmosphere oh temperature programme" Defense Research Board, Canada, 1961

  • Folder: 44, Hayes, Issac J. , 1867-1881

    Article on the U.S. Franklin Search Expedition (Second Grinnell Expedition) 1853-55 Evening Mail Nov. 3, 1854 (Copy); Description of "Lecture on Greenland and the Greenlanders" Cincinnati Daily Enquirer Feb. 27, 1857 (Copy); "Observations upon the relations existing between food and the capabilities of men to resist low temperatures" July 1859 (Copy); "Under the Midnight Sun, Part V, A Greenland boat and crew" Atlantic Monthly? Jan. 1870; "The old Norse colonies of Greenland" Harper's New Monthly Magazine 1871; Review of The Open Sea in Chambers's Journal 1867; Review of The Land of Desolation in Chambers's Journal 1872; "The polar exploring expedition" American Geographical and Statistical Society March 1860; Biography of Hays Ballou's Pictoral Drawing-Room Companion; Obituary Harper's Weekly Dec. 31, 1881 (Includes "The loss of the Jeannette)

  • Folder: 45, Hayman, Charles R., 1957

    With F. Kester "A study of infant mortality in Alaska" Northwest Medicine July 1957

  • Folder: 46, Haynes, B. C., 1948

    "Polar weather flights" Weatherwise Dec. 1948

  • Folder: 47, Häyren, Ernst, 1924

    Växtgeografiska anteckningar nedanför jebrenjokk vid torneträsk" Geografiska Sällskapets i Finland 1924

  • Folder: 48, Health, undated

    Cover page, Arctic Health website:

  • Folder: 49, Healy, Michael , 1997

    James M. O'Toole "Racial identity and the case of Captain Michael Healy, USRCS" (U.S. Revenue Cutter Bear) Prologue Vol. 29 No. 3, 1997

  • Folder: 50, Heartman, Charles F., 1938-1939

    "Bibliography of Gabriel Wells" 1939; Harry B. Weiss "The bibliographical, editorial, and other activities of Charles F. Heartman" 1938

  • Folder: 51, Heat Engineering, 1959-1961

    "Marine department claims northernmost boiler installation" (YFP-10 at Thule, Greenland) Foster Wheeler News Winter 1959; "YFP-10 an unusual ship in unusual service" Heat Engineering Nov-Dec. 1961

  • Folder: 52, Hebner, Erich , 1928

    I. A. Langnas abstract "Die dauer der schneedeck in Deutschland" (The duration of the snow Cover in Germany) 1928 (In English)

  • Folder: 53, Hedla, Leonore, 1956

    "Agriculture in Alaska" Dept. of Agriculture Sept 1956

  • Folder: 54, Heemskerk, Jacob, 1820

    "Jacob Heemskerk's nordliche Entdedungsreife" Aloys Argente 1820; Portrait; Illustration of Heemskerk's grave

  • Folder: 55, Heer, Oswald, 1866

    "On the Miocene flora of North Greenland" The Journal of the Royal Dublin Society 1866

  • Folder: 56, Heilprin, Angelo , 1897-1906

    "Our present knowledge of the Antarctic regions" Popular Science Monthly Jan. 1897; "The British National Antarctic Expedition" (1901-1904) Bulletin Ags? March 1906

  • Folder: 57, Heim, Arnold, 1911

    "Uber Grönlands Eisberge" Neujahrsblatt Gesellschaft in Zürich auf das Jahr 1911

  • Folder: 58, Heintzleman, B. F., 1936

    "Alaska from the western range - a great but neglected natural resource" U.S. Dept of Agriculture 1936

  • Folder: 59, Helgerson, Richard W., 1952

    "Arctic's frozen earth menace" Scientific Digest Nov. 1952 pp. 18-21

  • Folder: 60, Helland, Amund, undated

    "Mine gamle misgjerninger i nord-Grønland Særtryk af Samtiden

  • Folder: 61, Hellend-Hansen, Bjørn, circa 1933

    "De hydrografiske forhold ved Sydødstgrønland og i Danmarkstredet" 1933?

  • Folder: 62, Helmericks, Bud, 1955

    "Sportsman's new frontier" Sports Afield Sept. 1955

  • Folder: 63, Henderson, Patsy, 1950

    "Early days at Caribou crossing and the discovery of gold on the Klondike" 1950

  • Folder: 64, Hendryx, James B., 1933

    Hunting and Fishing Feb. 1933 "He who travels North," Biographical entry

  • Folder: 65, Hennig, R., 1940

    Petermanns Geograhische Mitteilungen Jan. 1940: With E. Stechow "Vorcolumbische Darstellung von amerikanischen Truthähnen im Dom zu Schleswig," Illustration "Wandemalerei aus dem dom zu schleswig mit truthahn-fries"

  • Folder: 66, Henoch, W. E. S., undated

    "Observations of Mackenzie River discharge"

  • Folder: 67, Henry, Alexander, undated

    Two Western Adventurers: Alexander Henry and Peter Pond, by Lawrence Burpee, F. R. S. C. The Ryerson Canadian History Readers, edited by Lorne Pierce. The Ryerson Press, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Folder: 68, Henson, Matthew, circa 1934-1970

    "To the Pole with Peary" Blue Book Magazine Jan. 1936; Manet Fowler "List of Inuit (North Greenland Eskimo) jargon words and phrases - taken from Matthew A. Henson's pronunciations;" Agreement made between Robert E. Peary and Matthew Henson May 3, 1891 (Copy); Articles on Henson: New York Sun Nov. 21, 1933?, June 16, 1934?, Nov. 17, 1969, The Baltimore Afro-American Nov. 18, 1961, Baltimore Sun Nov. 19, 1961, The Evening Sun Dec. 6, 1961; The Sun Jan. 9, 1966 (Herbert M. Frisby), American History Illustrated April, May? 1966, Maryland Living Feb. 19, 1967 (Herbert Frisby), Newsweek Sept. 15, 1986, The Boston Globe April 22, 1987, Harvard University Gazette April 1, 1988, New York Times April 7, 1988, Time April 18, 1988; Notice of Henson's introduction into The Geographic Society of Chicago Bulletin April 1948; Post card to V.S. from Herbert Frisby (Arrival at North Pole); Program "Unveiling and dedication of tablet in memory of Matthew Alexander Henson, Co-discoverer of the North Pole with Admiral Robert Edwin Peary, April 6, 1909" Nov. 18, 1961; Herbert Frisby review of Floyd Miller's Ahdoolo, A Biography of Matthew A. Henson, the Negro Who Accompanied Peary to the North Pole in The Sun Jan. 12, 1964; Program, "Dedication Ceremony of the Matthew A. Henson Bronze" April 6, 1970; "Arctic explorations" $.04 stamp with notice of issue and note from Frisby

  • Folder: 69, Hepburn, D. W., 1963

    "Northern Education: facade for failure" VARIAbles: The Journal of the Sociology Club University of Alberta, Canada Vol. 2 No. 1, Feb. 1963

  • Folder: 70, Hermannsson, Halldór, 1941

    "Columbus og Cabot" 1941 (In Icelandic)

  • Folder: 71, "Hermannus Contractus Uber das Astrolab", undated

    J. Drecler (possible author) Includes glossary of terms

  • Folder: 72, Hermansen, Ove, 1968-1972

    "Fejden mellem Amundsen og nobile" Polarposten No. 2, 1968; Rolf S. Tandberg "Fejden mellom Amundsen og nobile" (Critical response) Polarposten No. 3, 1968; "Sådan laver Sovjet 'dokumentarfilm'" Weekendavisen May 5, 1972

  • Folder: 73, Herz, O. F., 1902

    "Frozen mammoth in Siberia" (Translation of excerpts from report) 1902

  • Folder: 74, Hess, Hans , undated

    A. Langnas abstract "Das eis der Erde" (The ice of the earth)

  • Folder: 75, Hettner, Alfred, 1914

    "Einige Züge der physichen Geographie und der Entwickelungsgeschichte Süd-Grönlands" Geographische Zeitschrift 1914

  • Folder: 76, Hetzel, Theodore, 1963-1968

    Indian Truth "The meek do not inherit Alaska" Vol. 39 Nos. 3, 4, ""Alaska task force report" Vol. 40 No. 1, April 1963, "Indians of Alaska interior meet at Tanana" Vol. 40 No. 2, July, 1963, "Indian rights and wrongs in Alaska" Vol. 38 No 2, Oct. 1968 (Inuit, Native Americans)

  • Folder: 77, Heyerdahl, Thor , undated

    "Marquesas Islands" (Includes photos)

  • Folder: 78, Heywood, V. H., 1960

    "Problems of taxonomy and distribution in the European flora" Proceedings of the Flora Europaea Round Table Conference April 1-7, 1959 Feddes Repertorium 1960

  • Folder: 79, Hickey, Thomas, 1860

    "Thomas Hickey's narrative of the last Arctic expedition of the late Dr. Kane" (U.S. Franklin Search Expedition, Second Grinnell Expedition, 1853-1855) 1860

  • Folder: 80, Hicks, S. D., 1953-1955

    The Coleopterists' Bulletin "Distribution of Carabus Vietinghoffii in North America" Vol. 7 No. 1, Feb. 1953, "Occurrence of pupae of Altica Tombacina Mann. Under bark in British Columbia" Vol. 8 No. Feb. 1954, "Abundance of several species of Coleoptera in British Columbia" Vol. 9 No. 1, 1955

  • Folder: 81, Hildes, J. A. , 1958-1959

    "Cold War medicine" Medical Services Journal Vol. 14 No. 1, Jan. 1958; "Old Crow - A healthy Indian community" The Canadian Medical Association Journal Nov. 15, 1959; "The incidence of Anemia in infancy and early childhood among central Arctic Eskimos" (Inuit Medical)

  • Folder: 82, Hill, E. M. M., 1928

    "The Peace Pass route to the Pacific Coast" 1928 (Includes maps)

  • Folder: 83, Hill, L. C., 1936

    “Ellsworth Antarctic Relief Expedition, Report by Captain L. C. Hill, Commanding Officer of the Royal Research Ship Discovery II”March 1936; 2 maps of path of Discovery II

  • Folder: 84, Hills, G. A., 1960

    "The soils of the Canadian Shield" Agricultural Institute Review March-April 1960; "Pedology 'The dirt science' and agricultural settlement in Ontario"

  • Folder: 85, Hills, Margaret T., 1960

    "A man with an idea" (Hans Egede, Inuit) Bible Society Record March 1960

  • Folder: 86, Hink, A. R., 1939

    "On some misrepresentations of Antarctic history" Critical review of William Herbert Hobbs' article "The Discoveries of Antarctica Within the American Sector as Revealed by Maps and Documents" Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Vol. 31 Jan. 1939 in The Geographical Journal Vol. 94 Oct. 1939

  • Folder: 87, Hirsch, David , 1961

    The Episcopalian "Alaska: the Episcopal Church still has a rough, rugged job in the forty-ninth state despite a century of service" July 1961, "Alaska: we visit some pioneers on the perennial frontier that is our forty-ninth state" Aug. 1961 (Inuit)

  • Folder: 88, Hobbs, William Herbert, 1925-1947

    "L'asymétrie de la circulation atmosphérique" Comptes Rendus des Séances de l'Académie des Sciences Aug. 1925; "An explorer's experience with the Greenland glacial anticyclone" Scientific Monthly Jan. 1927; "Conditions of exceptional visibility within high latitudes, particularly as a result of superior mirage" Annals of the Association of American Geographers Vol. 27 Dec, 1937; "American Antarctic discoveries, 1819-1940" Proceedings: Eighth American Scientific Congress 1943; "The Eurasian continental glacier of the late Pleistocene" Science Aug. 2, 1946; Review of Frank Debenham, ed. The Voyage of Captain Bellingshausen to the Antarctic Seas, 1819-1821 in The American Historical Review Vol. 53 No. 1, Oct. 1947; "University presented portrait of Hobbs" The Ann Arbor Daily News Nov. 1, 1954; Publications list 1926-1932 (Extended to 1947); Advertisements for books: Reports of the Greenland Expeditions of the university of Michigan, Cruises along By-Ways of the Pacific, The North Pole of the Winds, The World War and its Consequences

  • Folder: 89, Hoecker, R. W., Dr., 1947

    With P. L. Breakiron "Moving freight at a profit on the Alaska - U.S. Skyway" The Pegasus Sept. 1947

  • Folder: 90, Hoelzel, Frederick, 1934

    "Salt, water and health" 1934 (V.S. Reference)

  • Folder: 91, Hoffman, W. J., 1883

    "Comparison of Eskimo pictographs with those of other American Aborigines" (Inuit, Native American) 1883

  • Folder: 92, Hofmann, Walther, 1958-1960

    "Bestimmung von Gletschergeschwindigkeiten aus Luftbildern" Bildmessung und Luftbildwesen 1958; "Eine bestimmung des Gravimeterfaktors aus Pendelmessungen" Zeitschrift für Vermessungswesen Feb. 1960

  • Folder: 93, Hogue, Donald W., circa 1958

    "Significant environmental contrasts of the Thule and Narsarssuak, Greenland areas (including the adjacent icecap areas)" Headquarters Quartermaster Research and Engineering Command, U.S. Army 1958; "The absolutely highest and lowest temperatures officially recorded in the provinces and territories of Canada" 1921-1950?

  • Folder: 94, Holand, Hjalmar Ruud, 1930-1948

    "An early Norwegian fur trader of the Canadian northwest" Studies and Records Vol. V, Norwegian-American Historical Association 1930; "Hjalmar Rudd Holand presents new evidence that famous Newport tower was built by Norsemen" Nordisk Tiende Aug. 18, 1948; "Hvítir Indíánar afkomendur norrænna manna, sem komu til Ameríka löngu á undan Kolumbus" Lesbók 5 Dec. 1948

  • Folder: 95, Hollick-Kenyon, H., 1937-1938

    Maclean's "What Russia's Polar flights mean to Canada" Aug. 15, 1937, "29,000 Miles over the Arctic" July 1, 1938

  • Folder: 96, Holloway, Charlotte M., 1898

    "The last shot in the Arctic" (Whaling) The Connecticut Quarterly Vol. 4 No. 2, April-June 1898

  • Folder: 97, Holm, Johan C., 1944

    "Grønlands Møntvæsen" Nordisk Numismatisk Unions Medlemsblad April 1944

  • Folder: 98, Holm, Theodor, 1897

    "Beiträge zur Flora Westgrönlands" Engler, Botanische Järbücher 1880s?; "Contributions to the flora of Iceland" Botanisk Tidsskrift 1897

  • Folder: 99, Holme, John G. , 1921-1922

    "Icelanders in the United States: from the discovery of America by Leifur Eriksson to the present" America's Making Exposition, New York City, Oct 29-Nov. 12, 1921; "The Reindeer industry in Alaska" The American Scandinavian Review June 1922

  • Folder: 100, Holmes, Burton, 1939

    "Burton Holmes and the Travelogue: a life story as told to Lothrop Stoddard" 1939

  • Folder: 101, Holst, Hans, 1937

    "Norske funn av mynter, ofret til vannet eller dets vetter (I Kilder, Fosser, Sjøer etc.)" Nordisk Numismatisk Arsskrift 1937

  • Folder: 102, Holstein, Bent, 1931

    "Østgrønland og dansk statskunst" 1931

  • Folder: 103, Holzworth, John M., undated

    Alaska: The Hub of the World Chapters 1 and 7, 1942; "The Alaska Highway, The Muskeg Mystery"

  • Folder: 104, Honigmann, John J., 1945-1960

    With Irma Honigmann "Drinking in an Indian-White community" (Inuit) Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol Vol. 5 No. 4, March. 1945; "Eskimo personality in the light of nine Rorschachs from Great Whale River Eskimo" (Inuit) Research Previews Institute for Research in Social Science, University of NC, Chapel Hill, Vol. 8 No. 1, Dec. 1960

  • Folder: 105, Hood, Robert, 1975

    Leslie H. Neatby review of To the Arctic b canoe, 1819-1821: the Journal and Paintings of Robert Hood, Midshipman with Franklin in The Musk-Ox No. 15, 1975; A. G. E. Jones "Lieutenant Robert Hood, R. N. 1797-1821" The Musk-Ox No. 16, 1975

  • Folder: 106, Hooper, C. L., 1883

    "The cruise of the Corwin in the Arctic" Transactions and Proceedings of the Geographical Society of the Pacific, 1881 1882; "Arctic ice notes" Proceedings of the Geographical Society of the Pacific Jan. 23, 1883

  • Folder: 107, Hooper, Samuel L. , 1956

    "The Discovery of Wrangel Island" Occasional Papers of the California Academy of Sciences No. 24 1956

  • Folder: 108, Hooton, E. A., 1918

    "On certain Eskimoid characters in Icelandic skulls" (Inuit) American Journal of Physical Anthropology Vol. 1 No. 1 Jan-march 1918

  • Folder: 109, Hope, E. R. , 1957-1959

    Abstracts Journal of Geophysical Research Vol. 62 No. 1, March 1957 "Rotation, pulse-disturbance, and drift in the geomagnetic secular variation, "Linear secular oscillation of the Northern Magnetic Pole," Journal of Geophysical Research Vol. 62 No. 2, June 1957; "List of translations from: Russian, Yugoslav, Ukrainian, Polish, Japanese and Chinese as of April 30, 1959" 1959

  • Folder: 110, Hopkins, Oliver B., 1943

    "Oil from the Arctic" Imperial Oil Review Fall 1943

  • Folder: 111, Hopper, Bruce, 1937

    "Sovereignty in the Arctic" Research Bulletin on the Soviet Union American Ruddian Institute Vol. 2 No. 8, Aug 30, 1937

  • Folder: 112, Horden, John, 1889

    "Christian work among the Eskimos" (Inuit, Canada) The Quiver 1889

Box: 12, Dates: 1828-1992

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Horowitz, August, 1933-1934

    Little America Times (Lincoln Ellsworth Antarctic Expedition 1933-1934, Richard Evelyn Byrd Antarctic Expedition, 1933-35) No. 1, Dec. 27, 1933, No. 2, Jan. 27, 1934; Correspondence

  • Folder: 2, Horsford, Cornelia, 1899

    "Vinland and its ruins: some of the evidences that Northmen were in Massachusetts in Pre-Columbian days" (Native Americans) Appletons' Popular Science Monthly Dec. 1899

  • Folder: 3, Horsford, Eben Norton, 1945

    "Tracks of the Northmen" The Month at Goodspeeds' May-June 1945 pp. 188-191

  • Folder: 4, Horsted, Svend Aage, 1956

    With Erik Smidt "The deep sea prawn (Pandalus Borealis KR.) in Greenland Waters" Meddelelser fra Danmarks Fiskeri- og Hav- undersøgelser 1956

  • Folder: 5, Houle, J. L., 1961

    "Two instruments for the measurement of ice thickness" Defense Research Board Canada 1961

  • Folder: 6, Houston, James , 1954-1961

    "Eskimo Handicrafts" Canadian Handicrafts Guild 1951; "Canadian Eskimo art" 1954; "My friend, Angotiawak" Canadian Art Vol. 13 No. 2, Winter 1956 "Kanadska Eskimska umetnost: katalog za izlozbu" 1961 (Inuit art)

  • Folder: 7, Hovanitz, William, 1950-1951

    "The biology of Colias Butterflies" Part 1 "The distribution of the North American species" The Wasmann Journal of Biology Vol. 8, No. 1 Spring 1950, Part 3 "Variation of adult flight in the Arctic and Subarctic" Vol. 9 No. 1 Spring 1951

  • Folder: 8, Hovgaard, A., 1882

    "Forslag til en Dansk Arktisk Expedition" 1882

  • Folder: 9, Howard, Edgar B., 1935

    Report on expedition to Russia Miscellanea American Philosophical Society Vol. 1 No. 2, Sept. 1935

  • Folder: 10, Howard, Mart A., 1961

    Howard Collection, Washington State University Library, Preliminary Register 1961

  • Folder: 11, Howard, Patricia, 1954

    "A.N.A.R.E. bird banding and seal marking" The Victorian Naturalist Sept. 1954

  • Folder: 12, Howay, F. W., 1930

    "A Yankee trader on the Northwest Coast 1791-1795" (Jefferson) Washington Historical Quarterly Vol. 21 No. 2, 1930

  • Folder: 13, Howey, O. T. , 1941

    Report as Dept. of Transport Radio Operator with Tractor Train No. 1 Dawson creek to Fort Nelson, Feb. 9 - March 31, 1941

  • Folder: 14, Howgate, H. W. , 1878

    Report of Benjamin A. Willis on "Expedition to the Arctic Seas" (Potential expedition) Congressional Reports Jan. 1878 (Copy); "Paper by Captain Howgate on his plan for the exploration of the Arctic Region" Arctic Meeting at Chickering Hall, Jan. 31, 1878 (Copy); "The American Arctic Expedition" Chambers's Journal 1878

  • Folder: 15, Høygaard, Arne, 1937-1941

    "Some investigations into the physiology and nosology of Eskimos from Angmagssalik in Greenland" (Inuit) Skrifter om Svalbard og Ishavet 1937; "Tuberkulosen hos eskimoer i Angmagssalik, Østgrønland" Nordisk Medisinsk Tidsskrift 1938; "De hygieniske Forhold i Angmagssalik, Østgrønland" Det Grønlandske Selskabs Aarsskrift 1938; "Studies on the nutrition and psyio-pathology of Eskimos" 1941

  • Folder: 16, Hoyt, Austin, circa 1962

    "Daily journal of the descent of the Back River from Aylmer Lake to Chantrey Inlet undertaken in two 18' canoes in the summer of 1962 by Kenneth Gregg, Austin Hoyt, John Lentz, Tracy Perry"

  • Folder: 17, Hrdlicka, Ales , 1929-1943

    "Where Asia and America Meet" (Inuit) Asia June 1939; Obituary Indians at Work Sept-Oct. 1943 (Native Americans); Bibliography Anthropologie 1929

  • Folder: 18, Hubbard, Bernard, Rev., 1936-1951

    "'Glacier Priest' to seek lost race on unknown island" Rochester Evening Journal and the Post Express Dec. 11, 1936; "Russia CAN'T take Alaska" Collier's March 31, 1951; Margaret Hughes "Father Hubbard in Alaska makes record filming" American Cinematographer Oct. 1938

  • Folder: 19, Huber, Bud, Major, 1947

    "Cold facts about a cold country" Air Force April 1947

  • Folder: 20, Hudd, Alfred E., circa 1910

    "Richard Ameryk and the name America" Proceedings of the Clifton Antiquarian Club Vol. 3 Part 1, 1909-1910

  • Folder: 21, Hudson Bay Railway , 1912-1930

    Reports and surveys relating to Hudson Bay Railway, Nelson, Churchill, and Hudson Straits, Canadian Parliament Sessional Papers, 1912; G. H. Lash "Hudson Bay Region resources" Canadian National Railways Magazine Feb. 1930; Earl Hanson "Canada's exploring railroad" World's Work March 1930; Nugent M. Clougher "The Hudson Bay Railway and Hudson Bay Route" March 18, 1930

  • Folder: 22, Hudson Bay Route Association , circa 1946-1977

    Constitution and rules, c. 1962; "A short history of the Hudson Bay Route and the Hudson Bay Route Association" c. 1962; Fact and general pamphlets, c. 1940s; "Churchill, Manitoba, Canada: the seaport for Western Canada" c. 1962; Reports of conventions of the Hudson Bay Route Association: 1946-1949, 1959-1961, 1963, 1964, 1967, 1974, 1975, 1977; Correspondence 1962

  • Folder: 23, Hudson, Gardner C., 1954

    "Quebec, North Shore and Labrador" (Railroad) Railway Age Oct. 4, 1954

  • Folder: 24, Hudson, Henry, 1928

    Program, Dedication of the Henry Hudson window, Church of St. Ethelburga the Virgin within Bishopsgate, April 19, 1928

  • Folder: 25, Hudson's Bay Company 1 of 2, 1848-1943

    "Report and accounts to be laid before the proprietors at the 270th annual general court" 1939; Schedules of cruises and transportation routes, c. 1940 - 1943; "The Hudson's Bay Company" Chambers's Edinburgh Journal Oct. 14, 1848; William Forsyth "The Hudson's Bay Co." Good Words May 1, 1869; "The fur trade and the Hudson's Bay Company" Chambers' Repository of Instructive and Amusing Papers

  • Folder: 26, Hudson's Bay Company 2 of 2, 1925-1985

    Guide to the "Hudson's Bay Company's Historical Exhibit at Winnipeg" June 1925; "Milestones in the progress of the Hudson's Bay Company" c. 1940; "A brief history of the Hudson's Bay Corporation" various editions, c. 1950 - c.1965; “Journey to the Far North, Summer 1887” (Account of Commissioner Joseph Wrigley’s inspection tour) by Arthur Robertson The Beaver 1985.

