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Series 1, Research, 1971-2000

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Box: 1, Dates: 1971-1998

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  • Folder: 1, Mongolia, 1975-1993

    MPR: Aid Donor Consultation Meeting; UNDP Summary of Current Economic Status; Final Report Go Mongolia Mission; Proposal to Environmental Groups re. Mongolia; Environmental Legislation (from Peter Sand); BLM Contacts/Exchanges; Maps and Pamphlets; US: DOS: Science and Technology Exchange with Mongolia; Private Petroleum and Income Tax Laws; Laws (World Bank), Peter Sand Info

  • Folder: 2, Wenzel, George - Inuit Subsistence Sealing and the Anti-Sealing Protest, 1984
  • Folder: 3, ATVs - Anaktuvuk Pass, 1985
  • Folder: 4, Pearson-Dickey Treaties of Interest, 1983-1991

    Dick Smith: Beyond Dispute; Canada/Denmark "Accord de Cooperation; US/Canada Agreement on Arctic Cooperation; NSB/USSR Wildlife Management Cooperation Agreement; Polar Bear Management - Inuvialut - NSB

  • Folder: 5, Mongolia: Douglas Smith - UN consultant ESCAD, 1991
  • Folder: 6, Gail Osherenko Project INT/91/712: Final Report of Consultancy Assignment (Mongolia), 1991
  • Folder: 7, UNDP Training Course Mongolia Case Study, 1992
  • Folder: 8, Mongolia - Economy Transformation Program, 1991
  • Folder: 9, Mongolia: Gail Osherenko Memos to SCEC , 1991
  • Folder: 10, Mongolia- Gail Osherenko Notes for Department, 1991
  • Folder: 11, Living Conditions in Mongolia, 1989
  • Folder: 12, Mongolia - Correspondence , 1991-1992
  • Folder: 13, Mongolia - Photographs, 1991
  • Folder: 14, Griffin, Jeffrey - Uvs Nuur Basin Project, circa 1990
  • Folder: 15, Mongolia - Contacts/Addresses, 1991
  • Folder: 16, Griffin, Jeffrey - Proposals for Research on Mongolia, 1992
  • Folder: 17, Mongolia - Donors Report and GEF Proposals, 1991
  • Folder: 18, Gail Osherenko - Memos to UNDP (Becker/Brown), 1991
  • Folder: 19, Mearns, Robin - Community, Collective Action and Common Grazing - Mongolia, circa 1995
  • Folder: 20, Protection of Nature: Collected Normative Documents. V.M. Blinov, 1971
  • Folder: 21, Folk Law, 1983
  • Folder: 22, Porcupine Caribou, 1986-1987

    "Caribou News" Evaluation Report; Porcupine Caribou Management Board; Porcupine Caribou Almanac

  • Folder: 23, Gwich'in Steering Committee (Porcupine Caribou Agreement), 1989
  • Folder: 24, Beverly/Kaminuriak Caribou Management Board, 1989

    Peter Cizek's case study

  • Folder: 25, Law of the RSFSR on the Protection of the Natural Environment, 1991
  • Folder: 26, Russia - Environmental documents and policies, 1989
  • Folder: 27, Royz, Emmanuil - Impact of Soviet Law on the Way of Life of Northern Native Populations, 1983
  • Folder: 28, Law - Russia, 1994-1997

    Supreme Courts of Russia, Fall Conference Dartmouth, GO notes; "Enforcement and Control in the Russian Zone of the Barents Sea," by Geir Honneland; Russian Documents on Small Numbered Peoples; Regional and local Russian Laws (Fondahl Files); Russia: LawL Regional Relations; Russia - Privatization Program; "Freezing the Frontier? Territories of Traditional Nature Use in the Russian North," by Gail Fondahl; "The First Nations of the Russian North: Problems and Prospects," by Gail Fondahl

  • Folder: 29, Native Rights and Treaties, 1993-1997

    "The Uncertain Future of International Indigenous Cooperation," by Peter Jull; Finno Uguc Conference Proposals, regarding Indigenous Rights and Self-Government

  • Folder: 30, Alaska Native Coalition, 1986
  • Folder: 31, Wolfson, Zaev (Boris Komarov) - Environmental Risk of the Developing Oil and Gas Industry in Western Siberia, 1983
  • Folder: 32, Popovitch-Penny, Sadie - Conservation, Subsistence and Commercialization Northern Wildlife Futures (Labrador Inuit), 1987
  • Folder: 33, "The Lapps: An Indigenous People in Fennoscandia" by Israel Ruong, 1979
  • Folder: 34, "An Appraisal of the Importance of the National Languages among the North Siberian Peoples" by Paul Thoe Nielsen, 1973
  • Folder: 35, "The Nevuqaghmit or the disappearance of an Ethnic Group" by Boris Chichlo, 1981
  • Folder: 36, "The Concept of Native Self-Government in the Soviet North" by O. Igho Natufe , 1979
  • Folder: 37, Canada - Indigenous Rights (Nunavut) , 1991-1998

