Guide to the Papers of Charles Culmer, 1941 - 1944Stefansson Mss-253

Series List

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Series 1, Reports on U.S.A.A.F. Base and the Arctic Region, 1941-1944, undated

Reports include: official reports on U.S.A.A.F. Base Crystal Three and Arctic explorations; manuscripts about the Arctic region, its location, topography, climate, transportation, fauna and flora, history and inhabitants (information included in the official reports); report outlines; and research materials for the reports and manuscripts such as weather charts and a bibliography list (referred to in a manuscript)

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Series 2, Communications on U.S.S.A.F. Base activities and affairs, 1942-1943

Communications on U.S.A.A.F. Base Crystal Three activities and affairs include: official letters and telegrams on issues referred to in the Official Post-diary Report of Crystal Three Base; official commendation letters by Maj. Culmer; and telegrams on activities at the Base and affairs of Maj. Culmer

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Series 3, Personal Correspondence, 1944

Personal Correspondence includes a Christmas card sent to Maj. Culmer in Minnesota from Maj. Hassell in Presque Island (mentioned in the Post-diary Report as the pilot who brought supplies and mail to the base)

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Series 4, Map, Vocabulary list and Notes, Undated

Map, Vocabulary list and Notes include a map of the Arctic, a list of words in English translated into Eskimo, and notes on activities at the U.S.A.A.F. Base (polar bear liver intake experiment and goods supplies)

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Series 5, Photographs, 1942, undated

Photographs include pictures of Maj. Culmer in his quarters, a plane flying over the Base, Maj. Culmer in winter clothes, a dog and sled expedition, and a killed white whale

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