  • Folder: 27, Hughes, Charles Campbell, 1955-1957

    Southwestern Journal of Anthropology With Alexander Leighton "Notes on Eskimo patterns of suicide" (Inuit) winter 1955, "Anomie, the Ammassalik, and the standardization of error" winter 1958; "Reference group concepts in the study of a changing Eskimo culture" Cultural Stability and Culture Change (Proceedings, 1957 Annual Spring Meeting of the American Ethnological Society) 1957

  • Folder: 28, Hultén, Eric, 1936

    "New or notable species from Alaska. Contributions to the flora of Alaska I" Svensk Botanisk Tidskrift 1936

  • Folder: 29, Hume, G. S., 1944-1949

    "Cretaceous formations in Canada" The Oil Weekly Dec. 25, 1944; "Natural gas in Canada" Canadian Oil and Gas Industries Nov. 1949

  • Folder: 30, Hunkins, Kenneth, 1960

    "Geophysical and oceanographic research in the Arctic Ocean" Nov. 1960

  • Folder: 31, Hunsaker, J. C., 1937

    "The development of Tans-Atlantic-Aircraft" Lilienthal-Gesellschaft für Luftfahrtforschung Oct. 1937

  • Folder: 32, Hunter, Croil, undated

    President, General Manager of Northwest Airlines

  • Folder: 33, Hunter, Fenley, 1959

    Beginnings of "chapters 2 and 3," on 1933 expedition to Tule Springs, Clark County, Nevada, 1959

  • Folder: 34, Hunting, 1897

    "Arctic Sport" Country Life Illustrated 1897

  • Folder: 35, Huntsman, A. G., 1930

    "Arctic ice on our eastern coast" Biological Board of Canada Bulletin No. 13, 1930

  • Folder: 36, Hurley, Desmond Eugene, 1961

    "Pelagic Hyperiidea (Crustacea: Amphipoda) collected by the Magga Dan between Australia and Antarctica with some notes on their distribution" New Zealand Journal of Science Vol. 4 No. 3, 1961

  • Folder: 37, Hurley, Frank, 1916

    "With the Shackleton Expedition through the Weddell Sea. Part 1" (British Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917" The Sphere Dec. 9, 1916; "The Hurley Collection - Antarctica" Catalog and Price list for limited edition prints

  • Folder: 38, Hutchinson, Bruce, 1953-1955

    Maclean's "They saved the Pacific coast for Canada" May 28, 1955, "Bruce Hutchison rediscovers the unknown country:" "Part One, Newfoundland" Dec. 10, 1955, "Part Eight, Northern Ontario" March 17, 1956; "Part Nine, Manitoba" March 31, 1956; "Part Ten, Saskatchewan" April 14, 1956; "Part Eleven, Alberta" April 28, 1956; "Part Twelve, The Peace River Country" May 12, 1956; "Part Thirteen, B. C. - The Interior" May 26, 1956; "Part Fourteen, B. C. - The Coast" June 9, 1953

  • Folder: 39, Hutchinson, H. B. , 1947

    "Opportunity for scientific investigation in the Aleutian Islands" May 1947

  • Folder: 40, Hutchison, Isobel, 1937-1949

    The London Times "The Aleutian Islands" "I. A chain without harbours" Feb. 15, 1937, "II. Paradise in the Bering" Feb. 16, 1937, "Home of the Fur Seal, The Pribilov Islands" Feb. 27, 1937; "Gus Masik comes to Scotland" The Scots Magazine April, 1938; Interview by J. Speedy "A woman explorer whom St. Andrews will honour" Weekly Scotsman June 23, 1949

  • Folder: 41, Hutton, Samuel King, 1927-1953

    "Health in Northern Labrador" The World's Health Vol. 8 No. 2, Feb. 1927; "The Labrador Eskimo and his problems" Hospital Social Service 1928; "Recollections of medicine among the Eskimos" The Medical Press Sept. 16, 1953

  • Folder: 42, Hynd, Alan, 1949

    "The case of the killers for wisdom" True May 1949

  • Folder: 43, Hyne, Cutcliffe, 1898

    "Bear shooting in Arctic Lapland" 1898; "Through Arctic Lapland" 1898

  • Folder: 44, Hynes, Frank W., 1929

    "Shrimp Fishery of Southeast Alaska" Bureau of Fisheries Doc. 1052, 1929

  • Folder: 45, Ice , circa 1869-1983

    "Polar Ice" Chambers's Journal Jan. 30, 1869; W. D. Kingery, C. M. Adams "Basic research on ice and snow" U. S. Air Force, Nov. 1962; M. L. Gain "Les glaces flottantes: glaces de mer (banquises) et d'eau douce (icebergs) code destiné à la transmission des observations de glaces" La Meteorologie Sept. 1935, English abstract; "Icebergs as ships" The Engineer June 7, 1946; Articles on Woods Hole iceberg detector 1953; E. R. Hope, Trans. "Ice-drift and its calculation (Recent Russian papers)" 1957; “Water on Ice” (Polynya) NYT Sept. 29, 1981; Richard Brown "Icy voyage: from Greenland to Bermuda: the long, lonely drift of the iceberg" Equinox c. 1983; Ice on Lake Superior Life, Untitled illustration

  • Folder: 46, Ice Glossaries, 1944-1958

    Glossaries of ice terms: Polar Record Jan. 1944, International Meteorological Organization Commission for Maritime Meteorology, Aug. 1950, U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office 1952, "Glossary of terms used on Admiralty Charts and in associated publications, Part V. ice and snow terms" Great Britain Hydrographic Dept. Admirality Hydrographic Department Professional Paper No. 11 1953; U.S. ADTIC Publication, Sept. 1955, Polar Record May 1958, Misc. (1947?)

  • Folder: 47, Ice Islands, 1951-1955

    Misc. articles 1951-55, undated

  • Folder: 48, Ice Islands - T-3, 1 of 3, 1952-1955

    Progress reports: Nos. 1-7, April 1952-June 1955

  • Folder: 49, Ice Islands - T-3, 2 of 3, circa 1954-1969

    Robert A. Derrickson "History of Fletcher's Island (T-3) 15 June - 21 October 1952"; "Fletcher's Ice Island activity report, 24 Sept. 53 to 14 Mar. 54" 26 March 1954; Willis H. Malgren "Fletcher's ice island activity report from 19 Feb. to 14 May 1954 and final report on evacuation" May 1954; "Scientific activities of the Terrestrial Sciences Laboratory of GRD on Fletcher's Ice Island, T-3, 7 March 1957 to 6 June 1957" 1957; Herbert G. Dorsey "Brief report on operational problems at T-3 and recommended future action"; Temperature recordings 1967-69; Abstract David Smith T-3 surface morphology 1958; Articles Oct. 1951-1958, undated; Bibliography, Feb, June 1955, June 1956

  • Folder: 50, Ice Islands - T-3, 3 of 3, 1955

    William T. Elberty "The petrology and provenance of T3" 1955

  • Folder: 51, Icebreakers and Ships in Ice, 1952-1986

    Harvey F. Johnson "Development of Ice-Breaking Vessels for the U..S. Coast Guard;" Office of Naval Intelligence report on Argentina's plans to buy a West German icebreaker 1954; N. Maklakov "Icebreaker-transport ships for the arctic" (USSR) Sudostroyeniye 1961; Articles and Canadian Coast Guard pamphlets 1952-86 and undated (Includes articles on U.S. Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, Denmark, Soviet Ships, Model icebreakers and ice, British South Pole expedition rescue); Illustrations: U.S.S. Burton Island, Joseph Stalin; Articles on misc. arctic boats 1954 and undated

  • Folder: 52, Iceland 1 of 4, 1832-1960

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  • Folder: 53, Iceland 2 of 4, 1877-1992

    Pamphlet "Millennial Celebration of the Icelandic Parliament 1930;" O. B. Burtness, Discussion of Millennial Celebration of the Icelandic Parliament Congressional Record June 11, 1929, March 3, 1931 (71st Congress 3rd Session); The Rafmagnsveita Reykjavíkur "Preliminary estimates of a hydro-electrical development at the river Sog in Iceland" 1928; Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson and The Burgomaster and officials of the municipality of Reykjavik "The community of Reykjavik and the sog power plans with a summary of the Icelandic state finances" 1934; "Reykjavik development and town planning" 1939; Helgi Sigurdsson "Hitaveita Reykjavikur, Reykjavik hot water supply" 1947; "Cod-fishing in Iceland" Chambers's Journal Oct. 1877; "The fisheries of Iceland" Chambers's Journal May 1885; "Iceland's fish production: it's enormous and significant" Foreign Commerce Weekly Aug. 14, 1943; "Iceland's place in the world" NATO Letter Jan. 1966: A. Jónsson "The foreign policy of Iceland," T. Asgeirsson "Iceland's foreign trade," H Briem "Iceland's cultural heritage," S. Hermannsson "Science and industrial development in Iceland;" James Donovan "Outpost in the North Atlantic: Marines in the defense of Iceland" Marines in World War II Commemorative Series 1992

  • Folder: 54, Iceland 3 of 4, 1930-1949

    Schedules and Tourist publications 1930-1949 and undated; "Hekla 1947 ntbdur frá eldgosinu, Pictures from the eruption;" 23 pictures of Iceland

  • Folder: 55, Iceland 4 of 4, undated

    In Icelandic

  • Folder: 56, Icelanders in the United States, 1938-1949

    Icelandic Association of Spanish Fork, Utah correspondence and announcement on Monument to commemorate the Icelandic settlement, June 21, 1938; "Iceland’s contribution to Utah" Scandinavia’s Contribution to Utah Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Nov. 1939; "Marker number 35, first settlement of Icelanders in United States, erected Aug. 1, 1938" Monuments Erected by Daughters of Utah Pioneers 1944; Elbert D. Thomas "Icelanders in Utah;" Valdimar Bjornson "America in the Making" broadcast transcript 1949

  • Folder: 57, Icelandic Language and Literature , 1828-1950

    Snæbjörn Jónsson "Key to the primer of modern Icelandic" 1943; "Icelandic illustrations of English" Quarterly Review 1875 (Includes bibliography); "Scandinavian literature" American Quarterly Review 1828; William Craigie "The romantic poetry of Iceland" 1950

  • Folder: 58, Ingham, Susan E., 1959

    "Banding of Giant Petrels by the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions, 1955-1958" The Emu Aug. 1959

  • Folder: 59, Inkster, T. H., 1948

    "Sky supply to Labrador's Iron Land" Canadian Aviation March 1948

  • Folder: 60, Insects , 1948-1958

    Mosquito News: W. McDuffie et al. Vol. 9 No. 2, June 1949 "The effectiveness of prehatching treatments for the control of Arctic mosquitoes," "The effectiveness of DDT and other insecticides as larvicides against Arctic species of Aedes" Joseph Goldsmith et al. "Exploratory studies on the control of adult mosquitoes and blackflies with DDT under Arctic conditions" Vol. 9 No. 3 Sept. 1949, B. Hocking "Protection from northern biting flies" Vol. 12 No. 2 June 1952; Proceedings of the New Jersey Mosquito Extermination Association C. R. Twinn et al. "Area control of mosquitoes by aircraft in sub-Arctic Canada" 1950, W. Haufe "Predicting mosquito emergence" 1953; Canadian Pulp and Paper Magazine of Canada D. G. Peterson "Biology and control of biting flies in pulpwood cutting areas" April 1955, A. S. West, D. G. Peterson "Biting-fly control" June 1957; T. N. Freeman "The Northern survey in Canada and some environmental observations" 80th Annual Report of the Entomological Society of Ontario, 1949, "Interim report of the distribution of the mosquitoes obtained in the northern insect survey" Environmental protection technical report nos. 1, 4, Defense Research Board 1952, 1953; University of Alaska Entomology Leaflet No. 1, 3, March 1958, R. Washburn "Insecticides for Alaska" Entomology Mimeo No. 3 1957; L. A. Miller "Observations on the Bionomics of some northern species of Tabanidae (Diptera)" Canadian Journal of Zoolog June 1951; C. R. Twinn et al. "A preliminary account of the biting flies at Churchill, Manitoba" Canadian Research Journal Dec. 1948

  • Folder: 61, Institute for Regional Exploration , 1959

    Constitution; Descriptive pamphlet; T. P. Bank II correspondence Oct. 6, 1959

Box: 13, Dates: 1824-2000

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Institute of Arctic Studies (Dickey Endowment, Dartmouth College), 1989-2000

    Previously "Institute on Canada and the United States," Dickey Endowment, Dartmouth College Flyer; Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 1, May 2000; Informational notices; Notices for events and meetings 1989-1995, undated; Flyers for University seminars on Northern Studies Feb. 1989-March 2000, undated; Articles, 1989-1994 and undated; Book advertisements: Peter j. Marchand Life in the Cold 1991, University Press of New England series "Arctic Visions" 1993; Stefansson Fellowship information; Misc.

  • Folder: 2, "Interim", 1960

    No. 29, April 1960 (Special Antarctic edition, Belgian Expedition 1957-58)

  • Folder: 3, International Geophysical Year 1 of 2, 1956-1958

    News Reports, Sept. 1956-April 1958

  • Folder: 4, International Geophysical Year 2 of 2, 1938-1958

    Information Manual for the USNC-IGY Arctic Basin Drifting Stations, June 1957; Progress reports, status reports and Arctic Newsletter March 1957-Dec. 1958; "Information bulletin on the work of the Geography Department of Moscow State University in the International Geophysical Year" (Bibliography) G. K. Tushinskii, ed. 1938

  • Folder: 5, "International Ice Patrol", 1937

    Sperryscope March, 1937 (U.S. Coast Guard)

  • Folder: 6, International Nickel Company, Ltd., 1952

    INCO Magazine Feb., June, 1957, Summer 1952; H. Mutz et al. "Underground mining methods at International Nickel Company" Mining Engineering Jan. 1953; News releases Dec. 5 1956-March 5, 1967; Letter to shareholders, correspondence 1956

  • Folder: 7, International Polar Year , circa 132-1933

    D. La Cour, J. M. Stagg "The International Polar Year 1932-1933" International Commission for the Polar Year

  • Folder: 8, Inuit, 1824-1983

    "The Northern Expedition" (Clothing, relations with Europeans) Atheneum Jan. 15, 1824; "The Esquimaux family" The Illustrated London News Feb. 18, 1854; "A vanishing race" (C. F. Hall) Chambers's Journal April 15, 1865; "The Exquimaux" Sunday at Home 1881; "Social life among the Eskimo" (Inuit) Chambers's Journal No. 972, Oct. 1, 1881; "Les Esquimaux" from four issues of L'Echo du Cabinet de Lecture Paroissial; "The Esquimaux, their life, customs and manners" 1893?; "The Polar Esquimaux" Chambers's Journal 1921; "Men who live by hunting and fishing" Ontario Public School Geography 1922; "Flappers of North Pole 'Haven't got the stuff' their mothers had, claims famous Boston explorer" (Capt. Bob Bartlett) Boston Sunday Post Nov. 10, 1929; Douglas Leechman "Eskimo Music" The American Mercury 1930; Vilhjalmur Stefansson "Clothes make the Eskimo" Natural History Jan. 1955; "Cheerful and happy: the Eskimo people are characterized by hospitality and harmony" Scala International Jan. 1963; National Geographic Feb. 1983 "Peoples of the Arctic," Hunters of the lost spirit," "Art of the Bering Sea," "People of the Long Spring;" Description of Inuit burial practices Ney York World-Telegram; Lela Oman "Eskimo Legends" 1959

  • Folder: 9, Inuit - Abroad , 1841-1987

    "Eenoolooapik, the Esquimaux" Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 1841; "The Aberdeen Eskimo" (Eenoolooapik) The Highlander March/April 1995; "An Eskimo buried in Pittsburgh" (Minik 'Mene' Wallace) Coos County Democrat Oct. 28, 1987; Brochures for Anuata, c. 1950

  • Folder: 10, Inuit - Alaska, 1905-1991

    "Types of Alaska Natives" 1905 (Photo album); Dept of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs "Eskimos of Alaska" 1938, “Songs of the Totem” (Thlinget music) by Carol Beery Davis, 1939; "The Eskimos, Indians and Aleuts of Alaska" 1961; "American Eskimos are prevented by Russia from making 'temporary' visits to Siberia" New York Times Oct. 9, 1948; "In Arctic, Warm reunion ends cold war division" New York Times Dec. 4, 1991; "Eskimos develop a jade industry" (Shungnak)

  • Folder: 11, Inuit and Reindeer (Caribou), 1937-1963

    Article on Mr. William Thomas Lopp, March 4, 1915 (Copy); "Reindeer men! Do not be discouraged" The Eskimo Vol. 4 No. 1, Feb. 1937; Francis Harper "Caribou and Eskimos" 1963; "Filmstrip commentary on conservation of the caribou" Dept of Resources and Development, Canada

  • Folder: 12, Inuit - Art 1 of 2, 1954-1999

    Museum Catalogs: State Historical Museum, Juneau, Alaska 1959, National Gallery of Canada 1999; Article on "Crossroads" Exhibit Smithsonian Oct. 1988; Walter Dinsdale "Remarks on the occasion of the opening exhibition of the 1960 collection of Canadian Eskimo graphic art" Feb. 1961; Eskimo Art edition of The Beaver Fall 1967; Excerpts from "What are Eskimos?" Canada Today/d'aujourd'hui Vol. 4 No. 4, April 1973; "Canadian Eskimo art" 1954; "Eskimo graphic art" 1960 and undated

  • Folder: 13, Inuit - Art 2 of 2, 1956-1972

    Articles 1956-1972 and undated; "Robert Flaherty (Eskimo Drawings)" plates; Misc.

  • Folder: 14, Inuit - Canada, 1947-1961

    "Distribution of Canada's Eskimo population" (Map) The Globe and Mail June 3, 1959; Nelson Graburn "Population count of the Eskimo population at Sugluk" (Quebec) 1959; General information on Canadian Inuit 1951; "Churchill on Hudson Bay" (Includes descriptions of Inuit); Allan G. Harper "Canada's Indian administration: The treaty System" America Indigena Vol. 7 No. 2, April 1947; "The Eskimos: A Canadian human resource" Canadian Weekly Bulletin Jan. 1953; "Canada enlists Eskimo aids in needs of Cold War" Times-Picayune 1951; "The Eskimos meet the twentieth century" (Inuit and the DEW Line) New York Times Magazine June 17, 1956; "What Price Kenauyaksait?" (Anti-Family allowance ad) Union Oil Company; Article on Douglas Wilkinson's decision to live with Inuit; "Filmstrip commentary on Eskimos and their fellow Canadians" Dept of Resources and Development; Letter from Dept of Resources and Development, including list of publications and information 1951; David Morrison “The Lost Inuit of Franklin Bay” The Beaver 1990; Copper Eskimos (Blond Eskimos); Misc. articles 1928 (Copy) - 1961 and undated, Copper Eskimo Bibliography

  • Folder: 15, Inuit - Education, 1950-1951

    W.T. Larmour "Eskimo education" The Arctic Circular Vol. 3 No. 5, Nov. 1950; Dept of Resources and Development, Canada "Education goes north" Canadian Geographic Journal Jan. 1951, "Eskimo Education"

  • Folder: 16, Inuit in Ungava, 1964

    House of Commons Debates 2nd Session, 26th Parliament, Vol. 109 Nos. 8, 16, 34, 35, 38, 39, 1964

  • Folder: 17, Inuit - Inupiat Paitot, 1961

    "A statement of policy and recommendations adopted by the Point Barrow Conference on Native Rights, Barrow, Alaska, Nov. 17, 1961"

  • Folder: 18, Inuit Language 1 of 2, 1939-1970

    "Phonetic guide to the Eskimo language;" "Abridged Eskimo Grammar" 1939; "Eskimo word list copied from 'Greenlandic dictionary of useful phrases and military terms' by Pastor A. Klausen;" George Harp "An English-Eskimo conversation" 1941; "English-Eskimo Dictionary" 1970; J. F. Stanwell-Fletcher "Phrase book and dictionary" for the North Eastern Arctic, The American Polar Basin Expedition

  • Folder: 19, Inuit Language 2 of 2, 1974-1985

    "The Language of the Inuit: Historical, phonological and grammatical issues" 1981; Kenn Harper "Some aspects of the grammar of the Eskimo dialects of Cumberland Peninsula and North Baffin Island" 1974; Emil Kowalczyk "Kasigluk Eskimo-English reader" U. S. Bureau of Indian Affairs; "Precise Eskimo dialect threatened with extinction" New York Times July 9, 1985; Articles on the origin of the word "Eskimo;" Misc.

  • Folder: 20, Inuit - Medical , 1927-1980

    V.S. Notes from “Health of a Carnivorous Race, a Study of the Eskimo” by William A. Thomas, from The Journal of the American Medical Association, May 14, 1927; "Polio Spreads in Greenland" New York Times Dec. 6, 1952; "No grey hair: It's an Eskimo Beauty Secret" Parade May 31, 1953; V.S. "Eskimos held secret of no tooth decay" 1955; Thora R. Mills "Eskimos and diabetes" Health Sept-Oct. 1958; Hans Bang and Jørn Dyerberg "Lipid metabolism and ischemic heart disease in Greenland Eskimos" Adv. Nutr. Res. 1980

  • Folder: 21, Inuit - Miscellaneous, undated

    Sir. John Richardson "Indian-Eskimo Relations" (Native Americans) Excerpt Arctic Searching Expedition Vol. 1 1851 (Copy); "Tests show Eskimos not of Indian blood" with note from E. A. Hooton, 1928; J. R. Swanton "Indian Tribes of North America" Bulletin of the Bureau of American Ethnology No. 145, 1952; Dept of Resources and Development, Canada "Filmstrip commentary on dogs," "Filmstrip commentary on food;" Misc. clippings; Pamphlet, Hubert Wenger Eskimo Database; Catalog entry for Charles de Rochefort's History of Barbados, St. Christophers, Nevis, St. Vincints, Antego, Martinico, Nomserrat, and the rest of the Caribby Islands J. Davies, Trans. 1666; Misc.