    Labrador-Innu Issues; Mi'kman Resource Management Experience in Nova Scotia; High Arctic Exiles, Canada Resettlement Cases; "Aboriginal Justice and the Constitution," by Catherine Lu; Nunavut General; Political /Constitutional Development, Yukon, Nunavut, NWT; Environmental Action in Quebec

  • Folder: 38, Pika and Prokhorov (B. Grant, et al.), 1996

    Pika, Preface and chapter 4: Reforming the Legal Status of Northern Peoples; Pika, chapter 5: How the State can Assist in the Transition to Ethnic Forms of Self-Government; Pika, Sasha, Obit by Igor

  • Folder: 39, International Law Indigenous Peoples, 1989-1998

    UN Experts Seminar on Land Rights and Claims, Whitehorse, Yukon; Indigenous Peoples and Environmental Law; USSR: Arctic Environment - Native People; Human Rights Law; "Indigenous People of the Russian Far North: Land Rights and the Environment," by N.B. Vakhtin; Yellowknives Dene Traditional Knowledge Policy Guidelines

Box: 2, Dates: 1980-2000

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Arctic Organizations, 1986-1991

    Alaska Federation of Natives, newsletter; Inuit Circumpolar Conference; Canada - Northern Studies, General Info, NWT-ICC-McGill; McGill Center for Northern Studies and Research; Indigenous Survival International; International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Working Group on Traditional Ecological Knowledge; Northern Science Network, newsletter

  • Folder: 2, Arctic Organizations, cont., 1987-1993

    Arctic Policy Conference Planning; Arctic Policy Implementation Ideas; Working Group on Indigenous Peoples; International Arctic Science Committee, founding articles; Nordic Saami Council Journal; 6th Inuit Studies Conference, G.O. paper proposals; International Arctic Council Proposal (Griffiths and Kuptana)

  • Folder: 3, Arctic Organizations, cont., 1986-1993

    University of Lapland Arctic Studies; Inuit Circumpolar Conference, General Assembly, Resolutions, Delegate List, Elders Conference; Inuit Circumpolar Conference, Policy Draft, McGill; Inuit Circumpolar Conference Arctic Policy and General Info; Global Energy Network International

  • Folder: 4, "The Age of the Arctic" Book, 1987-1988

    Iceland, Foreign Affairs - Whaling, Fishing, LOS; Chapter 7: Private Initiatives: Arctic Problem Solving; Publisher Correspondence; Potential Publishers; Book Proposal

  • Folder: 5, Northern Governors Summit, 1990
  • Folder: 6, Northern Forum, 1989-1990

    Northern Regions Conference, Statement of Intent; Northern Regions Conference, Summit, Final Statement of Intent; Hokkaido, Japan

  • Folder: 7, Working Group on Arctic International Relations , 1990

    Addresses; "The Ecological and 4th World Movements - An Arctic Perspective," by Finn Lynge; "Near-Term Future of the Working Group," by Franklyn Griffiths; Murmansk Plans; Murmansk Arctic Environment Protection; Alaska Session IV, Alexander S. Timoshenko; "The Work of the Working Group," by Franklyn Griffiths and Oran Young

  • Folder: 8, Working Group on Arctic International Relations: Iceland, July, 1988

    "Impressions of the Co-Chairs - Sustainable Development and the Arctic," by Franklyn Griffiths and Oran Young;

  • Folder: 9, NSDD-90/144 Arctic Policy: National Security Decision Documents, undated
  • Folder: 10, Northern Perspectives, newsletters, 1983-1984
  • Folder: 11, Animal Rights Movement, 1988

    Fur Labeling Campaign

  • Folder: 12, Indigenous People, 1991

    "Lost Tribe, Lost Knowledge," in "Time" Magazine

  • Folder: 13, Alaska - Alaska Native Claim Settlement Act (ANCSA), 1980-1992

    "Financial Performance of Native Regional Corporations"; Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Litigation; "The ANCSA Amendments of 1987 and Land Management in Alaska," by Nicholas E. Flanders; ANCSA, 17d2; Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Alaska National Forest Land, Conservation Act 1980 Legislation; "The Alaska Native: Corporation as Conglomerate: The Problem of Profitability," by Nicholas Flanders; ANCSA, Glossary of Terms; "Alaska's Native Regional Corporations: Some Quantitative Perspectives," by Steve Colt; "Native Claims in Alaska: A Twenty-Year Review," by Steven McNabb; "Hidden Dissension: Minority-Majority Relationships and the Use of Contested Terminology," by Phyllis Morrow and Chase Hensel

