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The Papers of The Arctic Seminar at Dartmouth College in the Dartmouth College LibraryWMST Mss-28

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Arctic Seminar
Title Remainder: Papers. 1953-1962
Dates: 1953-1962
Identification: Mss-28


The Arctic Seminar was a course offered at Dartmouth College, 1953 - 1962, in conjunction with the Northern Studies program of the College. Limited to 15 selected upperclassmen per year, the course offered the possibility for indepth study of the polar regions, particularly the study of the physical environment, cultural history, and the modern Arctic. Robert A. McKennan, professor of Anthropology, was director of the Seminar, 1953 - 1957. Evelyn Stefansson was appointed director, 1958 - 1962. The faculty came from the sciences and the social sciences. The format of instruction was lectures by staff and other specialists, reports by students, and the writing of a term paper.

The Arctic Seminar papers are a part of the Vilhjalmur Stefansson Collection on the Polar Regions and consists of administrative papers and student term papers. The administrative papers were collected by Mrs. Stefansson as director (1957, 1959 - 1960) and include notes on course content, correspondence with guest lecturers, and administrative correspondence. Student papers were collected each year (1953 - 1960) and include abstracts of oral reports and the complete term papers with comments by Vilhjalmur Stefansson and other staff members. The collection is contained in 1 Hollinger Box and 1 Paige Miracle Box.





1957 Syllabus and notes.

Lecture notes - Northern Anthropology [Evelyn Stefansson.]


1958 Syllabus. Correspondence with Margaret Lantis, lecturer


1959 Syllabus and notes

Correspondence - lecturers, budget, administrative.


1959 Student information.


1960 Syllabus and notes

Correspondence - budget, administrative.

Polar Studies Program - Role and Mission; Summary.

Introduction of lecturers.


1960 Correspondence with lecturers.


1960 Student information.


1961 Syllabus.


Bibliographic Aids.



FOLDER : 10.

Collins, Robert O., “David Thompson and the discovery of the Athabaska Trail.”

FOLDER : 11.

Dixon, Wales S., “Arctic air defense.”

FOLDER : 12.

Foote, Don Charles, “The Greenlander.” Photographs by William Mattox, Jr.

FOLDER : 13.

Franz, Adolph, “Indian health - Northwest Canada and Alaska.”

FOLDER : 14.

Green, John C., “The bedrock geology of West Greenland, from Cape Farewell to Melville Bay.”

FOLDER : 15.

King, William A., “The culture of the Copper Eskimo prior to contact with the white man, contrasted with his culture subsequent to white penetration into the vicinity of Coronation Gulf.”

FOLDER : 16.

Mark, Anson, “The Naval Petroleum reserve no. 4.”


FOLDER : 17.

Mattox, William G., “A military and commercial consideration of the polar concept.”

FOLDER : 18.

Potter, Benjamin E., “White man's disease and its effect in the Arctic.”

FOLDER : 19.

Robinson, Peter, “Glacial phenomena and the northeastern Arctic of North America.”

FOLDER : 20.

Schoder, Barron W., “The legal status of United States defense bases in Greenland.”

FOLDER : 21.

Smutnik, Joseph C., “The political history of Wrangel Island.”

FOLDER : 22.

Spalding, Peter, “Transportation in Alaska.”

FOLDER : 23.

Tangerman, John T., “The Labrador Eskimo.”

FOLDER : 24.

Taylor, Larry, “The development of transportation facilities in the Canadian Northwest and its effect on the strategy of Canada.”


FOLDER : 25.

Bryan, Wilfred B., “Mining and the strategic mineral resources of Alaska.”

FOLDER : 26.

Clarke, Thomas K., “Eskimo Religion.”

FOLDER : 27.

Cooke, Alan, “Charcot: his life in relation to the North.”

FOLDER : 28.

Russell, Howland S., “Thule Air Base, Greenland: keystone of our polar defenses.”

FOLDER : 29.

Taylor, Donald P., “A comparison of Arctic and Alpine vegetation.”

FOLDER : 30.

Tuck, John, “Arctic ice islands: a consideration of the historical aspect, their probable origin and scientific studies made on T-3.”


FOLDER : 31.

Averill, Robert G., “Problems of Alaska's transport system and their effect on the economy of Alaska and its people.”

FOLDER : 32.

Brand, Stephen C., “A look at the changes in climate in the Arctic since 1880.”

FOLDER : 33.

Dixon, Roy W., “Nickel resources of northern Canada.”

FOLDER : 34.

Dolliver, Roger M., “Statehood for Alaska.”

FOLDER : 35.

Kane, E. Kent, “The history and prospects of Yukon mining.”

FOLDER : 36.

Nevers, George M., “Selected observations of snow conditions in the Antarctic, 1907 - 1913.”

FOLDER : 37.

Partridge, Thomas H., “On the origin of the blond eskimos.”

FOLDER : 38.

Wilson, Stephen O., “The limiting thickness of ice in the Polar Basin.”


FOLDER : 39.

Cabaniss, Gerry H., “Food and fuel economy in Antarctic sledge travel.”

FOLDER : 40.

Cotton, John E., “Pleistocene glacial history of the Arctic slope of Alaska.”

FOLDER : 41.

Dennis, Robert T., “Economic potential of Antarctic geology.”

FOLDER : 42.

Fiero, G. William, “The Ross shelf-ice.”

FOLDER : 43.

Hobbie, John, “Antarctic whales.”

FOLDER : 44.

Stigum, Egil, “Climate of Antarctica.”

FOLDER : 45.