  • Folder: 22, Inuit - Religion, undated

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • Folder: 23, Irminger, C., 1854

    "Den arctilke Strömning" 1854

  • Folder: 24, Iron Ore Company of Canada, 1952

    Northern Miner July 26, 1952 Special supplement (Caroil Project)

  • Folder: 25, Iron Ore Company of Canada (Knob Lake Mining Operation), 1961-1962

    General Information, KL Engineering, April 1961; Photos of documents, maps, charts, and other photos, made in 1962 (Some of Knob Lake, others unidentified)

  • Folder: 26, Irrigoo, Clarence, 1957

    "An Eskimo pictures his people" (Inuit) Friends Aug. 1 1957 (Photographs by an Inuit)

  • Folder: 27, Irwin, David, 1935

    New York Times Articles Feb. 28, March 1, May 3, 14, 1935; Hubert Kelley "A 'weakling' conquers the arctic" The American Aug. 1935

  • Folder: 28, Irwin, Wallace , 1909

    "A New Angle on the Old Pole" (North Pole) Cosmopolitan Magazine Dec. 1909

  • Folder: 29, Isachsen, Gunnar , 1901

    "Rundt Ellef og Amund Ringnes's Lande" April 8 - June 7 1901

  • Folder: 30, Isaev, S. I., 1949

    "Michurinskie metody prodvizheniıâ iuzhnykhrastenı na sever" 1949

  • Folder: 31, "Islendingur", 1962

    Aug. 29, 1962 (Includes "100 ára afmæli Akureyrarkaupstadar")

  • Folder: 32, Iversen, Johs., 1940

    "Hvorledes nordboerne paa Grønland gik til Grunde" 1940

  • Folder: 33, Jackson, Mary Percy , circa 1955

    "My Life at Keg River" (Inuit) 1950s?

  • Folder: 34, Jackson, Sheldon , circa 1886-1900

    "The native tribes of Alaska" (Inuit) Christian Educators in Council 1880s; "A statement of facts concerning the difficulties at Sitka, Alaska in 1885" 1886; "Facts about Alaska: its people, villages, missions, schools" c. 1900; "Alaska and its inhabitants;" Genevieve Mayberry "Sheldon Jackson Junior College: an intimate history"

  • Folder: 35, Jackson - Harmsworth Polar Expedition, 1894

    “Off to the North Pole: the Jackson-Harinsworth Polar Expedition” The Westminster Budget, June 22, 1894; “Off to the North Pole: “The ‘Windward’ Says ‘Good-Bye’” The Westminster Budget, July 13, 1894

  • Folder: 36, Jacobi, Wayne, 1962

    "She's home again - but only for awhile" (King and Winge, V.S.) The Seattle Times 1962

  • Folder: 37, Jacobsen, F., 1868

    "Bemærkninger om grønlandske Forhold" 1868

  • Folder: 38, Jacobsen, Hans S., 1955

    "Grønland tilbake til Noreg: Uttalelser om grønlandspørsmålet" 1939 Speech on education in Canada to the Annual Convention of the School Inspectors Association of Eastern Ontario, Nov. 1955

  • Folder: 39, Jacobson, J. V., 1955

    Speech on education in Canada to the Annual Convention of the School Inspectors Association of Eastern Ontario, Nov. 1955

  • Folder: 40, Jakobsson, Thor , 1984

    "Soviet-Icelandic Sea Ice Expedition to the Sea North of Iceland" (Includes "Hafís í Islandshafi") Research Institute Nedri As Bulletin No. 42, 1984

  • Folder: 41, James, T. H. , 1910

    "Newfoundland: its resources and discovery, and settlement of John Guy at Cuper's Cove, Conception Bay" 1910

  • Folder: 42, Jamieson, Peter A., 1938

    "The last of the Vikings" (The Shetlands) The Travel Log Vol. 13 No. 1, Nov. 1938

  • Folder: 43, Japan, 1956

    "Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition for IGY 1956-1958" National Antarctic Committee, Science Council of Japan, July 1956

  • Folder: 44, Japanese Whaling Expeditions, 1947-1951

    General Headquarters Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers Natural Resources Section reports: "Japanese whaling in the Bonin Island Area: preliminary report" 1947; Japanese Antarctic Whaling Expeditions Statistical Summaries, 1947-48, 1948-49, 1949-50, 1950-51

  • Folder: 45, Jeanes, G. F. , 1930

    "The Kelsey Papers" United Empire Sept. 1930

  • Folder: 46, Jeannette, 1882-1984

    Paper 1881 (Copy); S. N. Laptev "Materials on the history of Captain De Long's American Polar Expedition aboard Jeannette" Polar Geography and Geology Oct.-Dec. 1983; "A survivor's story: the ill-fated voyage of the Jeanette" The Boston Globe Magazine Dec. 9, 1984; Donald Jackson "A stout ship's heartbreaking ordeal by ice" Smithsonian March 1997; Alliance historical info, catalog entry of artifacts; Dust jacket Leonard F. Guttridge Icebound: the Jeannette Expedition's Quest for the North Pole See oversize: Harper's Weekly "Scenes and incidents in the cruise of the "Alliance" from sketches by an officer of the ship" Nov. 26, 1881 (Illustrations), C. Graham from R. L. Newcomb "The "Jeannette" in an ice-jam hummock, Jan. 29, 1880" May 6, 1882 (Illustrations), "The Arctic tragedy" May 13, 1882, "The Arctic tragedy - parting with Noros and Ninderman" May 20, 1882, W. A. Rogers "The 'Jeannette" survivors - meeting of Danehower and his mother" June 10, 1882 (Illustration), "The search for Captain De Long - from original sketches by Larsen" (Illustrations) "The search for De Long" Sept. 30, 1882, "The search for Captain De Long - engraved for Harper's Weekly from sketches by Larsen" Oct. 7, 1882 (Illustrations)

  • Folder: 47, Jenness, Diamond 1 of 2, 1921-1961

    "Paupan Cat's Cradles" (Native Peoples) Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute Vol. 50, 1921; "Eskimo Art" (Inuit) The Geographical Review Vol. 12 No. 2, April 1922; "Archæological investigations in Bering Strait, 1926" Dept. of Mines, National Museum of Canada, 1928; "Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-1918 Volume 15: Eskimo Language and Technology, Part A: Comparative vocabulary of the Western Eskimo Dialects" 1928; "Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-1918 Volume 15: Eskimo Language, Part B: grammatical notes on some western Eskimo Dialects" 1944; "Did the Yahgan Indians of Tierra Del Fuego speak an Eskimo Tongue?" International Journal of American Linguistics Vol. 19 No. 2, April 1953; "Human resources of Canada's Northlands" Resources for Tomorrow Conference Oct. 1961; America's Eskimos; can they survive?" Waterloo Lutheran University 1962

  • Folder: 48, Jenness, Diamond 2 of 2, 1962-1983

    "Eskimo administration: I. Alaska" Arctic Institute of North America Technical Paper No. 10 July 1962; "Eskimo Administration : III. Labrador" Arctic Institute of North America Technical Paper No. 16 May 1965; "The Canadian Eskimos" (Includes V.S. comments); "Prehistoric culture waves from Asia to America," "Memorial to a great ethnologist and explorer" Canadian Weekly Bulletin Nov. 25, 1970; H. Collins, William Taylor "Diamond Jenness (1886-1969)" Arctic Vol. 23 No. 2, June 1970; Leslie Tepper "The expedition diaries of Diamond Jenness, 1913-1916" (The Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-16, V.S.) The Beaver 1983

  • Folder: 49, Jenness, John L., 1959

    "Present trends and future possibilities in the economic development of the Canadian North" Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Ontario Geography Teachers Assoc., March 31, 1959; "Federal roads programs in Northwestern Canada" Presented at the 12th Annual Meeting of the British Columbia Natural Resources Conference, Nov. 19, 1959

  • Folder: 50, Jensen, Ad. S., 1914

    "The Selachians of Greenland" Mindeskrift for Japetus Steenstrup 1914

Box: 14, Dates: 1856-1993

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Jensen, L. A., 1955

    Wool Knowledge Vol. 3 "Sheep farming in Greenland - Part 1" No. 7, Fall 1955, "Sheep farming in Greenland - Part 2" No. 8, Winter 1955

  • Folder: 2, Jerrild, Holger , undated

    "Hos Digteren Gunnar Gunnarsson"

  • Folder: 3, Joerg, W. L. G., 1937-1940

    "The cartographical results of Ellsworth's trans-Antarctic flight of 1935" Geographical Review Vol. 27 No. 3, July 1937; "Demonstration of the peninsularity of Palmer Land, Antarctica, through Ellsworth's flight of 1935" Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Vol. 82 No. 5, 1940

  • Folder: 4, Jóhannesson, Alexander, 1960

    "Uppruni mannlegs máls" 1960

  • Folder: 5, Johnson, George, 1900

    "Canada's northern fringe" Transactions of the Ottawa Literary and Scientific Society Jan. 1900

  • Folder: 6, Johnson, George R., 1942

    "Physicians in Canadian History - III. Sir John Richardson (1787-1865)" Historical Bulletin Calgary Associate Clinic, Vol. 7 No. 1, May 1942

  • Folder: 7, Johnson, Harold C., 1959

    "King Crab, Shrimp, and Bottom Fish explorations from Shumagin Islands to Unalaska, Alaska - Summer and Fall, 1957" Commercial Fisheries Review March 1959

  • Folder: 8, Johnson, Hugh A., 1953-1959

    Alaska Experiment Station "Urban use of Alaskan farm products" Bulletin No. 16 Sept. 1953; "Land occupancy ownership and use on homesteads in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, 1955" Bulletin No. 21, Nov. 1956; "Alaska and its potential for economic growth" Aug. 1959

  • Folder: 9, Johnson, Robert E., 1947

    With Robert M. Kark "Feeding problems in man as related to environment: an analysis of United States and Canadian Army ration trials and surveys, 1941-1946" April 1947

  • Folder: 10, Jones, A. G. E. , 1975

    "Benjamin Leigh Smith: Arctic Yachtsman" The Musk-Ox No. 16, 1975;

  • Folder: 11, Jones, Laura E., 1954

    "Annotated bibliography on Alaska" Bureau of Indian Affairs, Alaska Native Service 1954

  • Folder: 12, Jordan, David Starr, 1896-1910

    "Observations on the Fur Seals of the Pribilof Islands, Primary Report" 1896 (Includes map); "Second preliminary report of the Bering Sea Fur Seal investigations" 1897; With William Francis Thompson "Notes on a collection of fishes made by James Francis Abbott at Irkutsk, Siberia" Annals of the Carnegie Museum Vol. 7 No. 1, 1910

  • Folder: 13, Joseph, James, 1952

    "Miracle of civilization" (Alaska Highway) Think Vol. 18 No. 12, Dec. 1952

  • Folder: 14, Josephson, Neil D., undated

    "Inventory of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut Collection"

  • Folder: 15, Jost, T. P., 1961

    "Portuguese activity along the Canadian Shore at the beginning of modern times" Congresso Internacional de História dos descombrimentos, 1961

  • Folder: 16, Journal Officiel de la République Française, 1925-1937

    Ministre des Colonies Daladier "Création d'un parc national de refuge pour certains espèces d'oiseaux et mammifères" (Colonial Ministry, "Creation of a national park of refuge for certain species of birds and mammals") Jan. 2-3, 1925 p. 211, English translation (See oversize for original); Note on Antarctic fur seals, 1937

  • Folder: 17, Judd, David A. W. , 1966-1971

    Newsletter, Institute of Current World Affairs June 1966 - May 1971; "The northland: a problem" The Telegram Toronto, Jan. 28, 1967; "Canada's Northern policy: retrospect and prospect" The Polar Record Vol. 14 No. 92, 1969; "Seventy-five years of resource administration in Northern Canada" The Polar Record Vol. 14 No. 92, 1969

  • Folder: 18, Judge, William H., Rev., 1906

    "The Klondikers' Friend" Parts 1-3 Donahoe's Magazine Vol. 55 No. 1 Jan. 1906 and undated

  • Folder: 19, Juhn, Kurt, 1942

    "Nazi spies duped Hollywood, got dope for invasion of U.S." (Greenland) Pic Vol. 11 No. 7, March 31, 1942

  • Folder: 20, Junior Historical Journal, 1942

    Vol. 3 No. 2, Nov. 1942 (Alaska number)

  • Folder: 21, Juusela, Taneli , 1947

    George Nakela abstract "Salaojaputkiston mitoituksesta" (Calculating the dimensions of drainage pipes) Suomalaisten Teknikkojen Seuran Julkaisema (Finland's Technical Societies Publication) Teknillinen Aikakauslehti (Technical Journal) Vol. 37, 1947 (In English)

  • Folder: 22, Kane, Elisha Kent, 1856-1885

    "Dr. Kane's Arctic explorations" Chambers's Journal 1856; Review of Kane's Arctic Explorations in the Years 1853-5 in The Rambler Jan. 1857; "The United States Grinnell Expeditions of 1850 and 1853, to the Arctic Seas - 1850" Our First Century Vol. 2, 1880; "Dr Kane's Expedition" (Summary) Literary Gazette; "Narrative of the American Arctic Expedition, in search of Sir John Franklin, under the command of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane;" E. A. Duyckinck, Alonzo Chappel for National Portrait Gallery of Eminent Americans (Includes 2 engravings); Cover of William Elder Biography of Elisha Kent Kane (Includes illustrations); "Life in the Brig, second winter" (Engraving, possibly from of William Elder Biography of Elisha Kent Kane); Portrait of Kane 1858 (Engraving); Executive documents printed by order of the House of Representatives during the first session of the thirty-fourth congress 1855-56 discussion of the U.S. Naval Relief Expedition 1855 (Copy); "A literary imposture" challenge to the authorship of a book on the 1853-5 expedition supposedly by Auguste Sontag Philadelphia Evening Journal May 19, 1857 (Copy); Advertisement for "Dodge's new panorama of Dr. Kane's Arctic Expedition" (Copy); Catalog "Literature relating to the Polar Regions and Northern America formed by Henry Brevoort Kane, grandnephew of the polar explorer with a small collection of books on whaling, clipper-ships, voyages, sea narratives, etc. to be sold on the afternoon of Thursday, April 30, 1925" See Oversize: "Dr. Kane's Arctic Explorations" Ballou's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion Dec. 27, 1856; Illustrations Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper Vol. 1 No. 1, Dec. 15, 1885

  • Folder: 23, Kantorovitch, R., 1934

    "An Arctic Robinson Crusoe" (G. A. Ushakov) Soviet Union Review Vol. 12 No 7, July 1934, Issue also includes "Cheliuskinites welcomed home" (Rescue of the Cheliuskin Expedition)

  • Folder: 24, Kark, R. M., undated

    With R. E. Johnson, J. S. Lewis "Defects of Pemmican as an emergency ration for infantry troops" Royal Canadian Army

  • Folder: 25, Karluk, undated

    "The greatest humbug alive" review of Jennifer Niven's The Ice Master: The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the Karluk in The New York Times Book Review; "Papers in the possession of Dr. P. D. Anderson" National Register of Archives (Scotland) (Canadian National Arctic Expedition 1913-18)

  • Folder: 26, Kassel, Charles , 1927

    "Anticipating the Norge- a forgotten Jules Verne" (Alvarado M. Fuller) The Open Court Sept. 1927

  • Folder: 27, Kellog, George Albert , 1934

    "A History of Whidboy's Island" (WA) 1934

  • Folder: 28, Kellogg, Spencer , 1952

    "Hazards to Flying in the Arctic, with some solutions" Sperryscope Vol. 12 No. 10 Summer 1952

  • Folder: 29, Kelly, Emma Leonidas, undated

    "Woman's endurance in Alaska" The Illustrated Outdoor World and Recreation Aug. 1912 (Copy)

  • Folder: 30, Kelly, John Lewis, 1944-1945

    Before the Civil Aeronautics Board "Brief of U.S. Midnight Sun Air Line, Inc., submitted to Thomas L. Wrenn, Examiner" Dec. 23, 1944, "Brief on behalf of U.S. Midnight Sun Air Line, Inc." Feb. 21, 1945

  • Folder: 31, Kelsall, John P., 1963

    "Barren-Ground Caribou and their management" Canadian Audubon Magazine Nov.-Dec. 1963

  • Folder: 32, Kennan, George , 1871

    "The Country of the Koraks" Chambers's Journal June 17, 1871

  • Folder: 33, Kennedy, Howard Angus, 1926-1929

    Ryerson Canadian History Readers "Father Lacombe" 1926, "Lord Strathcona" 1929, "Origin of the Canadian Pacific Railway" 1929, "The North-West Rebellion" 1929

  • Folder: 34, Kennedy, Kay J., undated

    "Military impact on the city of Fairbanks, Alaska" Fairbanks Daily News-Miner March 23, 1953 (Reprint)

  • Folder: 35, Kennedy, P. J. , 1948

    "Origins of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in Newfoundland" 1948

  • Folder: 36, Kennedy, S. J., 1960

    "QMC contributions to man living in the Arctic, clothing and personal protection" Dec 1960

  • Folder: 37, Kensington Stone, 1927-1949

    Constant Larsen "The Kensington Runestone;" Pamphlet "Just how old is America anyhow?" See and Know America Now expedition; G. Leander d'Entremont "Discovery of North America by the Norsemen in the year 1000" 1927; Articles from Nordisk Tidende Feb. - Dec. 1949 and undated (In Danish)

  • Folder: 38, Kent, Rockwell , 1932-1934

    Esquire 1934 "Cinderella in Greenland" July (Inuit), "Skaal Salamina" Aug., "The blonde Eskimo" Sept.; Print of "Neither snow nor rain nor ice" 1932; Greeting cards by (and from) Kent See also: Dirlam, Peter

  • Folder: 39, Kentucky University Libraries, 1952

    Dimitry Krassovasky, Robert Vosper "The structure of the Russian Academy of Science: from its beginning to 1945; a guide for bibliographers" Occasional Contributions No. 39, 1952

  • Folder: 40, Kerr, Francis P., 1948

    "Cold weather research leads graduate to 'golden north'" The Colorado Alumnus Vol. 38 No. 9, March 1948

  • Folder: 41, Kerr, James, 1950

    "The Canadian Arctic: its importance today" Overseas Vol. 35 No. 414, Aug. 1950

  • Folder: 42, Kidder, J. H., 1875

    "Summary report on the natural history of Kerguelen Island" Sanitary Reports U.S. Navy? June 1875

  • Folder: 43, Kieslser, E. A. , 1959

    "Just getting there is Alaska's No. 1 Problem" The Oil and Gas Journal March 16, 1959

  • Folder: 44, Kincaid, H. R., 1932

    With W. R. May "Trapping the mad trapper of Rat River: the sensational capture of Albert Johnson" True Detective Vol. 19 No. 1, Oct. 1932

  • Folder: 45, Kirkconnell, Watson, 1961

    "Forty years of Kirkconnell titles" Bibliography (Icelandic-Canadian Poetry) Acadia Bulletin Vol. 47 No. 1, Jan. 1961

  • Folder: 46, Kirkpatrick, W. S. , 1942

    Et al. "Report of a Committee to Investigate the Oil Sands of Athabaska River" Absand Oils Ltd. 1942

  • Folder: 47, Kista Dan, circa 1952

    "Arctic cargo - and passengership" (Descriptive pamphlet on m. s. Kista Dan) J. Lauritzen Lines, 1952?

  • Folder: 48, Kitto, F. H., 1921

    "New oil fields of Northern Canada" Dept. of the Interior 1921

  • Folder: 49, Kjartansson, Gudmundur, circa 1939-1946

    "Stadier I isens tilbagerykning fra det sydvestislandske lavland" Meddelelser fra Dansk Geologisk Forening Bd. 9 Hefte 4, 1939; "Thurrdin í Hvítá 11. Nóv. 1942" Náttúrufrædingnum; "Islenzkar vatnsfallategundir" 1945-6?

  • Folder: 50, Klausen, A. , undated

    "Greenlandic Dictionary of Useful Phrases and Military Terms"

  • Folder: 51, Klein, G. J., 1950

    "Canadian survey of physical characteristics of snow-covers" National Research Council of Canada, 1950

  • Folder: 52, Kleinschmidt, F. E., undated

    "A search for an Arctic bird" Parts 1, 2 The Illustrated Outdoor World and Recreation Jan, March 1913 (Copy)

  • Folder: 53, Kleinschmidt, Samuel, undated

    William Thalbitzer "Samuel Kleinschmidt Grønlændernes Egen Sprogmester 1814-1886"

  • Folder: 54, Klerekoper, F. G. , 1944

    Letter to V. Stefansson Dec 5 1944 on "Lost Russians"

  • Folder: 55, Klickmann, Flora, 1895

    "How to reach the North Pole" The Windsor Magazine 1895

  • Folder: 56, Klingenberg, K. S., 1926

    "Norges Kartläggning" Kartografiska Sällskapet March 22, 1926

  • Folder: 57, Kneen, Orville H., 1931

    "Gold takes wings" The Sportsman Pilot Feb. 1931

  • Folder: 58, Kniffin, C. W., 1947

    "The AAF's climatic hanger" Refrigerating Engineering Aug. 1947

  • Folder: 59, "Knik News", 1967

    Vol. 1 No. 13, Jan. 9, 1915; Vol. 1. No. 21, March 6, 1915; Vol. 1 No. 26, April 10, 1915 (Knik, Alaska) 1967 reprints

  • Folder: 60, Knox, John, 1963

    "Danish explorer of the Canadian north" (Jens Munk) Danish Foreign Office Journal No. 44, 1963

  • Folder: 61, Knuth, Eigil, circa 1957

    "Exploring unknown Greenland: the Danish Pearyland Expedition, 1947-50" The Danish Foreign Office Journal No. 4, 1952; "Eskimoernes nutidskunt: udstillingen på Charlottenborg" Sønderjydsk afdeling 1957?; "The northernmost country of the world" (Pearyland) The Geographical Magazine

  • Folder: 62, Koblents, Ia. P., 1961

    "The recent destruction of Semenovskii Island" 1958; "Protection of bench marks at polar gaging stations" U. S. Army Translation 1961

  • Folder: 63, Koch, Hans H., 1950

    "A new era for Greenland" Danish Foreign Office Journal No. 3, July-Sept. 1950

  • Folder: 64, Koch, J. P., 1913

    "Kaptajn Koch's rapport fra Prøven" (Danish/German Exploring Expedition 1912-1913) 1913

  • Folder: 65, Koch, Lauge, 1935-1938

    "Geologie von Grönland" Meddelelser fra Dansk Geologisk Forening Bd. 8 Heft. 5, 1935; "Med min Mana i Arktis" Berlingske Søndags Magasin Dec. 4, 1938

  • Folder: 66, Koeppe, Clarence Eugene, 1930

    "The climate of Canada and Newfoundland" Clark University Thesis Abstracts, 1929 Vol. 1, Feb. 1930

  • Folder: 67, Kolderup, Neils, 1936-1938

    With Anders Kvale "Jordskjelvet på Jan Mayen 26. Oktober 1936 og Seismikken I Norskehavet og Nordsjøen" (Earthquake on Jan Mayen Oct. 26, 1936 and Seismology of the Norwegian Sea and of the North Sea) Bergens Museums Arbok 1938 (Includes English abstract)

  • Folder: 68, Koldewey, Karl (Carl), 1871-1885

    With A. Petermann "Die erste detsche nordpolar-expedition im jahre 1868" Mittheilungen aus Justus Perthes' geographischer anstalt über Wichtiege Neue Erforschungen auf dem dem gesammtgebiete der geographie von Dr. A. Petermann 1871; "Almanach auf das Jahr 1885"

  • Folder: 69, Kolesnikov, A. G., 1958

    "On the growth rate of sea ice" Ministry of merchant marine of the USSR 1958

  • Folder: 70, Kolomiyets, N. G. , 1960

    "Biological Research in Siberia" 1960

  • Folder: 71, Kondrat'yev, K. Ya., 1960

    With M. P. Manolova Item of interest Air Information Division: Report on "Scattered lights" Nov. 15, 1960, Report on "Albedo" Nov. 18, 1960

  • Folder: 72, Kopp, Walter, 1960

    "Die internationale Grönland-Expedition 1959-60" Kosmos March 1960

  • Folder: 73, Koppes, Wayne F., 1948

    "A report on characteristics of snow houses and their practicability as a form of temporary shelter" National Research Council Division of Medical Sciences Nov. 1948

  • Folder: 74, Kosheleva, J. T., undated

    "Micromorphology of tundra soil materials as a possible indicator of their genesis" Rutgers University

  • Folder: 75, Kosiba, Aleksander, circa 1958

    "Dzialalnosc Naukowa Henryka Arctowskiego" Odbitka z Acta Geophysica Polonica - Komitet Geofizyki Pan Vol. 7 No. 3-4 1958-9?