  • Folder: 13, Nordic Nations, 1989-1992

    Scandinavia, clippings; Finland, University of Lapland, Arctic Studies Program; Kuhmo, Finland Summer Academy; Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

  • Folder: 14, Subject Files, including correspondence, A-L, 1993-2000

    Arcady Cherkasov; Norman Hallendy; Larry Hamilton and Carol Seyfrit; Hiroki Takakura

  • Folder: 15, Subject Files, including correspondence, M-R and S-Z, circa 1993-1994

    Natalia Mirovitskaya; Nikolay Borisovitch Vakhtin; Geir Ulfstein; Vasiliy A. Vlasihin

Box: 3, Dates: 1984-1999

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, First International Seminar on the Problems of the Peoples of the North: White paper in Russian, 1995
  • Folder: 2, Articles: USSR Environmental Protection, 1989-1993

    Ecology and Man, Soviet material in Russian and English; Numansk, Environmental "Gree" Group; "The Bear's View: Soviet Environmentalism," by Charles E. Ziegler; "Nuclear Pollution in Arctic Seas," Preliminary Report to Congress; Severnye Prostory; "Role of Courts and Administration Procedures of Ecological Protection from Experience," by Irina Krasnova; Gorbachev - Environmental Documents

  • Folder: 3, Third Pearson-Dickey Conference, 1989-1990

    Proposal (1989 and 1990); Agenda; Alaska - Working Paper; Arctic Borderlands: Environment and Development Issues in Canadian/American Relations"; Correspondence; Faxed Correspondence; Alaska, Native Policy Statement by Steve Cowper; Paper Draft by Nigel Banks; "Mutual Protection of the Arctic Borderlands: Addressing Environmental and Developmental Issues in the North American Arctic," by Steve J. Langdon; Northern Seminar Dartmouth Spring (ideas for conference)

  • Folder: 4, ICNI Newsletter, 1987
  • Folder: 5, 1st Minister's Conference, Assembly of 1st Nation, 1986
  • Folder: 6, Pearson-Dickey articles and follow-up, 1989-1991

    Zone of Coop, Yukon, Alaska; Arctic Borderland Summary "Behind the Headlines," by Robert F. Keith; Folklore of Siberia and the Far East, pamphlet; Participant list; Documents for White House

  • Folder: 7, COOP Wildlife Management Workshop, June, 1989

    Comanagement, Ottawa Meet; Notes from Informants re. Environmental Magazine; Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta Goose Management Plan; Migratory Bird Treaty Act; Waterfowl Planning Conference, Info from Bethel

  • Folder: 8, Past Conferences, 1989-1990

    Bering Sea Conference-CEQ; Polar Regions, Global Change, Anchorage, Alaska (1990); Western Regional Science Foundation Meeting (1989); Conference on North Zone of Peace, Montreal, Canada (1989); Governor's Summit, Final Statement of Intent; Alaska Conference (1990); Northern Regions Summit Papers; Northern Region Summit, Participants memos; Northern Access, Governor's Conference (1990)

  • Folder: 9, Science and Politics, Oslo (Nansen), October , 1988

    "Developments Leading to the 1982 Decision of the International Whaling Commission for a Zero Catch Quote 1986-1990," by Halidor Asgrimsson; "The Role of Science in International Management of Fish Resources," by Dietrich Sarhage; "Scientific Knowledge on the Management of Fish and Whale," by Brit Floistad

  • Folder: 10, AMOCO Oil, 1993

    Social Impact Outline; Notes for meeting

  • Folder: 11, Russia Land Tenure , 1999

    Russian Regional Reindeer Herding Laws; "Withdrawing from the Land: Social and Spiritual Crisis in the Indigenous Russian Arctic," Piers Vitebsky

  • Folder: 12, Soviet Maritime Arctic (W.H. Chap.), 1986-1987

    Workshop on the Soviet Maritime Arctic; "Environmental Cooperation in the Arctic" Will the Soviets Participate," by Gail Osherenko; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Tufts College;

  • Folder: 13, Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI): Environment and Development Go Paper, 1989

    Finland, Kuhmo/Kostamus Meeting; "Environment and Development in the Arctic - Thoughts on Sustainable Development for Presentation at eh Summer Academy on Nordic Peace, 2000, Kuhmo and Kostamus, 1989, " by Gail Osherenko; Writer's Guide; Data of International Treatis, Lasse Heininen; Notes on Meet

  • Folder: 14, Alaska - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, 1987-1989

    Arctic Reporter, newsletter; CRS Reports on Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Clippings; North Slope Oil Fields, Prudhoe Bay