Wheeler, E.H., Jr., “The general biology of Leptonychotes weddelli: Weddell's seal.”


FOLDER : 46.

Bohanon, Richard L., “The early history of the Hudson's Bay Company.”

FOLDER : 47.

Edgerton, William H., “Problems of construction over permafrost.”

FOLDER : 48.

Elsbree, Andrew G., “The voyage of the Fram.”

FOLDER : 49.

Morrison, Alvin H., “Danish rule in Iceland.”

FOLDER : 50.

Plunkett, John H., “Iceland; the history of its people.”

FOLDER : 51.

Reilly, Dick, “The education of the Alaska natives.”

FOLDER : 52.

Rippey, Gordon, “Early exploration and conquest of Mt.McKinley.”

FOLDER : 53.

Sterling, Robert L., “Law enforcement in Alaska.”

FOLDER : 54.

Williamson, H. Anthony, “Some problems of northern Labrador; a study of its inhabitants, past, present and future.”


FOLDER : 55.

Cook, John P., “The Pleistocene epoch and its relationship to the migration of man.”

FOLDER : 56.

Dudley, Robert W., “The Greenland ice sheet.”

FOLDER : 57.

Lyons, Laurance A., “The problems of Arctic mining.”

FOLDER : 58.

McDonald, Bruce, “The Alaska salmon industry.”

FOLDER : 59.

Walters, Arthur K., “Some aspects of the northern Tungus of Siberia.”


FOLDER : 60.

Blair, Norman H., Jr., “The Production of Iron Ore in the in the Labrador Trough of the Ungava Peninsula.”

FOLDER : 61.

Buckley, Peter, “The Cape Kater Area of Baffin Island.”

FOLDER : 62.

Cronin, Michael E., “Petroleum Possibilities in Alaska.”

FOLDER : 63.

Donahue, John, “Water Supply in Permafrost Regions.”

FOLDER : 64.

LeFevre, George, “Fridtjof Nansen.”

FOLDER : 65.

Nims, Norris, Jr., “The Finnish Ski Troops in the Russo-Finnish War of 1939 - 1940.

FOLDER : 66.

Noel, Francis J., III, “Eskimo Dwellings in Arctic America.”

FOLDER : 67.

Sherwin, Martin J., “Alexander Baranov (1799 - 1819) and the Russian American Company.”

FOLDER : 68.

Sommer, John W., Jr., “Stefansson in Our Midst.”

FOLDER : 69.

Stein, Paul A., “On An Historical Evaluation of the Cook-Peary Controversy.”

FOLDER : 70.

Stone, I.T., “The Eskimo's Changing View of His Own Nature and Its Implications.”

FOLDER : 71.

Abstracts - Student Oral Reports.


FOLDER : 72.

Fritz, Harry W., “Oil in Alaska.”

FOLDER : 73.

Havens, James M. “Proposed Outline for An Introductory Course in the Geography of the Polar Regions.”

FOLDER : 74.

Hildick, William T., “The Alaskan Highway: The Planning, Construction, and Future.”

FOLDER : 75.

Layne, W.E., “Hans Egede.”

FOLDER : 76.

Mathewson, R. Duncan, “The Sheldon Collection.”

FOLDER : 77.

Naylor, James E., “The Era of Dawson City.”

FOLDER : 78.

Pfeffer, John A., “Paleomagmetic Evidence of Polar Wandering.”

FOLDER : 79.

Raymer, Richard E., “The Dixon-Meares Controversy.”

FOLDER : 80.

Reich, Martin, “The Dobbs-Middleton Controversy.”

FOLDER : 81.

Reimer, John H., Jr., “The Siberian Mammoth.”

FOLDER : 82.

Sanders, Robert B., “The Adaptation of the Chionophiles.”

FOLDER : 83.

Schwab, Frederic Lyon, “The Dew Line: A Measurable Waste.”

FOLDER : 84.

Starr, John B., “Japan and the Antarctic: A History and an Interpretation.”

FOLDER : 85.

Weidner, Dudley J., “Agriculture in Alaska.”

FOLDER : 86.

Wood, Michael, “Major Geological Structures of the Canadian Arctic Islands.”

FOLDER : 87.

Abstracts - Student Oral Reports.

FOLDER : 88.

Book Reports.

FOLDER : 89.

The Arctic Mediterranean Sea: a collection of term papers by students in Meteorology 144, Spring, 1960, compiled by Robert A. Ragotzkie, instructor.

Castner, Henry W., “Topography of the Arctic Ocean Basin.”

Sherrer, G., “Geography of the Arctic Coast.”

Piette, Carl, “Arctic Ocean Circulation.”

Lyon, Donald Edward, Jr., “Water Masses of the Arctic Mediterranean Sea.”

Kutzbach, J.E., “The Water Balance of the Arctic Mediterranean Sea.”

Phillips, Tim, “Tides in the Arctic Ocean.”

FOLDER : 90.

Lettau, B., “The Structure and Physics of Sea Ice.”

Scott, Jon T., “The Arctic Sea Ice. - Thickness.”

Shulman, Mark D., “The Arctic Mediterranean Sea Ice Movement.”

Erkmen, M. Melih, “The Effect of the Arctic Mediterranean Sea on the Climate in Winter.”

Foley, Larry, “The Effect of the Arctic Ocean on Summer Climate.”

Stewart, Kenton, “Biological Productivity in the Arctic Mediterranean Sea.”

Johnson, N.M., “Carbon Dioxide and Carbonate Equilibria in Arctic Sea Water.”

White, Richard J., “The Arctic Mediterranean Sea: Exploration and Research Since World War II.”

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