  • Folder: 76, Kozhevnikov, A., 1933

    "Along the lower Yenisei" Soviet Union Review Oct. 1933

  • Folder: 77, Krabbe, Thomas Neergaard, 1910

    "Oversigt: over det Grønlandske lægevæsens historie samt nogle mindre forslag vedrørende lægevæsenet" 1910; "De grønlandske Jagtfalke"

  • Folder: 78, Krauss, David, undated

    "Alphabetical list of the personnel of various Soviet arctic expeditions (drifting stations only)"

  • Folder: 79, Krausz, A. S., 1963

    "The creep of ice in bending" Canadian Journal of Physics Vol. 41 No. 1, 1963

  • Folder: 80, Kreider, Marlin B. , 1960

    "Death From Cold" Appalachia June 1960

  • Folder: 81, Kreitzberg, Carl W., 1961

    "Preliminary results of a study of Pacific storm systems using 1.87 cm radar" May 1961

  • Folder: 82, Krenkel, Ernst, 1939

    "Camping at the Pole" 1939

  • Folder: 83, Kretschmer, G., 1957-1961

    "The causes of ice lens formation in soils" 1957-8, (Trans. 1961)

  • Folder: 84, Krichak, O. G., 1960

    "In Antarctica: meteorology and hydrology" 1960; "Scientific conference on problems of meteorology of the Antarctic (Abstracts of reports)" 1960

  • Folder: 85, Krieger, Herbert W., 1940

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  • Folder: 87, Kublicki, G., 1949

    "Kolumbowie Antarktyki" Biblioteka Morska 1949 (Includes W. Akkuratow "Tragedia De Longa")

  • Folder: 88, Kulik, L. A., 1933

    "On the trail of the Tungus meteorite" Soviet Union Review May 1933

  • Folder: 89, Kunkel, Bruce Arlen, 1959

    "A synoptic-climatological study of the Arctic circulation in summer" 1959

  • Folder: 90, Kupala, Yanka, 1939

    "Cultural progress among the non-Russian nationalities of the U.S.S.R." 1939

  • Folder: 91, Kuroiwa, D., 1959

    With K. Yamaji "Internal friction of polycrystalline and single-crystal ice" 1959 (Trans. 1961)

  • Folder: 92, Kurtz, F., circa 1893

    "Verxeichnis der auf Island und der Faer-Øern im sommer 1883 von Dr. Konrad Keilhack gesammelten Pflanzen" Abhandlungen des Botanischen Vereians der Provinz Brandenburg 1893?

  • Folder: 93, Kurtz, Vincent, 1950

    "Geology of the Thule area, Greenland" Proceedings of Oklahoma Academy of Science Vol. 31, 1950

  • Folder: 94, Kusunoki, Kou, 1952-1960

    "Bibliography of sea ice in Japan (For the year 1892-1950)" Journal of the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice Vol. 13 No. 4, 1952; "On the method of sampling sea ice" Proceedings of the UNESCO Symposium on Physical Oceanography 1955; "Observations on the horizontal and vertical distribution of chlorinity of sea ice" Journal of the Oceanographical Society of Japan Vol. 11 No. 4, 1955; "Translated from 'Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR', 78, 3, 573-575, 1951" Journal of the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice Vol. 16 No. 6 1955 (In Japanese); "Soviet glaciological research for the International Geophysical Year" Oct. 1956 (In Japanese); "Polar Research organizations throughout the world" 1956 (In Japanese); "Preliminary report of oceanographic observation of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition I, 1956-1957, with the Sonya" Antarctic Record 1958; "Ice islands in the Arctic Ocean" Kagaku Vol. 30 No. 2 1960 (In Japanese);"The present situation of sea ice observations in Japan" Arctic Sea Ice National Academy of Sciences Publication; "Historical review of studies on sea ice in Japan" Publication de l'Association Internationale d'Hydrologie No. 39; Enu Enu Zubofu "Kori no secho" Dai 6-sho from Hoppyoyo no Kori Hokkaido Daiguku Teion Kagaku Kenkyujo, 1954 (Translated from Russian to Japanese Dec. 1958); "Sobieto Kaihyo yogushu" Hokkaido Daiguku Teion Kagaku Kenkyujo 1954 (Translated from Russian to Japanese Oct. 1958)

  • Folder: 95, Kuznetsov, B. G., 1949

    "Velikıi Russkıi Vchenyi Lomonosov" Nauchno-Populiarnaia Biblioteka 1949 (In Russian)

  • Folder: 96, Kyte, R. M., undated

    "Potential byproducts from Alaska fisheries: utilization of salmon eggs and salmon waste" U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Commercial Fisheries Review

  • Folder: 97, Labeish, V. G., undated

    "On the dynamics of coastal currents" Vestnik Leningradskogo Universitea No. 6, Seriya Geologii i Geografii No. 1 (In English)

  • Folder: 98, Labrador, H. M. C. S., undated

    Map "Oceanographic stations (Arctic areas only) occupied by H.M.C.S. Labrador 1954 to 1957"

  • Folder: 99, LaChapelle, Edward R., circa 1958

    "Preliminary report on the scientific investigations" USNC-IGY Glaciology Project 4.3 "Blue Glacier" 1958? (Includes maps)

  • Folder: 100, Lada-Mocarski, Valerien, 1957

    "The discovery of Bering Strait" Columbia Library Columns Vol. 7 No. 1, Nov. 1957

  • Folder: 101, Lagerheim, C., 1894

    "Ein beitrag zur schneeflora Spitzbergens" Nuova Notarisia 1894

  • Folder: 102, Lagranzh, R. V., 1960

    "On the preciseness of the calculation of winter precipitation in the Arctic region" Meteorologiya i Gidrologiya 1960

  • Folder: 103, Lagutin, B. L. , 1946

    "K Voprosu o Raschete gruzopod'emnosti Ledianogo Pokrova" (A contribution to the problem of the calculation of the load carrying capacity of the ice cover) Materialy k Voprosu o Ledevykh Perepravakh 1946 (In English)

  • Folder: 104, Lahm, F. P., 1939

    "The Wright brothers as I knew them" Sperryscope Vol. 8 No. 10, April 1939

  • Folder: 105, Laing, Hamilton M., undated

    "Birds and mammals of the Mount Logan Expedition, 1925"

  • Folder: 106, Lake, Simon, 1899-1906

    "Voyaging under the sea, No. 1, the submarine boat Argonaut and her achievements" The New Illustrated Magazine May 1899; "The submarine versus the submersible" Journal of the American Society of Naval Engineers May 1906

  • Folder: 107, Lake-Railey Lusitania Expedition, 1932

    Pamphlet, "Railey to seek Lusitania gold" New York Sun April 18, 1932

  • Folder: 108, Lamb, H. M., 1900

    "Modern gold mining" The Junior Munsey Vol. 8 No. 2, May 1900

  • Folder: 109, Lambert, Gustave, 1866-1867

    "Projet de voyage au Pole Nord" Bulletin de la Société de Géographie 1866; Letter to Editor of the Bulletin de la Société de Géographie Dec. 15, 1866; "La question du Pole Nord: lettres adressées à M. Jules Duval" L'Economiste français 1867; Charles Dickens? "The North Pole question" All the Year Round Sept. 21, 1867, undated

  • Folder: 110, Lambeth, Michel, 1963

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  • Folder: 111, Lamont, J. , 1889

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  • Folder: 112, LaNauze, Charles D., 1929

    "The Great Bear Lake patrol" The Toronto Star Weekly Sept. 21, 1929 The North-West Review Aug 1, 1936 (Father Rouviere and LeRoux)

  • Folder: 113, Lang, Knud , undated

    "Comments on the Caribou herds"

Box: 15, Dates: 1828-2002

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Lange, J., 1880-1881

    "Studier til Grønlands flora" Botanisk tidsskrift Bind 12, 1880; "Studien über Grönlands flora" Engler's botanischen Jahrbüchern Band 1, Heft 5, 1881; "Etudes sur la flore du Groenland;" "Bemærkninger om de af Expeditionerne i Aarene 1880-85 samlede Karplanter fra Vestkysten af Grønland"

  • Folder: 2, Langford, Robert, 1962

    "Assault on the icy throne of the gods" The Globe and Mail Magazine Feb. 3, 1962

  • Folder: 3, Langley, Samuel P. , 1956

    Biographical sketch, Cosmos Club Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 12, Nov. 1956

  • Folder: 4, Larsen, James A., 1960

    "Project North: a team of UW scientists studies the many natural wonders of this strategic area" Wisconsin Alumnus March 1960

  • Folder: 5, Larson, Cedric , 1955

    "Scrimshaw: art of the whale hunters" Think Nov. 1955

  • Folder: 6, Larson, Laurence M., 1923

    "Did John Scolvus visit Labrador and Newfoundland in or about 1476" Scandinavian Studies and Notes Vol. 7, 1921-23"

  • Folder: 7, Lárusson, Olafur, 1960

    "Nöfn Islendinga Arid 1703" 1960

  • Folder: 8, Lasker, Gabriel W., 1945

    "Observations on the teeth of Chinese born and reared in China and America (Including data on Peking prisoners collected by Liang Ssu-Yung)" American Journal of Physical Anthropology Vol. 3 No. 2, June 1945

  • Folder: 9, Lassiter, O. F., 1959

    "The challenge of Thule" The Airman Feb. 1959

  • Folder: 10, Lathrop, John E., 1911

    "Trailing lies in Alaska" The Pacific Monthly Dec. 1911

  • Folder: 11, Lattimer, R. S., undated

    "British Captains in Polar Russia" Chambers's Journal

  • Folder: 12, Laughlin, William S., circa 1948

    "The Alaska gateway viewed from the Aleutian Islands" late 1940s

  • Folder: 13, Lauritzen Lines, 1970-1978

    Gardner Soule "The great ice fleet" Ships and the Sea Spring 1958; J.L. News (Also Lauritzen News) July 1970, Jan. 1974, Aug. 1977, Sept. 1978 (Clipping); Advertisements and descriptions of ships

  • Folder: 14, Laut, A. C., 1930

    "Marquette" Ryerson Canadian History Readers 1930

  • Folder: 15, Lavigne, Hubert, undated

    "Le marché de l'uranium et l'industrie canadienne"

  • Folder: 16, Law, Laura - Finnish Worker's Hall , 1939-1940

    Articles on the Aberdeen Finnish Worker's Hall Riot of Dec. 3, 1939 and the Laura Law murder, Jan. 5, 1940, Dec. 4, 1939- April 20, 1940

  • Folder: 17, Law, Phillip, 1962

    "Australia and the Antarctic" 1962

  • Folder: 18, Lawrence, Donald B., 1949

    "Estimating dates of recent glacier advances and recession rates by studying tree growth layers" 1949

  • Folder: 19, Lawrence, Margaret Isabel, 1930

    "Sieur de La Salle" Ryerson Canadian History Readers 1930

  • Folder: 20, Lawson, Ray , 1958-1961

    "Fat in the diet" Agricultural Institute Review 1958; "Thermographic assessment of burns and frostbite" 1961; Review of D. M. LeBourdais Stefansson: Ambassador of the North

  • Folder: 21, Lawton, J. Keith, Rev., 1961

    "St. Thomas Mission, Point Hope, Alaska" Jan. 1961

  • Folder: 22, Le Queux, William, 1903

    "Further North than Nansen" (Duke Abruzzi, Italian North Polar Expedition 1899-1900) Leisure Hour 1903

  • Folder: 23, Leach, Henry, 1901

    "The exploration of the South Pole. The wonders of the coming Anglo-Germanic expedition" The Harmsworth Magazine 1901

  • Folder: 24, Lebedev, V. L. , 1957

    "Behavior of whales in sea ice" excerpt from Antarktika 1957, p.p. 98-99

  • Folder: 25, LeBourdais, D. M., 1923-1945

    "The adventure of Wrangel Island" Empire Review Oct. 1923; "A basic industry in our biggest territory" Industry Illustrates Nov. 1923; "Stalking Wrangel Island: how hope of empire in the north may shift the pole to the center of the world" Asia April 1925; "Reindeer immigrants" Asia Jan. 1926 "New industry for far north: from Western Canada's cereal belt to Arctic rim excellent for grazing reindeer and ovibos - Alaska caribou ranches prove big success" Canadian National Railways Magazine Sept. 1928; "Can Wilkins find the Russian Flyers?" The Canadian Magazine Feb. 1938; "Land of tomorrow" The Canadian Magazine April 1938; "Canada's new front door" The Canadian Magazine March 1938; "Flying the trail of '98" Maclean's Magazine Nov. 1, 1939; "The last frontier" The Canadian Forum July, 1943; "Canol- Arctic white elephant" (Canoil) Liberty April 15, 1944; "Our future lies north" Liberty June 24, 1944; "What the north could mean to Canada" Liberty Aug. 26, 1944; "Does Canada need immigrants?" Liberty March 3, 1945

  • Folder: 26, LeBourdais, Eric, 1957

    "Construction of important airstrip in the middle of nowhere" (Ungava) Road and Engineering Construction Aug. 1957

  • Folder: 27, LeDuc, E. J., undated

    "Fascism in Matanuska Valley as practiced by the Alaska Rural Rehabilitation Corporation under cover of the stars and stripes" The Order of Ice Worms

  • Folder: 28, Lee, Helen S., undated

    "Watch Hill Hurricane September 21, 1938"

  • Folder: 29, Lee, Robert M. , undated

    "Southwest to Alaska" manuscript; Address information

  • Folder: 30, Lee, Roger I., 1938

    "Some desirable supplements to the present trends in medical investigation" 1938

  • Folder: 31, Leechman, Douglas, 1949

    "Outdoor man of the north" (Leechman) Forest and Outdoors Feb. 1949

  • Folder: 32, Legget, R. F., 1941

    "Construction north of 54˚" The Engineering Journal Vol. 24 No. 7, July 1941

  • Folder: 33, Leighton, A. and D., 1940

    "Remarks by natives of Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, on conditions at Indian Point, Siberia" (Inuit) Summer 1940

  • Folder: 34, Leistikow, Gunnar, 1963

    "Megalithic tomb in North America" (North Salem, MA) Ipek, Jahrbuch fur Prähistorische and Ethnographische Kunst Band 20, 1960-1963

  • Folder: 35, Leitzell, Ted, 1937-1938

    "Who discovered the North Pole" The Globe Dec. 1937-Jan. 1938; "The adventures of Dr. Cook" Adventure March 1938; Letter to editor of Adventure on previously published story on Cook, March 29, 1938; "The South Pole Race" Adventure March 1939

  • Folder: 36, "Leiv Eiriksson Review", 1937

    (See Oversized Box 27) Oct. 9, 1935 (Leiv Eiriksson Day)

  • Folder: 37, LePage, Ernest 1 of 2, 1950-1959

    Articles from Naturaliste Canadien (Botany) 1950-1959 (In French)

  • Folder: 38, LePage, Ernest 2 of 2, 1960-1976

    Articles from Naturaliste Canadien (Botany) 1960-1976 (In French)

  • Folder: 39, Lesage, Jean, 1954-1955

    "The Eskimo family" Oct. 1954 (Inuit); "Education in Canada's Northland" Nov. 1954; "Canada and our Eskimos" The Beaver Spring 1955

  • Folder: 40, Lesage, Sylvio, 1958-1959

    "Sacred Heart Mission 1858-1958: a historical sketch" (Fort Simpson, NWT) 1958; "History of Catholic Education" The Catholic Voice May 1959

  • Folder: 41, LeShan, Lawrence, 1959

    "Psychological states as factors in the development of malignant disease: a critical review" Journal of the National Cancer Institute Vol. 22 No. 1, Jan. 1959

  • Folder: 42, Levanevsky Search, 1938-1990

    "The missing Soviet flyers" Polar Record Jan. 1938; Letter from Klerekoper on the Russians, Dec. 1944; D. Norton "Soviets may honor hero in Fairbanks" The Pioneer All-Alaska Weekly Vol. 19 No. 20, Oct 27, 1989; D. Norton "Notes on Stefansson Collection research" (Notes on Levanevsky Search resources in the collection) 1990

  • Folder: 43, Levasseur, Léon , undated

    "Cultural encounter: some differences between Canada's Indians and her more recent settlers" (Inuit) Indian-Eskimo Association

  • Folder: 44, Lewis, Gordon T., undated

    "The cruise of the Knorr: an account of early Norse exploration in America" The Yarmouth Herald Feb. 22 - April 12, 1938 (Reprint)

  • Folder: 45, Lewis, H. , 1942

    Bibliography "Winter operation of military aircraft including transport" Ministry of Aircraft Production, 1942

  • Folder: 46, Libby, Orin G., 1924

    "The colonial period of North Dakota history" The Quarterly Journal University of North Dakota, Vol. 14 No. 4, June 1924

  • Folder: 47, Lid, Nils , 1926-1945

    Summary of "Studia Septentrionalia 1-2" Norsk Tidsskrift for Sprogvidenskap Bind 13, 1945 (In English); "Light mother and earth mother" Studiea Norvegica No. 4, 1946; "Veideskikkar hjå Nord-Eurasiatiske folk" Syn og Segn 1926; "Stainak og rondo: Tvo urnorkiske lånord i samisk" Norsk Tidsskrift for Sprogvidenskap Bond 5, 1932; "Menneskelivet i den norske Folketro" 1935; "Til varluvens historia" Saga Och Sed 1937; "Zur nordischen Ethnologie" Opetatud Eesti Seltsi Aastaraamat 1938; "Skifundet frå Furnes" 1938; "Ultima Thule" Symbolae Osloenses - Serta Eitremiana 1942; "Feldmakararbeid;" "Norske Skifunn" 4

  • Folder: 48, Lied, N. T., 1963

    "Notes on sastrugi and snow dune observations A.N.A.R.E. Satellite Station, Vestfold Hills, 1961" Australian Meteorological Magazine No. 40, March 1963

  • Folder: 49, "Life of the Soldier and the Airman", 1955

    October 1955, Air Force Issue (Articles on arctic living)

  • Folder: 50, Lincke, Jack, undated

    "Flying into Prehistoric Alaska" Travel

  • Folder: 51, Lindegren, Ethel John, 1960

    "The herd of reindeer" Glen More Cairngorms National Forest Park Guide 1960

  • Folder: 52, Lindesay, George, 1925-1928

    Chambers's Journal "Eric the Red and the old northmen in Greenland" 1828, "Some Arctic notes" 1925

  • Folder: 53, Linklater, M. A., 1899

    "Arctic Attractions" The Fireside 1899

  • Folder: 54, Livingston, D. A., 1954

    "Reconnaissance of the Labrador Railway... 1945" The Engineering Journal April 1954

  • Folder: 55, Livingstone, Robert, 1952

    "Preliminary investigation of the southeast Alaska abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana)" Commercial Fisheries Review Vol. 14 No. 9, Sept. 1952

  • Folder: 56, L-M Ranch, Ltd., undated

    "The story of a new livestock industry: ranch caribou"

  • Folder: 57, Lobsinger, L. A. , 1940

    "TD-18 in Winter Freighting Service" (TracTracTor) International Power Feb. 1940

  • Folder: 58, Logan, L. J., 1943

    "Canadian wartime oil project is Herculean undertaking" The Oil Weekly Aug. 9, 1943

  • Folder: 59, Logan, R. A., 1941-1960

    "Notes on the Cree language" (Inuit language) The Canadian Surveyor Jan. 1941; "Cree language notes" 1958; "The 19th base-line west of the 4th Meridian" Alberta Historical Review Vol. 8 No. 4, Fall 1960

  • Folder: 60, Lomen, Carl J. and Brothers, 1927-1990

    ""Notes on conversation with Carl and Ralph Lomen regarding the race against death from Nenana to Nome, 1925" Jan. 21, 1927; Letter to the editor "The supply of reindeer: an account of the opportunities in Alaska and Northern Canada" New York Times Sept. 7, 1927 (Copy); Statement on tariff readjustment Extracts from hearings before the Committee on Ways and Means, House of Representatives Seventeenth Congress, Second Session Jan. 24-26, 28, 1929; Report "To the stockholders of Lomen Reindeer Corporation and Alaska Livestock and Packing Company" 1931; "Hearing before the Committee on the Territories House of Representatives, seventy-fifth Congress, First Session, on bills relating to the territory of Alaska" June 15, 22, 1937; With Paul Burner "A great Alaskan reindeer treck;" Pamphlet advertising "Featherweight furs, the Lomen Flying Suit;" Copy of label for "Lomen Alaskan Reindeer Fancy Roast;" Lynette Walton "The Lomen Brothers: photographers of Nome" Photo Essay Alaska History Vol. 5 No. 1, Spring 1990

  • Folder: 61, Loman, Carl J., Mrs., 1935

    "The reindeer drive to Canada" (Andy Bahr) National Live Stock Producer March 1935

  • Folder: 62, "The Loon's Necklace", 1949

    Movie Review (Inuit Legend) Imperial Oil Review Aug.-Sept. 1949

  • Folder: 63, Lopp, William T., 1919-1937

    "A reprint of the diary kept by William Thomas Lopp covering the relief expedition for the whalers in the Arctic Ocean 1898" (Copy); Correspondence with V.S. on stocking Northern Canada with reindeer, July 28, 1919; "Reindeer on Baffin Land fail to live" Seattle Post-Intelligencer Oct. 29, 1926; "Reindeer Report" Indian Truth Feb. 1937

  • Folder: 64, Lotz, James R., 1962

    "Northern Settlements and the squatter problem" Habitat Vol. 5 No. 6, Nov.-Dec. 1962

  • Folder: 65, Loughrey, Alan G., 1956

    "The polar bear and its protection" Oryx the Journal of the Fauna Preservation Society Vol. 3 No. 5, Aug. 1956

  • Folder: 66, Löve, Askell and Doris 1 of 3, 1953-1957

    "Linnaeus and the Swedish flora" American Institute of Biological Sciences, Symposium on Linnaeus, Sept. 1953; Review of A. E. Porslid Illustrated Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago 1957; "Cytotaxonomical conspectus of the Icelandic flora" Acta Horti Gotoburgensis 1956; Bibliography

  • Folder: 67, Löve, Askell and Doris 2 of 3, 1940-1961

    "Studies on the origin of the Icelandic flora" 1947; Articles: Botanisk Tidskrift 1940-1961; Botaniska Notiser 1940-1961

  • Folder: 68, Löve, Askell and Doris 3 of 3 , 1942-1960

    Naturaliste Canadien 1958-1960; Proceedings of the Genetics Society of Canada 1957-1958; Articles: Acta Societatis Pro Fauna et Flora Fennica Vol. 72 No. 15, 1955; Kungl. Fysiografiska Sällskapets I Lund Förhandlingar Vol. 12 No. 6, 1942; The Nucleus Vol. 1 No. 1, 1958; Nytt Magasin for Botanikk Vol. 4, 1955; Phyton Vol. 8, 1959; Portugaliæ Acta Biologica 1949; Vegetatio Acta Geobotanica Vol. 5-6 1954

  • Folder: 69, Love, H. W., 1954

    "The northwest highway system" The Engineering Journal June 1954

  • Folder: 70, Loy, W., 1962

    "Ornithological profile from Iceland to Antarctica" Le Gerfaut - De Giervalk 1962

  • Folder: 71, Lugrin, N. de Bertrand, 1937

    "The forty-million dollar trek" (Fur seal) Maclean's Magazine may 15, 1937

  • Folder: 72, Lukonin, G., 1959

    "Secrets of the northern lights" Air Force Times 1959

  • Folder: 73, Lundborg, Elinar-Paal , circa 1928

    Lundborg's description of his rescue of General Nobile and the survivors of the Italia, parts 2-7, July 23-28, 1928?