  • Folder: 15, Alaska - Subsistence, 1986-1988

    "Kotzebue Fish and Game Advisory Committee - Regulation Review"; Memos reviewing Mineral Management Service Reports on Noise and Whale Feeding in Beaufort Sea

  • Folder: 16, Haida Corporation: Bankruptcy and Land Exchange, 1988
  • Folder: 17, Canada, 1985-1992

    "Statement Concerning Arctic Sovereignty"; Land Claims, North West Territories Division; Chelsea Green and the Arctic to Amazonia Alliance; James Bay, "La Presse" article; James Bay, Hydro Quebec; James Bay, Visit to HQ with notes by Osherenko; Polar Commission Bill C-7d

  • Folder: 18, USSR - EA, Area X Proposals, 1990-1992

    Jerry Brown, re. Area X (Russian); "Save the Zapovedniki," by Sviatoslav Zabelin, proposal; "USSR State Committee on Environmental Protection," Provisional Instruction; Geographical Proposal of Development of the North," Kotlykov Agreement; US-USSR Conference on Environmental Conservation for the 1990s; Untranslated Russian article; Area X, US/USSR Agreement; Trip Report Moscow, Draft by Nicholas E. Flanders; Scientific Studies Institute; Area X Agreement

  • Folder: 19, Chernobyl, 1984-1987

    Corrections to SAMI Reindeer Article; "Industrial Development and the SAMI - Ethnopolitical Response to Ecological Crisis in the North," by Tom G. Svensson; "Some Perspectives on the Impact of Chernobyl on the Economy and Cultural Environment of Northern Sweden," Noel D. Broadbent; SSI Report "Consequences of Chernobyl in Sweden"; Chernobyl's Effect on the Arctic; "The Sami and the Nation State: Some Comments on Ethnopolitics in the Northern Fourth World," by Tom G. Svensson

Box: 4, Dates: 1975-1998

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Box Contents

  • Folder: 1, Articles by author, A-M, circa 1989

    "Inuit Territorial Rights in the Canadian Northwest Territories," by Geoffrey S. Lester; "Caught in a Crossfire - Conflict in the Courts, Alaska Tribes in a Balance," Lloyd Benton Miller

  • Folder: 2, Articles by author, N-Z, 1990-1991

    "Yu'Ya' Raq: The Way of the Human Being," by Harold Napoleon Yupiq; "Hot Issues in Cold Waters," E.F. Roots; "Establishing A. Region for Ecological Cooperation in America," by Albert Szekely; Jorgen Taagholt

  • Folder: 3, "Environmentalism in Russia's North-West," by Oleg A. Andreev and Mats-Olov Olsson, 1986
  • Folder: 4, Arctic environment - Second Ministerial Conference, NUUK, Greenland, 1993
  • Folder: 5, Reindeer Herding , 1992-1998

    Reindeer Herding and Native /State Relations, Shauna McLarnon, Yakutsk; SAMI Reindeer, Johan Klemet Kalstad; "Reindeer Husbandry and Development in the Russia North; "Is Climate Important to Reindeer?" by Timo Helle and Anna Lisa Sippola; Reindeer Herding Congress, Moscow

  • Folder: 6, "Workshop on Rational Development of the Arctic," by Norman A. Cohen, 1991
  • Folder: 7, "Relations Between Governments and Indigenous Peoples: On the Way to the New Kind of Partnership," by E.A. Gayer, undated
  • Folder: 8, "Development of the Russian North," Bibliography, 1992
  • Folder: 9, Reports on Radioactivity in Russia by Odd Rogne for International Arctic Science Committee, 1992
  • Folder: 10, Sustainable Development, 1987-1988

    Greenland Economic Issues

  • Folder: 11, Polar Bears, 1991

    Addresses and phone contacts; Charlotte Hoki Polar Bear Cash; "The Polar Bear Protection Regime: Bargaining in a Temperate Climate," by Anna Fikkan and Gail Osherenko; Correspondence with Anne Fikkan; "Equity over Efficiency, Polar Bear Case; Consultative Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears, Oslo; Annual Report of the Marine Mammal Commission, Calendar Year 1988, A Report to Congress; Freedom of Information Act regarding Polar Bears; US State Department Files on Polar Bears; Polar Bears, Final Act and Summary Record; "Environmental Assessment: Ratification of the Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears"; "Role of IUCN and Polar Bear Specialist Group in Implementation of the Agreement on Conservation of Polar Bears'; Polar Bear Convention, Oslo; The Home Rule Files on the Polar Bear Agreement

  • Folder: 12, "Evolving Perspective and Policies: Ecomanagement in the North American Continent," draft papers Pearson-Dickey Conference, 1991

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