Guide to the Photographs of Stanley L. Dingman, 1959 - 1973Stef MSS-270


Stanley Lawrence Dingman was born on January 31, 1939. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1960. While at Dartmouth, Dingman spent two summers with Prof. Andy McNair doing fieldwork in the Canadian Arctic. After receiving his MA and Ph.D. in geology from Harvard University, Dingman worked as a research hydrologist at US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab. In 1969, he became an environmental consultant and also taught a hydrology and meteorology course at Dartmouth. After spending some time as a Senior Resource Planner with the New England River Basins Commission, Dingman was hired by the University of New Hampshire as a professor in their hydrology department. He Held this position until his retirement in 2005. Dingman is the author of "Physical Hydrology" (2008) and "Fluvial Hydrology" (1984 and 2009).

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