  • Folder: 74, Lundstrom, Axel, 1877

    "Kritische bemerkungen ueber die weiden Nowaja Semljas und ihren genetischen zusammenhang" 1877

  • Folder: 75, Lutken, Charles F. , 1875

    Lists of the fish; tunicata; insects and spiders; crustacea; ostracoda; annelida and other, not entozoic, worms; turbellarina; entozoa; echinodermata; anthozoa; acalephæ and hydrozoa; spongozoa known from Greenland "Compiled for the use of the British North Polar Expedition" 1875 (Also includes: W. K. Parker, T. R. Jones, C. Ehrenberg: Foraminifera (From the Hunde Islands, Disco Bay, Davis strait and Baffin's Bay; C. Lyell "On the existence of marine animals at various depths in seas abounding in floating ice, in arctic regions near Greenland and Spitzbergen")

  • Folder: 76, Lutz, Harold J., 1960-1963

    "History of the early occurrence of moose on the Kenai Peninsula and in other sections of Alaska" June 1960; "History of Sitka Spruce planted in 1805 at Unalaska by the Russians" May 1963

  • Folder: 77, Luyet, Basile J., 1958

    With G. Rapatz "Patterns of ice formations in some aqueous solutions" Biodynamica Vol. 8 No. 156, Dec. 1958

  • Folder: 78, Lydekker, R., 1893

    "Whalebone and whalebone whales" Knowledge Oct. 2, 1893; With B. A. Cantab "Toothed whales and their ancestry" Knowledge Sept. 1, 1893

  • Folder: 79, Lynge, Klaus, 1948

    "Nápautipiluit Gonorrhoe, angúme, arname mêrkanilo ãmalo Syfilis" March 1948

  • Folder: 80, Lynn, Patrick, 1959

    "Tragedy on the tundra" The Carleton April 1, 1959; "1,000 Carleton U. Newspapers Stolen" Ottawa Journal March 10? 1959

  • Folder: 81, Lyon, George, 1821-1823

    Engravings, "Snow village of the Esquimaux, Winter Island," "Eskimaux man and woman, of Savage Island" (Inuit) 1821-1823

  • Folder: 82, Lyon, Waldo, 1959

    "The polar submarine and navigation of the Arctic Ocean" U.S. Navy Research Report 1948 (Reissue May 1959)

  • Folder: 83, Lyons, John B., 1959-1960

    With R. E. Stoiber "The absorptivity of ice: a critical review" Oct. 1959, "Crystallographic orientation in lake and artificial ice" Oct. 1959; "Field and laboratory investigations of lake shelf and glacial ice" Jan. 1960 U.S. Air Force research

  • Folder: 84, MacAlpine, Colonel, 1929

    "Colonel MacAlpine's Arctic expedition" The Bulletin Western Canadian Airways Oct. 15, 1929, Dec. 16, 1929

  • Folder: 85, MacBrien, James, Sir, 1936

    "Sir James MacBrien's Inspection Trip" Canadian Aviation Vol. 9 No. 9, Sept. 1936

  • Folder: 86, MacDonald, Adrian, 1927-1929

    Ryerson Canadian History Readers "Samuel de Champlain" 1927, "Sir Alexander Mackenzie" 1929

  • Folder: 87, MacDonald, Donald, 1940

    "Defenseless Alaska- the ramparts we don't watch" Liberty Magazine July 20, 1940

  • Folder: 88, MacDougall, Curtis D., 1934

    "Newspaper hoaxes" Dec. 29, 1934; "Hoaxes, forgeries, swindles, impostures, etc." (Outline)

  • Folder: 89, MacFarlane, I. C., 1955-1958

    "Guide to a field description of Muskeg (Based on the Radforth Classification System)" Jan. 1957 (Revised 1958); "A preliminary annotated bibliography on Muskeg" Sept. 1955

  • Folder: 90, MacFarlane, R. O. , undated

    "Province of Manitoba: Geographical Aspects" Provincial Series, Canadian Geographical Society

  • Folder: 91, MacFarlane, Roderick, circa 1890-1913

    "On an expedition down the Begh-ula or Nderson River" Canadian Record of Science Jan. 1890; "A brief sketch of the life and services of retired Chief Factor R. MacFarlane; together with some personal and Hudson's Bay notes and references: the "White Pioneers" appeal, and a number of historical extracts from the writings of territorial travelers" c. 1913; Clifford P. Wilson "Life and service of Late Chief Factor Roderick MacFarlane" 1913 (Copy, includes V.S. notes, correspondence)

  • Folder: 92, MacGinitie, George E. , undated

    "A survey of marine invertebrate animals at Point Barrow, Alaska"

  • Folder: 93, MacGregor, C. J., 1985

    Obituary New York Times Oct. 2, 1985 (Weather)

  • Folder: 94, Machetanz, Frederick, 2002

    Obituary New York Times Sept. 19, 2002

  • Folder: 95, Mackarness, Richard, 1959-1960

    "You can eat and keep fit" John Bull, Everybody's Weekly Sept. 26, 1959; "Stone age diet for functional disorders Medical World 1959; "The remarkable "feed-yourself-thin" diet" (E.S. article) Coronet June, 1960

  • Folder: 96, MacKay, Corday, 1946

    "The Collins overland telegraph" British Columbia Historical Quarterly Vol. 10 NO. 3, July 1946

  • Folder: 97, Mackay, Douglas, undated

    With W. K. Lamb "More light on Thomas Simpson" CBC broadcast transcript

  • Folder: 98, MacKay, J. Ross, 1960

    "Freeze-up and break-up prediction of the Mackenzie River, NWT, Canada" 1960

  • Folder: 99, MacKaye, Percy, 1939

    Poetry in remembrance of Marion Morse MacKaye, 1939

  • Folder: 100, Mackie, Ida , 1957

    "Timber Wolves of Beaver Lake" The Wide World Jan. 1957

  • Folder: 101, MacKinnon, A. S., undasted

    "A report of two cases of pulmonary type of Tularemia at Norman Wells, NWT"

  • Folder: 102, MacKinnon, Ronald W., 1932-1939

    "Back to Fort Norman" The Imperial Oil Review Jan-Feb. 1932; "Gardening in the far north" The Imperial Oil Review Vol. 22 No. 1, Spring 1939

  • Folder: 103, Maclennan, Hugh , 1959

    "The Rivers of Canada: the high and mighty Mackenzie" Maclean's Magazine April 11, 1959

Box: 16, Dates: 1838-1995

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, MacMillan, Donald B., 1917-1970

    "Christmas in the Arctic" The Epicure Vol. 36 No. 4, Dec. 1922; San Francisco Chronicle Aug. 28, 1917 "MacMillan tells of his dash in Arctic ice floe," "Crocker land proves myth, explorer says" (Copy); "M'Millan enters great air race to find Polar continent" Boston Herald April 12, 1925; "All-meat diet makes 55 age limit for Eskimo" (Inuit) Gazette? Feb. 3, 1928?; "M'Millan is ill in hospital from arctic diet of mussels" 1932; Photos of: MacMillan, The Bowdoin; 1938 Greenland trip (Inuit, Crew, misc.); Obituary: Manchester, Concord, New York Times Sept. 8, 1970, The Sea Breeze Vol. 82 No. 4, 1970; Adelbert Fernald "Missionary dentistry among the Eskimos" Harvard Dental Record Walter Koelz "A naturalist with MacMillan in the Arctic" National Geographic March, 1926 pp. 299-319

  • Folder: 2, MacMillan, Miriam, 1951-1987

    "Far north with 'Captain Mac'" National Geographic Magazine Oct. 1951; "Honor for a daring woman - and a plea for a special ship" (Bowdoin) Boston Globe Sept. 28, 1982; Obituary Boston Globe Aug. 19, 1987

  • Folder: 3, MacMillan, William, 1925

    "The fighting white tigers of the Northland: a tale of a polar bear mother and her savage fight with the dogrib for the life of her babe" Outing April 1925

  • Folder: 4, MacNaughton, James, 1886

    "The expedition of the 'Albert' to Hudson's Strait and Bay in 1885" Read April 6, 1886

  • Folder: 5, Macoun, John, 1903

    "Climate and soil of the Yukon, evidence of Mr. John. Macoun, assistant director and naturalist, geological survey, before the select standing committee on agriculture and colonization" 1903

  • Folder: 6, MacRitchie, David, circa 1914

    "A tribe of white Eskimos" (Inuit) Nature Oct. 3, 1912 (Copy); "A new Arctic island" Chambers's Journal 1914; "The kayak in North-Western Europe" Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland

  • Folder: 7, Macy, W. H. , undated

    Ballou's Monthly Magazine "The western Eskimaux at home" (Inuit), "The tiger of the Antarctic"

  • Folder: 8, Madoc [Gwynedd], 1838

    “Supposed Discovery of America By Madoc” Chambers’s Ediburgh Journal, Jan. 20, 1838

  • Folder: 9, Madsen, Charles , undated

    "Facts about the world-famous Kodiak Bear;" Pamphlets advertising hunting and fishing trips in Alaska on the Kodiak Bear

  • Folder: 10, Magnússon, Magnús, 1950

    "Organization and scope of Iceland's fish-inspection service" U.S. Dept of the Interior, May 1950

  • Folder: 11, Maher, W. R., 1933

    "Report on trips in James Bay on Hudson's Bay Company supply boat 'Fort Churchill' east coast trip" Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway Engineering Dept. Sept. 8, 1933

  • Folder: 12, Mair, W. W. , 1954-1963

    "The Canadian Waterfowl Situation" Sept. 1954; "The state of your wildlife, 1963" Canadian Audubon May-June 1963

  • Folder: 13, Majors, Harry M. , 1983

    "Early Russian Knowledge of Alaska, 1701-1730" Northwest Discovery Vol. 4 No. 2, Oct. 1983

  • Folder: 14, Malaurie, Jean, 1951-1974

    "Problèmes de géographie humaine dans le Groenland, colonie danoise" Bulletin de l'Association de Géographes Français Nov.-Dec. 1951; "Présentation d'une carte de la région littorale de la Terre d'Inglefield (N.W. Groenland) au 1/1000 000e et d'une carte de l'état des glaces de mer au large du did littoral" Comptes rendus des seances de l'Académie des Sciences June 22, 1953; with Yves Guillien "Le modelé cryo-nival des versants meubles de Skansen (Disko, Groenland) interprétation générale des grèzes litées" Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France 1953; "Evolution de talus sableux au pied de dykes sous un climat arctique. Montage de Skansen (Disko, Greenland)" Norois April-June 1955; "Destin des Rois de Thulé" (Inuit) Bulletin de la Société Royale de Géographie D'Anvers 1956; "L'activité géographique Française dans les régions polaires (1940-1955)" Feb. 1956; ""Gélifraction, éboulis et ruissellement sur la côte nord-ouest du Groenland" Physical Geography of Greenland 19th International Geographical Congress, 1960 Folia Geographica Danica 1961; "Regioins polaires: Arctique" Bibliographie Géographique Internationale 1961; "Histoire et géographie des pays arctiques" L'Annulaire de l'Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes 1968-9; "Histoire et géographie arctiques" L'Annuaire de l'Ecole Practique des Hautes Etudes 1969-70; "Géo-économie de la Morue" 1970; "Pour une prehitoire des cultures maritimes pre-Esquimaudes du Pacifique-Nord et des mers Arctiques adjacentes" Trudy Naucno 1972; With Y. Vasari, H. Hyvarinen, G. Delibrias, J. Labeyrie "Preliminary remarks on holocene paleoclimates in the regions of Thule and Inglefield Land, above all since the beginning of our own era" Climatic Changes in Arctic Areas During the Last Ten-Thousand Years, a symposium Acta Universitatis Ouluensis 1972; Preface from "10 000 ans d'histoire arctique" 1973; "Raids et esclavage dans les sociétés autochtones du détroit de Behring" Inter-Nord Dec. 1974; "Les Esquimaux polaires (nord-ouest du Groenland)" Atlas d'écologie animale et humaine: les Esquimaux polaires; "Régions Polaires" Arctic Bibliography Vol. 9?

  • Folder: 15, Malmstrom, Vincent H., 1958

    "The rise of Reykjavik: a study in historico-economic geography" Proceedings of the Minnesota Academy of Science Vol. 25 1958; "The American impact on Iceland: a geographic appraisal"

  • Folder: 16, Mälzer, H., 1960

    "Die Höhenmessung bei der Sommerkampagne 1959 der Internationalen glaziologischen Grönland-Expedition (EGIG)" Zeischrift für Vermesseungswesen 1960

  • Folder: 17, Man Living in the Arctic, Conference on, 1960

    Pamphlet announcing conference, Dec. 1-2, 1960

  • Folder: 18, Manker, Ernst, 1953-1956

    "Skogens nomader. Resa till Viikusjärvi 1932" Svenska turistföreningens årsskrift 1933; "The Lapps" Guide to the Exhibits in Norkiska Museet and at Skansen Open-Air Museum 1956

  • Folder: 19, Manning, T. H., 1946

    "Preliminary report on a background study of the caribou Rangifer caribou, caribou (Gmelin) and Rangifer arcticus caboti Allen of the Labrador Peninsula and the Province of Quebec North of the St. Lawrence" 1946; "Notes on the coastal district of the eastern barren grounds and Melville Peninsula from Igloolik to Cape Fullerton" prepared for Canadian Geographical Journal "Western Baffin Island"

  • Folder: 20, Manteifel, P. A., Prof., 1948

    Excerpts from "The life of Fur-bearing Animals" (Zhizn Pushnykh Zverei). Scientific-Popular Library of the Soldier and Sailor. Publication of the Ministry of Armed Forces of the USSR, Moscow, 1948

  • Folder: 21, Marc, Elizabeth, 1923-1929

    "Love in the Arctic" The Novel Magazine Vol. 37 No. 8 May 1923; "Into the unknown" The Novel Magazine 1923; "The Sunday taboo" 1923; "The thousandth man" Story-Teller Oct. 1928; "Was it worth while?" Cassell's May 1929; "When the ice broke" Story-Teller Sept. 1929; "Trial by ordeal" Cassell's Magazine Sept. 1929; "The unforgiving north" The New Magazine Nov. 1929; "The salvage of Richard Nye" Story-Teller Nov. 1929; "Cold feet;" "The judgment of Makete" Pearson's Magazine Vol. 56; "The Price" The Sovereign Magazine; "White man's bounty;" "The wooing on Meqo the feather" Hutchinson's Magazine

  • Folder: 22, Marett, John Ranaulph de la Haule, 1936

    "Environment, endocrines and race" Zeitschrift für Rassenkunde B. 3 heft 2, 1936

  • Folder: 23, Margetts, Edward L., 1974-1975

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  • Folder: 24, Markham, A. H., 1877-1895

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Box: 17, Dates: 1833-1992

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

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  • Folder: 50, Mowat, Farley 2 of 2, 1952-1959

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  • Folder: 67, Native Americans, 1884-1960

    "Bureau of Indian Affairs" (Descriptive pamphlet) Alaska Native Service; "The Indians of British Columbia" The Aborigine's Friend Aborigines' Protection Society, Oct. 1887; Canadian Government papers 1885 (British Columbia): "Metlakatla Riot" 1885, "North-West Coast Indian troubles" 1884, "Re. Arrest of Chilcotin Indians" 1883; "The Canadian Indian" Dept. of External Affairs, 1960; "No vanishing race: the Canadian Indian today" United Church of Canada 1955; "The Indian in transition, the meeting of the ways, learning for earning;" Indian Affairs No. 38, Oct. 1960; Indian Affairs No. 44, Dec. 1961 (Includes "Inupiat Paitot" Inuit); I. H. Coriat "Psychoneuroses among primitive tribes" The Journal of Abnormal Psychology Aug.-Sept. 1915; "The New Day for the Indians: a survey of the working of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934" Dec. 1938; "New Day" Indian Truth Vol. 16 No. 1, Jan. 1939; "Notes on the Tinneh or Chepewyan Indians of British and Russian America" Bernard Ross "The Eastern Tinneh," W. Hardisty "The Louchez Indians," S. Jones "The Kutchin Tribes;" "Indians in the war for freedom" (Inuit) Indians at Work April 1942

  • Folder: 68, Natkusiak , 1991-1992

    Richard G. Condon "Natkusiak (ca. 1885-1947)" Arctic Vol. 45 No. 1, March 1992; Condon's identifications of V.S. photographs, 1991

  • Folder: 69, Navigation, 1833-1838

    "Early English navigators to the North-West Regions" The Mirror 1833; "A brief history of navigation" Saturday Magazine Vol. 12 No. 358, Jan. 1838

  • Folder: 70, Neatby, Leslie H., undated

    “Wrecked on the Coast of Labrador”

  • Folder: 71, Needleman, Stanley M., 1961

    With D. W. Klick, C. E. Molineux "Evaluation of an Arctic ice-free land site and results of C-130 aircraft test landings, Polaris Promontory, North Greenland 1958-1959" March 1961

  • Folder: 72, Neger, F. W., undated

    "Die botanischen ziele der Südpolar-Forschung"

  • Folder: 73, Neill, Patrick, 1807

    "Account of small whales in the seas near the Shetland Isles" Nicholson's ? Vol. 16 No. 5, 1807

  • Folder: 74, Nekrasov, N. N. , 1960

    With V. A. Shelest "Soviet-Chinese Scientific Investigations of the Amur Basin" July 1960

  • Folder: 75, Nelepo, B. A., 1961

    "Radioactivity in the oceans" (Includes "Gamma-Spectrometric measurements of the radioactivity of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean," "Some results of the total radioactivity of oceanic waters in the Antarctic Sector of the Pacific Ocean") 1961 translation from Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta 1960

  • Folder: 76, Nelson, E. W., 1926

    "Report of Chief of Bureau of Biological Survey" Fiscal years ending June 30, 1921 - June 30, 1925; "The game and game laws of Alaska" American Game Vol. 15 No. 3, July 1926; "A sledge journey in the Delta of the Yukon, Northern Alaska" (1878-1879) (Includes map)

  • Folder: 77, Nelson, J. Cecil, 1932

    "The parish of the North Pole" (Bishop A. Turquetil, Inuit) Canadian National Railways Magazine March 1932

  • Folder: 78, Nelson, Ronald A., 1958

    "A vegetation transect of the Thule Peninsula" April 1958

  • Folder: 79, Neuberger, Richard L., 1945-1947

    "Arctic cradle of the atom" Liberty Nov. 24, 1945; "Alaska: sanctuary for Europe's homeless" Alaska Life Sept. 1947

  • Folder: 80, New Zealand Antarctic Research, 1959-1979

    Scott Base welcome booklet; "New Zealand Antarctic Programme 1959-1960" Ross Dependency Research Committee 1959; "New Zealand Antarctic Research programme, Scott Base" for 1970-71, 1973-73, "New Zealand Antarctic Research programme and report of 1977-78 programme" 1978-79; "DSIR Research" 1972, 1974, 1976; New Zealand Antarctic Record Vol. 1 Nos. 1, 2 1978; Pamphlets "New Zealand's activities in Antarctica" 1972, "New Zealand in the Antarctic" 1970s

  • Folder: 81, Newcombe, C. F., 1923

    "Botanical and ethnological appendix to Menzies' journal of Vancouver's voyage, April to October, 1792" 1923

  • Folder: 82, Newman, Peter C. , 1959

    "The fur trader who grubstaked our nation" (Lord Strathcona) Maclean's Magazine April 11, 1959

  • Folder: 83, "News From Home", 1956

    Vol. 17 No. 3, Fall 1956 (Includes "Always ready! History of the Coast Guard" and "Famous Coast Guard ships")

  • Folder: 84, Newton, R. C., 1937

    Et al. "Review of literature on meat for 1936" Food Research Vol. 2 No. 6, 1937

  • Folder: 85, Nicholls, Joanna R., 1897

    "How Greely was rescued" National Magazine Sept. 1897

  • Folder: 86, Nichols, Herbert, undated

    "Palmerland: another Alaska?" Christian Science Monitor

  • Folder: 87, Nichols, J. T., 1936

    With F. R. LaMonte "Pagothenia, a new Antarctic fish" American Museum Novitates No. 839, April 10, 1936

