Guide to the Chandler P. Anderson Behring Sea Claims Commission Photographic Album, 1896 - 1897Stef Mss-261

Introduction to the Collection

Photographic album containing 11 photographs of the commissioners of the Bering Sea Claims Commission. Each photograph is signed below by its corresponding commissioner. A handwritten list of the commissioner's titles is attached. Includes images of: Putnam, William L. (Commissioner on the part of the United States); King, George Edwin (Commissioner on the part of Great Britain); Anderson, Chandler P. (Secretary for Great Britain and the United States); Dickinson, Don McDonald (Senior Counsel for the United States); Lansing, Robert (Junior Counsel for the United States); Warren, Charles Beecher (Assistant Counsel and Solicitor for the United States); Peters, Frederick (Senior Counsel for Great Britain); Beique, Frederick L. (Associate Counsel for Great Britain); Tupper, Charles (Associate Counsel and Solicitor for Great Britain) and Bodwell, Ernest Victor (Governor of British Columbia).

Finding Aids