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The Papers of Harold Noice in the Dartmouth College LibraryWMST Mss-91

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Noice, Harold
Title Remainder: Papers. 1920-1926
Dates: 1920-1926
Identification: Mss-91

NOICE, Harold

.25 linear feet.

Papers and Correspondence, 1922 - 1926.

original holographs and typescripts; carbon copies.

Chiefly correspondence concerning Stefansson's Wrangel Island expedition and editorials criticizing Stefansson.



Note by V. Stefansson concerning acquisition of Noice papers.


Correspondence - The Stefansson letters are copies made by Noice.

Stefansson to L.C. Christie.

1920, Sept. 25

Noice to A.J.T. Taylor, telegram.

1923, July 17

Memo of agreement between N. American Newspaper Alliance and Mr. A.J. Taylor, attorney for H. Noice, Vice Pres. of the Stefansson Arctic Exploration and Development Co.

1923, July 30

Noice, to Taylor and Stefansson, telegram.

1923, Aug. 31

John Anderson to Noice.

1923, Oct. 1

John Anderson to Noice.

1923, Oct. 8

Loring Pickering, N. Amer. News. Alliance to Noice.

1923, Oct. 10

Stefansson to Captain Bernard (copy).

1924, March 26

Captain Joseph Bernard to Stefansson (copy).

1924, April 5

Stefansson to Capt. Bernard (copy).

1924, April 7

Stefansson to Pres. of Loyola College (copy).

1924, April 10

Rector __________ to Stefansson (copy).

1924, April 15

R. Kersting, to H. Noice.

1924, May 12

R. Kersting, Explorer Club, to Noice.

1924, July 9

Noice to Griffith Brewer.

1924, Dec. 3

Capt Joseph Bernard to Noice.

1924, Dec. 24

Capt. Bernard to Noice.

1925, March 2

H. Crawford to Noice with copy of Letter, 1926, Jan. 26, H. Crawford to Noice.

1926, May 18

Extract from letter of Mr. John Maurer to Mrs. J.I. Crawford.

1925, Jan. 29


Newsclipping and editorials

Article from the Evening Telegram, Toronto, April 29, 1925.


Statement by Ada Blackjack to Harold Noice concerning the situation on Wrangel Island.

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