  • Folder: 88, Niebaum, Gustave, 1910

    "The discoveries of the Norsemen on the Northeast Coast of America and their attempt at colonization" Transactions and Proceedings of the Geographical Society of the Pacific Vol. 6 Part 2, 1910

  • Folder: 89, Nikol'ski, A. P., 1954-1957

    "On the nature of geomagnetic disturbances" Priroda 1947 (D. Kraus translation 1954); "Geographic distribution of magnetic disturbance in the circumpolar region of the Arctic" 1956 (E. R. Hope trans. 1957)

  • Folder: 90, Nobile, Umberto , 1978-1989

    Obituary The New York Times July 31, 1978; "Nome honors Italian dirigible's North Pole trip" Anchorage Times June 8, 1983; "The 'Umberto Nobile documentation centre'" description 1983; ""Catalogue of periodicals" Museo Storico-Aeronatica Militaire 1989; Photos and postcards of: Nobile and Amundsen, Airship Italia , Monument at Tromsö, Museo Storico dell'Aeronatica Militaire, Umberto Nobile documentation centre

  • Folder: 91, Noble, Vernon, 1946

    "Arctic air survey learning about the navigational problems of the polar cap" National Aeronautics Jan. 1946

  • Folder: 92, Nordal, Sigurdur, 1938

    "Sturla Thórdarson og Grettis Saga" Studia Islandica Islenzk Frædi 1938 (Includes English summary)

  • Folder: 93, Nordenskiöld, A. E., 1875-1967

    "Voyage à la Nouvelle-Zemble, extrait d'une lettre adressée par M. le Professeur Nordenskjöld à M. Oscar Dickson" Aug. 16, 1875 Bulletin de la Société de Géographie 1875; "Trois cartes précolombiennes représentant une partie de l'Amérique (Groenland) fac-simile présentés au Congrès International Des Américanistes à Copenhague" 1883 (Maps); "Eskimos - ancient and modern" English Illustrated Magazine Dec. 1891; "A funeral in the Arctic Winter," Engraving from The Arctic Voyages of Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, 1858 to 1879 in The Illustrated London News Feb. 28, 1880; "Professor Nordenskjöld and the North-East Passage" Chambers's Journal May 29, 1880; E. C. "Professor Nordenskjöld and the North-East Passage" Cassell's Family Magazine July 1880; H. G. Esser "Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld ein Polarforscher finnischer Abstammung" Polarforschung Band 6 Heft 1/2, 1967; C. Enel, S. Basbøll "Contribution à la découverte d'Ammassalik: Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld précède Gustav Holm" Etudes Inuit Studies Vol. 5 No. 1, 1981

  • Folder: 94, Nordmann, V., 1922

    "Grønland, dets Natur og Folk" 1922

  • Folder: 95, Nörlund, N. E., 1933-1939

    "Rapport sur les travaux Géodésiques exécutés de 1930 à 1933" 1933; "Rapport sur les travaux Géodésiques exécutés de 1933 à 1939" 1939; "Vermessungsarbeiten in Grönland, Island und Dänemark" 1939

  • Folder: 96, Norman, Edward A., 1941

    "The future of Iceland and Greenland" 1941

  • Folder: 97, Norsemen in the Americas , 1925-1987

    Vilhjalmur Stefansson "The Norse Discovery of the Western World" Masonic Outlook Oct. 1925; "New clues to the mystery of missing Norsemen" The Seattle Sunday Times Dec. 25, 1938; Colin Nickerson "New clues emerge on Viking voyage" Globe c. March 2000; "The voyages to Vinland: from the saga of Eric the Red" Old South Leaflets 1892; Leif Erikson Foundation: "Leif Erikson 1000 AD 1938" (Souvenir Year Book including program Leif Erikson Day, Oct. 9, 1938); Norroenn Federation of America: "1939 Leif Erikson Day!" Correspondence June 1, 1939; "Norwegian-American program and year book" May 17, 1939; Advertisement for Olaf Strandwold book on runic inscriptions; Robert McGhee "The Vinland Map: Hoax or History?" The Beaver, Apr-May, 1987

  • Folder: 98, North Dakota, 1929-1930

    Bertha R. Palmer "Know your North Dakota, a handbook of information for the schools of North Dakota" Dept of Public Instruction, 1929 (1930)

  • Folder: 99, North Pole, 1848-1990

    "The North Pole" Chambers's Edinburgh Journal 1848; "Who owns the North Pole?" Chambers's Magazine April 29, 1876; "Towards the North Pole" Cornhill Magazine 1876; "A New Plan for Reaching the North Pole" Goldthwaite's Geographical Magazine Vol. 2 No. 12, Dec. 1891; "Race to the North Pole" The Westminster Budget Aug. 18, 1893; "La découverte du Pôle" (List of North Pole Expeditions, includes postcards of their routes) c. 1909; "Howe's marvellous collection of moving pictures of astounding scenes" at Webster Hall The Dartmouth Jan. 14, 1910 (Copy); "The Dash for the North Pole" (Advertisement for Howe's travel festival); "Bedminster man experiences 'sitting on top of the world'" (John Lord) The Bernardsville News-Observer-Tribune Aug. 21, 1986; "Schmidt reaches top of the world" (Sue Schmidt) Valley News June 15, 1993; Russell D. Owen "To the North Pole by air;" Hugh Robert Mill "The race to the North Pole. The expeditions of Nansen and Jackson" (The Edge of the Future) (Includes Cleveland Moffett "Lieutenant Peary's Expedition"); North Pole entry from Vol. 17 No. 1168 of unidentified publication See oversize: "Off to the North Pole: the 'Windward' says 'good-bye'" (British Exploring Expedition 1894-97, Jackson-Harmsworth Polar Expedition) The Westminster Budget July 13, 1894; Cryptoquip on North Pole, Valley News July 10-11, 1990

  • Folder: 100, "The Norther" , 1966-1967

    Vol. 4 No. 95 April 1966, Vol. 5 No. 9 Sept. 1966, Vol. 6 No. 30 July 1967, Vol. 6 No. 33 Aug. 1967 (Ft. Smith, NWT)

Box: 18, Dates: 1744-2000

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Northern Research Forum, 1998-2000

    Olafur Ragnar Grímsson speech "The northern European states: new perspectives call for creative research" University of Lapland Sept. 1998; "University of the Arctic, the feasibility report" 1999 "North Meets North" Forum Akureyri, Iceland, Nov. 4-6, 2000, Invitation; Menu; Description; Program; List of participants; List of young researchers; Position papers: Aron Crowell "New dynamics of cultural research and representation in Alaska," Nyurguyana Alexandrova "The global economy: Northern needs," Valgerdur H. Bjarandóttir "Re-searching for balance - through conversation," Aleta Fowler "Opportunities and barriers to housing research in the north: two sides of the same coin," Clifford G. Hickey "Opportunities and barriers to research in the context of regionalism and governance in Canada," Richard Langlais "Consciously confronting the uncomfortable" (University of the Arctic). Jaana Kuula "Towards a stronger north with new technologies and new forms of virtuality," Mark Nuttall "Northern economies in the global economy," M. Sylvi Jane Husebye "A northern dimension of the policies of the European Union," Egor Petrov "Science and technology application in the north," Mead Treadwell "Ownership of and access to the Northern Commons," Steingrimur J. Sigfusson "Northern economies in the global economy," Niels Einarsson et al. "Social science and sustainable development in the Arctic," Boril Segerstahl "Technological change and economic development in the north," Peter Clarkson "Land claim agreements in Northern Canada - research barriers and opportunities," V. V. Alekseyev "Russian North at the crossroads of epochs;" Clifford Lincoln speech; Olafur Ragnar Grímsson opening address; Misc.

  • Folder: 2, Northwest Passage , 1744

    Charles Wager "The probability of a North West passage" 1744; "Account of voyages undertaken for the discovery of a northern passage to India" Edinburgh Magazine Aug. 1818 (Continued from previous issue); J. A. St. John, H. Murray "The great Arctic problem solved" Lives and exploits of the most distinguished voyagers, adventurers and discoverers, in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, the South Seas, and Polar Regions [...] 1840; "Roberts' moving diorama of the polar expedition" flyer (HMS Fury, HMS Hecla) 1800s? (Copy); Bern Keating "Through the northwest passage" The Lamp Spring 1970 (Includes pre-publication order card); Peter Burnet "Paper sovereignty" Northern Perspectives Vol. 13 No. 3 1985; "Navigating troubled waters" Time Aug. 12, 1985; Reto Pieth "Unneighborly spat over Arctic waters" Valley News April 24, 1987; "Legendary Northwest passage: is it Canada's or the World's?" Valley News Oct. 22, 1987; Jeff MacInnis Mike Beedell (Photos) "Braving the northwest passage" National Geographic May 1989; Pamphlet "A study tour arranged by the Smithsonian Associates: Northwest Passage aboard the Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov, July 20- Aug. 5, 1994" See also: Salen Lindblad

  • Folder: 3, Northwest Passage Acts , undated

    King George II "An act for giving a publick reward to such person or persons, his Majesty's subject or subjects, as shall discover a north west passage through Hudson's Streights, to the western and southern ocean of America" 1745 (Copy); King George III "An act for giving a publick reward to such person or persons, being his Majesty's subject or subjects, as shall discover a northern passage for vessels by sea, between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; and also unto such as shall first approach by sea within one degree of the northern pole" 1776 (Copy); King George III "An act for more effectually discovering the longitude at sea and encouraging attempts to find a northern passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and to approach the Northern Pole" 1818 (Copy)

  • Folder: 4, Northwest Rebellion - 1885, 1935

    W. E. Edmonds "Naval fight on prairies marked 1885 rebellion" Edmonton Journal April 13, 1935; W. E. Ingersoll "Second uprising by Louis Riel caused by Winnipeg Citizen" Winnipeg Free Press May 5, 1935; G. A. Flinn "War correspondent tells story of '85 rebellion" Winnipeg Free Press June 1, 1935; W. V. Working "American thwarted rebellion" Winnipeg Free Press June 22, 1935; Margaret A. Macleod "Glimpses of Louis Riel" Winnipeg Free Press July 13, 1935; M. Cohen "The trial of Louis Riel" Winnipeg Free Press Aug. 31, 1935; W. E. Edmonds "Indians and half-breeds on warpath: fiftieth anniversary of the Riel Rebellion" The Vancouver Province

  • Folder: 5, Norway, 1857-1967

    "The Mountain in the Main" (Jan Mayen Island) Chambers's Journal 1857; "In the Arctic Circle" All the Year Round June 3, 1865; "Publikasjoner" (Publications) Norsk Polar Institutt, Oslo 1967

  • Folder: 6, Nowosad, F. S., 1960

    With A. Leahey "Soils of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions of Canada" Agricultural Institute Review March-April 1960

  • Folder: 7, Nutt, David, 1948-1966

    "Second (1948) U.S. Navy Antarctic development project" Arctic Vol. 1 No. 2, Fall 1948; "The Blue Dolphin Labrador expeditions, 1948 and 1950" Arctic Vol. 4 No. 1 May 1951; "Certain aspects of oceanography in the coastal waters of Labrador" J. Fish. Res. Bd. Can. 1953; "The oceanography of Hebron Fjord, Labrador" Journ. Fish. Res. Board of Canada 1956; Et al. "Arctic Institute Greenland Expedition 1958 field report" 1958; With L. K. Coachman, P. F. Scholander "Dissolved nitrogen in West Greenland waters" Sears Foundation Journal of Marine research Vol. 19 No. 1, March 1961; Et al. "Radio-carbon age and oxygen-18 content of Greenland icebergs" Kommissionen for Videnskabelige Undersøgelser i Grønland 1962; "The drift of ice island WH-5" Arctic Vol. 19 No. 3, Sept. 1966; M. Hennessy "Boothbay Harbor speeds second mission to north" Portland Press Herald June 22, 1950

  • Folder: 8, Nutt, Sarah, 1942

    "The Arctic voyages of William Barents in probable relation to certain of Shakespeare's plays" Studies in Philology Vol. 39 No. 2, April 1942

  • Folder: 9, Oblates of Mary Immaculate, 1940

    Pèlerinage D'Amour et de Reconaissance (L'Apostolat des Oblats de Marie-Immaculée) 1940

  • Folder: 10, O'Connor, Paul C., 1940-1950

    "The 'Big Brother'" Jesuit Missions Vol. 14 No. 10 Nov. 1940; The Calumet: "Sufficient unto the day" (Inuit) Aug. 1948, "Morticians a la Eskimo" (Inuit) Nov. 1950

  • Folder: 11, "Officers' Call", undated

    Vol. 1 No. 8, includes "The Arctic and our security," "The army's school for Arctic training," "Airborne warfare")

  • Folder: 12, Ogilivie, William, 1896-1910

    "William Ogilvie's note book No. 5" 1896: Reptile legend, "Porcupine legend," Route to Selkirk, (Inuit, Copy)"The proposed railway to Fort M'Murray" The Evening Feb. 19, 1910

  • Folder: 13, O'Hagen, Thomas, 1929

    "Father Morice" Ryerson Canadian History Reader 1929

  • Folder: 14, Ohio State University - Institute of Polar Studies, circa 1962-1988

    Bibliography and list of presented materials, c. 1962; "Reports of research in progress in the U.S. Antarctic Research Program by the research staff, Byrd Polar Research Center, The Ohio State University" 1985-7; "Supplement to the list of publications of the Byrd Polar Research Center" 1988

  • Folder: 15, Ohman, Edward, 1958-1962

    "Interview with Edward Ohman, St. Paul" 1949; "What I know about the Kensington Runestone" 1958; Correspondence 1962

  • Folder: 16, Okko, Veikko, 1949

    Comptes Rendus de la Société de Géologique de Finlande "On the origin of the Alavieska pyrite boulder" 1948, "On the development of the Heposuo Bog, near the town of Kuopio" 1948, "G. Brander's data of the Littorina shore-line in North and Middle Ostrobothnia" 1949

  • Folder: 17, Okladnikov, A. P. , 1958

    "Ancient Cultures of Siberia and the problem of the first relations of the Old World with the New World" Revista de Cultura Universidad Mayor de San Simon 1958

  • Folder: 18, Okpik, Abraham, 1961

    "The hunter - a changing world - problems of adaptation" (Inuit) Northern Development Conference, Sept. 1961

  • Folder: 19, Økt Innsats, 1949

    "Hva gir fisken oss?" 1949

  • Folder: 20, Olafson, K. K., circa 1935

    "The Icelandic Lutheran Synod: survey and interpretation 1885-1935" c. 1935

  • Folder: 21, Olafsson, John , undated

    Correspondence: Hamilton Fish, George Robeson, 1874 (Copies); "Translation of the petition of the Icelanders of Wisconsin, to the President, respecting the colonization of Alaska by Icelanders" (Copy)

  • Folder: 22, Old Dartmouth Historical Society and Whaling Museum, 1930-1978

    "Whaling exhibits of the Old Dartmouth historical Society, New Bedford, Mass." 1924 (Reprint, 1930); The Bulletin from Johnny Cake Hill Winter, 1977, Fall, 1987; Poster "Steam Whaling in the Western Arctic" Exhibition April - Sept. 1977; Misc. invitations

  • Folder: 23, Oldenow, Knud, 1942-1947

    "Groenlandica: conspectus bibliographicus operum et opusculorum" 1942; "De Grønlandske Fiskerier" Aarbog For Handels - og Søfartsmuseet 1947; "Grønland" Danmark Vort Land; "Det Danske arbejde i Grønland;" "Dansk indsats i Grønland"

  • Folder: 24, Oleson, Tryggvi J., 1957

    "Book donors in mediaeval Iceland" Nordisk Tidskrift För Bok - Och Biblioteksväsen 1957

  • Folder: 25, Oliver, Donald R., 1959

    "Some Diamesini (Chironomidae) from the Nearctic and Palearctic" Entomologisk Tidskrift 1959

  • Folder: 26, Oliver, Simeon, 1944

    "Emergency foods in the Aleutians" 1944

  • Folder: 27, Ol'khina, Evgeniia (Eugenie Olkhine) , 1945-1993

    "Komsomolsk - the symbol city" Russky Golss Aug. 17, 1945; "Buriat-Mongol'skaia Avtonomnaia Respublika" Russky Golss (In Russian); "Material on soil sciences, botany and agriculture" (In the Stefansson Collection) 1950; "Bibliography on soil science"; Jan 1993 Letter from Hugh C. MacDougall with enclosed copy of incomplete Dec 1964 letter from E. Ol’khina to MacDougall’s mother, Ursula Cooke Macdougall, RE: negative comments about Stefansson’s recently published autobiography, after his death

  • Folder: 28, Olsen, Arthur J. C., 1910-1969

    "What a blind man sees: little journeys out of the dark" 1969, undated (Copies of selected poems); Misc. poems "Eskimo words," "One man's family, a page from the past;" "Behring sea, the playhouse of the elements" 1910

  • Folder: 29, Ommanney, Erasmus, 1892

    "Antarctic exploration" Berne Geog. Congress 1892

  • Folder: 30, O'Neil, Marion, 1928-1930

    "The Peace River Journal, 1799-1800" Washington Historical Quarterly Vol. 19 No. 4, 1928 "The maritime activities of the North West Company, 1813-1821" Washington Historical Quarterly Vol. 21 No. 4, 1930

  • Folder: 31, Operation Sweetbriar, 1950

    (U.S., Canadian Army) Pegasus April 1950

  • Folder: 32, Orcutt, Reginald, 1933-1938

    "Gestur hjá steinaldarkonu" Falkinn 1933, Lögberg, Fimtudaginn Jan. 25, 1934; "Sons of Phoenicia" The Travel Log March 1938 (Includes: Peter Freuchen "An Arctic adventure)

  • Folder: 33, Ormonde, Marquis of, 1895

    "A short cruise to Norway and Spitzbergen" Good Words 1895

  • Folder: 34, Osborn, Sherard, 1958

    "Remarks upon the amount of light experienced in high northern latitudes during the absence of the sun" June 1858; Photograph

  • Folder: 35, Osgood, William E. , undated

    "On Keeping Warm in Wintertime"

  • Folder: 36, Ostenfeld, C. H., circa 1900

    "Meddelelse om indslæbte planter fra Ivigtut (sydgrønland) i 1899" c. 1900?

  • Folder: 37, Ostenso, Ned A. , 1963

    "The ends of the Earth" The Science Teacher Vol. 30 No. 5, Sept. 1963

  • Folder: 38, Ostermann, H., 1856-1938

    Morgunbladid, misc. articles Dec. 24 - 30, 1938 (In Icelandic); (Translator, 1952) The Inspector and the Physician of Godthaab "Remedies for sick people" 1856

  • Folder: 39, Ostrekin, M. Ye. (Ed.), 1955

    "Results of Magnetic Observations at Arctic Observatories, 1934-1948" Transactions of the Arctic Research Institute, Northern Sea Route Authority, USSR Ministry of Marine, 1955

  • Folder: 40, Ostrem, Gunnar, 1960

    "Glaciärforskning med motorspett" Luft-trycket No. 4, May 1960

  • Folder: 41, Oswalt, Wendell H., 1956-1961

    "Preliminary note on Air Force - Eskimo contacts" Alaskan Air Command, Dec. 1956; "Guiding culture change among Alaskan Eskimos" América Indígena Vol. 21 April, 1961

  • Folder: 42, Ousland, Børge , 1991

    "The Hard Way to the North Pole" National Geographic March 1991

  • Folder: 43, Ovibos (Musk Ox), 1892-2002

    V. S., W. T. Grenfell "The experimental domestication of the Ovibos in Labrador" 1926; Articles: Horace T. Martin The Popular Science Monthly Jan. 1892, Pathfinder March 23, 1949 (V.S.), J. S. Tener abstract Canadian Journal of Zoology 1956, Audubon Magazine Jan-Feb. 1957, W. B. Durrell et al. Journal of the AMVA 1957, Smithsonian Feb. 1986, National Geographic April 2002, Undated ( Paul Moody "Serological evidence on the relationships of the Musk-Ox," John J. Teal, increase in herds); Bibliography; Misc. (address list)

  • Folder: 44, Pacific North America, 1943

    Mining World May 1943: "An outline for an international development program for the North Pacific Region," "Pacific North America - strategic in peace as in war"

  • Folder: 45, Page, Homer, 1963

    "Alaska today: people, problems, promise" Think March 1963

  • Folder: 46, Pagés, de , undated

    "Voyage of M. de Pagés towards the South Pole in 1773 and 1774," "Voyages of M. de Pagés towards the North Pole in 1776"

  • Folder: 47, Pallas, P. S., undated

    "Diary of an exploratory journey of the geodesists Andreev, Leontiev, and Lyssov to the Bear Islands" Chap. 12, Vol. 1 Neue Nordische Beytrage zur Physikalischen und Geographischen erd-und Volkerbeschreibung, Naturgeschischte und Oekonomie 1781, Feligia Seyd (Translator and abstractor)

  • Folder: 48, Palmen, Ernst, 1951

    "A survey of the Oniscoidea (Isopoda Terr.) of Newfoundland" Annales Zoologici Societatis Zoologicæ Botanicæ Fennic 'Vanamo' 1951

  • Folder: 49, Palmer, Lawrence, 1929-1941

    "Improved Reindeer handling" Dept. of Agriculture 1929; "Animal and plant resources of Alaska" 1941

  • Folder: 50, Palmer, William, undated

    "The Avifauna of the Pribilof Islands"

  • Folder: 51, Palosuo, Erkki, 1959-1963

    Merentutkimuslaitoksen Julkaisu Havsforskningsinstitutes Skrift: "The extent of the ice cover at the harbours on the Finnish Coasts" 1957, "Ice winter 1958-1959 along the Finnish coast" 1960, also: 1959-1960, 1960-1961, 1961-1962, "The gulf of Bothina in winter II. Freezing and ice forms" No. 209, 1963; "Crystal structure of brackish and fresh-water ice" I.A.S.H. Snow and Ice Commission Publication No. 54; With Valter Schytt "Till Nordostlandet med den svenska glaciologiska expeditionen" Terrasta No. 1, 1960

  • Folder: 52, Pancheha, P. D. , 1944

    "Trading With Russia" 1944

  • Folder: 53, Panteleev, N. A. , 1960

    "Instrumental determinations of the characteristics of turbulent exchange in the ocean" 1959, Trans. 1960

  • Folder: 54, Pantenburg, Vitalis, 1937

    "Vem gehört die Arktis?" Die Woche May 12, 1937

  • Folder: 55, Papanin, I., 1986

    "The Soviet wintering station on the drifting ice;" "A glorious anniversary" (Rescue); Obituary The New York Times Feb. 7, 1986

  • Folder: 56, Parcoll Products Limited, undated

    Informational pamphlet on the "Parcoll housing unit"

  • Folder: 57, Parin, N. V., circa 1959

    "Rare pelagic fishes from the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean (Taractes steindachneri, Palinurichthya japonicus and Centrolophus lockingtoni)" Voprosy ikhtiologii Vol. 11, 1959 (1958?)

  • Folder: 58, Parkes, E. A. , undated

    Excerpts from Practical Hygiene on "Concentrated and preserved foods," "Table for calculating diets" (Copy)

  • Folder: 59, Parr, A. E., 1936

    "On the relationship between dynamic topography and direction of current under the influence of external (climactic) factors" Journal du Conseil International pour l'Exploration de la Mer Vol. 11 No. 3, 1936

  • Folder: 60, Parry, Albert, 1941

    "Alaska Irredenta" (Question of a Russian threat) The Coast Feb. 1941

  • Folder: 61, Parry, Edward W., 1821

    Reviews of Journal of a voyage for the discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific; performed in the years 1819-29, in His Majesty's Ships Hecla and Griper, under the orders of William Edward Parry, R.N. F.R..S. and commander of the expedition and A. Fisher Journal of a voyage of discovery to the Arctic Regions in New Edinburgh Review July 1821; "Capt. Parry's third voyage" (Loss of the Fury) The Mirror

  • Folder: 62, Parsons, Floyd W., undated

    "Putting our waters to work"

  • Folder: 63, Paterson, T. T., undated

    "The Eskimo of Northern Canada" (Inuit) English Geographical Magazine

  • Folder: 64, "The Pathfinder of Alaska", 1924

    Vol. 6 No. 6, April 1924

  • Folder: 65, Patterson, C. R., 1906-1908

    "In search of a new Arctic continent" The World To-day July 1906; "The quest of the Cetacen" Pacific Monthly Oct. 1908

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  • Folder: 68, Paul, John R., 1950

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  • Folder: 69, Paulson, Ivar, 1951

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  • Folder: 70, Pax, F., 1891

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  • Folder: 71, Payer, Julius, 1877

    Review of New lands within the Arctic Circle. Narrative of the discoveries of the Austrian Ship 'Tegetthoff' in the years 1872-74 (Austro-Hungarian exploring expedition, 1872-74) and Captain Nares The official report of the recent Arctic expedition in Edinburgh Review Jan. 1877; "Austrian Arctic discovery" (Review of same) Chambers's Journal Jan. 1877

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  • Folder: 75, Pearce, William, 1921

    "Reminiscences concerning surveys from 1969-1881" (Includes discussion of Ries's trial) Annual Report of the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association and Honour Roll 1921

  • Folder: 76, Peary, Josephine D., 1893-1895

    "A sledge journey and an experience" Around the World Dec. 1893; "The Greenland scientific expedition of 1895" March 1895

  • Folder: 77, Peary, Marie Stafford, 1956-1959

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  • Folder: 78, Peary, Robert E., 1908-1987

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  • Folder: 79, Pechman, Jack, 1945

    Trail and Timberline "McKinley Diary" Parts 1 and 2 No. 319 July 1945, No. 323, Nov. 1945

  • Folder: 80, Peck, Harry Thurston, undated
  • Folder: 81, Pedersen, P. O., circa 1938-1939

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  • Folder: 82, Pedrose, Lawrence W. , 1921

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  • Folder: 84, Penck, Albrecht, 1924

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  • Folder: 85, Penguins, 1954

    "At home with the Antarctic Emperors: the largest penguins start their family cycle" Life March 22, 1954; "Penguins nest in army ranks: mates take turns guarding eggs;" Letters to the editor Life; Misc. articles

  • Folder: 86, Penner, E., 1961-1962

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  • Folder: 87, Pennington, Alfred W., 1951

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  • Folder: 88, Pepin, Pierre-Yves, undated

    "La symbiose progressive des régions Gaspésie - Rive-Sud et Côte-Nord" L'Actualité Economique

  • Folder: 89, Perkins, Earle B., 1936

    "Pond life in the Antarctic" (U.S. Antarctic Expedition, 1933-35) The Educational Focus June 1936; Pamphlet advertising lecture tour "Life in Little America"

  • Folder: 90, Peterson, George L., undated

    "Alaska Highway: a collection of George L. Peterson's Northwest Passage columns reprinted from the Minneapolis Star Journal and Sunday Tribune;" Misc. articles (Inuit, Alaska, Aleutians, Military)

  • Folder: 91, Petitot, Emile, 1949-1982

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  • Folder: 92, Péwé, Troy L. , 1957

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  • Folder: 93, Philberth, Bernhard , 1956-1960

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  • Folder: 94, Philberth, Karl, 1967

    "Quelches recherches sur les sols polygonaux et striés" L'Ateneo Parmense Vol. 3, 1967

  • Folder: 95, Phillips, Alan, 1957

    Maclean's "The checkered career of an Arctic priest" (Father Bernard Brown, of Aklavik) Jan. 5, 1957, "Will they solve the riddle of the Athabaska tar sands?" Feb. 2, 1957

  • Folder: 96, Phillips, Carroll, 1940

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  • Folder: 97, Phillips, George, 1995

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  • Folder: 98, Phillips, Henry Albert, 1935

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  • Folder: 99, Phillips, R. A. J., 1963

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  • Folder: 100, Photography, 1989

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  • Folder: 101, Physiology, 1946

    "Papers presented at the Conference on research in comparative physiology under natural conditions" April 26, 1946

  • Folder: 102, Picciotto, E., 1961

    "Quelques résultats scientifiques de l'Expédition Antarctique Belge, 1957-1958" Ciel et Terre Nos. 4-6, April - June 1961

Box: 19, Dates: 1824-2003

Access Restrictions


Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Pickersgill, D., 1964

    "Investigation of errors in the field measurement of ground temperatures" National Research Council, Canada, 1964

  • Folder: 2, Piers, Charles, Sir, 1935

    "Important events in the history of the Hudson's Bay Company incorporated 2nd May 1935

  • Folder: 3, Piette, Edouard, 1902-1906

    "Conséquences des mouvements sismiques des régions polaires" 1902; "Déplacement des glaces polaires et grandes extensions des glaciers" 1906

  • Folder: 4, Pihlainen, John A., 1951-1956

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  • Folder: 5, Pinart, Alphonse, 1873-1875

    "Eskimaux et Koloches idées religieuses et traditions des Kaniagmioutes" Revue d'Anthropologie No. 4, 1873; "Sur un abri-sépulture des anciens Aléoutes d'Aknanh, île d'Ounga, archipel Shumagin (Alaska)" April 19, 1875; "Sur les Atnahs" Revue de Philologie et d'Ethnographie No. 2, 1875

  • Folder: 6, Pinchot-Ballinger Controversy, 1909-1911

    Debate on Conservation of natural resources bills, introduced in Congress Jan. 18, 1910: articles The American Review of Reviews March 1910; Current Literature Feb, June 1910; The Independent June 2, Sept. 15, Dec. 15, 1910, March 16, 1911; Hampton's Magazine Dec. 1909; Outlook Oct. 2, Nov. 20, 1909, March 12, 26, April 9, May 7, 14, 28, June 4, 11, Dec. 17, 31, 1910, Jan. 14, March 18, 1911

  • Folder: 7, Pindar, George N., undated

    "the American Museum of Natural History, its history and expeditions" Forschungsinstitute, ihre Geschichte, Organisation und Ziele

  • Folder: 8, Pinings, 1929-1935

    Paul Herman "Islands Nordkap (Horn)" Mitteilungen der Islandfreunde April 1929; Richard Prinz "Island als Kulturerlebnis" Island Viertejahrsschrift der vereinigung der islandfreunde July-Sept. 1934; Hans F. Blunck "Gefchichtliche Unterlagen der Fahrt Pinings nach Neufundland 1472" Volkischer Beobachter March 7, 1935

  • Folder: 9, U.S.S. Pinta , undated

    S. G. Evans "Report on the U. S. S. Pinta" 1895 (Copy); W. G. G. Wilson "Sanitary report upon the U. S. S. Pinta" 1884 (Copy); H. B. Fitts "Sanitary report U. S. S. Pinta (fourth rate), Sitka, Alaska" (Copy)

  • Folder: 10, Pi-Sunyer, Mary Jane, 1963

    "Eskimo hunting techniques" (Inuit) The Explorer March-April 1963 (Includes Patsy Gerstner "Siberian origins of North American pre-history")

  • Folder: 11, Pitchforth, Hector , 1927

    "Alone in the Arctic" (Biographical information) The Children's Newspaper Oct. 1, 1927

  • Folder: 12, Plaisted Polar Expedition, 1967, 1966-1968

    Descriptive papers, 1966, 1967; "Men rehearse on Mille Lacs for North Pole Trek" Brainerd Daily Dispatch Feb. 7, 1967; "Warming up for the North Pole" Minneapolis Tribune Picture Feb. 24, 1967; "Polar journey leader plans new adventure" Edmonton Journal June 1, 1968; "North Polar Regions" map; Route map; Photographs of expedition; Flyers and stamps for CBS television special "Thirteen men struggle to the top of the world! The story of the 1967 Plaisted Polar Expedition;" Official logo stickers; Envelope with signatures May 7, 1967; Misc.

  • Folder: 13, Plischke, Elmer, undated

    "Sovereignty and Imperialism in the Polar Regions"

  • Folder: 14, Podolinsky, Alika , 1962

    "The Bitter Plight of Labrador's Indians" Canada Month Vol. 2 No. 1 Jan. 1962

  • Folder: 15, Poestion, J. C. , 1903

    "Zur Geschichte des isländischen Dramas u. Theaterwesens" Die Kultur 1903

  • Folder: 16, Poetry , undated

    "1st Arctic search and rescue squadron song;" "The one and only Arctic bird not in captivity: the Kee Bird;" "Twenty months in Greenland;" "War in the Arctic" (U.S. Army in the Aleutians. See also: "McGonagall, William" For more bad verse

  • Folder: 17, Pogosyan, K. P., 1959-1960

    "On atmospheric circulation in Antarctica" Trudy Kompleksnoy Antarkticheskoy Ekspeditsii, Ak. Nauk SSSR, Meteorologiya i idrologiya, Klimat Antarktiki 1959, Trans. 1960

  • Folder: 18, Pohl, Frederick J., 1939

    "The Atlantic Ocean before Columbus" Fair Winds 1939; "Zichmni of the Zeni - who was he?" (Inuit); Defense of Cook against charges of Bridges' Uttermost End of the Earth; Bibliography, "The Atlantic Ocean before Columbus"

  • Folder: 19, Pohl, Lucien L., 1949

    "The Habitable Arctic" State Department Broadcast, Voice of America Recording date Dec. 17, 1949 (In English and French)

  • Folder: 20, Pohl, Walter, undated

    "Der Dorstofz in den arktischen Luftraum"

  • Folder: 21, Poirier, Senator, undated

    "Possession of lands in the North of the Dominion" Canadian Senate

  • Folder: 22, Poland , 1959-1960

    Expedition to Spitzbergen "Polska wyprawa polkarna zakonczyla swoje badania na Spitsbergenie" DNI 1960; "Mestwo i doswiadczenie marynarzy pólnocky przyspieszaja zagospodarowanie Syberii;" "Czlowiek który przedluzyl czas nawigacji;" "Ksiegarnie w Jakutii;" Photos of expedition, Dr. Kosiba, c. 1959

  • Folder: 23, Polar Bears, 1986

    "Polar bears mingle with people on Manitoba's Cape Churchill" Smithsonian March, 1986

  • Folder: 24, Polar Exploration, 1940

    "International Conference of Polar Exploration at Bergen in 1940" description; "The International Expedition of Polar Exploration, Bergen 1940" Programmes; Adolf Hoel "The World's first international exhibition for Polar exploration" and H. U. Sverdrup "Polar exploration, past and present" 1940

  • Folder: 25, 14th Polar Libraries Colloquy, undated

    "International sharing of Polar information resources"

  • Folder: 26, 15th Polar Libraries Colloquy, undated

    "Bi-polar information initiatives: the needs of Polar research"

  • Folder: 27, 16th Polar Libraries Colloquy, undated

    "Creativity lighting the Poles: collaborative solutions to common needs"

  • Folder: 28, 17th Polar Libraries Colloquy, 1997-1998

    "Electronic information and publications: looking into the electronic future, let's not forget the archival past" 20-25 Sept. 1998, Reykjavik, Iceland (Joint conference with IAMSLIC) Announcement in Polar Libraries Bulleting Fall 1997; Final announcement, call for abstracts; Program and abstracts; List of participants; University of the Arctic briefing notes; Invitations: Institute Vilhjalmur Stefansson opening, reception; Pamphlets: National Department, Databases, Universities, Misc.; Misc. Philip N. Cronenwett registration materials, plane tickets, notes

  • Folder: 29, 17th Polar Libraries Colloquy - Akureyri , undated

    Flyer, pre-conference study tour to Akureyri; List of participants; Map and guides; Misc. pamphlets

  • Folder: 30, 17th Polar Libraries Colloquy - Business Meeting, 1996-1998

    June 21, 1996 meeting, agenda; Treasurer's Report, Sept. 14, 1998; Sept. 20, 1998 Meeting topics; Constitutional Amendment proposals, Sept. 14, 1998; Misc. notes, Stephanie Bianchi business card

  • Folder: 31, 17th Polar Libraries Colloquy - Philip N. Cronenwett Papers, 1998

    "The ceaseless quest for knowledge: Stef and his collection at Dartmouth;" Correspondence with: Phyllis E. Jaynes, Sept. 28, 1998, Guy Guthridge, Oct. 1, 1998, Ambassador Day O. Mount, Oct. 5, 1998; Steve Watkins "Consortium licensing of internet-accessible library databases;" Information on the Stefansson Arctic Institute (Stofnun Vilhjáms Stefánssonar); "Vaxandi áhugi á málefnum nordurslóda" (Stefansson Institute, Evelyn Stefansson Nef) Thridjudagur Sept. 15, 1998; Schedule; Misc. contact information; Misc. notes.

  • Folder: 32, 17th Polar Libraries Colloquy - PIGS, 1998

    Discussion about ARCUS and UPSWIG, Series of emails, Aug. 11-Sept. 1, 1998

  • Folder: 33, 17th Polar Libraries Colloquy - PLC Steering Committee, 1998

    Personnel list; Misc. documents Aug-Sept. 1998

  • Folder: 34, 17th Polar Libraries Colloquy - Stef Project, Collaboration, 1997-1998

    Thorsteinn Gunnarsson, Níels Einarsson "Dartmouth College and University of Akureyri: possibilities in cooperation, especially concerning Arctic issues and environmental/northern studies" (Draft) June 1997; Oran Young "Draft for discussion" on "Opportunities for collaboration" Sept. 1997; Philip N. Cronenwett correspondence relating to the Stefansson Project: to Oran Young, April 2, 1998, thank you letters, April 1998

  • Folder: 35, 17th Polar Libraries Colloquy - Vigdis Finnbogadottir, 1987-1998

    Breakfast invitation and correspondence (through third party), Aug. 1998; Biographical information, 1993, 1987; Information on the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation; Biographical information on David Harry Stam

  • Folder: 36, 18th Polar Libraries Colloquy, 2000

    12-17 June, 2000, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Revised constitution; PLC Steering Committee list; Business meeting agenda; Welcome packet (Schedule, abstracts, who's who); Philip N. Cronenwett "The Encyclopedia Arctica: a gateway opened, a gateway closed;" Barbary Kelcey report on the 18th PLC; Pamphlet "Bibliothèque centrale, Muséum National D'Histoire Naturelle" Paris; Misc. registration materials, information

  • Folder: 37, 19th Polar Libraries Colloquy, 2002-2003

    "Poles apart - poles on-line" 17-21 June 2002, Copenhagen Business meeting agenda; Conference information; Misc. registration papers; Polar Libraries Bulletin, Issue 52–53, Fall 2002–Spring 2003: “Danish Polar Center Hosts an Excellent Meeting!- Report of the 19th Colloquy in Copenhagen”

  • Folder: 38, Polar Regions, 1832-1857

    "The Polar regions" The Saturday Magazine Aug. 18, 1832; "Recent Discoveries in the Arctic Regions" Chambers's Journal June 9, 1838; "Life in the Polar Regions" The National Magazine Aug. 1857

  • Folder: 39, Polar Research Institutes, 1958

    "Notes on Some Polar Research Institutes prepared for a conference at Dartmouth College" Dec 18-19, 1958

  • Folder: 40, "Polar Seas", 1824

    "Sopp Eneje Bird"? 1824

  • Folder: 41, "Polar Star", 1943

    U. S. Troops on the Pribilofs, St. Paul Island, Alaska Vol. 1 Nos. 1-15, Feb. 2 - May 12, 1943

  • Folder: 42, "The Polar Times", 1957-1960

    No. 44, June 1957; No. 46, June 1958; No. 50, June 1960

  • Folder: 43, Polunin, Nicholas, 1954-1955

    "Vascular plants common to the Arctic and the British Isles: enumeration of species" Watsonia Vol. 3 Part 2, Sept. 1954; Selected publications, 1954-5

  • Folder: 44, de Poncins, Gontran, undated

    Richard Finnie review of Kabloona (Inuit) in Natural History

  • Folder: 45, Ponomarev, L. Ye. , 1959

    With G. M. Sokolova "Acclimatization of man on ice floes in the North Arctic Ocean" Sovetskaya Meditsina vol. 23, No. 1, Jan. 1959 (Trans. 1959)

  • Folder: 46, Ponting, H. G. , 1996

    "The photographs of HG Ponting: Scott's last expedition to the Antarctic" (Prospectus for The Ponting Collection) 1996

  • Folder: 47, Poon Lim , 1949

    "Poon Lim happy man - by act of Congress" (133 day raft survival) New York Post July 25, 1949

  • Folder: 48, Popov, V. V., 1956

    Description of the Entomological Congress in Canada, Vestnik Akad. Nauk SSSR 1956 (E. R. Hope trans.)

  • Folder: 49, Porsild, Alf Erling, 1930-1941

    "Canada's reindeer experiment" The Book of Popular Science Vol. 16 1930 (Grolier Society 1930 Annual Supplement); "Modern Eskimos of Arctic Church" Exploration and Adventure Part 7, June 1938; "Edible roots and berries of Northern Canada;" "Kalâtdlit ("inukpiat") Alaskamitut Kanadamitutdlo píssusînik" Tark'igssût Sept. 1941; Calling card

  • Folder: 50, Porsild, Morten P., 1920-1948

    "Foran revisionen af loven om Grønlands styrelse" Den Danske Rigsdag March 1920; "On man made Eider Duck nests in Northern Greenland and adjacent parts of Arctic Canada;" Correspondence, 1948

  • Folder: 51, Porter, McKenzie , 1960

    "Weekend on Baffin Island" (Telek resort, Inuit) Maclean's Magazine Nov. 19, 1960

  • Folder: 52, Potter, Louise , undated

    "Westward to Europe" (Laying telegraph cable in the Arctic and the purchase of Alaska)

  • Folder: 53, Poulter, Thomas C., 1937

    With E. B. Perkins "Outline of the scientific accomplishments of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition II, 1933-1935" (U. S. Antarctic Expedition, 1933-35); Armour Engineer and Alumnus "The application of seismic methods in the discovery of new lands in the Antarctic" March 1937, "Dr. Poulter awarded geographic medal" May 1937

  • Folder: 54, Poznanski, Gitel , undated

    Bibliographies abstracted by Poznanski: American Anthropoligist "Far north references, 1928-1940," "Far north references, 1941-1947;" Smithsonian Institution Publications "References to the far north;" "Soviet anthropological sources (1878-1939);" List of Poznanski resources

  • Folder: 55, Pratt, Wallace A., 1941-1943

    "Highway to the future" Star Weekly March 4, 1941; "The Mackenzie River - future highway for the United Nations" Travel Nov. 1942; "Finding the world's oil, a task for U.S. enterprise" The Lamp Dec. 1943 (Includes "World Oil Policy")

  • Folder: 56, Preuss, K. T., 1913

    "Vorlage der Eskimo-Sammlung des Forschungsreisenden Bernhard Hantzsch" 1913

  • Folder: 57, Price, Thomas M., undated

    "The first thousand years of finding New York"

  • Folder: 58, Priestly, Raymond E., 1914-1939

    "Antarctic Ice" Geographical Teacher Fall 1914; "The psychology of exploration" 1921; "Polar transport" 1928; "Sir Edgeworth David" The Australian Quarterly June 1938; "Arctic discovery in the past" The Listener June 15, 1939; "The Professor" (Sir T. W. Edgeworth David); "Prelude to Antarctic adventure;" "Between two expeditions;" "Syllabus of a course of lectures on the history ad science of polar exploration" Clare College, Cambridge University

  • Folder: 59, Prince, Edward E., 1920

    "Fifty years of fishery administration in Canada" Proceedings of the American Fisheries Society 1920

  • Folder: 60, Project Chariot - Articles , 1960-1962

    "Project Plowshare" Nuclear Information Vol. 11 No. 8, June 1960; "Alaska area eyes all forms of life" New York Times Dec. 4, 1960; "All animal life recorded to aid Alaska harbor blast" New York Herald Tribune Dec. 4, 1960; National Wildlands News "3 Alaska areas established by Sec. Fred Seaton" Vol. 2 No. 2, Feb. 1961, "Alaskans deeply concerned over Project Chariot" Vol. 2 No. 5, May 1961; "Caribou's fondness for lichens may bar Alaska atomic blast" New York Times June 4, 1961; "Biologist frowns on Alaska Atom project" New York Herald Tribune June 5, 1961; Excerpts of Newsletter from Senators Bartlett and Gruening, July 1961; "A-bombs and Eskimos" (Inuit) The Christian Science Monitor Aug. 21, 1961; "St. Louis committee finds AEC underestimates Chariot damage," "President Kennedy hears opposition to Project Chariot" National Wildlands News Vol. 2 No. 8, Sept. 1961; "Natives endangered by Project Chariot" (Inuit) Indian Truth Vol. 38 No. 2, Oct. 1961; Paul Brooks, Joseph Foote "The disturbing story of Project Chariot" Harper's Magazine April 1962; "Drop Arctic atom test plans: strong Eskimo protests shelve 'atomic' harbor" (Inuit) Anchorage Daily Times Aug. 24, 1962

  • Folder: 61, Project Chariot - Documents, 1959-1962

    Fact sheet, information; "Resolution to the Governor of Alaska;" "Chariot environmental program" July 1959; "AEC announces appointment of plowshare advisory committee" Nov. 12, 1959; "Statement of committee on environmental studies for Project Chariot" Jan. 7, 1960; H. Voress "Peaceful uses of nuclear explosions: a literature search" Nov. 1960; "Bioenvironmental features of the Ogotoruk Creek Area, Cape Thompson, Alaska" Committee on Environmental Studies, Dec. 1960; "A complete report on the probable gains and risks of the AEC's Plowshare project in Alaska" Nuclear Information June. 1961; William O. Pruitt "Statement to Project Chariot Environmental Committee and all concerned" April 1962; Alaska Conservation Society Alert Notice May 1962; Correspondence 1962 (D. Lisbourne, William Egan)

  • Folder: 62, Project Cirrus, 1952

    "'Project Cirrus' - the story of cloud seeding" (Irving Langmuit, Vincent Schaefer) G-E Review Nov. 1952

  • Folder: 63, Project Ice Way, 1961

    U.S. Air Force in Greenland, 1961

  • Folder: 64, Protective clothing, circa 1961

    "Protective clothing and other apparel" OTS selective bibliography, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, c. 1961

  • Folder: 65, Prud'homme, L.-A., 1910

    "La Baie d'Hudson" Mémoires S. R.. C. Sept. 1910

  • Folder: 66, Prufer, Olaf H., 1963

    "Ice age overkill" The Explorer Vol. 5 No. 6 Nov-Dec. 1963

  • Folder: 67, Pruitt, William O., 1957-1960

    "A measure of displacement activity in a lemming (Lemmus Trimucronatus)" Behaviour Vol. 10 1957; "A survey of the mammalian family Soricidae (Shrews)" Säugetierkundliche Mitteilungen Band 5 Heft 1, Jan. 1957; "A high altitude weasel" The Murrelet Sept-Dec. 1957; "Progress report, mammal investigations" 1960; With P. C. Lent, E. A. Carl "Project Chariot - Phase II, Progress Report: Terrestrial mammal investigations, Ootoruk Creek - Cape Thompson and vicinity" Dec. 1960; "Radioactive contamination: the effects of fallout in northern latitudes" Naturalist

  • Folder: 68, Pryer, R. W., 1957

    "Frost action and railroad maintenance in the Labrador Peninsula" Roads and Engineering Construction Dec. 1957

  • Folder: 69, Pudovkin, I. M., 1956

    "Magnetic variation in the high latitudes" Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR Geophys. Series 1956 (E. R. Hope Trans.)

  • Folder: 70, Pullen, Grenville, 1959

    "Some problems of development in the Canadian North" Planning Outlook King's College, University of Durham, Vol. 5 No. 1 1959

  • Folder: 71, Quartermain, L. B., 1966

    "Down to the ice" (Antarctica) 1966; "Historic huts; the story of the buildings erected and occupied by early explorers in the Ross Dependency, Antarctica"

  • Folder: 72, Quick, Herman, 1949

    "Disney finds the fir seals - and wins another 'Oscar'" (Pribilof Islands) Nature Magazine June-July 1949

  • Folder: 73, Quimby, George I., 1957-1959

    Chicago Natural History Museum Bulletin "The archaeology of environment, Great Lakes area" July 1957, "Mastodons and men in the Upper Great Lakes area" July, 1958, "The old Copper Indians and their world" (Native Americans) Jan. 1959

  • Folder: 74, R 101, 1930

    "The R 101 Disaster" The Sphere Oct. 11, 1930

  • Folder: 75, Rabot, Charles, 1932

    "L'extension de l'habitat du bœuf musqué et du renne" La Nature Nov. 1, 1932

  • Folder: 76, Racovitza, Emile G., 1907-1900

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  • Folder: 77, Radford, Harry V., undated

    The Amateur Sportsman c. 1909 (Copies) "Sporting notes from Canada;" "On the threshold of the north;" "Outfitting for the far north;" "Overland to Athabaska" Radford's shooting and exploring journey - Part II; "In the Cree Country" (Inuit) Part III; "Down the Athabaska" Part IV; "In the rapids of the Athabaska;" "Lake Athabaska Reached;" "A week at Fort McMurray;" "Down Slave River;" "An inland voyage to the Arctic: Mackenzie;" "At the Delta of the Mackenzie;" "The Eskimos of the Mackenzie Delta" (Inuit); Cover, The Amateur Sportsman Dec. 1910 (Copy); Misc. blurbs and letters on Radford The Amateur Sportsman

  • Folder: 78, Radforth, Norman W., 1959

    With Jean Evel "Mobility on the muskeg frontiers" The Engineering Journal July 1959

  • Folder: 79, Radisson, Pierre Esprit, undated

    "Relation du voiage du sieur Pierre Esprit Radisson, au nord de Lamerique ès années 1682, et 1683"

  • Folder: 80, Rae, John, 1848-2002

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  • Folder: 82, Ragle, Richard H. , 1960-1964

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  • Folder: 83, Rainey, Paul J., 1910

    "A millionaire arctic hunter" Hampton's Magazine Nov. 1910

  • Folder: 84, Rand, Sturgis B., undated

    "Robert E. Peary and his campaign for the pole"

Box: 20, Dates: 1818-1992

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Rasmussen, Knud, 1918-1957

    "Fra verdens ende mænd og kvinder i ka york missionen" 1918; "Love for Stationen Thule" 1930; "Le Grœnland: son exploration et sa mise en valeur par le Danemark" 1931; "Vitus Bering;" "Rasmussen brings back Eskimo lore" (Inuit) New York Times April 5, 1925; "Rasmussen is ill after arctic trip" Nov. 5, 1933; Biographical sketches (in Danish); Photos and negative of Rasmussen monument in Dundas, Greenland, 1957

  • Folder: 2, Ratche, Arthur, 1936

    Notes from Finsk fare for Finmark 1936; Two sketches of 'maps'

  • Folder: 3, Raup, Hugh M., 1936

    "Pteridophyta and spermatophyta of Southampton Island" Memoirs of the Carnegie Museum Vol. 12 Part 3 Art. 4, May 29, 1936

  • Folder: 4, Ravich, M., 1959-1960

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  • Folder: 5, Rawlins, Dennis, 1972-1989

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  • Folder: 6, Ray, Charles, 1899

    "Whales" The Royal Magazine 1899

  • Folder: 7, Razran, Greogry, circa 1943

    "The effects of Arctic conditions upon human behavior and reactions with special emphasis upon Russian findings and expeditionary needs" c. 1943

  • Folder: 8, Reed, Charles B. , 1909

    "The Masters of the Wilderness: A Study of the Hudson's Bay Co." Chicago Historical Society, March 1909

  • Folder: 9, Reed, John C., 1950-1961

    "Mineral problems of the Alaskan Arctic" March 1950; "Scientific research and northern development" Sept. 1961

  • Folder: 10, Reed, Richard J., 1958-1959

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  • Folder: 11, Reeve, G. J., 1929

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  • Folder: 12, Reid, R. W., 1912

    "Description of Kayak preserved in the Anthropological Museum of the University of Aberdeen" Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute Vol. 42, July-Dec. 1912

  • Folder: 13, Reindeer, 1867-1960

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  • Folder: 14, Reniger, Anna, 1955-1961

    "Soilfluction on cultivated slopes" Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych Vol. 71 No. 1, 1955 (1961)

  • Folder: 15, Reuter, Otto Sigfrid, 1938

    "Das Vorgebirge von Thule" Forschungen und Fortschritte 1938

  • Folder: 16, "Revue de Géographie de Lyon", 1960

    Vol. 35 No. 3, 1960

  • Folder: 17, Reynolds, J. N. , undated

    "Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives upon the Subject of an Antarctic Expedition" Jan. 22, 1828 (Copy)

  • Folder: 18, Rich, Willis H., 1925-1929

    "Growth and degree of maturity of Chinook salmon in the ocean" 1925; "Experiments in marking young Chinook Salmon on the Columbia River, 1916 to 1927" 1929

  • Folder: 19, Richards, Horace G., 1941-1949

    "Post-Wisconsin fossils from the west coast of Hudson Bay" Notulae Naturae Aug. 15, 1941; "Fossils in the Arctic" Frontiers Vol. 13 No. 3, Feb. 1949

  • Folder: 20, Richards, J. D., undated

    "Ramblings of a sourdough" Dawson or bust before 'Chechako Railroad'"

  • Folder: 21, Richardson, Harold W., 1942

    Engineering News-Record "Alcan: America's glory road" Part 1 "Strategy and location" Dec. 17, 1942, Part 2 "Supply, equipment and camps" Dec. 31, 1942

  • Folder: 22, Richardson, James A., Archives of, circa 1928-1930

    Chronology "Canadian civil aviation after First World War," "Western Canada Airways 1926-1930; "McKee Trophy" (Trans-Canada Trophy) (Excerpt from Civil Aviation Report 1928)

  • Folder: 23, Richardson, John, Sir, undated

    "Notice of a few observations which it is desirable to make on the frozen soil of British North America; drawn up for distribution among the officers of the Hudson's Bay Company"

  • Folder: 24, Rickard, T. A., 1936-1953

    Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy 1934-1935, 1936 "The primitive smelting copper and bronze," "The primitive use of gold;" "The use of meteoric iron" Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland; "Frobisher's quest;" "The strait of Anian;" Obituary The Canadian Mining Metallurgical Sept. 1953, The Daily Colonist Aug. 18, 1953

  • Folder: 25, Rieche, Herbert, 1942

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  • Folder: 26, Riedel, John F., 1963

    "Dimensions of an artist" (William Mathews Hekking) Syracuse University Alumni News 1963

  • Folder: 27, Riehl, Herbert, 1956

    "On the atmospheric circulation at 500 mb in the auroral belt" Journal of Geophysical Research Sept. 1956

  • Folder: 28, Riggs, Thomas, 1943-1955

    "Alaska - North American outpost" Foreign Policy Assoc. 1943;" Governor Tom Riggs" Cosmos Club Bulletin Vol. 8 No. 5, March 1955

  • Folder: 29, Rihl, Michal, undated

    "Notes on the Pt. Barrow Eskimo: From readings done in the Stefansson Collection during the summer of 1958" (Inuit)

  • Folder: 30, Riis, Jacob A., 1909

    "Hans Egede: the apostle of Greenland" Outlook Dec. 25, 1909

  • Folder: 31, Rikli, M., 1909

    "Beiträge zur Kenntnis von Natur und Pflanzenwelt Grönlands" 1909

  • Folder: 32, Rink, Henry, 1876

    Review of Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo (Inuit) in Chambers's Journal 1876

  • Folder: 33, Risting, Sigurd, undated

    "The humpback whale" Norsk fiskeritidende 'Knølhvalen" Vol. 31 No. 11, 1912 (copy)

  • Folder: 34, Ritchie, William A., 1951

    "Ground slates: Eskimo or Indian?" (Inuit, Native American) Pennsylvania Archaeologist July-Dec. 1951

  • Folder: 35, Roberts, Brian , 1944

    "Sound Effects in Polar Conditions" The Polar Record Jan. 1944 See also: Croft, Andrew

  • Folder: 36, Roberts, Leslie, 1949

    "When the postman knocks in the Arctic" The Canadian Magazine March, 1938; "Highway to the top of the world" Tomorrow Vol. 8 No. 7, March 1949

  • Folder: 37, Roberts, Palmer W., 1947-1950

    Notes and plans for underground food storage lockers, Pt. Barrow, Alaska, 1947; The Military Engineer "Effects on materials in Arctic cold: 1. Concrete, ice, water" April, 1948 "2. Wood and metals" July-Aug. 1959 "Engineering problems of the Arctic" 1950

  • Folder: 38, Roberts, William Carman, undated

    "The guardians of the northwest" (N.W.M.P) Munsey's Magazine

  • Folder: 39, Robertson, Gordon, 1958-1960

    Address to the Council of the Northwest Territories Jan. 14, July 14, 1958, July 27, 1959, Jan. 11, 1960, Jan. 16, 1961; "Aviation and northern development" Feb. 1960; "Report on the Arctic" to the Eskimo Advisory Board (Inuit) March 1960

  • Folder: 40, Robertson, Ruth, undated

    "Byrd's second Antarctic expedition: an account of the personnel, equipment and purposes of Admiral Byrd's expedition to Little America, 1933-1935"; "Alsib" (Alaska-Siberia Air route)

  • Folder: 41, Robertson, Samuel , 1843

    "Notes on the Coast of Labrador" Transactions of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec Vol. 4 Part 1, Feb. 1843

  • Folder: 42, Robin, Gordon de Quetteville, 1961-1970

    "Five years of Antarctic Research" I.C.S.U. Review Vol. 3, 1961; "Science and logistics in Antarctica" Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Dec. 1970

  • Folder: 43, Robinson, Cliff, 1963

    "William Lopp vs. the Arctic" Alumni News Hanover College, Summer 1963

  • Folder: 44, Robinson, J. Lewis, 1944-1949

    "An outline of the Canadian Eastern Arctic" 1944; "Eskimo populations in the Canadian Eastern Arctic" (Inuit) Canadian Geographical Journal Sept. 1944; "Conquest of the Northwest Passage by R.C.M.P. Schooner St. Roch" Canadian Geographical Journal Feb. 1945; "The Canadian Northland" The Canadian Banker 1946; "Report on physical geography study of the Western Arctic, August, 1947" 1949

  • Folder: 45, Robson, Jno., 1888

    "Papers relating to the seizure of British Vessels engaged in seal fishing in Behring Sea" (In 1887), March 1888

  • Folder: 46, Rochefort, Charles de , 1991-1992

    With Louis de Poincy "The Eskimos of Davis Straits in 1656" The Scottish Geographical Magazine; Everett C. Wilkie "The authorship and purpose of Hisoire naturelle et morale des îles Antilles, an early Huguenot emigration guide" Harvard Library Bulletin Fall, 1991 (Fragment); Wm. Reese Catalogue Entry for History of Barbados, St. Christophers, Nevis, St. Vincents, Antego, Martinico, Monserrat, and the rest of the Carriby-Islands Catalog. 112, 1992; List of resources in Stefansson Collection

  • Folder: 47, Rocquemaurel, G., de , 1868

    "Excursion vers le ole austral" 1868

  • Folder: 48, Rodahl, Kare, 1940-1952

    With A. Höygaard, H. Holm "Latent hemeralopi hos sjöfolk" Nordisk Hygieinisk Tidsskrift 1940; With T. Moore "The vitamin A content and toxicity of bear and seal liver" The Bio-chemical Journal 1943; "'Spekk-finger,' a clinical condition observed in personnel handling Arctic Seals" May 1952

  • Folder: 49, Roehm, J. C., 1946

    "Some high calcium limestone deposits in Southeastern Alaska" March 1946

  • Folder: 50, Rogers, Norman McLeod, 1928

    "Pierre Le Moyne D'Iberville" Ryerson Canadian History Reader 1928

  • Folder: 51, Rogers, Spencer L., 1942

    "Shamans and medicine men" CIBA Symposia April 1942

  • Folder: 52, Rohsenow, W. M., 1960

    With J. Stekly "Effect of electric current on thermistor temperature error" April 1960

  • Folder: 53, Roliff, W. A., 1939

    "Search for oil in Gaspe" The Imperial Oil Review Fall-Winter 1939

  • Folder: 54, Rollinat, Raymond, 1929

    "Le loup commun" Revue d'Histoire Naturelle Vol. 10, Nos. 4-7-9, 1929

  • Folder: 55, Romanovskiy, N. N., 1958-1959

    "Surrounding frost structures in quaternary deposits" 1958 (Trans. 1959)

  • Folder: 56, Romanowski, Jacek I., 1961

    "A survey of heat and water balance research in the Soviet Union" Feb. 1961

  • Folder: 57, Romig, Joseph H., 1943-1944

    "The raven of the Eskimo" (Inuit) Jan. 1943; "In 1899 the Bowhead failed to arrive" July 1943; "On and off the right-of-way of the Alaska Railroad 1914-1937" Sept. 1943; "In the Alaska Indian Service 1909-1911" Jan. 1944

  • Folder: 58, Roop, Wendell P., undated

    Request for information on Inuit kayak styles and origin, photos and plans of kayaks

  • Folder: 59, Roots, E. F., 1952

    "The Norwegian-British-Swedish Antarctic Expedition 1949-52" Science News 26, 1952

  • Folder: 60, Rosenberg, L. D. , 1949-1951

    "On a certain new phenomenon in hydroacoustics" Dok Akad Nauk 1949 (Includes L. M. Brekhovskikh "On the propagation of sound in an underwater sound channel") E. R. Hope Trans. 1951

  • Folder: 61, Rosenberger, Homer T., 1957

    "Spencer Fullerton Baird (1823-1887)" Cosmos Club Bulletin Vol. 10 No. 2 Feb. 1957

  • Folder: 62, Rosendahl, Philip, 1954-1962

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  • Folder: 63, Rosenvinge, L. Kolderup, undated

    "Végétation de la partie la plus méridionale du Grönland"

  • Folder: 64, Ross, James C., Sir, 1844-1969

    "Victoria Land: Voyage of Captain Sir. J. C. Ross to the South Pole; and his Discovery of a Great Southern Continent" 1844; Anon. review of A voyage of discovery and research in the Southern and Antarctic regions during the years 1839-43 and Sir W. J. Hooker Notes on the botany of the Antarctic voyage conducted by Captain Sir J. C. Ross in The Quarterly Review Vol. 18, 1847; "Sir James Ross's voyage to the Antarctic regions" Eclectic Magazine 1847; "Description of summer and winter views of the polar regions, as seen during the expedition of Capt. James Clark Ross, Kt. F.R.S. in 1848-9 now exhibiting at the Panorama, Leicester Square" (Robert Burford exhibition description) 1850; "The second Antarctic expedition" Leisure Hour May 1, 1969

  • Folder: 65, Ross, John, Sir, 1818-1975

    "Remarks on the communications received from the discovery ships under Captain Ross" Edinburgh Magazine Nov. 1818; John Murray "Some account of Captain Ross's voyage of discovery, for the purpose of exploring Baffin's bay, and inquiring into the probability of a North-West passage" Edinburgh Magazine 1819; Review of A voyage of discovery, made under the order of the Admirality, in His Majesty's Ships Isabella and Alexander, for the purpose of exploring Baffin's Bay, and inquiring into the probability of a North-west Passage in The Quarterly Review Jan? 1819, Edinburgh Magazine March 1819; "An explanation of Captain Sabine's remarks on the late voyage of discovery to Baffin's Bay" 1819; "Captain Ross" The Mirror Jan. 18, 1834; Reviews of: Narrative of a second voyage in search of a North-west passage, and of a residence in the Arctic regions, during the years 1829-30-31-32-33, Robert Huish The late voyage of Captain Sir Jobn Ross, R.N. to the Arctic Regions, for the discovery of a North-west passage, performed in the years 1829-30-31-32-33, Report from a select committee of the House of Commons, on the expedition to the Arctic seas, commanded by Captain John Ross, R.N. in The Quarterly Review July 1835; "North-west passage" (Review of Narrative of a second voyage in search of a North-west passage, and of a residence in the Arctic regions, during the years 1829-30-31-32-33) Museum Aug. 1835; "Description of the panorama of the continent of Boothia, Felix, Sheriff and Victoria Harbours, and Fury Beach; from drawings taken by Captain Sir John Ross during his late voyage of discovery , from 1829-1833" 1838; Etchings: "Victoria Land" 1844, "A view of the vessels of the northern expedition as frozen in," "Felix Harbour, Boothia;" M. Wilson "Further relics of Commander Phillips' overland trip across Cornwallis Island, 1851" The Musk-Ox No. 16, 1975

  • Folder: 66, Ross, William Gillies, 1960-1979

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  • Folder: 67, Rossolimo, L. L., 1952-1961

    "The geography of the inland waters of the USSR" 1952 (Trans, 1961)

  • Folder: 68, Rotch, William B., 1960

    "Power in the wilderness: a visit to western Labrador" The Milford Cabinet and Wilton Journal Dec. 1960

  • Folder: 69, Roth, Hans, 1950

    "Nouvelles expériences sur la trichinose avec considérations spéciales sur son existence dans les régions arctiques" Office Internatinal des Epizooties 1950

  • Folder: 70, Rouse, Charles H., 1948

    "Reindeer survey - 1948;" Muskoxen on Nunivak Island - 1948"

  • Folder: 71, Rousseau, Jacques 1 of 2, 1935-1957

    "A Travers l'Ungava" Mémoires du Jardin Botanique de Montréal 1949; "Toundra" Liaison Jan. 1950; "Basic principles for the protection of the barren ground caribou and reindeer breeding in Quebec" Annual Report Province of Quebec Assoc. for the Protection of Fish and Game May 1951; "Labrador et Nouveau-Québec: le rideau se lève sur l'inconnu" Livre de l'Année 1951; "Un agoseris nouveau our l'est de l'Amérique du nord" Naturaliste Canadien Nov-Dec. 1951; "Le gentiana tenella rottb. Dans le Québec arctique" Naturaliste Canadien Feb. 1952; "Quelques entités nouvelles du nord du Québec" Naturaliste Canadien Feb. 1952; "Attraverso il Quebec Artico" Le Vie Del Mondo Feb. 1952; "Les problèmes de conservation de l'Ungava et du Labrador" Comptes-rendus de l'Association Canadienne de Conservation 1952; "Persistances païennes chez les Indiens de la forêt boréale" Caihers des Dix 1953; with M. Raymond "Eskimo jobs reccomended" (Inuit) 1954; "New Quebec stations for Woodsia glabella R.Br." Archivum Societatis Zoologicæ Bottanicæ Fennicæ 'Vanamo' 1955; "L'origine du motif de la double courbe dans l'art algonkin" Anthropologica Vol. 2, 1956; "Astam mitchoun! Essai sur la gastronomie amérindienne" Caihers des Dix 1957; "Grandeur et décadence des Monts Watshish" Mélanges géographiques canadiens offerts à Raoul Blanchard 1959; "Curriculum Vitae; "En marge du Congrès de l'ACFAS" L'Action Universitaire Nov. 1935

  • Folder: 72, Rousseau, Jacques 2 of 2, 1954

    "Essai bibliographique sur la region du Lac Mistassini" 1954

  • Folder: 73, Rowley, Diana, 1952

    "Stefansson Island" The Arctic Circular Vol. 5 No. 5, Oct. 1952

  • Folder: 74, Roy, J. Edmond, 1896

    "Jean Bourdon et la Baie d'Hudson" Bulletin des Recherches Historiques 1896

  • Folder: 75, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, 1933

    "Aerologische Beobachtungen und Terminbeobachtungen in Reykjavik während des Internationalen Polarjahres 1932-33" Ergebnisse Aerologischer Beobachtungen 1933

  • Folder: 76, Rudnev, D. F., 1958

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  • Folder: 77, Rudorff, D. W., 1944

    "The Arctic sea route" (Russia) The Shipping World April 12, 1944

  • Folder: 78, Ruge, Sophus , 1873

    "Das Verhältniss der Erdkunde zu den verwandten Wissenschaften" Programm womit zu der öffentlichen Prüfung und dem Redeactus der Annen-Realschule(Realschule erster Ordnung) am 2. Und 3. April 1873 das Lehrercollegium ergebenst einladet 1873 (Includes "Fretum anian. (Die Geschichte der Beringstrasse vor ihrer Entdeckung.)")

  • Folder: 79, Rusk, C. E., undated

    "On the trail of Dr. Cook: the Mazama expedition to Mount McKinley, Alaska" (Announcement, Parts 1, 2) Pacific Monthly

  • Folder: 80, Russell, Carl P., 1945

    "Trapper trails to the Sisk-ke-dee" Annals of Qyoming Vol. 17 No. 2, July 1945

  • Folder: 81, Russell, Frank , undated

    C. C. Nutting letter giving instructions for expedition (Copy); Obituary The Iowa Alumnus Vol. 1 No. 1 Dec. 1903 (Copy); Biographical notes;

  • Folder: 82, Russell, Israel C. , 1886-1890

    "Two Expeditions to Mount St. Elias" ("I. - The expedition of the 'New York Times' (1886)," (II. - The expedition of the National Geographic Society and the United States Geological Survey (1890)")

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